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British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Revegetation trials at Sukunka Coal Mine Polster, D. F. (David Franklin), 1952-; Redgate, R. M.


Revegetation trials were established in 1979 on BP Canada's Sukunka Coal property in the Northeast Coal Block. The trials were designed to test the effects of four levels of fertilizer application on alpine revegetation and to determine the optimum fertilizer treatments for revegetation of subalpine disturbances. The use of native species grown from locally collected seed was also tested in both alpine and subalpine environments. Field assessments were undertaken in August 1980 and 1981. In the alpine the greatest first year response to fertilization was on xeric sites. Heavy first year growth resulted in excessive mulching retarding second year emergence. In the subalpine heavy fertilization resulted in reduced legume establishment, thus, reducing second year cover. Establishment of native species in the alpine was very poor while there was a good establishment in the subalpine. Further assessments are planned as part of BP Canada's ongoing reclamation research program.

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