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British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Evaluation and selection of native woody plants for reclamation in the Eastern Slopes of Alberta King, Philip James; Russell, W. B.; Grainger, George; Straka, A.


Native trees and shrubs offer advantages for use in reclaiming to land uses such as timber production, wildlife habitat, slope stabilization, and recreational use. However, lack of specific information on their ecological requirements, propagation, and outplanting performance has restricted their use in reclamation to date in the Eastern Slopes of Alberta. This program is designed to address such restrictions to operational woody plant use. It is to examine site requirements for the twenty-four candidate woody plant species, identify and test their required germination pre-treatments (for seed propagation), field test the species in the Eastern Slopes region, and formulate prescriptions for their establishment and maintenance. For the candidate species the results of the program to date are presented. These include the summary of an ecological field survey and review, a land use matrix, seed collection guidelines, summary of a seed pre-treatment review, and the findings which have been completed to date of a seed testing project for difficult-to-germinate candidate species. The general objectives of future work in the program are also discussed.

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