British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Spoil dump resloping at Fording River operations Popowich, J.


Much research work has been done on the suitability of materials and the selection of plant species for revegetation purposes. This work is well documented and research is continuing. Limited work, however, has been done on the actual physical preparation of reclamation sites. Fording Coal Limited has undertaken research on optimum resloping techniques. The first phase of this work, completed in 1977, covered the physical resloping of waste dumps from the natural angle of repose (37°) to a range of slope angles from 26° to 34°. Associated costs were closely monitored to determine the effect of resloping requirements on the economics of spoil construction (formed versus free dump spoils). This paper discusses preliminary results of the resloping test work, specifically equipment limitations, economics of dump construction and planned follow-up work. Also discussed is the integration of these results with mine planning.

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