British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Reclamation planning at Hat Creek, B. C. Hathorn, F. G.; McQueen, Donald K.


B.C. Hydro is presently investigating the possibility of developing the Hat Creek coal deposit in south central British Columbia to produce coal for a thermal electric power plant. As part of the reclamation planning for this project, studies have been undertaken to examine the site specific factors likely to influence the future revegetation of waste piles. The rationale for this test program is described. Test plots have been constructed using a variety of discrete waste materials excavated during a bulk coal sample excavation program undertaken during the summer of 1977. In addition, plots to test revegetation at various slopes have been developed. A wide variety of revegetation species, suitable for establishment of vegetation in the dry climate at Hat Creek were examined and twelve were selected for testing. Three seed mixes of four species each were prepared. Each material was tested for nutrients and appropriate fertilizer was added during seeding. Material test plots were hand seeded with the three different seed mixes while plots to test revegetation at different slopes were hydroseeded using only one seed mix, a mulch and binder. A monitoring program will be undertaken to determine emergence success and productivity of species under each field test condition.

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