British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

A comprehensive reclamation research program on coal mining disturbed lands Ziemkiewicz, P. F. (Paul Frank), 1951-


Kaiser Resources Ltd. has been conducting an intensive reclamation research program since 1975. Although many of its component projects are long-term, some experiments have already been completed. As a result, methods are now available for predicting the success of thirteen commonly-used revegetation species on Kaiser's disturbed areas. We also know at what elevations and aspects to expect the greatest success with currert reclamation practices. This may be helpful input in designing dumps and resloping efforts in the future. Kaiser's reclamation research group also conducts annual assessments of its former reclamation efforts in an attempt to monitor the development of the new plant communities. Extensive native and agronomic species test plots have been established in the subalpine zone. These will be augmented in the upcoming season by new treatments, including woody species cuttings, root plantings and grass-plug trials. A year-long study of the distribution, cycling and retention of plant nutrients has been initiated. This study should yield valuable information concerning future fertilization management as well as the stability of the reclamation plant communities.

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