British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Planning, environmental protection and reclamation techniques on the Saxon Project, Peace River Coal Block Jordan, Geoff; Hoffman, Georgia


The Saxon property of Denison Coal Limited is located adjacent to the Alberta Provincial Boundary in the eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains within the Peace River Coal Block of British Columbia. Exploration on the property was first carried out in 1970, at which time drill intersections of a high quality metallurgical coking coal were made. A long range plan of exploration commenced in 1975 with a program of detailed geological mapping being followed by intensive exploration aimed at completing a feasibility study towards the end of 1977. Long range planning has not only allowed the precise objectives of the exploration program to be determined, but also allowed strict measures for environmental protection to be imposed. Consequently, a significant reduction in the amount and cost of reclamation of disturbed surface area is anticipated. Hand trenching, helicopter drilling, bridge construction and other techniques have already made significant contributions to reduction of surface disturbance, and new techniques are currently being employed to further reduce surface disturbance and the cost of reclamation, as well as to reduce exploration costs in some instances.

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