British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Reclamation of exploration disturbances at Kaiser Resources Limited, Sparwood, B. C. Berdusco, B. C. R.


Since the formation of the Exploration-Reclamation Section of the Environmental Services Department in 1974, Kaiser Resources Limited has carried out an intensive program of reclamation on land and watercourses affected by past and ongoing coal exploration activities. To date, 277 acres of land have been reclaimed. This includes exploration roads, trenches, seam traces, test pits, drill sites, adits, slide areas and other related disturbances. To accomplish this work, a number of innovative techniques are utilized including terracing of steep dump slopes, pre-logging of exploration roads, slash disposal using a portable woodchipping machine and total removal of adit refuse. A number of other techniques and refinements are still in the research and development stages. A system of pre-planning and monitoring of ongoing exploration work has also been used effectively. This system reduces damage to environmentally sensitive areas and virtually eliminates unnecessary disturbance. R.Berdusco’s presentation was in the form of slides not suitable to written reproduction.

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