International Conference on Gas Hydrates (ICGH) (6th : 2008)

INTEGRATED GAS HYDRATE QUANTIFICATION OFF NICOYA PENINSULA – COSTA RICA Henke, Thomas; Müller, Christian; Marquardt, Mathias; Hensen, Christian; Wallmann, Klaus; Gehrmann, Romina


The global estimates of methane stored in gas hydrates varied from 1018 to 1015 m3 over the last 4 decades. Each geoscientific discipline has its own quantification methods. The aim of the presented project is the combination of a well proven geochemical approach with a geophysical approach. A transfer function is presented which allows estimations based on geochemical and geophysical parameters. A first application of this combined approach has been performed along seismic line BGR99-44 off Costa Rica. The resulting concentration profile shows a differentiated distribution of the gas hydrate concentration along the slope of the margin with variations of 0 to 3 vol.% of pore space.

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