International Conference on Gas Hydrates (ICGH) (6th : 2008)

COMPLEX COEXISTENCE BEHAVIOR OF STRUCTURE I AND H HYDRATES Seo, Yutaek; Kang, Seong-Pil; Seo, Yongwon; Lee, Jongwon; Lee, Huen


13C NMR spectroscopic analysis was carried out to clarify the formed hydrate structure in specific conditions on hydrate phase diagram of ternary methane, neohexane, and water system. The obtained NMR spectra at three different conditions suggested that both structure I and H were formed simultaneously and coexisted at 273.6 K and 50 bar. But, for both conditions of 273.6 K, 25 bar and 283.1 K, 50 bar the formed hydrate was identified as structure H only. These results showed that the pure CH4 hydrate of structure I was formed and coexisted with mixed CH4+neohexane hydrate of structure H in low temperature and high pressure region after passing through the phase boundary of pure CH4 hydrate. We have examined the structure coexistence at 273.6 K and 50 bar with other structure H formers of isopentane, methylcyclopentane, and methylcyclohexane. In case of isopentane, the obtained NMR spectrum showed that structure I and H coexisted and the amount of methane molecules in structure I was two times as many as in cages of structure H. However, there were no resonance lines of structure I when methylcyclohexane formed structure H with methane molecules.

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