International Conference on Gas Hydrates (ICGH) (6th : 2008)

Authigenic carbonates related to gas seepage structures in the Sea of Okhotsk (NE offshore Sakhalin): Results from the Chaos Project Krylov, Alexey; Logvina, Elizaveta; Hachikubo, Akihiro; Minami, Hirotsugu; Nunokawa, Yutaka; Shoji, Hitoshi; Mazurenko, Leonid; Matveeva, Tatyana; Obzhirov, Anatoly; Jin, Young Keun


Mineralogical and isotopic analysis of authigenic carbonates from different gas hydrate-bearing seepage structures in the Derugin Basin (Sea of Okhotsk) are presented. The analysis showed the existence of four morphological types of carbonates, with all of them mainly of Mg-calcite.13C values of carbonates generally light owing to the inheritance of carbon from microbial methane. 13C-enriched samples at the VNIIOkeangeologia structure with 13C values of up to +9.3‰ represent carbonate precipitation due to methanogenesis. The calculated equilibrium 18O values of carbonates in general correspond to measured values.

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