International Conference on Applications of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering (ICASP) (12th : 2015)

Simulation of earthquake ground motions in the eastern U. S. using deterministic physics-based and stochastic approaches Rezaeian, Sanaz; Hartzell, Stephen; Sun, Xiaodan; Mendoza, Carlos


Earthquake ground motion recordings are scarce in the central and eastern U.S. (CEUS) for large magnitude events and at close distances. We use two different simulation approaches, a deterministic physics-based model and a stochastic model, to simulate recordings from the 2011 Mineral, Virginia, 𝑀𝑀 5.8 earthquake in the CEUS. We then use the 2001 Bhuj, India, 𝑀𝑀 7.6 earthquake as a tectonic analog for a large CEUS earthquake and modify our simulations to develop models for generation of large magnitude earthquakes in the CEUS. Both models show a good fit to the observations from 0.1 to 10 Hz, and show a faster fall-off with distances beyond 500 km for the acceleration spectra compared to ground motion prediction models (GMPEs) for a 𝑀𝑀 7.6 event.

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