International Conference on Applications of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering (ICASP) (12th : 2015)

Load combination of aftershocks and tsunami for tsunami-resistant design Choi, Byunghyun; Nishida, Akemi; Itoi, Tatsuya; Takada, Tsuyoshi


Occurrence of huge tsunami and numerous aftershocks are expected after a gigantic subduction earthquake occurs. Therefore, the important coastal structures (tsunami refuge buildings, seawalls and nuclear power plants etc.) must be designed against tsunami as well as ground shaking. In tsunami-resistant design, it is needed to consider that tsunami may arrive at the structure in a short time after the mainshock from the experience of 2011 Tohoku earthquake. When the action effects both from aftershocks and tsunami to the structure occur simultaneously, practically reasonable assessment of load combination from aftershocks and tsunami is needed. In order to treat the load combination problem reasonably, stochastic load combination technique can be used, which requires stochastic modeling of action effects from aftershocks and tsunami. Once the combined action effect is estimated reasonably, the reliability analysis follows, where load and resistance factors can be obtained under the condition that the conditional target reliability for a limit state function is given. Load combination method of aftershocks and tsunami on the tsunami-resistant design is demonstrated at some sites in Japan. Finally, load and resistance factor design format for the tsunami-resistant design is proposed.

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