International Conference on Applications of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering (ICASP) (12th : 2015)

Risk, resilience, and sustainability assessment of infrastructure systems in a life-cycle context considering uncertainties Dong, You; Frangopol, Dan M.


Within a life-cycle context, infrastructure systems may be subjected to abnormal events, which can hamper functionality of these systems. Maintaining functionality of highway bridges under hazard effects is gaining increased attention. In this paper, a framework for performance assessment of highway bridges under seismic hazard considering risk and resilience is presented. The time effects and uncertainties are integrated within the proposed seismic risk and resilience assessment procedure. Overall, the risk and resilience assessment of a bridge under seismic activity is based on a set of damage states, which are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive. Additionally, the probabilistic direct loss, indirect loss, and resilience of a bridge under seismic hazard are investigated. Sustainability assessment of highway bridges is also investigated. The assessment of probabilistic risk, resilience, and sustainability of highway bridges under seismic hazard can aid in implementing risk-informed seismic mitigation and equip decision makers with a better understanding of structural seismic performance in a life-cycle context. The proposed methodology is illustrated on an existing bridge located in California.

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