International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

Implementing alternative technical concepts in Design-BiDBuild projects Gransberg, Douglas D.; Gad, Ghada M.; Rueda-Benavides, Jorge A.


This paper details the results of two in-depth case studies conducted on agencies that implemented Alternative Technical Concepts (ATC) in conjunction with the procurement of low bid Design-BiDBuild (DBB) construction projects. The Missouri and Michigan Departments of Transportation (DOT) each chose to pursue early contractor involvement in DBB projects but used two completely different approaches. Missouri allowed ATCs to be proposed virtually without limitation on seven DBB projects; whereas, Michigan chose to only consider ATCs on the Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Plan for two DBB projects. The paper found both approaches to be successful, generating tangible cost and/or time savings for each DOT. It also proposes two frameworks for developing ATC procurements using either a limited or full scope approach. The paper’s primary finding is that ATCs can be implemented at any level if the agency thoughtfully develops the project’s solicitation documents. It also finds that limited scope ATCs, like the MOT ones in Michigan provide a mechanism to experiment with the DBB ATC process and gain the required understanding of the mechanics of the procurement without increasing the risk the agency must assume.

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