International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

Expediting emergency construction procurements : case studies in success Gransberg, Douglas D.; Rueda-Benavides, Jorge A.


While the law allows public transportation officials to do what it takes to resolve the emergency, they are expected to maintain an extremely careful balancing act between expeditiously resolving the crisis and abusing their authority to circumvent the routine full and open competition process using the emergency as justification. The ability to waive standard procedures comes with the requirement to use that authority both sparingly and wisely. This paper presents analysis case studies of expedited emergency projects from nine states that range from a $550,000 landslide repair to a $234 million interstate highway bridge replacement. The cases also cover emergency projects delivered by design-bid-build, construction manager/general contractor, design-build and indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contracts. The paper finds that the major factor for successful emergency procurement is for the owner to utilize procurement processes with which it is familiar. It also finds that owners need to allow as much competition as time and circumstances permit to reduce the probability of a substantive protest. Finally, it recommends anticipating an emergency and making advance preparations is the fasted way to react to an emergency and the surest method for avoiding protest.

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