International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

An exploration of image-based walk through technologies Bradley, David Cody; Rankohi, Sara; Rankin, Jeff H.; Waugh, Lloyd M.


Construction sites contain vast amounts of information. Recent advances in image-based visualization techniques enable monitoring construction progress using interactive and visual approaches. Photographs capture construction information in great detail while allowing the user to absorb as much information as they need. Construction as-built images captures great detail yet excludes portions of the site which may become of interest to the project participants. To overcome limitations of existing image-based monitoring techniques, this research focuses on an image-based virtual walk-through visualization approach to monitor construction sites. The use of a 3D model to create a virtual walk-through enables a comprehensive record and delivers the information in an intuitive manner. A pilot study is conducted to create several as-built 3D models from construction photographs. Then these 3D models are visualized in a 3D walk-through model. Within such an environment, the as-built construction objects are visualized to generate the status of construction progress. The study shows that this 3D image-based walk-through system introduces an advanced model that enables the user to have a realistic understanding of the construction site.

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