International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

Robotization of slip form for monolithic construction of tall buildings Parshin, Dimitry; Bulgakov, Alexey; Buzalo, Natalia


The paper considers technological features of erecting monolith objects with a variable cross-section, presents the formulated requirements to the robotic complex and the principles of its construction and gives the complex structure. It has been shown that for the control of slip form it is advisable to use a two-level structure; the upper level tasks of which are planning the complex hoisting and synchronization of control mechanisms operation, and the tasks of the lower level incorporate development of control signals having been formed in the previous level. Great attention is paid to the problems of the robotic complex movements planning taking into account restrictions on control and disturbing influences affecting the structure being erected. In order to remove the complex deviation from the designed location we suggest the method of the planning of movements with due account of limitations for control and effects of disturbing influences to the structure being erected. In conclusion the paper deals with the problems of forming adaptive laws of for controlling joint coordinates ensuring development of the planned trajectory.

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