International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

Governmental dust control in construction industry : a study of policies Wang, Shibei; Ye, Kunhui


Construction dust emission has become an outstanding issue in the construction industry. As a key content of green construction, governments around the world have the responsibility of mitigating the adverse effects of dust emission on the environment. However, little has been known of how governments can sharpen their efforts in this area. Using literature survey and content analysis, this study aims to identify the main roles of governments in construction dust control. Considerable policies were collected for analysis. It is found that governments have three characters in the dust control, namely opinion leaders, policy makers and technical supporters. As policy makers, governmental measures for dust emission control span widely, which include technology, economy, management and organizational governance. The results shed some lights on the measurement of governmental policies in the dust control.

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