International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

A relative energy prediction methodology to support decision making in deep retrofits Gultekin, Pelin; Anumba, Chimay J.; Asce, F.; Leicht, Robert M.


Various energy prediction tools and methods are widely used in the design process to reduce the energy consumption of buildings. It is also well known that not only the system selection but also the synergies of these critical system selection decisions have impact on building energy performance. However, these decisions are incorporated into simulations without synergies are considered early in design process. These late evaluations cannot go beyond the projection of energy performance that is already selected for design. Thus, this is a need for a decision support system that stimulates the integration of decisions to achieve higher levels of energy efficiency compared to considering individual measures. In the light of these indicators, this paper presents a critical review of energy conservation measures (ECM) used in retrofit project case studies. The individual impact of changes to these critical ECMs is modeled in EnergyPlus and eQuest. A simplified energy prediction methodology fed by a process model, and the possible synergies are presented. The prediction range is tested in three case studies with different energy performance levels. The calculation algorithm relies on determining individual system performance relative to the ASHRAE standard. This relative system performance evaluation is also useful in defining the scope of system retrofit by comparing options with the standard baseline. It assists collaborative design teams to evaluate the individual impact of system decisions and overall energy saving prediction rate earlier in the design of a variety of deep retrofit projects.

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