International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

Comparitive study of current practice in bridge condition assessment Ahmed, Marwa H.; Bhowmick, Anjan; Moselhi, Osama


Bridges play a vital role in road infrastructure networks. According to Statistics Canada, bridges and overpasses accounted for 8% of total public assets in 2007.. Ontario ranked as the third among provinces in terms of having old bridges. In 2007, Bridges in Ontario accounted for 7% of its public infrastructure, while in Alberta, bridges account for 9% of total public infrastructure. Bridge condition assessment is conducted to determine load rating capacity for bridge elements. The identification of current condition of each element provides early warning of necessary maintenance. Condition rating is performed during the inspection process. This paper provides a comparative study of current practices in bridge condition rating worldwide, with emphasis on the United States and Canada. The study includes 4 main criteria: inspection levels, inspection principles, inspection frequencies and numerical ratings for 4 provinces in North America: Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and state of Oregon and 5 countries outside North America: United Kingdom, Denmark, Portugal, Sweden and Australia. The Limitations of current practices are discussed and recommendations for improved inspection are provided. The study is expected to assist professionals and inspectors in selecting feasible method/s for effective bridge condition assessment.

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