International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

Development and utilization of the project definition rating index for index for small industrial projects Collins, Wesley; Parrish, Kristen; Gibson, G. Edward


Front end planning is arguably the most impactful activity in the management of construction projects. Organizations expend substantial effort in planning large projects, intending to minimize risk and promote project success. Small projects –typically classified as such based on their lower costs – often have minimal planning completed prior to the start of design and construction. To date, little research has been performed regarding the planning and management of small construction projects, especially those in the industrial sector. In 2013, the Construction Industry Institute (CII) set out to develop a Project Definition Rating Index (a front end planning tool) specifically for small industrial projects. CII Research Team 314 identified forty-one specific elements as most pertinent in assessing a small industrial project. Sixty-five industry practitioners reviewed and prioritized these elements through a series of focus group “weighting workshops.” The tool has been used to assess 12 separate small industrial projects to date, with positive results. This paper summarizes how the PDRI-Small Industrial Projects was developed, how the tool differs from the previously-developed PDRI-Industrial Projects tool, and how it has been utilized to date to assess small industrial projects. Future research opportunities are proposed, including use of the PDRI-Small Industrial Projects research methodology to develop similar tools for the infrastructure and building construction sectors.

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