International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

How well did a multi-stakeholder management framework for remote sites model the realities on and off-site of a Scottish Highlands infrastructure marine project: reflective case study Kestle, Linda


The next 20 years will see inward investment of up to £100 billion in construction (and energy) projects in northern Scotland, particularly in the Highlands and Islands. The majority of these projects will take place in locations which are, to a greater or lesser extent, remote. However the performance of many remotely-sited projects across the world highlight the need for more effective management strategies and models. The multi-stakeholder management framework for remote site projects, developed by Kestle (2009), synthesised production and sociological design and management approaches, and has already been tested and validated on Antarctic, humanitarian aid and post-disaster reconstruction projects globally. Participants for this research were designers, construction, and project managers involved on a commercial scale marine infrastructure project in the Scottish Highlands. Semi-structured interviews were conducted and the findings analysed to establish and reflect on whether the framework modelled the realities on this remote site project, and actually provided the value-added sought by the multi-stakeholders involved. The findings suggested that the stakeholders’ value criteria expectations were indeed met, and that the management framework did reflect the realities of designing and managing this particular remote site project.

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