International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

A novel framework for BIM enabled facility energy management : a concept paper Al-Shalabi, Firas A.; Turkan, Yelda


Building Information Modeling (BIM) enabled facility management has gained increased interest both in academia and industry. Previous research has shown the importance of having dynamic BIMs that can react and interact with real-time data obtained from building sensors. The other sought benefits of BIM such as improving workforce efficiency, proactive maintenance planning and improving maintenance records, which would lead to reduced energy and water consumption, are also acknowledged both by the academic community and the industry practitioners. However, BIM implementation for facility energy management activities, specifically for energy use monitoring, has not yet been explored, and one of the main reasons pertain to not having standards for BIM to be effectively used for facility energy management tasks. This paper provides a comprehensive literature review on BIM implementation and BIM requirements for facility management and facility energy management related tasks. Also, it proposes a conceptual framework that enables to achieve dynamic BIM for building energy use monitoring activities. The proposed framework connects BIM database with building energy management systems, while enabling BIM to act as a central data repository and a visualization tool to achieve energy use monitoring related tasks. Finally, it summarises the challenges to achieve dynamic BIM, and concludes with the expected benefits of implementing dynamic BIM for building energy management as well as recommendations for future research.

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