International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

Progress tracking of multiple projects using email and voice Abdel-Monem, Mohamed; Abuwarda, Zinab; Hegazy, Tarek


This paper introduces a framework developed to automatically track the daily progress details of multiple small/medium construction projects, simultaneously. The framework has been designed with several features: Geographic Information System (GIS); cloud-based email/IVR services; activity-initiated communication to relevant supervisors; flexible user-revised email/IVR surveys; multi-project status reporting; and input/output to Microsoft Project scheduling software. The paper discusses the components of the proposed framework and comments on the performance of a prototype system on multiple simultaneous projects. A case study was used to demonstrate the usefulness of the timely collected data to improve the visualization of progress status and schedule updates, as well as project control decisions. The system can also collect data about the worker-related factors (e.g., morale) on projects. The developed framework supports efficient management of multiple projects for small/medium contractors. The proposed framework facilitates efficient communication between site and head office, to help construction companies work more cost effectively within the competitive business of construction.

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