International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

Electronic document management systems for transportation construction industry Guo, Fangyu; Jahren, Charles T.; Turkan, Yelda


The concept of Civil Integrated Management (CIM) was developed to facilitate better utilization of data and information that would enable effective decisions for transportation agencies. It is important to select appropriate intelligent technologies or tools and use them efficiently. Moreover, data needs to be collected, stored, and managed wisely so that it could be used throughout the life cycle of a transportation facility and even for the next reconstruction cycle. This makes it necessary for agencies to have electronic document management (EDM) systems, so that they can manage and share their data with other stakeholders in an efficient manner. Though EDM systems have been implemented and their benefits are well understood in the building construction industry, they are not as common in the transportation design and construction industry, and there are only a few leader state DOTs implementing EDM at agency wide level. Since there are differences between the building and the transportation industry, it is desirable to analyze early examples of implementation from the transportation industry in order to achieve further progress. The purpose of this paper is to present and analyze current state of the EDM systems within the state DOTs that lead with regard to EDM implementation. During a United States National Cooperative Highway Research Project Domestic Scan effort, seven state DOTs and their contractors collaborated to present their extensive experience on CIM related practices and tools. Of these seven, four distinguished themselves with leadership in the area of EDM systems implementation while others were leaders in other areas. In this paper, those four agencies who are leaders with regard to the EDM systems implementation are analyzed and their practices are documented in detail.

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