International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

An investigation into current tendering process in Saudi construction projects Al-Hammadi, S.


Underachievement in project performance, lengthy delays and financial loss in construction projects in Saudi Arabia has been realised due to the approach of current tendering process. This research aims to investigate the current process adopted for tendering construction projects in Saudi Arabia. The study employs a qualitative study of three organisations utilising semi-structured interviews with managers to gauge clients, contractors and consultants' perspectives on current tendering practice and associated challenges and impacts. Results revealed a number of challenges and impacts facing stakeholders to the adoption of a holistic approach to tender planning process. These include: stakeholders' dissatisfaction, lack of effective strategic plan for tendering system; rigid, inappropriate and bureaucratic tendering process; complicated legalisations used for entering large international construction firms in Saudi construction markets; unscheduled tendering of huge number of projects by both public and private sectors; failed and breakdown projects; low quality of building and expected high expenditure on maintenance and operation. Solutions focus on formulating a strategic planning involved the key factors. The study is one of the few studies that have investigated Saudi tender process from a practical views and dynamic perspective. It reveals not only the challenges and impacts of current situation, but also draws a road map for a better solution.

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