International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

BIM obstacles in industrial projects : a contractor perspective Ali, Mostafa; Mohamed, Yasser; Taghaddos, Hosein; Hermann, Rick


Using BIM technology is well established in construction projects, especially in industrial projects where a maze of pipes and modules have to be installed in congested work areas under tight time schedule . BIM offers potential benefits (e.g. visualization, collaboration, alignment …etc.) that can be key for complex project success; however, these benefits have not been fully implemented in industrial projects. The authors worked last two years closely with a construction company -which specialized in oil and gas projects- trying to discover ways to maximize utilization of knowledge embedded in BIM models. Though the partner company has used BIM for long time, we noticed many obstacles that hinder reaping the full benefits of BIM for construction planning and control. These obstacles are related to the ability to extend a model by adding new attributes and to link the model to data from external sources (e.g. cost or schedule control information systems). This paper discusses these obstacles, illustrates implemented short-term solutions to work around and mitigate these obstacles, and finally concludes by proposing using semantic web as a long-term solution to overcome these obstacles and clear the path for gaining all potential benefits during industrial projects construction

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