International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

Measuring high-level project productivity for Alberta capital projects Yun, Sungmin; Mulva, Stephen P.; Kim, Dae Y.


This paper contemplates the development of a single high-level productivity metric for Alberta capital projects in order to represent overall improvement over time. The Industry Leaders Roundtable would use this metric to challenge the status quo, and formulate “out of the box” thinking to improve Alberta Megaproject productivity. The measure would be most relevant for the owner; however, owners and industry need to be supportive to make it successful. For this purpose, the proposed study includes comparisons with data held by the Construction Industry Institute (CII) such as COAA (Construction Owner’s Association of Alberta) and CII Performance Assessment Database. This paper establishes selection criteria for input/output variables for the high-level productivity metrics based on the comprehensive review of existing productivity metrics and create a high-level productivity metric. Data are collected from COAA and CII Performance Assessment Database. Descriptive and statistical inferential analyses are conducted for comparison of high-level project productivity between Alberta and U.S. capital projects. The results of this study are anticipated to provide a single high-level productivity metrics with informative quantitative analyses for Alberta projects.

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