International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

QR-coded clash-free drawings : an integrated system of BIM and augmented reailty to improve construction project visualization Zaki, Tarek M.; Khalil, Cherif A.


Design coordination problems are considered as one of the causes of driving project delays. The current normal practice in the Egyptian construction industry is highly dependent on using the traditional 2D CAD software to design and issue construction drawings. The main problem with 2D drawings is that they fail to properly visualize the design intent of the project, hence consuming project time in resolving design coordination problems and in some cases may lead to abortive works. Therefore, this research proposes a workflow that integrates both Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Augmented Reality (AR) using commercially available software to address these problems. The proposed workflow integrates the use of BIM in the design process to produce fully coordinated clashes-free 3D models. Later, each exported 2D drawing from this model is imprinted with a unique Quick Response Code (QR-Code). An application reads the QR code using a smart device’s camera and then the clash-free model is displayed on its screen. Users can transform, manipulate or use section planes to easily visualize the design intent behind the produced drawings. A case study was conducted on a project originally designed using a BIM platform to test the applicability of the proposed workflow. Results demonstrated the potential features of integrating a system of BIM and AR to improve the visualization of the design intent after the production of 2D clash-free drawings and improve the design coordination/communication problems.

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