International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

Testing the correlation between indoor environmental quality and productive time Khoury, Wissam G.; Srour, Issam M.; Yassine, Ali A.


Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), being one of the main pillars of sustainability, stretches its effect far beyond ensuring a pleasant environment for the occupants to live in. In fact, IEQ plays a major role in defining the level of productivity within organizations. Recent studies acknowledge the link between IEQ and employees’ overall satisfaction at work, and in turn, productivity. The ultimate goal of an ongoing research project is to propose and validate a decision making tool that optimizes office buildings renovation projects based on maximizing occupants’ satisfaction with the IEQ conditions at their workplace, and in turn, maximizing their productive time. The first step in this direction requires an understanding of the relationship between IEQ and productivity. This is achieved in this paper through a survey of corporate employees, which provides a correlation between the level of IEQ in an office setting and the overall level of satisfaction with the workplace. The latter is, in turn, correlated with the level of occupant productivity at work, as measured by the amount of productive time. The paper concludes with an empirical model based on statistical regression analysis, depicting the relationship between IEQ satisfaction and productive time.

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