International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

Building a sustainable occupant's performance based model for institutional buildings Salem, Dalia; Elwakil, Emad; Kandil, Amr


The Sustainable buildings main objectives are to reduce, or avoid, depletion of resources like energy, water, and materials; prevent environmental degradation caused by facilities during the life cycle of the building. Lighting is one of the major energy consumption in institutional buildings. At 2012, the commercial sector, which includes commercial and institutional buildings, and Public Street and highway lighting, consumed about 274 billion kWh for lighting or about 7 % of the USA consumption. Most of the research works have focused predominantly on the environmental and physical factors and have neglected the daily activities of the occupants. This study examines the effects of environmental, physical, and daily activities on occupants’ performance in the institutional buildings as well as develops a model to predict the occupants’ performance using Regression analysis technique. The data was collected from the institutional buildings occupants and building facility experts using questionnaire. The model has been validated with 92 % Average Validity Percent (AVP) and R square of 0.83 which is a satisfactory result. The developed research /model benefits both architects and practitioners to choose the appropriate workplace design due to the occupants’ preferences to enhance performance, and energy efficiency.

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