International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

Road maintenance information management system based on product data model considering disaster use Kubota, Satoshi


Maintenance management is an essential operation that should be carried out effectively for maintaining, repairing, and rehabilitating highways and roads. It is necessary to accumulate information produced during the entire life cycle of roads in order to analyze problems and find solutions within a temporal sequence and to maintain them strategically and effectively. In road maintenance site, the administrators and engineers want to refer and utilize the road ledger and its drawings. It is difficult to carry and use the ledgers, because they are paper based documents. The primary objective of this study is to develop the product data models, which systematic information is defined for accumulating, exchanging, and sharing in civil infrastructure. And, this paper proposed a road maintenance information management system to collect, accumulate, share, and utilize the information considering disaster use. It is used in maintenance and disaster site by tablet PC. Road data models are effective for building an environment where the various data generated in a construction enterprise are used in an integrated manner. The constructed road data model has structural and work information. Structural information includes road structures such as bridges, carriageways, sidewalks, and road furniture. Inspections, repair judgments, repair of pavement, and construction of pavement are defined as work information. And, disaster information was added in structural information. The location-based expressions ‘GM_Point’, ‘GM_Surface’, and ‘GM_Polygon’ are defined to connect the road data model to spatial information. The proposed system was evaluated the usability and capability in road maintenance.

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