International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

Application of fuzzy logic integrated with system dynamics in construction modeling Seresht, Nima Gerami; Fayek, Aminah Robinson


Construction projects are complex systems and their behaviors are extremely dynamic throughout their life cycles. This complexity and dynamism makes them perfect candidates for system dynamics modeling for management purposes. However, ill-known variables, a lack of historical data, uncertainties, subjectivity, and the use of linguistic terms in defining construction variables all complicate the application of system dynamics in construction. Fuzzy logic is an artificial intelligence technique that has the ability to model vague, incomplete, linguistically-expressed, and subjective data in a precise way. Since the quality of system dynamics modeling relies significantly on the accuracy of the data, integrating system dynamics with fuzzy logic makes for a powerful construction project simulation tool. Integrated fuzzy system dynamics models can effectively capture the dynamic characteristics of construction projects and simulate them more precisely by using fuzzy logic to capture subjective and linguistically-expressed information. In this paper, we illustrate how fuzzy logic and system dynamics can be integrated for use in construction project simulation. Moreover, we present a review of potential applications of integrated fuzzy system dynamics models in construction. Finally, we compare the performance of system dynamics with integrated fuzzy system dynamics for a construction-related problem adopted from the literature, and discuss how integrating fuzzy logic can enhance system dynamics capabilities for construction modeling.

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