International Construction Specialty Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (ICSC) (5th : 2015)

Integrating building information modeling and conceptual design towards effective facilities management : a framework title Al-Kattan, Elaf; Jrade, Ahmad


The engagement of Facilities Management (FM) during the conceptual design stage of building projects has been recently explored. Incorporating FM during the design stage through the concept of BIM has the potential to minimize the possible waste of project resources (time, money, materials, and sustainability impacts) especially during the operational stage while offering the essential tools to keep buildings running to the required living standards. This paper proposes a framework to develop an integrated conceptual design model towards effective FM. Based on an intense literature review and series of interviews with FM and design professionals, this innovative framework is created to fulfil the following basics attributes: (1) tackling the key factors that affect FM; (2) Identifying the most effective stage of design (conceptual design) to involve facility managers; and (3) Detecting the major aspects that will directly contribute in enhancing the quality of managing, operating and maintaining facilities at the early design stage of a project. The expected results of the integrated BIM-FM model should show the importance of facilities managers’ contribution during the conceptual design stage that leads in reducing the operating and maintenance costs, while providing 3D Integrated Design within Building Information Modeling (BIM) environment by generating list of design alternatives through design simulations. An actual case project is used to test the models’ capability and workability.

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