International Conference on Engineering Education for Sustainable Development (EESD) (7th : 2015)

Navigating sustainable transitions considering uncertainties and evolving goals/means Jørgensen, Ulrik


Sustainable transitions are at the core of engineering design and in societal discourse of how to deal with climate and socio-economic challenges. As natural and societal conditions are different from place to place and are continuously changing transitions processes are to take place considering uncertain futures and changing pairs of goals and means. To cater for this the focus in training of professionals within engineering and design as well as in economic/policy topics must take into account the lack of finite metrics and operate with navigational approaches that need adjustments as part of the process. The character of uncertainties and consequentially the challenges to stage actor-configurations and navigate changes are core to this presentation. Based on results from studies of historic and contemporary transitions and their aspirations to achieve sustainable solutions as well as experiences from training design-engineers specialized in sustainable design the paper will present models of the mapping of arenas of development and how to navigate within and across these arenas. The paper concludes in outlining learning programs based on the navigational approach to sustainable transitions.

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