International Conference on Engineering Education for Sustainable Development (EESD) (7th : 2015)

Developing skills for sustainability change agents with a participatory backcasting teaching toolbox Kordas, Olga; Pereverza, Kateryna; Pasichnyi, Oleksii; Nikiforovich, Eugene


The paper describes and analyses a participatory backcasting teaching toolbox (PBTT) designed to develop a set of skills required for sustainability change agents, including critical and systems thinking, future orientation, ability to work in transdisciplinary frameworks, personal involvement, conflict resolution and consensus building, dealing with complexity and uncertainty, creativity, practical problem-solving and action skills. The PBTT has evolved through experience and insights gained from the implementation of participatory backcasting (PB) methodology within two research projects and from three years of PB teaching practices. The PBTT includes twelve modules based on different steps and procedures of the PB process. The paper describes effects of the PBTT on the development of students’ skills that have been observed throughout ten teaching cases. Furthermore, the potentials and limitations of the PBTT for building up the sustainable development related skills are discussed.

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