International Conference on Engineering Education for Sustainable Development (EESD) (7th : 2015)

Using essentials of application engineering concept for designing industrial system drives Pitis, Constantin


Two thirds of the electric energy production (amounted in 2009 at 20,300 TWh) is used by industrial system drives (ISDs) performing at 80%…20% overall efficiencies. There is large variety of ISDs not performing efficiently or failing with downtime production losses. For an average efficiency of 55% the waste energy with ISDs is estimated at 8,860 TWh. One of the reasons is that proposed Five-Essentials-of-Application-Engineering (5EAE) concept is not applied or taught at tertiary education level. This concept is focused on specific ways of thinking outside the box. It employs sustainable and consistent approach when retrofit or new designs options are taken into consideration. 5EAE requires that any ISD shall match the followings: downstream conditions, upstream conditions, environmental conditions, reliability and efficiency indicators and conditions of business sustainability. Use of 5EAE requires strong technical background reflecting deep expertise in a single area, usually technical, complemented with a broad working knowledge of multiple areas of inquiry, establishing a professional as capable of interacting with various facets of the application. Proposed concept is an ideal method to prepare practicing engineering graduates for the global economy requiring broader knowledge in collateral fields. This approach fosters individuals with a deep technical understanding coupled with broader knowledge in the fundamentals of engineering design, innovation, business, leadership. Such training prepares professionals for success negotiating the corporate, global world of industry. The paper presents 5EAE fundamentals with case studies, highlighting also thermal pollution resulted from poor performances of ISDs and conservation potential obtainable by promoting 5EAE concept.

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