International Conference on Engineering Education for Sustainable Development (EESD) (7th : 2015)

Energy and the environment : development of a sustainable education course Kahl, Alandra


A recent focus in course development has been climate change, and the role of engineering in the sustainable world. There is an increasing concern about the impact of human activities on the earth, and a desire to learn about those effects. This paper details the development and evaluation of course content for EGEE101: Energy and the Environment. EGEE101 is a hybrid course, conducted both in the classroom and online, which is a novel environment and has necessitated new methods of communicating information to the students. It is desirable to produce engineers, scientists and energy business personnel who understand the energy system at a holistic level, and yet, still retain the appropriate engineering/science/business skills to meet the challenges ahead. This course provides this holistic experience and introduces the students to the many aspects of energy/environmental engineering in a novel classroom environment. Students found the dual nature of the course to be more rewarding than a single course either online or in the classroom. Students who would normally be reluctant to contribute to discussion in person felt comfortable contributing online, which added to the richness of the course environment.

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