Bears and Man


Ever since European settlement began in British Columbia, there have always been conflicts between bears and man. In every situation the outcome was the same. The bear always lost. Today the conflicts are the same, but our sheer population and urban growth is threatening bears and their habitat. In order for bears and development to coexist we, as a society, must minimize our human attractants. Our garbage is killing bears. The government employees responsible for dealing with these problems are the conservation officers that work for the Ministry of Environment. These are the people we, as a society, employ to deal with the confrontations that occur between bears and our ever growing human population. We, as a society, turn a blind eye to our impacts on wildlife and many times speak harshly of those we employ to clean up the problems we have created. In this program we listen to what several Conservation Officers have to say about this ever-growing problem. Note: this program was rebroadcast as Program 6 in 2006.

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