The Fisheries of Okanagan Lake


This conference deals with the problems of water supply and water quality in Okanagan Lake. In some dry years some streams no longer get to the lake, being fully used up along the way. People can't use the lake water because the quality is too low. Fisheries are in crisis. Even some spawning grounds are dry and thus unavailable. Fisheries, agriculture, municipal and citizen groups are among the speakers. Note: The idea of such conferences, convened by a neutral body such as WestLand becoming "meeting places" for diverse groups to listen to each other certainly bore fruit in this case. Within a month of the conference growers and municipalities had agreed to turn back unused water licenses and these were turned over to the fisheries people to ensure more successful spawning. People in the Okanagan were crediting WestLand with providing the forum that led to these solutions.

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