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The Ubyssey Oct 21, 1964

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Information, CA 4-3242
Homecoming bounces
Swing, swing, swing!
—mouldy morgue photo
KICKING UP THEIR HEELS, a couple of Homecoming enthusiasts put on an impromptu
performance on track at last year's Homecoming football game. The '64 whoopee starts
at 1:30 p.m. at stadium, with chicken barbecue and the annual grid tilt.
Pep rally blast
Lou's in the limelight
Homecoming Pep Rally is
always a blast, and this year's
explosive program is no exception.
Blast-off time is 12:30 p.m.
in the gym and continues until 2:15 p.m.—all for a measly
35-cent cover  charge.
Big man at the Pep Meet
will be Lou Gottlieb, zany
emcee of the now-defunct
Also at the meet will be
the Booster Club, Pep Band,
Cheerleaders, Frank Gnup
and his famous introduction
of football players and presentation of the Great Trekker
award to George Cunningham
by AMS president Roger McAfee.
Queen   candidates   will  be
introduced (crowning is Saturday night at the big
Gottlieb, who has a PhD.
in Musicology, is a bassist
and a comic of the so-called
"new comedy movement"
(Mort Sahl, Nichols and May,
Lenny Bruce).
His  special   trademark   on
(Continued on Page 3)
Four top bands
set for dances
Hello Music, Hello Swing!
That's the theme of this year's Homecoming dances. These
dances are always the best of the year, and this year there's
no doubt they will be again — a truly gala windup to
UBC's biggest student Homecoming Festival ever.
First, the price is only $3.75
a couple. Modest, no? And for
that measly price, you get the
swinging sounds of four bands,
count 'em, four.
In the Field House, Homecoming features the great
Dave McMurdo Jazz Big Band,
along with the vocal group,
The Chessmen. In the Armory,
dig the wild rhythm and blues
sound of Little Daddy and the
Bachelors, along with Lance
Harrison's swinging Dixieland
group. Schmaltz is out, swing
is in!
• •    •
And in both buildings,
Homecoming features a concert
by the Goodtime Singers, a
fabulous folksy group featured
many times on the Andy Williams Show.
After a lot of hassle, we
were lucky enough to get this
group, and those who have
heard their first LP agree
they're the West Coast's answer to the New Christy Minstrels.
And there's more. For the
first time ever, you'll be able
to attend both Homecoming
dances. After 10 p.m. your
ticket stub will enable you to
go back and . forth between
the buildings.
• *    •
And if you don't feel like
walking, we have a chartered
bus, supplied by Mr. Bennett's
organization, to ferry people
between the dances.
Climaxing the dances, of
course, will be the crowning
of the Homecoming Queen.
She will be crowned in the
Armory at approximately
10:15 by President John Macdonald, and will be crowned
in the Field House at approximately 10:45.
• •    •
Besides the Homecoming
Queen, two of the other beauti
ful candidates will be chosen
as Princesses to complement
the twice-crowned Queen's cabinet.
Price, again, for all this hilarity is only $3.75 a couple—
cheap. If you miss these
dances, you'll kick yourself.
This is the biggest gass of the
year, and there are only 1,200
tickets on sale. Get yours now,
in the AMS office in Brock
Keep Homecoming Green.
VIVACIOUS Musa Lincke,
1963 Homecoming Queen,
will see her successor crowned Saturday at dance. Pictures of 1964 candidates.
Page 3.
sling mud
Webster vs. Wasserman is
the situation today at noon in
Brock Lounge.
Homecoming presents a debate on "The Myth of the Poor
Along with these two proverbial noisemakers, the panel
includes Dr. Malcolm McGregor and student lawyer Peter
Object of the open forum debate is to present all sides of
the question: "Is the student
really poor, or is the whole
concept a fake?"
Is the student loan plan
really misused? Is it necessary
in the first place? Should the
Liberal Government really
give students 10,000 scholarships? Should companies go
out of their way to provide
summer jobs for students?
What the hell is the actual
financial situation of university students?
Don't miss this controversial hour of mudslinging and
other fun and games, today,
12:30 noon in Brock Lounge.
Admission only 10 cents —
cheap. Page 2
Wednesday, October 21, 1964
FLOATING ALONG, one of the Fraternity   floats   in  last  year's   Homecoming   parade
makes circuit of track  at football  game.  T his year's parade has drawn some 30 floats,
plus bands and sideshows.
Naughty, naughty parade
will flow with 30 floats
Like, avast! This year, the
Annual Homecoming Parade
has a nautical theme, and up
to thirty floats will parade
through downtown Vancouver
Saturday morning attempting
to prove that university students are indeed all wet.
Along with the floats, you'll
see all the queen candidates
(no truth to the rumor that
the engineers are entering a
mermaid), marching bands,
all the best things of a parade;
and the whole thing kicks off
from Georgia and Thurlow at
10:00 a.m.
For those of you (15,600 we
While Aggies broil
Watch Gnuppers
barbecue Oregon
Everything from fried chicken to strippers will be featured at the stadium Saturday.
It's the annual Homecoming
Football Game between Southern Oregon State College and
Frank   Gnup's  Thunderbirds.
Starting at 1 p.m., the Aggies' chicken barbecue will
supply crisp Southern Fried
on the stadium track.
The show kicks off at 1:45
p.m., when the Homecoming
Parade winds its way through
the stadium, led by Arthur
Delamont's wild and wonderful
Pep Band and UBC's cheerleaders.
The game itself starts at 2
p.m. Then comes 60 minutes
of exciting, and we hope, victorious football.
The half-time show will be
a gasser. Man, like 51 nurses
and rehabilitation medical students   stripping   to   a    lively
tune, the cheerleaders reeling
with their ever-popular and
provocative cartwheels, and
'he hairy engineers roaring
about in their traditional fashion.
hope) that'll line the route,
here it is: starting at Georgia
and Thurlow, proceeding east
on Georgia to Burrard; north
on Burrard to Hastings; east
on Hastings to Granville;
south on Granville to Georgia;
west on Georgia back to Burrard.
After circling the downtown area, the parade will
disband and reform outside
the Varsity Stadium for presentation at the pre-game show.
Time for this is 1:45 p.m.
•    •    •
After reforming, the parade
will circle the inside of the
stadium once, the three winning floats remaining in the
stadium throughout the game.
The queen candidates will
disembark, and be seated in a
decorated royal box.
The game itself kicks off at
2:00 p.m. sharp.
A great way to spend a
morning, a great way to spend
an afternoon—the annual student homecoming parade and
football game.
See you there!
A new twist on ice —
a Homecoming bonspiel
Wanna beat some hapless alumni at curling—there's
just the event for you at Homecoming Festival '64.
Tomorrow in the Winter Sports Arena alums and students will battle each other.
There will foe 16 alumni rinks and 16 students (we still
have eight more to fill). The entry fee is $20 for students
and $29 for Alumni—information at the Alumni office.
There are three events and prizes for runners-up.
Car rally roars
on Friday noon
This year, a new event has been added to the student
Homecoming festival.
Through the co-operation of
the UBC Sports Car Club a
gigantic Sports Car Rally will
be held on Friday, October 23,
with the first cars leaving
from in front of Brock Hall at
12:30 p.m.
A crucial point that should
be explained before we go any
further is that you do not need
a "sports car" to enter this
For example, the latest rally
sponsored by the Sports Car
Club was won by a 1936
The next thing that should
be cleared up is just what a
sports car rally is. The object
of rallying is to get from point
A to point B following a given
set of instructions in a prescribed time or at a given
average speed.
Therefore the only equipment required  is  a  watch,  a
map, a speedometer that
Works, and someone riding
with you to read the instructions and direct your course as
a navigator.
The rally is divided into two
categories — teams and individuals.
There will be a perpetual
trophy for both the top individual and the top team.
There will also be dash
plaques for the winning team.
Pre-entry forms will be
available at the south end of
Brock noon today and Thursday and at the Sports Car club
hut (behind Brock) anytime.
As a final word of advice;
if you are stopped by the law
while participating remember
—your navigator might be expecting; or you're on your way
to visit your poor old granny,
but you are NOT on a sports
car rally. Good luck to all.
•      •
Last chance today
to see black tights
As scheduled, Brock South
went "espresso" for one hour.
Monday afternoon for a giant
hootenanny led by Jerry Nak-
Sponsored by the Student
Homecoming Festival '64, the
hoot featured a variety pf folk
songs from different countries
and eras.
Students sang along to such
songs as "This Land is Your
Land" while 25 folk waitresses
in black served coffee. Singing
groups   included   Guy   Sobell
•      •
and "Bonnie B" from the
Chessmen. Aiding Jerry Nakat-
suka were Jean Barty, Brian
Fraser and Mike Oaken, Kim
Campbell, Pat Sturdy and Jim
Lenoble, and Robby Burns and
John Bogardus.
For those few who may have
missed this tremendous afternoon, you have one more
chance to see those girls in
black tights today at 3:30.
Jazzsoc will entertain in South
Brock. Admission is free
don't miss it!
Famed Japanese band
in auditorium concert
The Kwansei Gakuin University Band presents a concert Friday at 12:30 p.m. in
the Auditorium, sponsored by
the Student Homecoming Festival.
This University Band is one
of the top musical organizations in Japan.
Coming to Canada by special
arrangement with the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo and
Air Canada, the Band has
toured Canada's leading cities.
It began its tour in Montreal early this month and then
went to Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary and is finishing here in Vancouver.
The Kwansei Gakuin University Band now consists of
82 members, all students in
full time attendance at the
university. All the students,
including the conductors, are
amateurs.   None  of   them   are
even students majoring in
They come from a variety
of faculties: Economics, Commerce, Sociology, Literature,
Science, and Theology. Many
had never learned to read
music, for symphony before
joining the Band.
The Symphony band's repertoire includes a wide selection
of both Japanese and Western
music; classical and modern;
church music, marches, overtures; folk music and jazz.
Its annual concert in Japan
is a major musical event, attended by thousands who arrive riding Hondas!
The University Band attends
in full force the University's
athletic events, with its cheer
leaders to support its home
Be sure to see and hear this
unusual Symphony Band on
Friday. Wednesday, October 21, 1964
Page 3
. . . Miss Education
. Miss Agriculture
, . . Miss Fort Camp
. . . Miss Arts
. . . Miss Frosh
.. .Miss Phys Ed
. . Miss Medicine
. Miss Forestry
... Miss Totem Park
. . . Miss Acadia
. . . Miss Science
. Miss Lower Mall
. . . Miss Pharmacy
. Miss Engineering
. Miss Commerce
(Continued from Page One)
stage is burlesque of the university pedant.
"Education," wrote Gottlieb
recently in his syndicated
column for college newspapers, "is the greatest entertainment—even though, God
knows, all entertainment is
not entertaining."
Homecoming festival committee spokesman said the
gym's poor accoustics will be
overcome with the largest array of amplification equipment ever stuffed into the
Queen contestants
15 belles appealin' for votes
Fifteen campus belles are
after this year's Homecoming
Queen crown.
One of them will be chosen
to wear it at the Homecoming
dances this Saturday.
The Queen will be crowned
twice — first at the Armory
and then the Field House.
Another two beauties will
be selected as princesses to the
twice-crowned queen.
At Thursday's Pep Meet the
Queens will be introduced and
voting will take place.
The vote will account for
40 per cent of the total required to choose the winner.
Personality, face and figure, and poise will be considered by a panel of judges composed of businessmen, student
reps, professors and a fashion
consultant to round out the
point total.
The lucky winner will receive a coat from Hudson Bay,
a sweater from Jantzen, a
gold signet ring from the college shop and the AMS, plus
a 1964-65 Totem yearbook.
The crown, donated by
Birks, will be awarded perpetually. The Queen candidates face a rigorous schedule
Saturday with the Homecoming Parade, appearance at the
football game, alumni reception and later at the patron's
The Queen will be crowned
by UBC's president, Dr. Job
Last year's Homecoming
Queen was Musa Lincke, who
later went to the Waterloo
Winter Carnival and copped
top honors. Page 4
Wednesday, October 21, 1964
«/, "(>■>■■!
Information from the AMS Office - CA 4-3242
General Information
Oct. 17
1:30 - 4:30
Brock Lounge
A challenging tournament with loads of merchandize prizes.
50c entry fee.
Oct. 18
10:30 - 2:30
Jericho Yachit
An opportunity for students to take on some of the old pros (Alumni) or Flying
Dutchman Juniors.
Coffee Time
Oct. 19
3:30 - 4:30
Brock Cafeteria
(south side) •
The best student folksinger will perform in a debut of Brock Coffeehouse.
Admission fee      -     pretty girls to serve.
Queen's Fashion
Oct. 20
12:30 - 1:30
Brock Lounge
Queens to model the latest in fashions in addition to attracting votes.
Oct. 21 "The Myth of the Poor Student"? Well, Prof. MacGregor, commentator Jack
12:30 - Brock Lounge Webster, student Peter Hyndman and columnist Jack Wasserman will tell you.
Coffee Time
Oct. 21
3:30 - 4:30
Brock Cafeteria
Another chance to hear student talent but this time in the field of Jazz.
Pep Meet
Oct. 22
12:30 - 2:30
Dr. Music—Lou Gottlieb, formerly of the Limeliters with jokes and songs along
with Coach Gnup's footballers and other special guests. President Roger McAfee
will present the Great Trekker.
Winter Sports A thrilling bonspiel with 32  rinks entered. Trophies  and prizes  in  all classes
Oct.  22 - 25 Arena with students opposing Alumni.
Kwansei Gakuin
Oct. 23
12:30 - 2:00
Last stop on a goodwill tour of Canada, the 80 piece orchestra promises a fantastic variety of music—classical, pop and jazz.
Sports Car
Oct. 23
Outside of A chance for novices and pros to pit their skills against the perils of Vancouver
Brock roads.  Trophies  and  dash plates for prize  winners   driving anything   on four
Oat. 23
6:15 - 11:00
General Admission $1.00 includes refreshments, game and ticket for spouse—
no charge for children.  FFeatures round  rotoin old-timers'   jamboree   followed
later by GGrads vs. Thunderbirds, 9:15 p.m.
Oct. 24 Starts Georgia With 30 floats expected this promises to be one of the biggest. It includes bands,
10:00 a.m. & Thurlow Queens, serious and comic floats.
Campus Tours
Oct   24 Starts Faculty Opportunity for Alumni to visit the new additions to the campus. Two tours
1:30 p.m. Club include the Winter Sports Arena and the Hebb Building.
Oct. 29
2:00 p.m.
Athletic high-light of the year. The Birds vs. S. Oregon State College. Special
feature—a half-time strip by 51 nurses. Don't miss this one!!
Armouries: Lance Harrison and Little  Daddy and  the  Bachelors.   Fieldhouse:
Oct. 24 Armouries Dave McMurdoe's Big Band. After 10 pjn. you can change buildings. In addition
9:00 p.m. & to the Queen crowning the Goodtime singers from the Andy Williams show will
to 1:00 a.m. Fieldhouse provide thirty minutes of top entertainment in each building.    Tickets:  $3.75.
Oct. 25
12  noon to
5 p.m.
Winter Sports Minor hockey jamboree (sons of alumni) followed by Grads vs. UBC Thunder-
Arena birds game and public skating.
Art Display
Oct. 20- 24
10:30 a.m.
to 5 p.m.
Fine  Arts Gallery
Two   modern   displays:   1. The  Art of  the College—local   artists   demonstrate
various ways pictures may be made by pasting materials on canvas. 2. Banners;
a truly unusual display of banners made by New York artists.
s"   ,'.S\ W^s^^^X .^^Y^""- '


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