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The Ubyssey Mar 8, 1996

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It's been weeks since France announced an end to its
nuclear test policy in the South Pacific, but activists are
only just beginning to realize how extensively Canada's
uranium exports aided the program.
With a group of university activists vowing to blockade
any further shipments, CUP'S Chris Scott explains why
the issue is bound to remain explosive.
uranium in its "civillian" plant to
other uses—all with Canada's
The only requirement is that
France be able to account for an
amount of uranium equivalent to
Canada's exports in it's civilian
inventory. But since France has
a similar, but independent,
agreement with almost every
country it imports from, it
could theoretically be
using the san
physical uranium
to    convince
he load starts out in
northern Saskatchewan.
Bundled onto trucks
later used to haul groceries to
native communities, it speeds
over bleak roads on a 12-truck
trek south to Saskatoon. From
there, it is carried by rail, then
again by road, purified, inventoried, and mixed into a gas.
By the time it enters Montreal,
the uranium hexafluoride is so
dangerous that a single collision
could produce an explosion and
a low-level toxic cloud of over 2.5
square kilometers.
Canada is the world's foremost
producer of uranium, commanding roughly 30 percent of
the world market. With France's
domestic mines yielding less than
15 percent of its own supply, the
French government relies heavily
on Canadian reserves.
In fact, the French company
COGEMA (Coalition Generale
des Matieres Nucleaires), 90
percent owned by the French
Atomic Energy Commission,
now controls half of all uranium
operations in Saskatchewan,
home to the large majority of
Canada's active uranium mines.
olitical  rhetoric  and
sizable profits, however,
outstrip governments'
commitment to world peace.
Saskatchewan Premier Roy
Romanow argued in a recent
letter that "because wars begin in
the minds of men," withholding
Saskatchewan uranium from
world markets would be
"irrelevant for all practical
Saskatchewan is the world's
foremost uranium producer, and
according to the federally-
sponsored Nuclear Canada
Yearbook, annual national profits
from the sale of uranium stand at
about $1 billion.
And despite the end of the
French test program and Chirac's
professed commitment to have
France play an "active and determined role for world disarmament," COGEMA shows no signs
of pulling out of Saskatchewan.
In fact, according to Phillip
Prenna of the Saskatoon-based
Inter-Church Uranium Committee, the company is expanding,
having recently bought out
Midwest Joint Venture and
applied for permits in new areas.
Such moves raise fears that
despite the international media's
focus on nuclear weapons testing,
there is still no accord to prevent
states from stockpiling uranium for use in untested bombs.
ut it is the distinction
between "civilian" and
military uses of the
material in France and other
import countries that remains the
source of a growing controversy
between activists and government.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
spokesperson Ariel deLouya
insists that controls are in place
to uphold Canada's post-1965
policy of exporting for peaceful
purposes only.
"Any time Canada wants to
export a good, be it a dangerous
or controlled good, it has to be
approved by the Minister of
Foreign Affairs," says deLouya.
In the case of uranium, a
second agency—the federal
Atomic Energy Control Board
(AECB)-also must issue an
export licence.
But according to a 1995
Greenpeace report titled The
French Connection, France
routinely re-directs Canadian
each country
its supply is being
used    for   peaceful
The French Connection also
reports that the large portion
(around 80 percent) of radioactive material "discarded" as
low-grade could also be used to
produce atom bombs.
Considerations like these led to
a 1993 finding by a joint panel of
the federal and Saskatchewan
governments that "no proven
method exists for preventing the
incorporation of Canadian
uranium into weapons." lucy shih graphic
the spotlight has
been centred on France,
members of the Montreal
NUCLEUS group stress that
exports to other countries are
equally risky.
Canada exported a total of
9,530 tons of uranium in 1994, of
which 766 were sent to France.
Small amounts of Canadian uranium go to the United Kingdom,
and a third nuclear power, the
Unites States, receives
nearly 50 percent of our
yearly exports.
reenpeace Canada Cam-
paigns Co-ordinator
Steve Shalhorn is outraged, charging that not only
domestic but also Australian
uranium reaches France through
Canadian ports.
The raw product, known as
yellowcake, arrives via Europe
through the Port of Montreal.
From there it is transferred to one
of two Ontario refineries: Blind
River (on the North shore of
Georgian Bay) and Port Hope
(100 km east of Toronto).
Uranium trucks enter Montreal
anywhere from once a month to
once a week, says Shalhorn. The
transport raises critical safety
concerns, including the possibility
of a leak, but nuclear suppliers
refuse to bear any responsibility
for such an event.
Canada's Nuclear Liability Act
exempts suppliers from paying
compensation in the event of
even a massive accident.
The nuclear complex is the
only industry in Canada with this
he  power  of an
multi-billion dollar
complex can seem overwhelming, but citizens'
groups  elsewhere  have
succeeded in bringing the
nuclear supply lines to a halt.
Intense public pressure
has banned uranium mining
in British Columbia, for example, and a non-violent
Greenpeace lockdown last
August paralyzed the Port Hope
refinery for several hoi«rs.
The upcoming blockade in
Montreal will be similar to
Greenpeace's in nature, says Judith
Marshall, who has worked closely
with NUCLEUS members.
Marshall has nothing but scorn
for Chirac's recent statements
and dismisses his view of nuclear
weapons as a deterrent.
"There is no such thing as a
defensive nuke. A nuke has one
purpose: to kill," Marshall says.
The first blockade will likely
take place within the next two
months, and is hoped to trigger a
chain reaction of blockades along
the entire supply route.
"While pretending to be a
peace leader, Canada is actually
sabotaging the international
peace process," Marshall
condemns. "It's time for citizens
to stand up for what their
governments claim to believe in."
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Approaching the cutting edge
by Scott Hayward
Not content to rest on the
laurels of last weekend's bronze
medal at the CIAU
championship, the women's
volleyball team is already
planning for next year.
"This is sort of the most
exciting part of it, once you're in
the hunt," said coach Doug
Reimer. "You get 80 percent of
your improvement with 20
percent of your work. If you're
starting to scratch the high end
of your potential, it demands
certain things."
"This is where, as players and
hopefully in terms of general life
skills, they will get the most
benefit because they will be
forced to deal with something a
little bit extra, contributing a little
bit more."
"We're all going to
improve, it's just a
matter of who can
improve the most
within that one year."
—T-Bird starter
Tanya Pickerell
Reimer took over the program
two years ago after the team
finished with a dismal 1-15
record. In his first year, the team
came fifth at the national
championship, and this year they
improved to a third place finish.
Joanne Ross, who was Canada
West's leading kill-getter this year,
credits Reimer with the team's
"We have good players, but he
brings out the best," she said. "He
takes what was an average player
and makes her a very, very good
Tanya Pickerell, who was
named to the tournament all-star
team this weekend, agrees.
"Technically, everyone has
improved on the team [under
Reimer]," she said. "He has
also helped us with the mental
aspects of the game like staying
positive, forgetting about the last
That mental attitude helped
the T-Birds against Manitoba in
the first round of the eight team
playoff competition last weekend,
especially coming off a tough loss
to Alberta in the Canada West
"[First rounds] are almost
nerve-racking in the sense that, if
you lose, you're in the
consolation side and everybody
knows it," Reimer said.
UBC won that match 3-1, but
then dropped a 3-1 contest to top-
ranked Laval Rouge in the semifinals. After the Rouge lost their
top player to a knee injury at the
end of the second game, UBC
came back and stole game three
but fell behind in game four.
"[We] came back facing
elimination, fought hard, and fell
They're not really criminals,
but everybody's got to have a dream.
executive producers JAMES L BROOKS • RICHARD SAKAI
directed by WES ANDERSON
Come by ^ubySSeV at SUB 241K
for your free double pass
good for any Mon-Thurs show at the Capitol 6
GARCON, GARCON? T-Bird starters
Guichon, and Janna Lunam wait for
final match against Saskatchewan.
just a little short," Reimer said.
Laval lost to the Canada West
champion Alberta Pandas in the
final, while UBC squared off
against third-ranked Winnipeg
for the bronze medal.
"They were seeded above us,
but we knew we could take
them," Ross said. "After we lost
the semis we thought that we
should at least get a bronze so we
played pretty well."
"We lost a tough first game 15-
13 and came back very well,"
Reimer said. The T-Birds won the
second and third games, and
rebounded from a 14-10 fourth
game deficit to take the bronze
"The players showed a lot of
jam to finish. That's a great way to
finish the season," Reimer said. "I
felt we might have been the one
group that was still really growing
as that tournament went."
While all six UBC starters will
return next year, so will Alberta's.
"I think the competition is just
going to get tougher," Pickerell
said. "We're all going to improve,
it's just a matter of who can
Tanya Pickerell, Kim Perree, Jeannette
service in their Canada West semi-
improve the most within that one
But Reimer sees Alberta as a
motivating factor to help the Birds
this year. "They've helped make
us a better team," he said. "If we
didn't have a team like that, maybe
we don't beat the Winnipegs and
Manitobas that have traditionally
done very well, so there's a
definite two-edged sword."
Reimer plans to stay in contact
with his players over the summer
and monitor them as they work
on strength training and overall
fitness to prepare for next season.
With the memory of last weekend
fresh in their minds, the players
are motivated.
"It's hard at the beginning of
the year to think of nationals,"
Ross said. "But at nationals its
easy to look back and see what
you should have done."
"Now you've got to do that July
15 when you're working and
everybody else is going to the
beach," Reimer said.
"Championships may be won at
that time. That's where I like to
kick in the 80-20 principle."
Friday, March 8
UBC Law Student Jillian
Caulder will speak about
her experiences at the U.N.
Women's Conference.
Presented by Amnesty
International, SUB 206,
Coffee House
Organized for
International Women's Day
by the Womens Centre.
Womens Centre (SUB),
11:30 am.
Saturday, March 9
Women's Wenlido Self-
Defence Course
Presented by the Women's
Centre. To pre-register, please
call Victory at 822-2163. Cost
is $35. SUB 212A, 10:00am to
Moday, March 11
Susan McCasun
Tuesday, March 12
Donna Laframboise
Wednesday, March 13
Denise Chong
The Vancouver Public Librairy
presents these authors as part
of the "In Celebration of
Women" series. All events at
the Central Library, 7:30pm.
Thursday, March 14
Students for Forestry
Awareness present Bill
Stanbury and Mike
MacCallum: "Analysis of
recent BC government forestry
policy and land use initiatives."
McM1166,12:30 pm.
Lunch Social
Presented by GLBUBC. SUB
125N, 12:30pm.
Discussion Group
Presented by GLBUBC. Grad
students centre Penthouse
library, 5:30pm.
General Meeting
GLBUBC. SUB 211,12:30pm.
The Ubyssey
Friday, March 8,1996 news
Student leaders react to federal budget
by Chris Nuttall-Smith
It slashes billions from federal
transfer payments, makes only
token improvements in job
opportunities for students,
provides minimal tax breaks for
wealthier students and their
parents and fails to charge big
business their fair share of taxes
— that's the reaction of Canadian
student leaders to the federal
budget released Wednesday.
But an unexpected $11.1
billion floor on federal transfer
payments to the provinces is a
victory, says Canadian
Federation of Students BC
Chairperson Michael Gardiner.
"It's a result of the protests that
happened across the country this
year," credits Gardiner, adding
that the CFS nationwide Day of
More budget details...
•Parents, grandparents and spouses of students will receive an
increase in the allowable annual tax credit for supporting a
student, up to $850 from $680.
•The monthly tax credit for students will rise $20 to $ 100 a month.
•Allowable annual contributions to registered education savings
plans will rise $500 to $2000.
•$105 million a year will be reallocated to youth and summer
programs for three years. A large chunk of next year's reallocation
will be earmarked to double the federal summer jobs program.
Action protest against education
funding cuts may have been
partly responsible.
While the Liberals stopped
short of their earlier plan to
gradually eliminate provincial
transfers altogether, Gardiner
warned the provinces will have
just $11.1 billion to spend on
social programs in 1999-2000-
$7.4 billion less than this year.
The Canadian Alliance of
Student Associations was also
quick to broadly condemn the
budget. A CASA press release
accuses federal finance minister
Paul Martin of hypocrisy for
promising to provide hope for
youth while providing only token
improvements in his budget.
Martin's budget speech committed the Liberal government to
provide legislation to make
Canadian Student Loan Program
repayments "more flexible," but
didn't provide details.
Gardiner was unimpressed by
Martin's promised increase in tax
breaks for students and their
"The measures are geared for
those students with high incomes
who are already paying taxes, not
for those students who don't even
have the income to be paying
taxes," he charged.
Some students may benefit
from   Wednesday's   budget,
namely    single parents and
Natives. Funding for native
housing, health
welfare and education will rise
12.7 per cent by 1998-1999 in
one of only two budget spending
Jo-ann Archibald, Director of
UBC's First Nations House of
Learning, says she's pleased with
the spending increase.
"It's certainly very good news
compared to the cuts in the rest
of the budget. It's positive
especially in the areas where it's
much needed like housing,
education and health and
welfare," she said.
Single parents who are also
full-time students will be able to
claim child-care expenses on
their income tax, a benefit
previously available only to
married parents.
The Ubyssey asks who Dunnet?
An interview with AMS
co-ordinator of External
Affairs Allison Dunnet
by Janet Winters
What do you intend to do with
the $100,000 allocated to the AMS
and university for external lobbying?
I'd like to see big campaigns-
it makes us a bigger player. It
means we can do more.
You've said you plan to shut down
the Granville Street bridge this
September for a student protest
against funding cuts. Do you think
the public will sympathise with
students if this tactic is used?
I think it's a viable question... But
we're not being listened to, and
we have to get someone's
attention somehow.
Is this the only way?
If you don't have the public
behind you, why the hell would
anyone have to listen to you? I
think the government in this
country listens to public opinion.
With so much apathy on campus,
how are you going to get people to
attend rallies ?
That's essentially my job... It
takes work.
What difference is lobbying the
government really going to make?
I think it can make a huge
difference. These cuts are going
to come down-a lot of people
have accepted that. I think when
people finally feel the pinch to
their pockets and to their lives,
you are going to start to see
people getting pissed off, wanting
to do something about it.
How do you feel about the brand
new Ministry of Education, Skills
and Training?
I find it kind of hard to figure
out if it's going to be beneficial,
or if it's going to be bad.
Who do you plan to vote for fin
the upcoming provincial election]?
I'll be voting NDP. I believe
in a socialist party.
Are the provincial NDP really
I wouldn't say they are the
socialist party I want them to be,
but I do like them better than
Gordon Campbell.
You've spoken out against tuition
fee increases and cuts to post-
secondary education. How can we
afford not to make these cuts with
our enormous federal debt?
Big business has been living
well-there's a lot of money that
could be brought in that way.
The kickbacks to the private
sector are huge.
"Graduating a
flexible, intelligent,
workforce is
Why should taxpayers subsidise
our post-secondary education?
This is a community and we're
supposed to be helping each other
out. Education is fundamental,
and graduating a flexible,
intelligent, rational-thinking
workforce is important. Post-
secondary education has huge
amounts to offer to that.
Then why can't we, as students,
take on that financial responsibility?
Why should it be up to other taxpayers who don't get the opportunity
to have a post-secondary education?
If you look at who comes to
university right now, it's very
obviously mosuy middle to upper-
middle class. You can't make the
money you need to go to school
right now in the summer. The
1 ^ dn*.
more expensive it gets to go to
university, [the more] you're
going to starve people.
Do you think students will
feel more reluctant to fund
AMS and other university
programs if their tuition fees
rise significantly ?
Oh   yeah,   I   can
definitely see that as a
problem. As tuition
goes up, people start
to feel like, "Well,
wait a second—I'm ^.
paying more in job /^°N
tuition, and every *"
year you're going to come
back and ask me for more money
for something else. I think that's
going to piss people off.
What do you think about the AMS
using ads like those used by Langara
and the Canadian Federation of
I like it. I think it's great.
Would you like to see UBC join
the CFS?
No, I Hke the position we're
in now.
How would you respond to critics
who say you don't have enough
experience to be an effective
coordinator of external affairs?
I value passion, desire, and
wanting to put in the time and
^ \OW ■PLAYi.Vlp! —
by AH Roth
Directed by Chris Mcleod
the energy
more  than  experience. Experience in this
job counts for something, [but] it
doesn't count for everything.
Should you be the only AMS
executive who lobbies the provincial
and federal governments ?
I'd definitely
like to see all
the other executives involved
this. There
should definitely
Joe a growing external feeling to
this place. I'd like to see the
AMS, in general, become more
interested in lobbying.
Affain .- -
"°%r0 in
ubc film society
Mor.8-10 Fri. to Sun., "Norm" Theatre in SUB
7:00 Babe
9:30 Seven
UBC Film Society
Check for our flyers
in SUB 247.
a film
For 24-Hour Movie Listings call 822-3697
The UBC Student
Environment Centre
AIMS Programs
Since 1971, Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation
Society has been using direct action, confrontational tactics to
enforce the protection of marine wildlife on the high seas. Prom
ramming and sinking whaling vessels toestroying illegal drift nets,
Paul Watson Is renowned as a dramatic, controversial and
uncompromising eco-warrior.
12:30pk UBC
Friday, March 8,1996
The Ubyssey According to Chomsky..
Canada's international status u""fd State!^»d wlf h;We"sb^o^y nu*e*
a diflerence.'now much ol a dillerence? It s really hard
Canada is not a major player "in the world scene. But    to say. But all of these things interact So if Canada does
it's not an insignificant one, either. It's not the United     something it'll stimulate somebody else to do something.
States, but it's substantial. And it's closely linked to the     It makes a bin difference.''
f was opposed to the particular
form of NAFTA-but a North
American free trade agreement
might well he a good idea. This
thing |fhe existing agreementj is
not a North Amrican free trade
agreement It obviously wasn't an
agreement between the
population ofthe three countries-
it was about investor rights. So
there was this North American
investor rights agreement among
elites, buta North American bade
agreement might not be bad at
all, so long as worker rights were
protected, wages were more or
less equalized, environmental
standards were equalized, etc
This is not Utopian; Europe
basically did this with Portugal
and Spain. There was
compensatory funding for the
integration of the economy. The
same could be done here with
US policy
The United States considers
its own interests. The integrity
of other "American" nations is
"an incident, not an end."
Actually, that's a good
definition of world politics
generally... In the United States
too, the population is an
incident, not an end. That's a
truism that goes back to Adam
Smith and without recognising
it, you can't understand the
world at all.'*"'
Bringing the Third World home
The system is extremely inefficient; about a third
ofthe population ofthe world doesn't have work.
It's not that there's no work to be done. In fact,
let's just take the rich societies; there's a lot of
talk about 'the end of work' and what's going to
happen to all the idle hands. Take a walk around
any city-you can't see any work that can be done?
You can't see anything that people could do? The
simple fact of the matter is that there are plenty of
things to be done, there are plenty of idle hands,
and those idle hands would be delighted to have
work to do.
But the system
is such a
failure it cannot put idle
hands to needed work«t
The most fundamentalist Islamic state in the world is
Saudi Arabia, and it's the darling of the United States...
[But] as soon as somebody shows disobedience they move
instandy from beloved friend to hated enemy-Saddam
Hussein, Noriega, and on and on. So I think the issue is
really obedience. In fact, for the US
to be opposed to fundamentalism is
kind of ridiculous. It's one ofthe most
fundamentalist countries in the world.
Maybe the most. And if you look at
elites, it's probably more than Iran."''1
"International latw"
The internet
The stanctard story is that we have lean and mean times and
that we have to tighten our belts and so on-it's complete nonsense.
The country is absolutely awash in capital. There has been
conscious social policy to transfer resources to the rich and to
punish the general population. It's kind of "strucutral adjustment"
applied to an industrial society. In fact it's being applied all over
the world, though the Anglo-American societies are in the lead.
Britain and the United States are first, Canada is not far behind.
The purpose is perfectly clear; it's to internationalize the third
It depends on what you do with it If you leave it
to Bill Gates, you know what it will become-it'U be
a home shopping service and another technique of
conscious and intelligent manipulation of the
organized habbits and opinions of the masses. If
people take control of it and keep private power
out, it could be great It's just like print; you can't
say, 'Is print oppressive     ?'"
or    liberating?'    It
depends on who's got
control over it Same
with radio. Same with
"In accordance wjith international law" means
whatever the iPnited States decides. That's called
international law::'!"--    i        .-',.-' ,
US racism
There's a lot of discussion in the campaigns [on
whether Pat Buchanan is anti-semiticj. On the other
hand, he openly stands up and denounces "Boo Boo
Ghali" and nobody Hunks there's anything racist
about that If he wej to denounce "'Yitsi Shmitsi
Rabin,'" people would
notice that it's racist But
when you say it's "Boo Boo
Ghali," I've yet to see a
reference in the press saying,
"Look, there's something
racist here." And the reason
is, it's just reflecting the
general racism, so you don't
notice it It's like the air you
The Palestinian paradox
Israel is becoming sort of
reminiscent of Eastern Europe
before Hitler... In those days there
was a lot of anti-semitism in
Europe. And the Jews reacted to it
by sort of getting ahead; they were
more educated, they became a
(ommercial class, and as compared
with the Russian peasants they were
w;iy ahead. Something like that's
happening in Israel. The
Palestinians, who are roughly
analogous to the Jews in Eastern
Ei'rope, are getting better educated
111.in the poor Jews... That's causing
plenty of rejection among the
poorer sectors of the Jewish
pi-pulation... And it's reminiscent
l< > ihe situation in which my parents
j;r<>w up in Eastern Europe. That
> < mid lead to similar hostilities.11
1  -3 Queen Elizabeth Theatre, March 6,1996
. 'ie Ridge Theatre, March 6,1996
THE EPHEMERAL DR. CHOMSKY visits UBC last Tuesday.
Capitalism" according to Newt Gingrich
Marketing is just a name for
manipulation and deceit. The
purpose of marketing is to create
artificial wants, to manipulate
The state of US democracy
A growing number of American
people are reasonably concluding that
political campaigning has become a joke.
"Free markets"
attitudes, to fragment people to
turn them into isolated atoms of
consumption and production, and
for more educated sectors, to
control! their opinions as welL+
Voting has declined steadily through the
century as corporate propaganda has
increased; they're pretty closely
In the 1994 US election, 90 percent of
the victors outspent their competitor-this
single factor is a very powerful predictor.
80 percent of the US public says
government is run for the few and special
interests and not for the people. The same
percentage say the economic system is
inherently unfair.^
Nobody'• cis in favour of an
unfettered free market except for
someone else. That's an almost
historical and universal truism.
There is what we might call a
really existing free market ideology,
and that is that free markets are fine
for poor people, for people in the Third World and for seven-
year-old children etc.
: But for the rich and powerful, there has to be an interventionist
'nanny state' that protects them from these factors. That's the
way it in fact works, and that's the 'proud tradition' the
Republican have followed like everyone else since 1945.'
It is revealing to see how even the
concept of markets or even the concept
of capitalism has just disappeared from
the consciousness of business leaders.
They just take it for granted that
'entrepeunerial values' means figuring out
the best way to feed at the public trough.
Newt Gingrich, for example, the leader
"Free trade"
Free trade is like debt-it's not
something you're for or against;
it depends on what it's for. Free
trade might be a good idea. It's
worth thinking about. There's
never been anything remotely
like it-except with Third World
countries that have it rammed
down their throat'
of the so-called conservative
revolution, represents Cotton
County, Georgia, an affluent
Adanta suburb the New York
Times called "ground zero"
for the explosive growth of
Republican conservatism.
A slight footnote: [Cotton
County] gets more federal
subsidies than any suburban
county in the country, outside
of the federal system itself [eg
Arlington, Virginia, where the
Pentagon is located or
Washington, DC]. If you're
outside the federal system it's
the champion of ripping off
public funds. The headlines in
a free press would have read,
'Newt Gingrich is the biggest
welfare freak in the country.'1
societies with sectors of
enormous wealth and privilege
and large masses of people who
are suffering deprivation and
absolute misery.'
There is a lot of talk about the failure of the
welfare system and the war against poverty. The
welfare system failed because it's been cut Aid
for families with dependent children has been
destroyed-cut by about 50% from 1970 to 1990. This
has sped the dissolution of families, child abuse,
violence by and
against children, etc.
That has nothing to do with
the failure of
the welfare system except its
failure to exist1
Strategies for activism
There are no magic solutions; no one has invented
a key that you can turn or a mantra you can produce
or something that will make it all go away.
You can't give a general answer; if you're concerned
about particular issues, you can ask what's the best way
to deal with that particular issue. In the longer term, I
think there will be far-reaching issues, like undermining
and eliminating illegitimate systems of power—and
private tyrannies are illegitimate systems of power.
There's no reason for them to
exist any more than there is for
a totalitarian state to exist. In
the shorter term there are
specific things to struggle
about, organize about and
change. There isn't a single
answer for all of them, except,
you know... do it. ~
5PM - 9PM
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• The Movie Guide
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• Breaking Anonymity:
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Women Faculty
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• Sex for Beginners
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• Beyond Political Correctness:
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The successful applicant will have at least an M.A. degree in English (or equivalent) and successful experience teaching technical writing and oral communication. Experience in the field of agricultural sciences or a related discipline will
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The University of British Columbia welcomes all qualified applicants, especially
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accordance with Canadian immigration requirements, this advertisement is
directed to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada. Applications,
together with the names of three referees, should be sent to Ms Andrea Drysdale,
Program Assistant, UBC Writing Centre, Continuing Studies, 2329 West Mall,
Vancouver, B.C., V6T 1Z4. Application deadline: April 30,1996.
sarah Jessica parker
eric schaeffer
elle macpherson
A comedy for the romantically challenged
Released through
Columbia Tri-Star
Films ot Canada
The Ubyssey
Friday, March 8,1996
Friday, March 8,1996
The Ubyssey opinion
A message to the American people from the Helmsman
Earlier this week, US Senator Jesse Helms condemned Canada for its on-going trade relationship
with Cuba despite the US embargo. Helms is 67 and
widely-regarded as one ofthe most deranged of all
US Republicans.
Fellow patriarchs,
They live in igloos. They eat bacon and they
drink maple syrup. They listen to Anne
Murray. They speak Eskimo. They eat our fish.
They refuse to let our little boats sail through
their waters. They wear Flannel shirts and moccasins. They continue to trade with pinko
commie bastards. They support a murderous
system that subjugates capitalists. They support oppression. They live close to our borders. They use funny money. They gave us
Bryan Adams. They want to smoke cigars. They
don't go to church. And worst of all, they don't
eat apple pie.
Friends, it is time to declare war on the evil
empire of the north. It is time to put them
under notice that we won't subjugate our national interests to their financial interests. We
will not tolerate wimpy diplomats coming to
the floor of our House to ask us to consider
Canadian investors while the bodies of four
Americans are still lost in the Straits of Florida,
having been murdered by a hairy, cigar-smoking dictator as they delivered a message of
hope and freedom to poor Cubanitoes. We
will not tolerate any action which would impede or otherwise restrict our right of passage
of vessels in a manner inconsistent with our
laws. We must be firm.
They must be made to understand that it's
our coast line, our jobs, our vessels. Let us say
to them: you have become a part of what you
condone. By your advocacy in this matter and
by your opposition to our position, you, red
beaver, are condoning evil.
And they should be ashamed of themselves.
Their policy is no different from the appeasement pursued by British prime minister Neville
Chamberlain with Hitler. They must be made
to understand that Neville Chamberlain was
wrong and Winston Chrchill was right!
It's time for them to choose. They have to
choose between a democracy like America and
a banana government led by communists.
Their choice is simple. It's apple pie or bananas.
In God we trust,
Jesse Helms
March 8, 1996
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For the victims
of terrorists
We, the Jewish Students'
Association, and the Hillel
Foundation for Jewish Campus
Life, mourn the loss ofthe many
innocent victims killed in recent
terrorist attacks in Israel.
On Sunday, February 25,1996,
a bomb exploded on a crowded
commuter bus in the heart of
Jerusalem, killing twenty-five and
wounding ninety. That same
day, in Ashkelon, another
terrorist attack left two dead and
dozens and dozens more
On Monday, February 26,
1996, a suicide bomber
detonated explosives on a bus in
Tel Aviv, leaving eighteen more
victims, and scores more
seriously injured. Of those killed
were nine Israelis, ranging in age
from nineteen to sixty-six, two
Arabs, five Romanian workers,
and two tourists.
On Monday, March 4, 1996,
another suicide bombing outside
of the Dizengoff Centre in Tel
Aviv left at least eleven dead and
eighty wounded.
It is important that the
university community and the
public at large know about the
horrific devastation of these
criminal acts. These violent
attrocities must end. They are
attacks not only on the innocent
men, women and children killed
and wounded, but on the State
of Israel, the peace process, and
the Jewish people.
We strongly condemn the
actions ofthe terrorists, and those
that support or condone their
brutal ways. We wish the victims'
families our most heartfelt
condolences, and a quick return
to good health to those injured.
Tadd Berger,
Student Co-President, J.S.A.
Michelle Gumprich,
Programme Coordinator
Jonathan Massel,
Student Treasurer, J.S.A.
on behalf of the Jewish
Students' Association,
and the Hillel Foundation
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must include
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phone number,
faculty and year.
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The Ubyssey
Friday, March 8,1996 culture
A great, then so-so, night at the Pit
Taste of Joy
with Daytona
Feb 29 at the Pit Pub
by Andy Barham
I wasn't going to write about this concert at the Pit. Truth to tell, I wasn't even
going to go, until Jennie from Daytona
talked me into it. It is that time of year after all-midterms, essays, lab write ups, and
so on, making too many demands on one's
time. Never mind the luxury of taking a
night off to actually go out and enjoy oneself.
Ah, what the hell...
Daytona was the first band I interviewed
Pansy Division —
Wish i'd Taken Pictures
[Mint Records]
There's no shortage of groups
doing the same tiling as Pansy Division: catchy, fun, but not vary challenging music.
No bizarre chords-nothing a
drum machine couldnt handle-and
not a whole lot to think about Although there are a few
"serious" songs, most of the album is about sex (but then,
what pop song isn't?).
The band's bid for originality is that It's gay sex, but
otherwise there's no special distinction. Nostalgia, broken hearts, and the "a good man is hard to find" syndrome are all frequent themes. 'Dick of Death' could take
a lesson or twelve from Frank Zappa's *Bwana Dlk,' which
is still the story of a man and his songworthy endowment,
yet even more blatantly so, and delivered with more polish and musical sophistication than Pansy Division will
ever achieve.
Although, in all fairness, they dont lay claim to sophistication. Labelled "gay pop-punk/' they fulfill the first
two without really making it into punkness. They also succeed in putting out a charming set of songs with a certain
Intel-changeability, tfs not bad, if you're in the right mood.
And they're great for singing along.      - Jenna Newman
White Balloon pops
The White Balloon
Mar 8 -14 at the Ridge theatre
by Amanda Growe
Jafar Panahi's first feature film. The White Balloon, was clearly
made with the best of intentions. Despite this, it falls flat. While it is
nicely filmed, well-edited, and easy to follow despite its subtitles,
the plot is unexciting and unenlightening.
The story takes place in a location rarely seen by North American
audiences: Iran. Razieh (Aida Mohammadkhani) is a seven-year-old
girl who lives with her brother Ali (Mohsen Kalifi) and their parents.
On the day before New Year's, Razieh sets her heart on buying the
plump, white goldfish she has seen for sale in the marketplace (goldfish are a part of the Iranian New Year's tradition). Her mother finally consents and gives her money for the fish, and Razieh embarks on a series of adventures and encounters along the way.
Mohammadkhani does a good acting job as Razieh, as do Kalifi
and Mohammad Bahktiari (who plays the Tailor). But even good
actors like these can't save the movie from its dull script.
Perhaps the film seems slow and purposeless because it focuses
on a seven-year-old. Razieh's frustration with the unfair, inattentive and sometimes cruel adults she meets is portrayed well, but
adult audiences may lose interest since this lasts for the entire movie.
Razieh's emotions do not vary, but remain in three categories: happy,
tearful, and whiny. This tends to grate on one's nerves.
Finally, the question remains: why the title?! If Panahi taunts us
with this, why doesn't he at least give us a clue to its symbolism? A
blue balloon appears in Razieh's hand at the beginning of film, and
a white balloon is tied to the stick of the Afghan balloon seller near
the end, but both seem absolutely insignificant.
This film won a number of awards at film festivals around the
world including Cannes, but the judges need their eyes checked.
The White Balloon is not ruined by its actors, but by its plot, and the
blow is hardened by the absence of meaning from the movie's intriguing title.
for The Ubyssey, and Taste of Joy's Trigger
Fables was the first CD I reviewed. Seemed
like Fate to me.
Daytona was a bit edgy at first. The
whole thing was stalled for a hockey game
that was, itself, stalled. But at last Daytona
took the stage - or, rather, pit - much to
everyone's relief. Compared to Daytona's
gig at the Town Pump last year, they were
a bit subdued. The Pit just isn't designed
for the sort of Pete Townsend-style leaping about that Colin likes to indulge in
when the surrounding architecture allows.
Nonetheless, the band put in a competent
performance and garnered some new converts, to judge by the audience's reaction.
The question is:
Why is a band with
all the talent, energy, creativity and.
most importantly, originality of Daytona still
playing second fiddle in smalltime gigs like
the Pit? These guys should be playing the
Commodore by now-they can beat the hell
out of most of the bands the Commodore
currently features. Ah well, if the truth be
known, the Canadian Cultural Establishment loves nothing so much as it loves mediocrity. We'd rather be first on the bandwagon, rather than actually burtd the bandwagon itself.
Of course, most punters go to a show to
see the headliner, which, in this case, happened to be Taste of Joy. I have a few problems with this band. They do have some
great songs-'Dear John' and 'Maybe In
Time,' for example—but they've also got a
few duds, not least of which is the one that
got a fair bit of airplay last summer, 'Gun
Pointed.' Taste of Joy have also changed
their line-up, although
the band's core-Michele
Gould and Corinne Culbertson-
is still intact. It's the lads who've disappeared, replaced with two new blokes. A
pity, really. After having read the comic book
that came with the CD a few times, I felt as
though I'd gotten to know them.
Taste of Joy gave a spirited and energetic
performance that got an encore from the
enthusiastic crowd. I must confess I rather
liked watching Michele and Corinne; they
overwhelmingly dominate their band, unlike Daytona's more cohesive stage presence.
If Taste of Joy can just figure out what it
was they did right on the three or four superb tracks off their first CD, and if Daytona
can use the harmony between Jenny and
Colin a lot more, both of these bands should
go far.
2670 W. Broadway • 734-4247
(near MacDonald)
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Great Clips for hair
Friday, March 8,1996
The Ubyssey culture
A slacker movie with
Kicking & Screaming
Mar 8 -14 at the Ridge
by Peter T. Chattaway
It's fast becoming an independent
filmmaker's cliche, but Noah
Baumbach did not go to film school
or even visit a film set before he began to shoot Kicking & Screaming.
Instead, he says, "my experience
came from watching movies."
A hint of that experience is evident from the film's beginning, when
a student at a college graduation
party challenges a fellow grad to list
"eight movies where monkeys play
key roles." Even the nonsensical attempts to answer the quiz - Monkeys, Monkeys, Ted & Alice is one -
betray Baumbach's above-average
film literacy.
The 26-year-old cinephile and
son of Village Voice film critic Georgia Brown first got interested in film
when he saw Lancelot du Lac at the
age of four, "and from that point on
it was a hugely eclectic group of
movies. When I was younger and
going to theatres, I saw movies like
The Jerk and Stripes and all those,
and I still like those movies, but once
I started to see more of film history I
just wanted to see more and more."
Talk about eclectic: Baumbach
counts David Cronenberg, Woody
Allen and Jim Jarmusch among his
favorite directors, and he says Jean
Renoir's ouevre is "as good as it could
get." Mix the offbeat humour, social
observation and character-driven
narratives of these directors with the
droll witticisms of Bill Murray and
Steve Martin, and you get a sense of
what Kicking & Screaming is like.
Unlike his characters, who go
back to school because they're not
ready for their annual "bad summer"
to turn into a "bad life", Baumbach
did not stay in school (Vassar College, in his case) once he got his
English degree. Instead, he exorcised
the lure of ongoing studies by working it into his script. "I was imagining a worst-case scenario: if I had
stayed, what would happen?"
Financing the film was a nightmare unto itself until producer Joel
Castleberg persuaded Eric Stoltz
(who had worked with Castleberg
on Sleep with Me and Bodies, Rest
& Motion) to take a role that didn't
exist yet. T made up the part as Joel
was typing the fax," Baumbach says.
"He agreed to do it, not even having
seen the part."
Chet may have been written as a
2nd Floor 2174 W. Parkway
Vancouver, B.C.
University Village
per hour
(10< per minute)
600 dpi b/w
Laser Prints
*Also Available
Colour Laser Prints
Sale Ends: March 15. 1996
Mon to Fri 8am - 9pm • Sat to Sun 10am - 6pm ,
Noah Baumbach takes it easy with (left to right) Carlos Jacott, Josh Hamilton, and Chris
Eigeman on the set of Kicking & Screaming.
last-minute attempt to rescue the
budget, but it's hard to imagine the
film without Stoltz, who - as a veteran of just about every GenX ensemble film ever made - is suitably
cast as a student who hasn't left
school in ten years ("though I
skipped a semester in sophomore
year," he says) and is now something
of a role model to the fresh crop of
post-grad slackers: Grover (Josh
Hamilton), whose girlfriend Jane
(Olivia d'Abo) leaves him for Prague
("You'll come back a bug!" he protests); Otis (Willem Dafoe lookalike
Carlos Jacott), who wears pajama
tops to formal parties and cannot
board his plane to grad school; and
Max (Whit Sullman alumnus Chris
Eigeman), who dreams of retirement
but still gets ID'ed at nightclubs.
In one of the film's funnier running jokes, Otis gets a job at a video
store that classifies its films with
obsessive specificity (sample genres
include 'Terminal Illness' and 'Dog-
Buddy Movies'). Attempts to label
Kicking & Screaming have so far
been more generalized, and
Baumbach himself seems reluctant
to categorize the film.
"I was once at a studio and an
assistant was writing out a summary
of it, and under 'Genre' she asked
what it was. I said, 'I think if s a comedy,' and she goes, 'Not a dramedy?'
I'm glad the term has now become
used so officially."
You can hear the irony dripping
from Baumbach's tongue, an irony
so typical of the times that Kicking
& Screaming might fairly be granted
the even more amorphous label of a
'Generation X' flick. Baumbach
doesn't object to that tag either,
though he finds it potentially misleading.
"There's a big difference between
Richard Linklater and Hal Hartley
and a Whit Sullman movie, though
they often are all put in that category.
I certainly try as a moviemaker to
make movies that have a certain
authorship to them, and I think
people respond to that. The best film
noir is film noir that is made with a
certain kind of authorship."
Spoken like a true English major,
though it's not hard to slap the GenX
stigma on any film co-starring Stoltz.
In fact, it's easy to imagine some future film opening with a list of, say,
eight GenX movies where Eric Stoltz
plays a key role.
Baumbach finds the possibility
"flattering," but adds, T think there's
a danger when you're doing trivia
movies and TV. Now, particularly, it
becomes about the trivia, you're actually interested in hearing them
refer to some Brady Bunch episode
or something. What was important
for me was that none of this become
about the trivia, that it become about
what they're not speaking about. I
don't really care that they can come
up with eight monkey movies - Otis
couldn't really anyway - so it becomes about their way of communicating.
"But," he adds with a laugh, "I
think if this turned up, if someone
could name eight Eric Stoltz movies
and this is one of them, thaf s fine."
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The UPS (a Board member and
Treasurer signing officer for the j
Society) will be chosen in elections held
concurrently with editorial elections. The
Treasurer must be a voting Staff member.
IfiPP^NN^f $f|rirf
Desire Adit
Patrta Bach
Federico Barahona
Andy Barham
Peter Chattaway
Charlie Cho
Joe Qark
Alison Cole
Irfan Dhalla
Wolf Depner
Kevin Drewes
Sarah Galashan
Noelle Gallagher
Jesse Gelber
Amanda Growe
Douglas Hadfield
Scott Hayward
Rick Hunter
Mike Kitchen
Ben Koh Chris NuKoMmtth Ma»Tf«jmjp*an
Jenn Kuo Sarah O'DonneS Wah Kee Tina.
Megan Kus Christine Price . Stanley Tramp
Richard Lam Siabhan Roantree Janet Winters
John McAlister Lucy Shin Ed Yeung
The Ubyssey
Friday, March 8, 1996


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