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Array The
nerd steroids theubysseymagazine
March 14th, 2008
Prof. Muhammad Yun
Nobel Peace Prize winn
Where: Chan Centre
Time: 10-12am colloqu
5 8-9:30pm lecture
stopwar.ca's Iraq Protest
Where: Vancouver Art Gallery
Time: 12pm
Cost: free
,3   music by DOA
Responsible Consumption
Week's Movie Night
Where: Totem
Time: See below
aj   Cost: Free
">   Details: Student-made films at
o ■
6pm, InconvenientTr
Rock, Pap
oj) Where: Norm Theatre
§ Time: Film screening at 7|
■£> and 9pm, tournament at 1
°£ Cost: $5 for movie; free to
-£ What: Earn up to $100 in
-ai   may be the world's best a
Human Traffic
Where: Law Building 1 ■
Time: 12:30-2pm
Cost: Free
What: Ifyou're not in class yo
might as well learn somethin
Farmer's Marke.
Where: In front of Bernoulli's
Bagels, SUB main concourse
o   Time:11am-4pm
'"   What: Learn how to spend your
g   food allowance on something
9   other than Kraft Dinners.
No Country for
Where: The Norm
Time: 9:30pm
Cost: $4
a,   What: Cocky directors,four
>   Oscars,and an attache case full
"3   of cash make for one great film.
The Ubyssey
We want your ideas and input in your UBC paper.
Editor's note: the following are
comments on stories that originally appeared on the Ubyssey's
In response to "Insite reduces HIV: scientists" (News,
March 7^)
Darcy was by far the high
point of the "conference". The
rest consisted of the ethically
confused research of the BC
centre for excellance [sic] in
AIDS research. The audience
enthusiastically applauded
how very liberal they were for
being at a conference on Insite.
It was surreal, these were, for
the most part, people that have
never seen someone high and
would avoid E. Hastings like
the plague. I work at Insite, in
addition to being a grad student. The whole scene was odd.
I encourage everyone to look
into the work of The Centre for
Excellance in relation to their
exploitation of the biovalue of
the urban poor.
In response to "Students
beware, at least at Ryerson"
(Editorial, March 11th)
This a failure of the institution, not a failure of student
It would be foolish to assume
collusion only exists if you can
see it. Whether Ryerson expels
him or not, we live in age of
mass dispersion of information
and instantaneous communications. What will academia do if
a site like wikileaks was set up
for students?
This should be a signal
for institutional change—for
professors to design courses
appropriately where possibilities of cheating is stemmed.
Otherwise, adding a line to the
Student Code of Conduct will
do jack.
In response to "What do you
think of Trek Park 2?" (Web
exclusive Steeters, March
"Mike Smith"
It's an eyesore.
"eve wilensky"
A building with retail space,
million dollar condos and an
underground bus loop in the
centre of campus...
Now THAT'S an eye sore
And in repsonse to the comment, "you cannot grow grass
on concrete"—No! You canNOT
grow grass on concrete—that's
the problem!
That's the rub.
"Jeremy Wood"
Eve, you're awesome...
Grass can grow on concrete.
With enough sod, as we proved
last time, it can outlast the attention ofthe people who plant
Viva Trek Park 2.
wanted for SUS' Fashion
Show Fundraiser on Wed,
March 19. Models must be
available from 4-8 pm on
event day and for a 1 hr
fitting. Contact pro.sus@
gmail.com if interested with
your height & size.
Information section. Coast
Mental Health is in search
for individuals who are
in their final year or with
completed degrees in
psychology. Wed.
March 19 from 12-lpm.
UBC Buchanan.
The Science Undergraduate
Society's Red Carpet, is a live
human labour auction and
fashion show fundraiser for
the charity. Free the Children.
8 local designers. 19 popular
students, auctioning off their
services in a live auction
and much more. Wednesday
March 19, 5:30-8:00pm at
the Ladha Centre. Min. $2
March 17-20. Events,
speakers, activities and much
more. Encourage critical
thinking on the impact our
decisions have on others and
the environment.
Permanent Revolution vs.
Bourgeois Nationalism.
For International Workers
Revolution to Defeat
Imperialism. March 26,
Wednesday at 6:00pm.
help wanted
Work part-time during
the year as a part ofthe
marketing team &/or work
during the summer as a
604-562-35 72.
- a student club promoting
awareness of political issues
- is looking for a UBC
student to manage the
club website as the IT
officer. Gain valuable
leadership experience and
make a difference for UBC
students. Send inquiries to
help wanted
Every week, Sprouts
volunteers hang out in
the SUB kitchen, listen to
music, and make soup,
fresh bread and cookies.
We desperately needs more
hands to help it happen!
Email sprouts.store@gmailcom
for more info.
for rent
Professional office for lease.
Across from St. Paul's
hospital. 3 offices +
reception. 643 sq. ft.
Professionals in business
over 20 years. Call
1-800-345-8295 or email
Its battery won't hold a
charge? Get it fixed by a
UBC student for less. Call
Free classifieds for students: For more information, visit Boom 23 iii the sub or call: 604-823-1654
March 14th, 2008
Vol. LXXXIX N°46
Editorial Board
coordinating editor
Champagne Choquer
news editors brandon adams &
Boris Korby
features/national editor
Matthew Jewkes
production jvianager
Kellan Higgins
Levi Barnett
volunteer coordinator
Stephanie Findlay
the official student newspaper ofthe University o
a. It is published every Tuesday and Friday by The
cally run stude
t organisation, and all students are encouraged to
Editorials ar
3 chosen and written bythe Ubyssey staff. They are
the expressed
pinion ofthe staff, and do not necessarily reflect
the views of The Ubyssey Publications Society or the University o
British Columb
a. All editorial content appearing in The Ubyssey i
the property ol
The Ubyssey Publications Society.Stories,opinions
photographs ar
d artwork contained herein cannot be reproduce
without the ex
ressed, written permission of The Ubyssey Publica
ions Society.
The Ubyssey
is a founding member of Canadian University Pres
restoCUP'sguiding principles.
Letters to
he editor must be under 300 words. Please include
ber,student number and signature (not for publica
tion) aswell as
/our year and faculty with all submissions. ID will be
checked when
ubmissions are dropped off at the editorial office o
The Ubyssey;ot
lerwise verification will be done by phone/'Perspec
fives" are opini
n pieces over 300 words but under 750 words ant
g to space."Freestyles"are opinion pieces written by
Ubyssey staff m
embers. Priority will be given to letters and perspec
yles unless the latter istimesensitive.Opinion pieces
will not be run
jntil the identity ofthe writer has been verified. The
J byssey reserve
s the right to edit submissions for length and clar
ty. All letters m
ust be received by 12 noon the day before intendet
publication. Let
ers received after this point will be published in the
ollowing issue
unless there is an urgent time restriction or othe
matter deemec
relevant bythe Ubysseystaff
ey Publications Society fails to publish an advertise
mentor if an error in the ad occursthe liability of the UPS will not be
greater than th
e price paid for the ad.The UPS shall not berespon
siblefor slight c
langesortypographicalerrorsthatdo not lessen the
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Michael Bround
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Press        Number 0040878022 March 14th, 2008
The Ubyssey
Several thousand crosses between the Chemistry and
Angus buildings raise awareness of AIDS victims.
BC students attending class on the west
I end of campus this week will be greeted
1 by 8000 crosses laid out along the grass
of Main Mall. The crosses, arranged by UBC
Pharmacy and Stay Well Africa, are designed to
promote Sala Hantle, a 5km fundraising walk
and fun run to benefit a Salt Spring Island-
based organization that supports Sub-Sharan
African communities devestated by AIDS. The
run takes place Sunday March 16th, with registration open up until the event.
Lack of funding, cultural resistance, and
suspicion of foreign interference in sexual politics all play a role in the continuuing African
epidemic. Furthermore, Richard Lee, a noted
anthropologist from the Universtiy of Toronto,
adds that rising prosperity in urban ares,
combined with gender inequality, has led to a
culture of "transactional sex": risky, casual sex
with multiple parters related to climbing social
networks. Lee therefore believes that working
to increase women's social and economic status is key to curtailing the spread of AIDS.
For those with access to advanced treatment AIDS is no longer the three year death
knell it once was. Dr Julio Montaner, director
of the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS,
recently told UBC that for those continuously
undergoing HAART (highly active antiretroviral
therapy) treatment not only is life expectancy
and quality of life drastically improved, but
the levels of contagious virus in the body are
reduced to the point that women can frequently
give birth safely without transmitting the disease to their children. Furthermore, among
other advances, researchers at the University
of Alberta have been able to identify and isolate
a gene that stops the spread of HIV in the human body, leading to many possible avenues of
research into possible cures. However, fewer
than 15 per cent of people infected with AIDS
in sub-Saharan Africa have access to treatment,
and of those countries hardest hit, only Uganda
has been able to reverese the decline in life expectancy that has accompanied the epidemic.
However, even here in North America, researchers have noticed a rise in infection rates
over the past several vears. Believed to be tied
of AIDS due to the availability and power of
treatment, the rise in infections indicates a
need to raise awareness of AIDS in all areas.
For more information on this weekend's
walk/run see www.staywellafrica.com
&t $ $ 9
Cr5L£feRATlW<3, 100 Y£*KS OF Fofc^j^HT
Happy Birthday UBC, now it is time to open your presents
UBC is in the midst of celebrating "100 years of foresight."
We at the Ubyssey got caught
up in the excitement and decided to
get it presents. Here is a selection of
what Ubyssey editors decided to give
as birthday gifts.
A campus planner: For years you've
been making holes and sticking every
which thing in them—which is fine,
we all get a little wild in college—but
it's time to grow up and make a
—The Master
For your hundredth birthday, I am
going to say congrats on making it to
100 and award you with something
most students consider a staple—a
box of Kraft Dinner. Maybe this will
help you remember your younger
days and what it was like to be a student. Maybe if you remember student
life, you will remember that there are
still students on this campus, not just
old, rich people who want to purchase
million dollar condos.
—The Carpenter
UBC, I wanted to buy you a special
present. I really did. I had it picked
out, and was at the checkout, credit
card in hand. But when the cashier
scanned it, I was stopped by the most
shaming of messages—insufficient
funds. You see, my alma mater, I am
in debt. $26,000 of it. And my degree
in linguisitics, which cost me so much
time and money, is paying me back
at a rate of $9.45 and hour. Interest
relief was a help for a while, but it cut
out after five years, and now I'm quite
So please just accept my love and
appreciation, UBC. You were my life
for four years, and between the liver
damage and the creditors, I will never
be able to forget it.
—The Owner
Happy Birthday UBC! For your birthday the Ubyssey got you a birthday
card—you'll get it in the mail in seven
years when you actually turn 100.
Considering you are taking the University Act anniversary as your own,
the Ubyssey plans to take the next
seven years to further elaborate on all
your glory.
-The Champ
HAPPY BIRTHDAY UBC! In celebration of your increasing decrepity, I've
decided to pay back the $47 in library
fees I've owed you since 2003.
You see, every year I tell myself
I'm gonna save a few bucks by buying a couple flats of creamed corn at
Costco and paying off my fees through
the library's annual can drive. Alas,
my laziness has consistently gotten
the best of me. But now, with your
upcoming b-day (and my impending
desire to graduate and not get my
transcripts withheld), I've decided
consider my fees a contribution to
that birthday facelift you so desperately need.
The Chief
UBC. For your hundredth birthday, I
thought I'd light a fire in your loins.
Of course I soon realized that, as a
you're a campus and not a sexy lady,
you have no loins. So I lit a fire in
your closest nether-region analog:
Totem. At first itwas beautiful, but
then things kinda got out of hand.
Anyhow, Febreze should clear out the
smell of burnt pubic hair; you should
be able to sweep up those charred
remains—I know it looks bad, but it
was all consensual. So just remember
that it's the thought that counts.
Here's to another 100 kinkyyears.
-The Boss
You can't hang around me any more.
You're older than my mom, her mom,
or her mom's mom. No, we can't cuddle. I didn't want commitment, and
you just want all of my time. I liked
what we had, but I never thought
we'd still be together after five years.
You're robbing me of my youth, and
you've put too much ugly in me, and
your basement pipes leak something
foul. I see that you're trying to change
by rebuilding and developing your
body, but you're just selling out now.
Don't try to trick me with offers of
free mugs or Reiki—it's getting old.
Old like you.
The Blade
Here's a pair of high-powered binoculars for the next time you plan on
building towers above Wreck Beach.
Use 'em wisely.
-The Duke
Although it's your birthday, I feel I
must tell you something. I'm sorry
UBC, now that you are a hundred
years old, I've decided to leave you.
It's not the fact that you've been
around, had many, many people
come in to you, rather it's me. I feel
like we've gotten to that point in our
lives where we can't be together anymore. No, after five years I've decided
that I have to go elsewhere to be satisfied. I'm moving on to a younger and
more well-endowed school.
-The Shaft
Streeters is a twice-weekly column
in which students are asked a
question    pertinent    to    UBC.
See their full comments online at www.ubyssey.ca
What's your summer job?
with the city of
Burnaby It will
be much fun
to some research
for the Vancouver Providence
Health, or, if
not that, will
"I work for the
Queer Film
"At Deloitte in
Montreal I'm
the summer. I'm
an auditor and it's
a fourth-month
ming lessons and
unstressful, work
at a cafe, relax a
media assistant. I
do outreach work
and help edit the
program guide."
"My summer
job will involve
me working in a
Korean Methodist
Church and working for the military as a reservist,
as a clerk."
-Coordinated by Jacob McNeil, Samantha Jung, and Champagne Choquer, with photos by Levi Barnett theubysseymagazine
March 14th, 2008
Click on ubyssey.ca all weekend to
follow the mens road to a National title,
We'll be at Carleton University in Ottawa covering the T-Birds run live from the court.
»The Ubyssey online «
ridiculously long PING PONG RALLY
9am -
h 18,2008        WHERE: University of
6pm British Columbia
Student Union Building
^Trademark, used under license.
Men's Basketball aims to
make it four national titles
for UBC in four weeks.
Must take down six time
defending champions first.
by Justin McElroy
Sports Staff
OTTAWA-It's been a charmed
year for UBC varsity sports.
It started innocuously
enough, with a national title
in men's soccer way back in
November. But in the last three
weeks, our school has set a standard of success rarely seen in
Canadian university sports.
Less than three weeks ago,
the women's swim team won an
11th straight title. A week later,
a thrilling women's volleyball
tournament culminated in the
first championship for UBC in
30 years. And the week after
that, the women's basketball
team won its third Bronze Baby,
the trophy for the top team in
the country, in five years.
So after three
straight championships by the
women, it's time
for the men to
step up to the
plate—or in this
case, the hard
court. The men's
basketball team
enters the CIS
tournament tonight as the No.
2 seed and Sunday night a national champion
will be crowned.
After talking to
experts, reading
the blogs, looking
at the bracket,
and crunching
the numbers, I've
come to following conclusion:
It's damned
cold out here in
Ottawa. It was -3 °
yesterday, with
a biting wind
that made it feel
worse, and I have
been assured
that this is "normal" for March.
Now, maybe this
makes me un-
Canadian, but
I have no clue
how people manage this for five
months of the year.
It's either genes, or some
pill people take in their coffee
at one of the three million Tim
Horton's outlets in Ontario.
As for the Thunderbirds,
thanks to a swath of upsets in
the various conference playoffs,
UBC enters the tournament
ranked No. 2, giving them a
quarterfinal game against the
No. 7 Brock Badgers.
Should they win today, a
semifinal match up awaits
against either a Saint Mary's
team that has been up and down
all season, or the Western Ontario Mustangs, who barely scraped
into the Ontario West playoffs,
After three
straight championships by
the women,
it's time for the
men to step up
to the plate—
or in this
case, the hard
court. The
men's basketball team
enters the CIS
tonight as the
No. 2 seed
and Sunday
night a national
champion will
be crowned.
and are the Cinderella story of
this year's playoffs.
Even a pessimist would admit that the UBC side ofthe draw
certainly looks inviting.
However, the T-Birds go into
today's game after a 12 day competitive break, twiddling their
thumbs as all Ontario, Quebec
and Atlantic teams fought for a
CIS playoff spot last weekend.
Coach Kevin Hanson points out
that this gives players with aches
and pains plenty of time to rest
up, but he acknowledges that
rust could be a factor.
Meanwhile, the Brock team
that they face in the first round
has three graduating seniors in
their starting five, and the team
with more players facing it's
last shot at glory tends to be the
more desperate bunch.
In addition, the T-Birds have
gone into the tournament as one of
the favourites for
the past two years
only to lose in the
first round. A fact
the veterans are
well aware of.
On the other
side of the draw is
where the perennially No.l-ranked
Carleton Ravens sit,
the tournament's
most intriguing
team for a number
of reasons. They are
going for their sixth
straight CIS Championship, a record
only exceeded by
UVic, who won
seven in the 1980s.
They are also undefeated this year,
and are hosting the
tournament after
25 years of it being
held in Halifax. So
if it's possible for
a university team
in Canada to have
buzz, this team has
Coverage of the
tournament has
been wide spread
and consistent in
the Ottawa market
and it's expected
that upwards of 40,000 people
will be attending the games this
weekend. Most of them will be
watching to see if the Ravens can
pull off one of the greatest seasons in CIS basketball history.
There is a reason I don't
make bets in Vegas, but the
T-Birds have a good chance of
reaching the finals and that game
may likely be against Carleton.
This would give the T-Birds their
chance to end a dynasty's championship run.
And the best part is that it
may be in front of Carleton's
13,000 hometown fans.
The drive for four championships in four weeks is very much
alive. \i March 14th, 2008
The Ubyssey
Triathlon? more like triaTHONG
Nathan Killam raises his arms as he crosses the finish line Sunday. He finished with a time of 2 hours, 8 minutes and 31 seconds, putting him in seventh place overall in the Olympic distance. He finished more than
11 minutes behind Jeff Symonds, who won the race clear ahead of the field by over six minutes ahead of his
Athlete tops
own coach to
win triathlon
Symonds, Cutjarfinish one-two out of almost 1000
competitors who challenge various distances
by Frank Trachtenberg
Sports Writer
After a mile swim, a 40km bike,
and a 10km run, it was just over
six minutes that separated a
coach, who has not competed in
over two years, from his up and
coming protege in UBC REC's annual triathlon Sunday.
The coach Kevin Cutjar and
his athlete Jeff Symonds both
competed in the Olympic-distance race that saw Symonds
lead all competitors with a time
of 1:56:59. His coach finished
second overall and took first
place in the 35-40 class of the
race with an unofficial time of
After extensively training
with Symonds for this event and
the upcoming season, Cutjar
knew that Symonds was ready
to shine in the Olympic distance
"I knew Jeff [Symonds] would
be the man to beat," said Cutjar.
"He's an elite competitor and one
ofthe up and coming athletes in
In addition to the Olympic-
distance race, there was also a
sprint course, a short course, a
duathlon (run, bike, run), a children's aquathlon and a relay.
Symonds, who started competitive racing during his last
year of high school, was a member of the track and field team
during his time at UBC. After
his second year of university Symonds decided to start competing in triathlon events. While he
recently graduated in the spring
of 2007 with a degree in commerce, Symonds is now focusing
full time on being a successful
triathlon competitor. This was
not a simple transition from
track because of the swimming
component. Symonds' will to
win kept him motivated throughout the grueling race, which he
described in his most positive
frame of mind as "a good hurt
that keeps you going."
Cutjar finished over six minutes behind the leader despite it
being his first competitive race
in over two years. Both trained
for this event and the upcoming
triathlon season in Symonds'
home town of Penticton, BC.
Conveniently, Penticton is also
the home of Canada's Ironman
While Cutjar spent a couple
years away from racing, it was
inevitable for him to return to
the sport he has competed in for
17 years.
"This sport is more of a lifestyle sport," said Cutjar. "If you
like to stay in shape you will be
able to keep entering races and
more races keeps you going."
For the women, Sarah McMillan took the top spot in the
Olympic-distance with a time of
2:25:42, for 22nd overall.
"The Triathlon/Duathlon is
its largest impact event for the
community," said event organizer Brian Poole. "It is the largest
indoor triathlon event in North
America and sported a variety
of competitors from across Vancouver, the Okanagan and even a
few from the States."
However, it is not the largest
triathlon. It is called an indoor
race because only the swim portion is contested in a pool as opposed to open water as is the case
with most races. The bike and
run portions are still contested
outside and that is why receiving
good weather is important.
"Last year we had the unfortunate luck of it [the weather]
being a monsoon," said Poole.
But this year the weather cooperated and about 100 more people
participated compared to last
year bringing the number of
participants up to about 1000
people. \i
A speed skater's worst nightmare: a 535-metre ice ramp
Ottawa hockey player smashes his way through Red Bull Crashed Ice course in Quebec City
By Ben Myers
The Fulcrum (University of Ottawa)
OTTAWA (CUP) - Listening to
Corey Thibaudeau describe a
Crashed Ice course is like hearing a kid describe their favourite
level in Sonic the Hedgehog.
"There's this ramp that goes
straight down—it's huge...then
you have a little bit of a flat over
a tabletop and into a mogul
section, and then another table-
top, and then you take a steep
bank into a staircase section,"
Thibaudeau explained, reliving
an exhilarating 60 seconds.
Crashed Ice is the latest in extreme sports, one which seems
to be designed with Canadians
in mind. It's a full-contact race
down a 535-metre ice ramp,
with competitors dressed in full
hockey equipment, including
skates. The course is designed
to be as treacherous as possible,
with steep inclines, hills, dramatic corners, and ramps. The
result is bodies flying in every
direction as competitors try,
often helplessly, to stay on their
As a member of the University of Ottawa men's hockey
team, Thibaudeau is no stranger
to racing around a sheet of ice
while his opponents try to crush
him. But this event, which took
place in Quebec City on January
26, was an entirely different
animal. In his first Crashed Ice
competition, he finished 34th out
of 64 insane competitors.
"I had a great start out of
the gate, I had a lot of speed,
and I was leading the race,"
Thibaudeau explained, "[But] I
got tripped up in the mogul section and I couldn't recover from
Entering the competition
ranked in the top 20, Thibaudeau
had high expectations for
beating a little faster,
everyone is screaming,
see was people
hurt—they wind up
all overthe place
Corey Thibaudeau,
U of O hockey player and
Crashed Ice competitor
"I'm a little disappointed in
the outcome, but it was a fun
weekend nonetheless," he said.
Those who had experienced
Crashed Ice in previous years
had an advantage over young
hockey players like the Ottawa
"Experience, I think, was
huge," he said. "All the guys in
the top-15 [ranking] had done
something like this before. So
they had an idea of how to handle the course."
Another factor that Crashed
Ice rookies may not consider
is the intense atmosphere that
envelopes the course when the
event is held. This year 85,000
bewildered on-lookers crowded
around the track to catch a
glimpse of this abnormal sport
in action.
"It was wild," Thibaudeau
relayed. "They had the music
pumping in the background.
You could see yourself on the big
screen to the right, and they had
the cameras all up in your face."
"It gets your heart beating a
little faster, everyone is screaming, and all you could see was
people hurt—they wind up all
over the place."
Thibaudeau received encouragement from Ottawa teammates
Kevin Glode, Sylvain Houle, and
Winston Shariff, who had taken
part in the event last year when
it was held in Helsinki, Finland.
His teammates, however,
still had to take care of business
while Thibaudeau was speeding
down the hills of old Quebec
City. The team faced the University of Ontario Institute of
Technology on January 27 and
easily defeated the Ridgebacks
6-0 at home.
Back in Quebec, a Finnish
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ecological health.
UBC Responsible Consumption Week features a variety of
events including workshops, speakers, and demonstrations and
a fair. These events will encourage critical thinking about the
ethics of consumption and the responsibilities of government,
business and citizens.
This project brings together several groups including:
the Student Environment Centre, Oxfam UBC, Sprouts,
the Sustainability Ambassadors, the Bike Co-op, and others.
For a complete schedule of events, visit www.ubc.rcw.org
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Productive pills—Better than sex?
w Ji
The first time f took Adderall,
I knew very little about the
drug. 1 was just desperate
to finish a term paper that was already a few days late. Arts students
do not often take focus drugs, especially not to write essays, but I
figured that if smoking marijuana
or drinking whiskey didn't help
me concentrate, 1 might as well try
something new.
Adderall contains a low amount
of amphetamine that helps people
suffering from ADHD (attention
deficit with hyperactivity disorder) concentrate, ft is a schedule
If drug, which means that there is
an established medical value, but
there is also a high potential for
The drug is emerging as the
stimulant of choice for students
who are attracted to the idea of
being able to study intensely for
eight hours straight without the
distractions of wanting to sleep,
eat, or browse Facebook. Adderall
is popular especially amongst undergraduate students in the "harder" disciplines. Use of other drugs
prescribed for ADD and ADHD,
such as Ritalin, is not nearly as
I got the Adderall from my
friend, a math major, who does
not have ADHD. She had purchased a small stash to help her
cram for finals and offered me
half a capsule. In my kitchen, she
emptied out the little blue dots
on a wet square of tissue paper,
rolled it up in a bundle, and told
me to swallow.
Although Adderall is supposed
to take around half an hour to take
full effect, it seemed like almost
instantly 1 had abandoned the
pile of books on my desk and was
plucking the strings of my Chinese
instrument, realizing that music
was the only really wonderful
thing, and that all the essay crap
I had cared so much about was a
waste of time.
Eerily calm, 1 decided to drop
out of school, ft made me feel so
relieved. 1 looked forward to travelling, reading books 1 love, and
A few warnings
v If you are still thinking of taking Adderall, or will continue to use Ad-
|derall, here are some things you need to keep in mind:
fl. Mixing Adderall with alcohol, antidepressants, or sleeping pills can
lead to serious side effects.
2. Do not drive or operate machinery while on Adderall—not that you
would want to tear yourself away from your textbook anyway.
3. "Stacking" Adderall pills to get a speed high, or snorting Addera
increases your risk of dangerous side effects.
4. Do not take Adderall if you have pre-existing psychological disorders, or feel very anxious, tense or agitated before taking the drug
(Trust me on this one).
5. Do not take Adderall if you have heart problems, glaucoma, or hav
moderate to high blood pressure.
y(j^era/l: ^k^cAo^lsy, distant &emu&y or^u&£/umJ^^
obtaining a real education free of
stress, useless evaluations, and
exhausting all-nighters stuck at
my desk.
That morning, as soon as
Brock Hall opened, 1 booked an
appointment at the counselling office. 1 was hoping to obtain a psychologist's note so 1 could get out
of my campus residence contract.
I felt crazy enough to earn a legitimate excuse. 1 went to my friend's
place, couldn't stop crying in front
of him, and then took a Bible from
his room and stole away.
I zombie-walked into a restaurant at the Village, but Adderall
had eliminated my appetite. I
bought a bottle of water and could
not even drink that. Instead, I
flipped open the Bible right to a
section with the heading, "Wisdom is Meaningless." 1 borrowed
a pencil from a girl busily studying biology at a table next to mine
and underlined the verses, "What
does a man get for all the toil and
anxious striving with which he labours under the sun? All his days
his work is pain and grief; even at
night his mind does not rest. This
too is meaningless."
I have never been Christian,
but as 1 was coming down from
Adderall, 1 wanted to read the
Bible from cover to cover.
Symptoms of psychosis are a
less common side-effect of taking
Adderall. These symptoms can
occur among people with no previous history of bipolar disorder
or depression, but Adderall can
also exacerbate pre-existing behaviour disturbances or thought
disorders. Even at recommended
doses, other possible effects to the
central nervous system include
hallucination, delusional thinking, seizures, insomnia, depression, tremor, panic states, and
the uncontrolled movements and
bursts of speech associated with
Tourette's syndrome.
Adderall has also led to sudden death from stroke and heart
attack.    Although   people"
who have ADHD are not
immune to undesir
able symptoms when they take Adderall under prescription, people
who take Adderall for non-medical
reasons have a higher risk of experiencing fatal side-effects.
Rola Khalil-Priatel, pharmacist
at Medication Info UBC, emphasizes that "a heart attack is hardly
worth a modest increase in concentration, which may give you a
per cent or two extra on a test."
Despite the serious risks of
taking Adderall, student usage of
the "miracle study drug" or "nerd
steroids" is on the rise in Canada
and the States. One estimate from
the Drug Free America Foundation claims that anywhere from
four per cent to 36 per cent of
students take Adderall without a
While some people take Adder-
all recreationally to party longer,
and some abuse Adderall to go on
crash diets, most students who
take Adderall use it to study
for and/or write exams.
It    is    difficult    for
universities to track
the usage of Adderall. Professors  might
be able to
s tu -
dents come to class high or drunk,
but most students who take Adderall without prescriptions have
little difficulty hiding their use
from others.
At UBC, according to the University council, UBC Academic
Affairs and UBC External, Legal Affairs, there is currently no policy
that explicitly prohibits or outlines
consequences for the use of focus
drugs in academic settings.
While Council for Drug Free
America's statistic may or may not
be applicable to UBC, I was surprised to find that quite a few people I talked to had tried Adderall
at least once. Some knew friends
with ADHD who had offered them
Adderall for free. Others were able
to purchase Adderall from friends
with ADHD.
Rola Khalil-Priatel is a registered pharmacist and director of
Medication Info UBC, a medication information program for the
"Students with ADHD should
know that what is safe for them
may not be safe for people without
their condition and should a side
effect occur they could be found
liable in civil court," she said.
Unfortunately, I think that the
average student worries more
about getting good grades than
about the side effects of taking
a drug that can make them very
productive. Many students who
take Adderall illegally are also not
concerned about the ramifications
of "getting caught."
However, even if you are willing to take the risks of using Adderall, and have the means to
support the expenses of
regular use, you may
still find it very difficult to  acquire  a
regular supply.
is     not a recreational drug like
marijuana       or
ecstasy—  "black
laboratories" do
not     manufacture   Adderall.
... If you  do  not
have    connections with
people     with
ADHD      who
are willing to
share     their
• medication,
it-is very difficult  to   get
a hold of the
drugs. There
j  are       some
sites- on the
Internet that
offer Adder-
[1      all   without
•  prescription,    but
. that     is
sketchy because you do not know
what you are actually getting.
I talked to an engineering student who uses Adderall from time
to time, but has to purchase from
unreliable sources (people who
knowpeople who know people who
know a certain dealer with only a
certain quantity). He pays seven
to ten dollars for one pill, knowing that the dealer wants to make
a 100 per cent profit, and that the
middlemen make a lot of money
as well. Furthermore, because his
access is erratic, he never knows
if he will have the pills for scheduled exams or projects.
This student decided to take
Adderall primarily to deal with
his stress and to stay sharp during exams even without sleep.
He compares the alertness he got
from Adderall to the equivalent
of having a big caffeine buzz that
lasts much longer.
"I took Adderall to write an
exam, and I was able to think purely about the questions. Of course,
that slowed me down too, but the
stress just went away. Sometimes,
when you open an exam, you can
be so stressed you cannot focus,
and Adderall diminishes that," he
When I asked him if he considers taking Adderall cheating, he
said no. After thinking about it for
a bit, he explained his rationale:
"With focus drugs, it's not cheating, because it does not enhance
your ability to think. The drug
does not make you learn the material. You're just trying to cope
with the stress. I want to be an
engineer in physics, and with all
the stress and homework, I think
I have the right to find methods to
help me focus."
In order to get another perspective from a student who also takes
Adderall to study, I interviewed
a third-year student at UBC who
is working on her prerequisites
to switch from the Arts faculty to
"I have never studied this
much in my life," she said.
The first time she tried Adder-
all, she became so fascinated with
her math questions that she told
me she did not want to get up to
Usually, the side effects that she
experiences from taking Adderall
are  lack of appetite,  insomnia,
and fatigue when the drug wears
off. Sometimes, she experiences
a sense of euphoria, which she
describes as a "calm, general
loving  feeling."   Other   times,
'   however, she notices that her
heart rate would increase while
on the drug.
- "Once,   my   heart   started
beating really rapidly. I was so
freaked out, but there wasn't
much I could do. I just kept
working and waited for it to stop,"
she said.
Neither student takes Adderall
Adderall Timeline,
Since I do not know anyone with ADHD, and because Adderall
is expensive and such a hassle to buy illegally, I figured that
I would never get a chance to try Adderall again. I admit,
though, that after talking to students with personal experiences
on Adderall, I felt curious about whether the focus drug could affect me in a similar way.
For the past few months, I have been trying to teach myself
Mandarin as a personal project, but I have been making disappointedly slow progress. When my friend offered to sell me an Adderall pill last week for five bucks, I paid heron the spot.
Before taking the little blue pill, I tidied up my room, laid out
my Mandarin books on my desk, and brought in a lamp to create
optimal lighting. I ended up working on memorizing Mandarin
vocabulary non-stop for seven hours. I kept a notebook next to me
while I was working, and it went a little like this:
4:47 am
Waiting for it to kick in. Starting to read the phonics section.
5: 25 am
Making an English-Chinese dictionary starting with the A's. But
I need a ruler to make the chart neat! Don't have one, so I'm using
the clear packaging from my new dildo.
5:52 am
Happy thought: If I weren't so hard on myself, I could feel as good
and have as much pleasure in learning without using focus drugs
as I am right now. I wasn't trying hard or taking the time to learn
Mandarin before because I was afraid that even if I try, I still might
not be able to do it. If I get rid of the stress and anxiety though, I
can at least try and have fun. I procrastinate all the time because of
fear, insecurity and perfectionism, but I can learn how to cope with
stress and take care of myself so I can focus better naturally! I am
going to sleep more!
6: 25 am
Grouping words into categories. This is better than sex.
7:41 am
Hear stomach growling, but dislike the thought of eating.
Chew gum instead.
10:52 am
Still at it!
11:31 am
Fingers hurt, but I still want to keep going. Doing
12:09 pm
Jumping on bed. Don't feel like reading anymore. Hyper.
Apparently, my second time taking Adderall was much more
positive than my first time, but because of my "happy
^^^   thought," I am planning to work on dealing with my stress
f     ^   in healthy ways, rather than look for a job to support my
\       \    drug dependency. I figure that if I do not learn how to
\       \    cope with pressure I will burn out eventually.
every day. "Even if I had easier access to Adderall, I would not want
to take it regularly," said the Arts
student. "There's always the fear
of becoming psychologically dependent. If people take Adderall
during an exam, and get a good
mark, then they might become
afraid of going into another exam
without taking Adderall. They
might start doubting their abilities without Adderall."
When I asked her if she considers taking focus drugs, even
just for studying, as a form of
cheating, she said, "Cheating is a
strong word, but I do think that
people who can take Adderall do
have an unfair advantage above
those who don't."
Besides,   Adderall   does   not
work for everyone, and the drug's
efficacy diminishes after prolonged use. Adderall can also actually make your marks go down
if you experience emotional side
effects, or if you find that Adderall
hinders your creativity.
I am still shocked at how crazy
I got from taking Adderall under
stress the first time, and I would
not choose to take Adderall when
I am desperate about schoolwork
again. But while I think that it
would be irresponsible to use Adderall without knowing about its
side effects, and would be scared
to see it as a ubiquitous part of
first year welcome packages, at
this point it certainly seems to be
a permanent part of the university
environment. \a theubysseymagazine
March 14th, 2008
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W green technologies for the
"We must reduce our carbon emissions, not in
the distant future, but today."
- Stephane Dion
Vote Liberal March 17th
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Be Kind Rewind calms the mind
Smart-stupid flick good for nostalgic humour
by Raien Naraghi
Culture Writer
For the past two weeks, every
morning I get up, chase the bus
until I reach school, and all I can
read is why people didn't like
Michel Gondry's latest film, Be
Kind Rewind. When they asked
the Pope whether he liked the
movie The Devil Wears Prada,
he said, "Nice shoes." There is
no movie that is absolutely good
or terrifically horrible. Be Kind
Rewind is not one of those emotionally intense movies that is
supposed to make you laugh out
loud or cry like a baby. It's one of
those films that you go see when
you just want to keep a subtle yet
significant smile on your face
throughout the entire film.
The film itself has a simple
and predictable story. A video
store clerk (Mos Def) and his
friend (Jack Black) are trying to
save the store's business after
they realize that they accidentally magnetized all the tapes,
thereby erasing them. (It's a
movie. Suspend your disbelief.)
The film then takes the audience on a nostalgic tour, recreating old movies with a quirky
By recreating Rocky, Robo-
Cop, 2001: A Space Odyssey,
Driving Miss Daisy, and so many
more, Gondry seems to be giving his thanks to cinema by representing what we as a culture
have been enraptured with for
the past 100 years. Since much
of this film revolves around
classic adventures, I would not
advise any modern-day teenager
to watch Be Kind Rewind. In fact,
don't bother watching this film
if you can't recognize the films
that I just mentioned.
I wouldn't quite consider
this movie to be an "art film"
or even a senseless chick flick,
but instead, I would say that it
is somewhere in-between those
two genres. This is a film you
don't need to think about but is
intelligent at the same time. It's
a smart-stupid flick, which really
doesn't seem to get made that
often. Enjoy this classic before it
joins the rest ofthe classics. vl
The Dream Healer tackles mental illnesses
by Raj Mathur
Culture Writer
The Chan Centre was a befitting
venue for last Saturday's performance of The Dream Healer, a two
act performance based on Timothy Findley's book, Pilgrim. The
opera was directed by the UBC
School of Music professor Nancy
Hermiston, and the music director was professor Richard Epp.
The plot revolves around Dr
Carl Jung, who has a vivid reoc-
curring dream about a patient
from England known only as
Pilgrim, who claims to have had
multiple lives, and now wishes to
die. In Dr Jung's consciousness,
the dream is so immensely strong
that Pilgrim seems to be alive and
interacts with other patients and
the medical staff at the clinic, as
well as with Emma, the wife of Dr
Jung. The the story deals with the
ways of treating mental illnesses.
At the end, Pilgrim escapes from
the clinic and passes away. Dr
Jung, however, continues to listen to the problems ofthe poverty
stricken people and the patients
who had been suffering during
the healing process.
In The Dream Healer, the cast
put forth excellent performances
in both the sombre moments as
well as the humorous ones.
Due to its remarkability in all
respects, as indicated previously,
the performance was fervently
applauded by Saturday's audience at the Chan Centre. vl March 14th, 2008
The Ubyssey
Moka Only on hipsters, scenesters, fuckheads and more
by Julie Pickering
Staff Writer
Moka Only is a Vancouver-based
rapper who's been working the
Canadian scene for more than
a decade, collaborating with artists such as Chali 5 of Jurassic
5, Jay Dee from A Tribe Called
Quest, and MF Doom. He scored
a mainstream hit in 2001 when
he released Bad Dreams with
Swollen Members. He split from
Swollen Members in 2005 to focus on a solo career. He released
his latest effort, Dog River, a
collaboration with Def 3, last
Ubyssey: Can you tell me about
the "Moka Only" behind your latest solo work, Vermillion?
Moka Only: It's gonna sound
silly, but one day, I just thought
ofthe title Vermillion, that bright
red, and that was it. I make every
song sound bright red. I like to
think in colours. There's always
that technical aspect...but if the
mood isn't there, then I don't
U: When you do work on your
M: Usually at nighttime cause
everyone else is sleeping, so I
don't get disturbed. Or I make
the beats in the daytime. I'll start
at like 11pm and go 'till 7am. I
can make a whole album in that
time. I can do it from the start:
the beats, everything. I can do a
whole album in one night.
U: With the same theme in mind?
M: Yeah, unless I get sidetracked, and start working on
something else. I have this one
I'm trying to do right now, it's
called "Carrots & Eggs." It's
been a real hassle because I first
thought about doing it,
starting making moves towards
doing it, and then, you know, life
happens. I mean, I got distracted, so I'm really having to crack
a whip on my back to try and
finish it because it's supposed to
come out in July.
U: And that'll be a solo?
M: But also with Def 3, the
Dog River album, it wasn't intentional. I was out there and
we just had a session, just cause
I know the guy, I've known him
for a while. It's just some fun
stuff and we ended up with five
or six songs from that trip. We
thought, let's just make a mix
tape, something we could give to
our friends: brand new, original
songs. Next time I went back to
Regina, we did some more, kinda thought about maybe putting
out an album. The third and final
installment, we spent a couple of
days doing some stuff, basically
wrapped it up and decided, okay,
we'll make this an album.
U: What's your take on these sorts
of collaborations? Is the creative
process completely split?
M: Well, it's like in science,
with alchemy. Mix two properties together, you come up with
a new whole. That's the way I
look at doing collabos. Like, the
stuff I did with Swollen didn't
sound like me, and the stuff that
Madchild and Prevail did for
the group is definitely different
than what they normally do. We
melded together [to make] a new
whole. Do I like doing collabs?
Yeah, sometimes. I like it to do
my own thing 'cause there are
no restrictions. I don't have to
wait for somebody to write the
rhyme. When I was doing the
Dog River stuff, god bless Def 3,
but, whoa, he takes a long time
to write. For inspiration, I either
make the rhyme up on the
top of my head or write it within
two to five minutes. Get it down,
cause it's like a snapshot of music, I wanna capture a mood. If I
take too long, the mood's gonna
fly away.
U: Regarding your solo work, can
you talk a bit about how Vermillion is different than your previous stuff?
M: There's a little frustration
in it. After I left Swollen and I
did the Desired Effect, the label
made me change a lot of things. I
just had a sour experience a year
or two after Swollen...I think it
shows in that album. The frustration and pressures still make me
do what I consider abetter job.
U: Are you underground?
M: Yeah, I'm proud of that actually. In the past, underground
always meant originality and
individuality; it didn't mean
someone who's struggling for
their work and not getting paid
for it. People these days insinuate that. Yeah, I like the underground tag, I really do. And it
feels like a movement. There's
this information happening, musically, under the surface, that
85 per cent ofthe population has
no real idea about. It's secret; we
speak in code, that's what I find
exciting about the underground.
New developments, all the possible collaborations, and the fact
that it takes less people to screw
in a light bulb, so to speak. Technically, I don't need anybody. I
don't even need to sign to a label.
I am with labels, but they're just
real open agreements. Like with
the underground, all you need is
a computer.
U: Does the fact that you are seen
as "underground" give you a different fan base?
M: I have contact with some
fans that have been with
me since   1994,   1995.
They're all grown up,
some of these people
have   families.   It's
exciting; it's like a
relationship. Not to
knock what we did
with Swollen, but it
was catering to our
fan base, which
was a demographic of 13 year
old white girls, predominantly.
Or young skateboarders. And we
tried it, we wanted to appeal to
everyone. The way the marketing appeared to people, that's
who jumped on it. Those people
just weren't there the next year.
Whereas, even with Swollen, our
underground fan base, they were
there the whole time, they're still
there. That's loyalty, right? As
a music fan, I completely know
where that comes from. There
are people I've followed since I
was a boy.
U: How does Moka Only fit into
the Canadian music scene?
M: I don't know where I fit
in, I honestly don't. I'm not a
I know where I think I want
to be. I like to try to cater towards
real music enthusiasts. Someone
who can listen to Frank Zappa,
and then the Beatles, and then
some Black Moon. People with
eclectic taste. That's where I aim
my stuff.
U: Are you surprised with the results of your writing?
M: Yeah, sometimes I even
get let down. Some places I'll do
a show and maybe I'll expect a
certain type of people to show up,
people I can converse with about
music and emotions, and I'll end
up getting a crowd of beer-swilling fuckheads. Maybe the next
show, it'll be all hipsters. With
their hankerchiefs around their
necks and their Chuck Taylors
and tight pants. And as much as
I tease those people, I admire it,
because they're kind of freakish,
and I like that. Around here, they
have these parties on Fridays
and Saturdays and I've seen people dressed like robots. What is
it about hipsters and robots? You
throw a robot suit on and it's just
all good, and rap Beastie Boys'
lyrics. The funny thing about the
hipster scene is I notice everything is based on irony, that's the
underlying theme.
" "— •
Moka Only shown as he relaxes
with his extensive shoe collection in his East Side apartment,
where he lays down phat beats.
the Roots, it's still electronic and
sample-based music, but I like
to do things that become visual,
that becomes an artistic presentation rather than a karaoke
event, which is how I feel about
a lot of rap shows. There's just a
backing-track and an MC walking back and forth. I want to do
something crazy, I take off my
pants sometimes. Live is my opportunity to scare some people.
To create a spectacle, a situation.
I've always been interested in
the art movement of Dada and
post-Dada, and creating absurd
situations. So you can definitely
expect absurdity.
U: Any shout outs for UBC?
M: Every single person who
takes the time to listen to the
radio, I wanna shout out for
everyone who has an actual
opinion, not one that is secondhand. Someone not afraid to be
individual, in the truest sense of
the word. \i
<pe }\m
\lNew Wave of British Columbian Heavy Metal
c$t. IVrfridYs 3>«)
IRardj 1511)
?>oors 7:31
All net
jmww £
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sense of community on the UBC campus by:
1. Organizing or administrating an event or project, or
2. Promoting activism and awareness in an academic,
cultural, political, recreational, or social sphere.
The award is open to all returning, full-time UBC students,
graduate, undergraduate and unclassified in good standing
with the Ubyssey Publications Society. For the 2007-2008
academic year, we will award a $3000 award for a project.
Deadline will be April 1 2008 and the award will be
disbursed to the successful candidate on April 10 2008.
Nominees for the award will be judged on:
1. The impact of the contribution made - the number of
people involved or affected.
2. The extent of the contribution - the degree to
which it strengthens the sense of community on
3. The innovation of the contribution - preference will
be given to recognizing a new contribution over the
administration of an existing one.
4. The commitment of the individual to UBC as a
Nominations should include a cover letter by the
nominator, either an individual or a group, briefly
stating the nature of the contribution made, the
individual being nominated, contact information of the
nominator and the nominee and a letter (approximately
500 words in length) describing the contribution made
and how the above four criteria have been met.
Students are welcome to nominate themselves, but those
doing so must attach a letter of support from another
member of the campus community. The award will be
judged by a committee chaired by a representative of
UBC Student Financial Assistance and Awards office and
members from various parts of the campus community.
Deadline for submission of completed
nominations should reach the
Ubyssey, Room 23, SUB, no later than
Tuesday, April 1,2008.
For further information, please contact
Fernie Pereira, Business Manager, The
Ubyssey, at (604) 822-6681 or email:
fpereira@interchange.ubc.ca March 14th, 2008
The Ubyssey
UBC's Madman to play on world stage in Apri
Theatre program sends students to the Czech Republic
by Samantha Jung
Culture Staff
"And she shall marry him. And
she shall marry him..."
So begins the Russian comedy Diary of a Madman. UBC
Theatre will be sending ten
students to perform this play
for an international audience at
the Setkani/Encounter Festival
in the Czech Republic, being the
first of two schools from North
America to attend.
The play is based on the
short story ofthe same name by
Nikolai Gogol and was adapted
by director and MFA student
David Savoy.
Savoy sees the festival as
a learning experience. "Here
in Canada, we don't get to see
other people's work, especially
other countries, and they never
get to see ours," says Savoy. "It's
a wonderful opportunity to be
able to observe and learn and
talk to people who are doing the
same thing."
The play was originally a minor project of Savoy's, and UBC
Theatre performed it in February 2007. According to Savoy, it
was very well received, leading
theatre faculty member Tom
Scholte to mention the festival
with hopes that Savoy would
A video version of the play
was then edited and sent to the
festival. Festival officials called
the application "flawless" and,
in February of this year, chose
UBC, as well as Columbia University in New York, as the first
schools in North America to
be chosen to participate in the
The play is about a civil ser
vant who falls in love with his
boss's daughter. However, his
love is unrequited, and the play
takes a journey into his mind as
he goes mad.
Aslam Husain, a fourth year
BFA student, enacts the Madman
ofthe play. He says that the play
is a dark comedy, describing the
characters as "grotesque" and "a
little ridiculous at times." Actors
must move like clockwork in
order to make sure the play is
executed perfectly.
Husain also notes that the
play is very intense. "It's an hour
long show, but it's nonstop. For
me, as the Madman, there are
no exits, so I'm constantly onstage," says Husain.
The festival itself is in its 18th
year. It is sponsored bythe Czech
Republic's Ministry of Culture
and the Czech Commission for
UNESCO, and takes place from
April 15th to 20th. This year, 14
countries in total were selected,
featuring Poland, Russia, and
South Africa.
Savoy and nine other UBC
theatre students will be attending the workshops, lectures, and
social events at the festival, as
well as meeting students from
all over the world. While they
are at the festival, they will perform the play three times in one
day, says Savoy.
"As an actor, it's been fascinating remounting the show,
because I get to come and take a
look at the show from different
perspectives," says Husain. "And
you don't get a chance normally,
especially in theatre school, to
do a show that many times, and
have a distance between the
shows too."
In addition to affecting the
UBC theatre community, Savoy
feels that the festival will have
a large impact on the university as a whole. He hopes that
the festival will start a trend at
UBC; knowing that the festival is
an option can influence choice
of performance material, and
could be a way of attracting
other students by means of what
UBC has to offer.
"You know, sports teams at
universities always get to go off
to different places. And they act
as ambassadors for the University," he says, "but you never
really get the arts or the theatre
department doing that often
enough. So it's just nice the university is behind the theatre department and we get to be UBC's
delegates across the globe."
Savoy is optimistic about the
future: "Next year, the moon!"
he says.
The cast and crew of Madman will be performing the
play at UBC this Saturday in the
Freddy Wood Theatre at 7:30pm.
The show is a fundraiser for the
company to raise money for
next month's trip. Admission is
by donation. \a
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ol' www.ubyssey.ca, where
you can argue endlessly with
anonymous people from the
UBC community, see the latest
UBC news, and more. We have
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March 14th, 2008
■ MIA *«  .ivr* V
The CMA Career Night. Register at cmacareernight.com
Greens hope to woo
UBC's left away from NDP
Quadra will earn
ing Green vote in
■ more respect at t.
■al level.
by Stefanie Findlay
News Staff
Elizabeth May was on campus
Tuesday, making a pitch to the
University's traditionally left
leaning electorate as to why her
Green Party is the right choice
for UBC students in the upcoming Vancouver Quadra federal
by-election, set for March 17.
May's Green Party—which
is running former UBC student
Dan Grice in the race—faces a
tough challenge differentiating
itself from Canada's more established left-of-centre party—the
NDP—and its candidate, current
student Rebecca Coad. Further
compounding the challenge is
the controversy surrounding
the nomination of Grice, whom
May was hesitant to endorse last
In March 2007, May wrote
a letter to the local Green Party
riding association asking them
to delay the nomination contest in the hopes that a higher
profile candidate would run for
May maintains that her concerns were relayed to the media
in a way that was unhelpful. "Hy-
pothetically, David Suzuki would
win Vancouver Quadra," she
explained, "A high profile candidate changes the dynamic of the
by-election campaign.
"Someone at the meeting
thought it would be a smart thing
to do to make the mischief. [But] it
was not top down interference."
Sam Heppel, president of the
UBC NDP, is quick to point out
that voters are unlikely to forget
about the controversy surrounding Grice's nomination. "Rebecca
Coad has the proud endorsement
of the NDP leader Jack Layton."
May emphasized the positives ofthe by-election saying she
is "very impressed" by the number of Green volunteers at UBC.
"This is the most enthusiastic
campaign in Vancouver."
Despite the local enthusiasm,
May's party continues to find it
difficult to gain the respect given
to the country's other four major
parties. May is currently pushing
to be included in the upcoming
nationally broadcasted leaders'
debate, a spot she has previously
been denied.
Grice said that the Green
Party is often "discounted by the
major media."
"We want to see her in the
leaders' debate because I think
once people see her for an extended period of time, whether
its half an hour or an hour they
can really see how dynamic she
is," said Grice.
"The most effective message
you can send is a Green vote,"
said May, "Show that the issues
are important to you. That they
are the ones you want to hear in
the federal election.
"A strong Green vote in this
riding will send a strong message. We know it's an uphill challenge, but if the Green party gets
25 per cent ofthe vote, I think at
once the media will wake up,"
said Grice.
That a Green vote will send
the most powerful message
to parliament is questionable.
May has been criticized for her
endorsement of Dion but maintained that her view is realistic,
insisting that cooperation is the
practical and necessary path in
order to achieve change.
This strategic alliance with
the Liberals is troubling to voters
who want an uncompromising
NDP candidate Rebecca Coad
said, "The Greens have this great
brand but Elizabeth May has officially endorsed Stephane Dion,
who has a terrible record on the
environment, and the Liberals
are currently supporting Harper
every chance they get."
Unlike the Greens Coad said
that the "NDP has the infrastructure and the capacity to act on
these issues."
Heppel, said the "NDP has
been standing up to Stephen
Harper and Stephane Dion. We
are calling it from both sides."
The Green Party maintains
that a strong vote will send a message to parliament and bring attention to environmental issues.
Dan Grice recounted a joke saying, "the Green Party has never
lied in the House of Commons."
However without a secure seat,
whether that message is enough
motivation for voters remains to
be seen, vl


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