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The Ubyssey Mar 16, 1993

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  Classifieds 822-3977
RATES: AAtS cardholders - 3 Unes $3.15, additional Unes 63 cents. Commercial - 3 lines $5.25, additional Unes
80 cents. (10%discounton25lssuesormore.) Classified ads payable in advance. Deadline3:30pm, 2days before
publication. Room 266, SUB. UBC, Vancouver, B.C. V6T2A7. 822-3977.
The AJM.S. of U.B.C.
The 1993 Scientific
Equipment Trade
Wed & Thurs, March 17 &
SUB Ballroom, Partyroom &
Room 205.
10 - FOR SALE (Commercial)
AUTO PERF. parts: Superchips
fr $275, Mo Mo accessories,
Fittipadzdi, racing dynamics,
Tokico, Eibach. Call 220-6182.
along and 10 cassettes, rock with
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Top, jam to original grooves. R/L
chan. option lets you choose musical "environment." For more
info & sample cassette, send $12
to Pink Noise (6), P.O.Box 16045,
3017 Mtn Hwy N. Vancouver BC
V7J 3S9
wanted to share 3BR duplex, on
campus, cable TV, laund., fac.
share kit. and bath, 222-3389
leave message.
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excellentexperience. Call 325-8864
for more details!
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this week. Call 325-8859.
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hr, call Maurice 983-2512.
SUMMER WORK' Make $7000 &
gain good experience. Information
meetings Mon. Mar. 15 ® 2:00/
4:00/6:00 in SUB 213 and Wed.
Mar. 17 ® 2:00/4:00/6:00 in Brock
Annex 362. Be 10 mins. early &
bring pen & paper. 3.0 GPA &
above preferred.
Work 10 hours a day at start, study
continuously, be a self-starter, cope
through rigorous career training
program. If you're success-oriented, financial rewards, career
mobility and independence are
worth the effort. Send resume to:
P.O. Box plOO c/o The Ubyssey
GAYS, LESBIANS & Bisexuals of
UBC information\office (SUB
237B). 822-4638.
30 - JOBS
Consulting co. hiring bus/marketing students/$10hr/must have
excellent English skills and own
a computer / send resume and
how you can help small business
tec box 74516-2803 W. 4th Ave.
Vancouver, V6K1R2.
Two locations: 2034 W. 11th
Arbutus and Maple, 736-2725
& 1850 York Ave at
Cypress & York, 731-0435
We rent Ryder Trucks & sell
boxes & moving supplies.
March 16.1993
Editorial opinions are presently those of the staff
and not necessarily those of the university admini-
stratlon, or of the sponsor. Praise the Goddess.
Hm UbyNaayl*
Cdl—Ml. Hw
nMSvBysaiMl nMsys ay
•Mm to ma. *M1K ef the
•22-MTT; FAX •22-927»,
ttw Mm Mater SatcMy erf tTM IMMraK-jr af eMMi
In the beginning Goddess Theresa Lemieux made seven shoe laces of
rainbow shades and dangled them down upon the earth. Rapidly Siobhan
Roantree gathered up the laces, holding them tight to her bosom, as she sang
out praises. The sign had been given. Frances Foran was to be reborn on a tiny
island equipped only with a modem and a fax machine. Yukie Kurahashi and
Paula Wellings set about to prepare the island for her arrival. Paula wandered
the high cliffs ofthe island, lighting candles on the large rocks which boarded
orchid blossoms on the reddened shore. A shallow sky deepened to the depths
of a thick black violet. Tania Trepanier drew herself out of the swollen sea,
droplets of phosphorescence tricked up from her flesh and into the sky above.
Climbing to the top of the island, Sam Green stood in awe of the world about
her. Asa tender breeze tussled her shining hair, Sam drew in each breath of
the sweet air with an unfathomable joy. Paula Foran rose up beside Sam and
together they pondered the wonder of Frances' arrival. Peace filled them both
as they joined hands and descended from the mount to the awaiting congregation. Sabina Brenenstuhl, Mai Saegusa, and Ela3ine Griffith raised their
hands in welcome, and lead the two in the lip of the ocean, ellen pond walked
towards the group, her strong toes gripping the fertile soil ofthe island. With
uplifted voice, she sang the first few tentative notes alone. A forlorn cry joined
the song, as Zoi Beeman-Cole pulled her bow cross the instrument's strings.
Strength grew in the song as Sara Martin and Denise Tang lent their voices
to the tune. In the final moments ofthe melody Frances floated down from the
sky and in joining with the sisterhood intoned "Lucy in the sky with
Helen Willoughby-Price looked agitated. "Fuck this beatle shit!" she
said and ripped off her flowing robes. Beneath, Helen's lithe torso was wrapped
in a patented leather bodice. A tattooed serpent rose from her ankle to her hip.
Denise Woodley'seyesgrewwide. She turned and fell toher knees. Screaming
up into the heaven's, Denise exclaimed her desire to feast of this forbidden
fruit. Helen grinned, her tongue flickering. "Why not honey, here I am."
Movement. Women's movement. Womens movement. Shuddering in the
night air, all began to bellow a new tune. Across the seas and around the world
vibrated the words, "Taste my love". Frances had come.
Paula Weujim* *> Yukie K*jrahasm*<Sam Green  • Frances Foran
student summer special discount.
U-lock, heated, alarm, insured,
alarm, low rates. 540 Beatty St.
in student vacations is currently
seekingmoti vated students to act
as campus representatives to help
promote end of year holiday
packages to sunny Mexico. Free
travel and generous cash incentives are offered! Call Bill at 1-
800-265-1799 for more information.
PROFESSIONAL typist, 30 years
exp., wdprocess/typing, APA/MLA,
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ABLE rates
typing services
call anytime Linda 889-1996
SALT SP IS BED & BREAKFAST adventures! All inclusive
pkgs offer 1st class B&B accom.
Your choice of kayaking, hiking
and sailing with expert or local
guides & inst. Great way to experience the Gulf Is's. For details call
Island Escapades 604-537-2537.
liisrxmil CJ (Hid l.eshiansl
are cordially incited lo an
Friday, March 19
4:30 pm
M-ft Centre
Casual musical jam and
coffee & treals to follow
Applications Are Nowpw&ilable fo^th^
I jft 11 gm      y*       x
Two^Volun*B|er Coordinators
Prom<ftfans Hoordki_{£o#\^ m*
The AMS Walk Home Program is a volunteer organization intended
to improve safely on campus for women and men. During hours of
operation, two student volunteers (a man and a woman) will go to meet
you and escort you to wherever you wish to go on campus.
The two Volunteer Coordinators will be responsible for
recruiting and organizing volunteers to staff the program. The
Promotions Coordinator will be responsible for publicizing the
program and finding sponsors for the program.
Applications are available in SUB 238 and must be returned by March
22 at 4:00 pm. Questions can be directed to Roger Watts, Director of
Administration, in SUB 254 or at 822-3961.
Are you looking
for an excuse
to procrastinate?
It's not too late to get Involved!
Reasons why you should Join an AMS Committee:
• experience to add to your resume
• meet other active members of the AMS
• see If what the Ubyssey says about Student Council Is true
• have something more useful to do than clean your room the day
before ah exam
Applications for student-at-large positions on the following AMS Committees for 1993/94 are being accepted by the Administrative Assistant In SUB
238 until 4:30pm on Monday, March 29th:
Budget Committee: aids the Director of Finance In preparing the budget of the AMS
Code and Bylaws Committee: recommends changes to the regulations governing
the AMS
Drug and Alcohol Awareness Committee (DRAAC): coordinates DRAAC Week and
the Alcohol Awareness Campaigns
External Affairs Committee: aids the Coordinator of External Affairs In preparing
submissions with respect to higher education issues to the federal and/or provincial
First Year Student's Committee: aids the First Year Student's Coordinator In
organizing Frosh week, and organizes the First Year Student's Retreat
Renovations Committee: recommends renovations to SUB and the AMS Whlstier
Student Leadership Conference Committee: organizes the Student Leadership
Conference In the foil
Please refer any questions about the above committees to Janice Boyle.
Vice President In SUB 248
D&XZ **^sVt T&14C (/Ifcfc 'ItVhXfrJ'Vl ■U-.
Kfioty. Zu7:
MtiaUouU*}, rl^uJ-11
1:00 f~ % 'V^CC %UtUcU*Ufo
"2.'30 f**.    L*f rdttiA. ScU+cv^Xt-
ItwuUy, rl^vcl 1$
10:00 Af*-    "&cc»4dh^tJ. /¥*-**-
r\y%Jb><h* yydcty.
1:00 f*      "KOa (l$C) 0o<*JU^"
2-30 f*.   '"&a* (ISC) (Wk*$
m£Z&04~1 C*JZU*fi    "W**
AST 386SXL/25 Notebook
• 4MB RAM • 60MB Hard Drive
• Carrying Case    ' MS-DOS 5
228-8080   584-8080    862-3188
2/The Ubyssey.
March 16, 1993 girl talk girl talk girl talk girl talk girl talk
Cyborg terrorist grrIs
bite off daddy's dick.*
You are about to reach an important milestone. Now it
is time to start thinking about your next one — your
If you are considering a business career, BCIT's one-year
post-graduate program in Business Administration
or Human Resources Management may be for
you. Many of today's successful business professionals
have achieved this highly regarded post-diploma
For further information and application materials
contact Program Advising at (604) 434-3304 or toll-free
6200 University Boulevard
© 822-2665 UBC-BOOK
Order now.
March 17 & 18,10:30am-3:30pm
(* editors: need headline; this one not sensitive to community standards)
The limits of free speech are determined
by what advertisers and administration are
willing to tolerate.
Ifour interests don't coincide._guess what
The Ubyssey discovered the boundaries
of "community'' tolerance about a week ago
when it came to our attention that the university had launched an ad boycott against our
publication, apparently because of the content of the February 12 issue.
UBC Housing and Conferences director
Mary Risebrough sent a letter to the AMS
executive and our advertisers complaining
that the issue "did not contribute to the campus Leadership's end to promote an atmosphere that assists relationships between men
and women to be positive, respectful and
Cited among the offensive material is
The Corruption Test, which was reprinted in
many other student newspapers through the
Canadian University Press syndicate. It seems
there is a schism in "community standards": if
we printed things acceptable in many other
parts of Canada, the "community" deciding
what we can print—the university, the advertisers—is really the radical fringe interest
Do you want to know what is obscene?
The university using its power to stifle the
voices of students because our ideas conflict
with their agenda.
The Ubyssey sex issue produced huge
debate about issues such as pornography,
sex, power and consent. Our objective with
the sex issue was to encourage you to THINK
about where your boundaries are around sex
and power. You had to locate yourself either
within the essentialist dogma of liberal institutional "feminism" or leave that stagnant
festering pond filled with Mary, Marsha, Andrea, Catherine and a token Brian (nice rib
bon Bri, did your wife bleach it for you?).
This would not have happened had
The Ubyssey produced a "nice" paper, an
innocuous paper—maybe about gay oppression by the Canadian legal system.
The sex issue was an attempt at producing queer activist material about sex
and power and consent. This material was
certainly challenging; it asked you to communicate, to reconsider "traditional mores," to explore concepts and thoughts
which you might find foreign. It was this
that many non-queer or so-called "apolitical" communities on campus have interpreted as offensive violence.
The university's initiation of an ad
boycott against the paper sen-ds a loud
message to us and to everyone trying to
expand the debate around sex and power.
It says, "Shut up." !
It also says that the content of this and -
other publications will be ultimately decided by the advertisers and administation,
not by the people who work on the paper.
Full stop.
So we will become daddy's nice girls.
We will talk about make-overs, run stories
on spring fashion colours and wear dresses.
(Oh, oops, only the women, of course. We
would never want to suggest that gender
roles could do with a bit of play or
genderfucking, so of course only the girls
will wear dresses; boys must wear suits.)
Today's issue was to be the women's
issue. Many women spent their time writing
articles for it instead of studying for exams
or writing term papers. Some ofiwhat they
wrote may have been thought provoking,
even controversial. But never fear! In the
name of holy Fiscal Responsibility we have
held women's stories and reduced to eight
The State is safe today!!
**Daddy B., we are listening to you.**
A Great Job
Demands a
Professional Resume
Vancouver's Resume Experts
BoWFace Media 687-5591
202-207 W Hastings (at Cambie)
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Subway Club. It's loaded with ham, turkey, roast beef
and free fixin's. Look out wimpy burgers. Subway's
Club is the serious weapon against big appetites.
$1.00 OFF
of luminescent night? of quenching the
yearning of your hot, dry soul? of games
so delicate, precise and emphatic that the
senses stop and shift and take a sudden
breath? do you dream of a life that
dances an hour into weeks and back? do
you dream of mind, of heart, of an old,
old intimacy more excruciating than the
sweetest tangle? you have always had an
old knowing, why?
become an apprentice
in the esoteric arts of freedom
Introductory Lecture
Sunday, March21, l:00-3:00pm
UBC, SUB 205
for more information, call 682-4474
(500 offjsix-inch)
Offer Expires: April 13/93 Valid at this location only
Mon/Tue/Th u/S u n:
10 am-Midnite
10 am-2 am
March 16,1993-
income Tax
Student Rate
 The Ubyssey/3 ■!
This Message Could Save You
A Year In Your Move To
June, 1993: Entrance Exam for the CMA Professional Program
Two-thirds of the career opportunities jrM
the accounting profession are now% #*£---
field of management accounting. Only one
professional program is devoted ..©nflrely.-to
specific training in management    ,s  - - *>
accounting. The CMA Program.
The entrance examination for this
program, which leads to the CMA ■
designation, can be written:©niy once      ":
v a^QCfo year, in June Candidates are
rrer«ft}C{6<$ that all prerequisite courses must
fee cdrppfeted before writing the exam.
..    1f you meet the prerequisites, you qualify
*< f-p^Ste Jfae June exam - and could be
Vtfcddy^ Jfj^Fgii to start the CMA Program
that carufqke you to the top.
■ for {yriherjiSformation, call 687-5891.
* Now, M" M,
The "M" stands for Management
Certified Management Accountants of British Columbia
1576-650 West GeorglaAfancower, British Columbia, V6B 4W7
Phone 687-5891 or i-800-663-9646  Fax 687-6688
Grad Class
Annual General
Meeting &
Bzzr Garden
Friday, March 19
12:30-8:30 PM
SUB Ballroom
Voting for Grad Class Gifts from 12:30-5:30
Free BEvERage and chips with every vote
Door prizes, music by CITR and cheap bzzr
Grads - Bring your AMS card
Hostess mOSTENS. Nike
The Book Warehouse
John Fluevog Shoes
Admin plans to light up our lives i
by Paula Foran |
women should be afraid; brary and Henning is even ■
therefore it's disempow- worse than it was before, ■
ering, not empowering for she said. ■
women," she said. "I want my sixty dol- |
Caireen      Hanert, lars to go to better cam- |
former AMS director of pus lighting rather than to .
administration, disagrees. Dr. Strangway," Hanert ■
After being involved with adds.   * I
the AMS Walk-Home Pro- Janice Hope from the |
gram last year she thinks Women's Student's Office ■
The university has de-   against women, most of   the administration has agrees  that  she  would -
cided to increase the light-   which happens in the home,   been neglecting safety is- "feel better if there were ■
ing in the area where an   said Ellen Pond, a women's   sues for too Tong. "The stronger lights around, but I
alleged assault occured   self-defense instructor and   university is not doing we  should  be  able  to |
two weeks ago, said UBC   student activist. enough about safety and I walk around in the pitch ■
spokesperson      Steve Pond is disgusted that   don't see them doing any- black and feel secure." ■
Crombie. The project is the   the university would spend   thing until there is a serious Obviously, the prob- ■
first stage of a ten-year,   this amount of money on   problem." lem is not light, it is vio- |
$15 million plan to illumi-   lights. "It's a PR job for the "It's interesting thatthe lence against women, said |
nate the campus. university," Pond said,   campus will take ten years Pond. .
Work begins in April   While she agrees the fear   to light appropriately while "The money could be ■
—graffiti in bathroom stall*, Sedgewick library.
r To x)~ sr~ co 3^ t_t 7^ ^ £r -e> ^ ,3< cz. ^ij
se_i£Mm -_k«n m-&n\z£:s>-k&(DMv%v^ -n±m<Dtti&(Dfr(Dmm(Dmm,
;o£5s lO^j^rt^tflM&M tf35§o ^SSil&^l
on the $400 000 project on that women have on a ill- Plant Operations head- spent on public education I
lighting from SUB to the lighted   campus   is real, quarters is lit up like a on    violence    a^ajnst |
: Nations Longhouse. more lighting "doesn'f      ' " " " "
But increased lighting challenge the fear. It re
First Nations Longhouse.      more lighting "doesn't   Christmas tree," she said,    women," she said, "be-
But increased lighting   challenge the fear. It re- The lighting recently   cause better lighting caters
won't reduce violence   inforces the myth that   installed between Main Li-   to a fear, not a reality."
Women working
at UBC fear hiring
freeze means layoffs
Tby Frances Foran
he job security of UBC filling jobs," she said. "Obviously,
non-academic staff is se- someone has got to do that work,
riously threatened by the present There is an increased amount of
hiring freeze, say CUPE workers, pressure without a bt in terms of
Leslie Hodson of CUPE 2950 remuneration."
said the union anticipates layoffs Diether also said that UBC
of UBC employees on short-term has reduced the number of CUPE
contracts. "We've seen a few jobs by reclassifying their job de-
layoffs of temporary positions scriptions. "That creates a job
arid we are expecting more," she ghetto for women, and they don't
said. have the union's job security or
"It's another small attempt of overtime benefits."
UBC to break up the union." The Sharon Kahn, director of the
local comprises 1500 of UBC's Ii- UBC Employment Equity office
brary, clerical and secretarial staff, said the hiring freeze announced
almost all of whom are women, by president Strangway last
The average wage of CUPE 2950 month is a mixed blessing "The
staff is $24 000 a year. short term effect of the hiring
Support staff of locals 2950 freeze on employment equity can
and 116 won a three per cent wage be fairly dramatic if we're not
increase after a three week work going to bring in people from the
stoppage last year. A five per cent outside." But she said the uni ver-
equity payment the province had sity will be able to concentrate on
earmarked the year before for improving the training of the
women sipport staff was released people who already have jobs,
by the university after the strike. Women comprise half of all
To say that there is a lot of 8000 UBC employees but only
fear for ounobs is the understate- one-fifth of faculty,
ment of the year," said Polly "Everybody is really nervous
Diether who works at Main Li- because of the hiring freeze," said
brary. Staff are also concerned Carolyn Delheij-Joyce, a secre-
they will become overworked as tary in the chemistry department
fewer jobs are renewed, she said. "If the powers that be say that
"The university has waited a con- someone has to go, you can be
siderable amount of time before damned sure it won't be faculty."
(all lectures at 12:30 pm in Buchanan D239)
Sister Donna Geernaert
Murrin Scholar in Residence 1993
Wednesday, March 17
"Issues in Interfaith Dialogue"
t'lzidb&o zhJnz^ntiyxy(bii:^tt(Dmzm)nft-Dic.ibs ^/vr-tatyw^
?j£££50;i_B±>_Mri^r*355do r*iaN £MLrB*©£tt£BtTO&U£>£5
c£U£U£S£^§£>tf@i$r*&£M '>U-c*feAS5ly<4g§(Dtf*^(Dl^ti
z>(btzft0 _t#5B«S:s tt£©lM#B-^(D#lM#^&r<n§t,a)£UdS;i
-3o ££*IC(_ts ^£M&ltd©tfhlMS^?M:_lM#5M ^SCa^rUSA
6&M IMM^'ISMlMs £My©£tt£5©iim£li^£raglM§o B*©£tt
£5M f§tt^U±(:f£*±£(Ztd^§©^K&M &•£
a all grow up admiring so many hexos.
Mai* haros, mainly.
by Tania Trepanier
ES JttSU Mai Saegusa
Woman have been aecoartplishing amazing thing* right under tha noses of historian* and scholars and tha population as a whole. There
ia a lagaoy of woman whose voioas have baan supprassad and littla recognized, and tha following ara juat a few of tha woman whom wa know
far too littla about.
Women that I like a lot. .
Sylvia Pankhurst was l**™ in
X,82 in *»*>»• ■» <°Und*d *
woman's pelitiosl and social
union. Sha was arrested many
timas, and sha wrota many books
and articles on the suffragette
Saro jinl Haidu was born at the
turn of the century in India. In
1919 she went to England to plea
for the vote for woman in India.
She became the first woman
president of the national Congress Sarty.
Ontario. She was very active in
lobbying for the vote for women
in Canada and she was also
active in getting woman to be
reeognised as legal "persons."
*n. was nominated for senate in
1924. Women were finally legally recognised as "persons"
in 1929.
Flora Tristan was born in Paris
in 1803. At the age of 23, she
left her husband and left her
children with her mother to
travel and write. In 1*43, a
full tan years before Marx and
Bncrels wrote the Communist
Manifesto, Flora Tristan wrote
•The Union of Workers" which
Ulcers and parall.!,* th.
situation of woman to the situ-
.tion of workers. Sb« «• *
Marxist before Ksrx. An'body
.ver heard of Trlstanism? I
wonder why.
Kikue Yamakawa, born in 1890,
was a Japanese social activ-
i»t. She Joined first socialist organization in <?apan.
Paula (Sunn alien is a lesbian
P°*t «d snthropolo-
gist. Her work has increased
of native
Florence Shaw Davidson, a Haida
woman, was born in 1896 in the
Queen Charlotte Islands. She
went to Ottawa as an Hlder
Ambassador of bar culture.
Ruby Dunstan wa. the *fir.t
woman Lytton band chief, she
worked to preserve the Stein
Mileva Marie  made a major
contribution to the theory of
relativity. Bar huaband Alfred
Einstein took all the credit.
"obtained" by the British scientists Watson and Crick.
Watson, in his book The Double
Helix,  admitted they used
Franklin's work without her
permission in their 1953 Nobel
Prise winning "discovery" of
the helical structure of DMA.
Marija Siatoutas was born in
Vilnius. Litbu.»i»inl.m- Sue
was an anthropologist who dhal-
^ «» —Tar *u Wln
that Old European Neolithic
Nellie MaClung was born in 1873
in Ontario. She was politically
active and became an MLA. She
was part of a group of five
woman who pu.h.0: tor th. rltfM.
for woman to vote in Canada.
Women got th. vote m c«.«u ln
Rosalind Franklin was a geneticist who work on DNA was
4/The Ubyssey.
.March 16,1993
th.   P*^tlon
people's work.
Many of these names may not ba familiar to you. Many, many mora aj**a not familiar to
is time that wa atop undervaluing woman's acconplishmants. Maybe ona day everyone will study Tristan instead of Maxx.
March 16,1993	
cultural groups (the people who
•bout 4300 BCE) war. barbaric
•»* P.tri»rchal. Mt.t .^
.ive field work, she suggested
that these societies were technologically -killed, matrillnial
and matrllocal. Sha shattered
on. of history's -great wytbs-
and proved that virtually all
material and social technologies fundamental to civilization developed before the la-position of a patriarchal society.
It is time that wa recognize woman's lives and it
-The Ubyssey/5 ATTENTION
FRIDAY, MARCH 19th, 1991
II ^llii^ ___________________
I                  T    £            1
lr^                                                1          T y       1
^)               12:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.               ^}
SUB Ballroom
The Following Submissions For Graduation Class Gifts Will
Be Voted On: (Maximum Request per gift is $3,000.00)
Title: The 1993 Grad Class Bursary
Title: AMS Art Acquisition
Title: Angular UBC Sculpture
Title: Cheeze Renovations
Tide: Electrically Adjustable Computer Table for
Group: International Relations Student's
Group: AMS Art Gallery
Group: UBC Cycling Club
Group: Civil and Mechanical Engineering
Wheelchair Accessibility
Amount: $3,000.00
Amount: $3,000.00
Group: Library Services for People with Disabilities
Amount: $3,000.00
Total Budget $9,000.00
Total Budget $3,000.00
Amount: $3,000.00
Amount $1,650.00
Total Budget: $3,000.00
Proposed: The acquisition of a
Proposed: A visible gift of the Grad Class
Total Budget $3,000.00
Total Budget $1,650.00
Proposed: A bursary fund to be set up by the
contemporary Canadian work of art to be
of 1993 would be to create a sculpture to
Proposed: Renovations to the Cheeze
Proposed: An electrically adjustable table making
1992-93 grads which will benefit any third
added to the AMS Art Collection on behalf
be placed on one of the boulevards
Factory, including one, or a combination
the on-line public access catalogue accessible to
year U.B.C. undergraduate wishing to study
of the 1993 Grad Class.
entering UBC. This sculpture would
of, the following repairs: repairing walls
ALL types of wheelchairs. The Disability Resource
abroad. The bursary will nominally help in
appear to be a group of disorganized
and adding drywall to bring the Cheeze up
Centre predicts that the number of students who use
their expenses as well as provide the
blocks set at different heights but, when
to fire codes; rerunning the ventilation
wheelchairs will increase dramatically over the next
university and the student with recognition
viewed from a certain angle, the sculpture
system, or the installation of a new floor.
few years.
and honour. The bursary's perpetuity will be
would spell the letters "UBC".
ensured since only the interest on the
principle amount will be used each year.
Title: HP Laserjet Printer
Tile: Laserprinters
Title: Macintosh Centris 610
Title: Network Update
Title: Perseus CD-ROM
Group: Chemical Engineering Grad Class
Group: Education Students Association
Group: Science Undergrad Society
Group: Medical Laboratory Science
Group: Sedgewick Library - Reference Department
Amount: $3,000.00
Amount: $2,267.00
Amount: $2,688.27
Programme - Department of
Amount: $2,720.00
Total Budget $3,000.00
Total Budget: $4,600.00
Total Budget: $4,674.81
Amount: $3,000.00
Total Budget $5,070.00
Proposed: A HP Laserjet printer. Eventually
Proposed: Two laser printers (Mac and
Proposed: A Graduating Class Gift in the
Total Budget $3,000.00
Proposed: Perseus is a multimedia database of text
this system would be connected to all future
IBM) to be installed in two education
form of a Macintosh Centris 610, which
and images, published on CD-ROM and videodisc.
computers that the department will purchase
computer labs.
can be used both by itself and to extend
Proposed: A network update, two diskless
It provides a solid introduction to Greek Antiquity for
when the new Chemical Engineering Building
the lifetimes of the SUS Macintosh SE
workstations and a UBC NET link-up for
students in many fields. The hardware needed to
is built in 1995. This system is needed
and LC by acting as a file server.
the medical laboratory science students
run Perseus would enable the Library to acquire and
especially for tiie 3rd and 4th year design
(including summer session distance
run other, similar videodisc products.
projects and 4th year thesis and thesis
programme students) to allow a ratio of 1
proposals. The reports that are produced by
students per workstation. This will provide
the design groups are used by consulting
accessibility to sophisticated programmes
firms as well as by companies like Dow
for math, graphical and statistical analysis
Canada to determine the feasibility of using
of experimental data, which are essential
new technology to solve many new and pre
for the completion of assignments.
existing environmental problems in the
chemical process industry.
• It is imperative that you attend, as we require a quorum of 400
graduating students to vote on the Gift Proposals.
• Without quorum, No Grad Gifts Will Be Funded By The 1993
• Bring your Student Card
Other Stuff
For Further Information Call:
1.   Graduation Ceremonies
Thrasso Petras
2.   Grad Tree Planting Info
3.   Cheap BEvERages
Or leave a message in SUB 238
6/The Ubyssey.
March 16,1993 JAPANESE HOUSE
A Homestyle Japanese
Restaurant Featuring:
Teriyaki Set from 6.95
Ramen/Udon from 4.95
Donburi (Rice & Topping)
 from 4.95
Try our second location
833 Granville St.
(across from the Capitol 6)
Public parking at rear.
Mon. - Sat. 11:30 am - 1:00 am • Sunday 1:00 pm - 12:00 pm
1212 Robson St.      I     833 Granville St.
662-3333 I 687-6622
I --v£''*'V;
For people with good taste  %
Now in Vancouver
Coffee for AQ$
Bus People
| Breakfast from 29* to *2.99 f
I Pizza and more from M.99 to *6.99 I
| open 8am-11 pm 7 days a week j
Ik    2551 Alma Street • 224-2666    ,M
Has studying given you those gnawing hunger
pangs? No time for a meal between classes?
Want an energy burst before working out?
Nutribar provides a nutritious,
delicious solution.
Each bar has been
formulated to provide
the exact vitamin and
nutritional content of
a well balanced meal,
while providing
convenience to the
student on the run!!
This month at University Pharmacy
Present this ad and receive $1.00 off the purchase of any flavour of Nutribar
package of six's and keep it in your school or gym bag to keep you going
through the long day. o ■
Li__i«. — _ — «-.*_._.>.__»«■_ — ■*■*■*. cr*^~ J
March 16,1993	
Arts Undergraduate Society
nonce or
The HUS is accepting nominations
for the folloiiiing positions:
Uice President, fldijiinislration
Dice President. Clubs
•JUS Representatives
Second Year Representative
8 General Officers
nomination forms are available
in the HUS office (Buchanan fllOl ]
between ITIarch f2 and march 19
•    -
► l   -
Would you like to run for the Graduate Student
Society Executive? Nomination Period runs
from March 3-18th; closing at 3:00 pm sharp.
Elections to take place at March 25th AGM.
Nomination Forms are available at the GSS
Office in the Graduate Centre. All Candidates
Meeting will be March 18th, 3:30 pm. GSC.
>  a.
Director of Administration
Director of Services
Director of Student Affairs
Russian Prince Vodka wants you to listen to and read about the hottest new music
available today. Just $29.50 gets you six different "New Stuff' CD's featuring a
minimum of 16 brand new tracks each, and twelve issues of SoundCan magazine, the
new pulse of Canadian music. Here's just a few ofthe bands featured on the current
"New Stuff' CD presented by Russian Prince Vodka.
i^CC^   ^^t't'C'O^Q'    From the garage to the
open stage fo Toronto's finer clubs, Dig Circus has built a substantial
grassroots following with their mixture of folk, rock and funk. The six-
piece band released their debut EP, Shekkie, last year to great reviews
and radio play. This year, besides touring plans, the band stars in its
own comic book and is getting together a full-length CD.
&<zc&& ^eSott
Some have called her music
'ethno-fusion,' others hfve dubbed it 'Alpine-polka-reggae,' but that's merely scratching the
surface of this talented artist's diverse range of sounds. Manitoba-born and formerly one-half
of acclaimed duo Fraser and DeBolt, Daisy has been raising eyebrows with her dynamic and
eclectic solo CD release, Souls Talking.
r^TCddCtfcC'     L^tOfl^    An unusual sound is
echoing from the rocky shores of Newfoundland, a sound that makes you think of
islands in the Caribbean sun, swinging hips and hot sand. It's the reggae moves of
St. John's quintet Pressure Drop, who made a big splash opening the Great Canadian
Parly last summer in their hometown. Their self-titled debut CD lias generated
positive vibrations across the country, particularly through the first single. Freedom.
As an added bonus, if you subscribe now through this special |
raaHHS1 campus offer you will be eligible to win: |
;*-,rr^g-^'ii.-» . • One of three Hitachi CX-W 300 personal stereos featuring CD ^^   ■       |
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albums bv artists featured on the "j\e\v Stuff" CI) presented by
Russian Prince Vodka.
Complete information and mail to: Campus Subscription Offer. 219 Dufferin Street, Suite 100. Toronto, Ontario M6K 3J1.I
I   I Yes, I would like to receive 6 CD's and 12 issues
of SoundCan magazine for $2950 (including
GST), and please enter my name into the contest
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Secome the property of-BM Distillery Co Ltd and none will be |
returned All prices must be accepted as awarded and are not
transferable h order to win a prize, a contestant must correctly I
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SoundCan magazine tte Liquor Boards, licensee employees. |
advertising and promotional agencies or contest prize suppliers
3 The contest is bemc run at 25 campuses across Canada with
3 Hitachi CD'cassette players model CX-W300 and 50 CD '
'/anetv 5-packs to De awarded   Reta*l value oi players is I
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approximately S75 00 each Contest draw wiH be held on May I
12 1993 in Toronto. Ontario at 11 00 a m I
4 The Provincial liquor Boards and Commissions are not i
connected with this contest and are not habie in any way m |
regard to any matte- which relates to this contest .
^"**" auiwaj a""'***'**
-The Ubyssey/7 Ice hockey: women break into centre ice
by Siobhan Rosntre*
Professional sports Is a world
where men are men and no one
else matters.
Ice hockey embodies all that
is masculine and virile in this
world. Always has, always will—
Just ask Don Cherry.
Much to Grapes' chagrin,
however, the National Hockey
League has decided to make
hockey a klndler, gentler game.
Perhaps this created a conducive
climate for Manon Rheaume to
be offered a tryout with the Tampa
Bay Lightning.
Columnists proclaimed it the
dawning of a new, more tolerant,
age in professional sports. Critics complained of tokenism and
Whether you're more interested in Rheaume's quick glove
hand or her photogenic looks,
the fact remains she is not the
first woman to play a "man's
game," nor will she be the last
Here at UBC, Bofmte-Lyim
Holter is the starting □etmtader
for the MBA Division tt Men's
Team in the Todd Ice Hockey
League. A Saskatchewan native,
Holter has played mostly for
men's teams, including a tryout
with the University of Regina
Although she was the last
goalie to be cut from the team,
Holter had to ask for permission
Just to try out, something which
wasn't required from her male
Hie big concern from the
coaches point of view was injury.
Holter said, "It's not been the
players who don't think I can do
it; the coaches are th&_most
As for her current teammates on the MBA team, Holter
describes them as being "fabulously supportive ... it's a non-
gender thing. You're Just a target. No one can tell anything
with the mask on?*  «-*•"
Holter also spent time with
the women's national team. Since
the IOC haa granted fuB medal
status to -women's toe hockey,
Bolter's goal this summer is to
eamaspot at the national team's
tatysota this September in Ottawa.
this will mean competing
for a spot against Rheaume,
something which Holter has
mixed feelings about. Pros have
more advantages than amateurs,
she said, so the Olympics should
be left to amateurs. On competing with Rheaume, Holter said,
"it would be exciting to play in
the same rink as Manon. To sit
down and talk to her would be
Women's sport traditionally
has had problems being taken
seriously. Somehow watching
men. getting sweaty chasing a
little rubber disk around a sheet
of ice is much more appealing
than watching women do the
same thing.
Critics are quick to point out
that a new franchise such as
Tampa would need a gimmick to
get peopleito watch a game as
foreign as ice hockey. Rumours
of a call-up for Rheaume after
the lightning is eliminated from
the playoffs add credence to the
belief that Phil Esposfto needs a
hook, such as a token female, to
attract fan attention.
Although Rheaume broke
some banters simply by playing
in an NHL exhfcttiQn game, the
raad has st__ notbeen pored for
young women to follow In her
Bonnto-Lynn Hotter in action wtth ths MBA Division II
Mon'* team.
footsteps. She is third in a three
person rotation for Tampa's affiliate in Atlanta, an unusual
situation since the third goalie
rarely dresses for games, never
mind starting them.
Holter hopes an Olympic
program will raise the profile of
women's hockey, so that parents Will be more willing to put
theirdaughters in the sport, but
believes "women have to do it
themselves. Tliey have to get out
and play the sports."
Rheaume may one day play
in a regular season game, but it
will be much longer before old
attitudes are softened and
women are accepted as athletes
in their own right, not simply as
tokens and tools for marketing
by the old boys' network.
CIAU Championships.
******* Keiteoii       ^m*
8/The Ubyssey-
- March 16,1993


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