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The Ubyssey Feb 14, 1989

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Array the Ubyssey
Valentines pg 8 - 9
The road to acceptance can be full of
obstacles for parents and friends of
gay people.
Coming out may be one
ofthe most traumatic times
for a gay person, but lost in
all the commotion of expressing individuality in a
way which society has difficulty accepting, the family
and friends of gays and lesbians may feel lost and confused with nowhere to turn.
Support groups for parents of gays and lesbians
exist, but only in larger
metropolitan centres. And
despite Vancouver's large
gay community, no chapter
of PFLAG, Parents and
Friends of Gays and Lesbians, survived after one ofthe
organizers passed away two
years ago.
Lilian Berno knows what it's
like to feel alone—two years ago
her son Anthony told her he was
gay. "I think I was in shock for a
day, and I spent the whole next
day on the phone looking for someone to talk to—I had to talk to
Parents feel
guilt—I don't
feel guilt, because I
don't believe that
theory. I don't think
people choose to be
"Anthony called me and my
husband into the den, and said he
had something to tell us. He had a
girlfriend at the time, and we
thought he was going to tell us she
was pregnant—that's what we
were ready for. We were struck
down and couldn't respond."
"Anthony was reasonably
calm—I think he expected the
worst. We were speechless. He
said he was going to his girlfriend's, 'ifyou don't want me here
anymore,' and we said no, sit down
and talk—but we couldn't talk. We
looked at each other, then we chatted for a while. It was difficult to
talk that night. I cried. I couldn't
do anything, then I calmed down. I
couldn't talk to my husband—-but I
had to talk to someone."
"Unless you've had this type
of crisis in your life, you can't
Over the following weeks,
Berno said she talked to everyone
from her family physician to a
High School guidance counsellor
who recommended the Burnaby
Christian Centre as a place where
her son could be "cured." But neither the medical or religious ap-
VOLUME 71, Number 37
proach offered much help, said
The majority of her friends
are supportive now, she says, but
it was not easy at first. When one
of Berno's friends, who is a Born
Again Christian, repeatedly suggested a "purification," Berno said
the friendship would come to an
abrupt end if her friend did not
stop pushing.
I think I was in
shock for a day,
and I spent the
whole next day on
the phone looking for
someone to talk to—I
had to talk to
"I don't think Anthony has a
disease—there is no reason for
him to be purified. The last thing I
want for Anthony is to feel guilty
over something he has no control
After three days of "soul
searching," Berno finally spoke to
a crisis worker at the Gay and
Lesbian Community Centre who
recommended "So Now You
Know," a book especially aimed at
parents learning to deal with a son
or daughter coming out.
"After reading and thinking, I
sat back and thought about it, and
realized Anthony is the same person."
Realizing a son or daughter
has not changed is perhaps the
most important step to acceptance, according to Larry, a crisis
line worker at the Gay and Lesbian Community Centre. "The
main thing to remember is if your
son or daughter tells you at ten to
nine—it shouldn't change your
opinion of them at nine to nine."
A parent's reaction may vary
from denial, to acceptance, to hostility, Larry says. "I know one fellow who was 17, and when he discussed the whole thing with his
parents he came home and found
his stuff on the porch."
"Sometimes," Larry says,
"parents will not talk to the kids—
and hope it will all go away, and be
"And sometimes, parents are
very accepting.
"Once parents understand it,
they are more likely to accept it.
But their initial reaction is usually
hostility because they don't understand, and they think it reflects
back on them—thinking it's a
scandal in some way," Larry says.
Berno agrees, and says she's
met other mothers with gay sons
after finding out about Anthony,
and they usually do not want to
speak about their problems fearing they will be blamed. "There's
this theory about the weak father
and the over-bearing mother, or
the father thinks it's his fault."
"Parents feel guilt—I don't
feel guilt, because I don't believe
that theory. I don't think people
choose to be gay. It wouldbe opting
for a pretty tough lifestyle."
A large part ofthe problem is
overcoming 50 years of conditioning, says Berno. "I'm a product of
the 50's. You didn't say pregnancy,
body parts, and you certainly
never used the word homosexual—I didn't know what it meant
until I was in my 20's. I had a
homosexual friend, but I didn't
know it at the time, I just thought
he was a polite date."
Larry agrees with Berno and
says coming face to face with stereotypes about gays and lesbians
can often be difficult for a parent
who was not taught anything
about homosexual relationships
as they were growing up. "In the
olden days it was never really discussed, and they used to be sent off
to private school. Now it's rnuch
more open."
Doris Maranda, a therapist in
private practice, says the problems which parents face is "all
prejudice and programming."
Maranda, whose own son is gay,
says she had no problems with
accepting him because as a therapist she had already questioned
"all that stuff."
Maranda tried to set up a
support group in Vancouver, but
the response was so low she had to
give up the endeavour, and now
she says she's just burnt out.
During the two to three years she
was trying to get the project going,
she says she only received about a
dozen phone calls.
When families
get through
it, they are usually
broader and learn to
question—it's a very
positive experience."
In a city which calls itself the
San Francisco of Canada, only
twelve phone calls was discouraging, Maranda says. "I think people
and their parents are still in the
closets—parents tend to bury
their heads in the sand."
Maranda says denial can be
tragic for the family. "The first
reaction is usually always negative," she says, "and if you never
let those negative feelings out, you
never accept it—you get parents
feeling sad at losing their kid, and
they don't know how to deal with
things, so we have the let's not
talk about it,' and they go on pretending, and never talking about
it openly. You know talking about
the friend, and never mentioning
the person by name.
"When families get through it,
they are usually broader and learn
to question—it's a very positive
Berno says she realized the
problem was not Anthony's after
she brought him to a sex therapist
on the recommendation of her
family physician. "We saw (the
therapist) the next day. And she
said he has no problem, but asked
if we had one. And if we did, we
could come again."
Bemo says she did not have a
hard time accepting it after the
initial shock, although she feels
her husband had a hard time. "His
biggest concern was that no one
find out," she says. "My biggest
concern was for Anthony's social
life. I was afraid he would lose his
friends—but it didn't seem to really affect his relationships with
his male friends. I wanted him to
be accepted by his peers."
But other things have replaced Berno's fear for her son's
social life. "I'm still concerned
about society—because it only
takes one radical or fanatic to start
a campaign against gays. And
there are a lot of ignorant people
out there," she says. "I think
things are getting better, but there
is still a lot of fear."
"I want to see gay people accepted. I've learned so much already, and I'm totally supportive. I
mean I love my son—I couldn't ask
for a better one."
"I don't know where people
find the time to interfere in other
people's lives when there are so
many other things in life to enjoy."
By Katherine Monk\
Gay and Lesbian Special Issue
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February 14,1989 GAY AND LESBIAN ISSUE
A year in the wake of full disclosure
By Rick Hiebert
"I was really rather astonished when I arrived at the bottom
ofthe stairs (in SUB)," said Svend
Robinson. "I saw I had an escort of
engineers and I thought that
things must have really changed
since I left UBC..."
Robinson himself certainly
has. The former UBC student politician has graduated to the big
leagues as a New Democratic
Party Member of Parliament from
Burnaby since 1979.
He has also gone through a
divorce, and become Canada's first
openly homosexual MP, telling
viewers ofthe CBC news program
The Journal last February that he
is "an MP that happens to be gay."
Since Robinson "came out of
the closet" last year, he has seen a
mixed reactions, he told around 50
UBC students last Tuesday. Some
people have written to support and
thank him for helping them to
come to terms with homosexuality
in their own lives. Others, like
Saskatchewan Premier Grant
Devine, have publicly condemned
Robinson as "immoral" and accused him of setting a bad example.
The last time he was on campus, Robinson was helping the
organizers of Gay Games '90 in
their bid to use UBC facilities.
"Much to many of our suprise, and
of course disappointment, what
should have been a routine application was met with a very vigorous and firm denial," he said.
"It raised  some interesting
questions for me..as a member of
the community and an alumnus of
UBC and indeed as a former
member ofthe Board of Governors
of UBC."
Ultimately, as you know, the BoG
overruled their colleague, the
President, and ordered the President to make available what facili -
ties there were for the Gay Games,
and the walls of the university
didn't come crashing down, and
donations to the university didn't
dry up as a result.
"Had we been in this case
dealing with a group of black athletes or a group of Jewish athletes,
or a group of native people that
were denied access to university
facilities, I expect that there would
have been a great outcry on the
campus," Robinson said.
"The Alma Mater Society, the
UBC faculty association and others would have spoken out vigorously against a fundamental denial of equality, but in this particular instance, when the group that
was quite clearly the victim of
discrimination was gays andlesbi-
ans, there was silence."
He said members of the faculty association and constituent
bodies ofthe AMS had also refused
to speak out "vigorously" against
this action.
"We must realize quite clearly
that an attack of this nature is an
attack on our entire community,
and that's also an important illustration ofthe necessity of building
bridges, with other groups that
may be the victims of intolerance,
hatred and of discrimination be-
Little Sisters'
supply safe
By Olivia Zanger
"The guns are loaded and
we're waiting," says Jim Deva,
co-owner of Little Sister's
Book and Art Emporium.
Little Sister's, a gay and
lesbian bookstore which imports the majority of its material from small publishers in
the United States, has faced
censorship problems with
Customs Canada since May of
'83 when it first opened.
Deva said between $5,000
and $10,000 worth of his
books have been seized and
burned at the border. Those
shipments not destroyed have
been held for months, returned damaged or dog-eared,
and without compensation, he
Deva thinks Customs
Canada's goal is to intimidate
him from reordering, and that
the harassment is homophobic in origin.
The financial problems
Little Sister's suffered in lost
merchandise and lost sales,
combined with two bombings
that occurred during the same
period, threatened to force
their closing in early '88.
In the spring of'88, Little
Sister's, with the financial
backing ofthe B.C. Civil Liberties Association, challenged
the seizure of The Advocate,
an L.A. magazine, in a court
suit. "Customs conceded the
case on the first day," said
Seizures ceased in the
fall of'88 when a harassment
case was prepared and ready
for court, with the full support of B.C. Civil Liberties
Association. "Next time we'll
go for punitive damages,"
said Deva, quoting six figure
Censorship laws and interpretations of obscenity,
tightened to include all forms
of sodomy and light S&M,
were stepped up when the
Conservative federal government came into power in '84,
although Deva says much of
the offending material is
tame in comparison with
mainstream heterosexual
Literature, as well as visual erotica^ has been the target of many seizures. Books
detained include The Joy of
Gray Sex, a collection of lesbian writings and erotica
entitled Coming to Power,
and a translation of ancient
Greek love poetry called
Erotic Poems from the Greek
Toronto's Glad Day
Bookstore, which has battled
with similar problems, has
seen an increase in seizures
of recent shipments. Deva
said this may signal the end
ofthe brief respite from harassment, and that soon he too
will be back in the courts
fighting to be left alone.
cause if we're to call upon them
when we are being attacked, then
we too must be there when they're
under attack," he said.
He said his public homosexuality and support of the Gay
Games had made him the target of
a newsletter inserted in a East end
community newspaper during the
last federal election.
"Some of you may have seen
the leaflets that were circulated by
the thousands throughout my new
constituency of Burnaby-
Kingsway with the rather dramatic headline 'Sodomite Invasion Planned For 1990.' Well,
aside from a few calls of friends of
mine who asked where and when
precisely this was happening, it
was met by extraordinary anger
by my constituents," he said.
"One of the most offensive
things that I've ever seen was the
photograph in the second leaflet of
a man's arm pulling a little boy
into a man's washroom," he said.
"That plays on one of the most
powerful, one ofthe most destructive and one of the most hateful
images of gays and lesbians and
that is that we are somehow a
threat to children. That theme
appears over and over again in the
case of hate literature that has
been distributed."
Robinson said some have accused him of being in favour of
legalized prostitution and brothels, publicly-funded education to
change public attitudes about
homosexuality, and abortion on
demand, by people waving the flag
of "family values."
Robinson then turned to the
United Church, which he said had
a tradition of sexual tolerance, yet
bans homosexuals and lesbians
from teaching Sunday school.
"What does that say? What kinds of
stereotypes is that feeding within
the public as a whole when the
United Church of Canada is saying
"Suffice it to say that I know
those (Biblical passages condemning homosexuality) chapter and
verse and I can recite them in my
sleep," he said, "but as a number of
commentators have pointed out,
those who cite the Bible in this way
should recognize that it's a very
selective reading of scripture."
Robinson cited various tenets
of Jewish law and then said the
Bible has been used "to sow the
seeds of anti-semitism and (back)
then people were incredulous that
the Nazis could be so cruel and
(now) people in the church are using the Bible as a handbook for
bigotry. This time, however, the
target is homosexual people."
Robinson said gay Christians
who had decided to adopt heterosexuality have performed "an extraordinary feat—I think that it's
like anything else, if the people
who are involved in such groups
find strength and find comfort in
participating then that's fine. But
when they attempt to move beyond
that and encourage or force other
people to take the steps that
they've taken, then that's when I
think problems arise.
Robinson urged the audience
to  support amendments   to  the
Canadian Charter of Rights to
make gays and lesbians equal to
heterosexuals under Canadian
law. "If the Charter of Rights is to
mean anything andif equality is to
be a reality, this has to be put in."
Although the RCMP, according to its commissioner, judges
people by how they do on the job,
not by their sexual preference, the
Canadian Armed Forces still has a
long way to go, Robinson said. An
Armed Forces policy paper Robinson presented argued that due to
the AIDS epidemic, four types of
personnel accommodation would
be necessary—"It would not be
technically feasible to do (the
above) in submarines," said the
Despite some initial Teserva-
tions, Robinson said he is happy he
came out. "When I first came out
publicly and when my windows of
my office were shattered, I gotta
tell you my immediate reaction
was "What have I done, this is
wrong.' But it wasn't wrong and I
have 2,000 letters and many many
conversations with individuals
that have convinced me that it
isn't wrong and that one of the
most significant steps that any
person who is gay or lesbian can
take is in fact to be visible, to be
vocal, to your friends, to you family, to people in your classes, to
people around you because that
more than anything breaks down
those barriers of fear and understanding."
"The only way people will
know who we are is by us saying
who we are to them."
NDP Member of Parliament Svend Robinson, still shouting
February 14,1989
Chinese Foods
5732 University Blvd.
Lunch Specials (combination)
Licensed • Self Service
Application For Graduation
All students who expect to graduate in May or November 1989 are requested to submit
"Application for Graduation" cards to the Registrar's Office by February 15, 1989 for
graduation in May, and August 15, 1989 for graduation in November. This includes
students who are registered in a year not normally considered to be a graduating year
(ie: 3rd year), but who, nevertheless, are expecting to complete a degree or diploma
program this year.
PLEfflSE NOTE: every student who expects to graduate must make
12:00p.m. -12:45 p.m.
Tuesday, Feb. 14
SUB Concourse
Ken Mann
Aids Vancouver
Wedneday, Feb. 15
SUB Concourse
Sgt. Chris Offer
Vancouver City Police
Thursday, Feb. 16
SUB Concourse
Dr. Doug Clement
Sports Medicine Clinic
Friday. Feb. 17
SUB Auditorium
RECOGNIZING     n   A.   J^/Jf11?*
  Canadian Mental Haelth
Numerous exhibits on Health and Safety Products and Services on display in the SUB Concourse.
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 16 • 9:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m. Friday, Feb. 17
Everyone is invited to drop by  • sponsored by the UBC Health and Safety Committee
10% OFF
(regular priced items only)
Upon Presentation of UBC Student
Card at
Offer Good until Feb. 28th/89
At 2601 W. Broadway location only
10% OFF
How to make a dyke
By Vert Lloyd
Part I. How to make a dyke.
Ingredients: chain (enough to berth the Queen Mary)
leather—black (several cows worth)
studs and rivets
boots (combat, cowboy or hiking are acceptable,
bright red puddle boots are a no-no)
misc. denim
lawnmower (to cut hair with)
shellac (for that special spikey look)
single earring (scavenged from straight friends
who've lost one)
Mix in large oil drum, place lightning rod firmly in middle and leave
outside during a storm. Prepare hot water for a bath. This is strenuous
Part II. Useful facts about lesbians.
1. Experts are divided on the subject ofthe origin of lesbians. Some claim
there is evidence of an extra-terrestrial origin while others support the
theory of promiscuous outbreeeding from vampires and werewolves.
Still others, opposing these paragenetic theories, believe it's all a
communist plot to destroy the economy of Western nations by weakening the cosmetics industry. The final theory is that of viral contagion.
Proponents of this theory advise spraying a room with Lysol or other
strong disinfectant if it is suspected that a lesbian has been present. For
high probability contact occasions, they also advise wearing bottle of air
freshener around the neck.
2. While lesbians almost invariably dress like men some occasionally
will resemble a normal woman in attire. These exceptions however, can
be recognized by the collection of male genitals on their knicknack
3. These are generally used in Satanic rituals which have beome much
more prevalent since the proliferation of microwaves which have
eliminated the need for the traditional lengthy witch's brew preparation.
4. Lesbians tend to be voracious readers, but as is the case with all
feminists, completely lack a sense of humour. As a result, lesbian
literature consists exclusively of reading and memorizing lengthy
lesbian recognition codes and lists of politically correct responses to
every situation.
5. Lesbians typically spend their weekends roving the dark alleys of
town, axe-murdering babies. Other leisure pursuits include braiding
their leg hairs and hunting organic vegetables.
What not to say
What not to say when your daughter/sister/friend comes out to you:
1. You're a WHAT?!
2. You're not tall enough to be a lesbian.
3. Then you must know Sally, she lives in Toronto.
4. But you don't have to be a lesbian, you could look quite pretty.
5. Does this mean you don't love Jesus Christ?
6. So where's your tattoo?
7. Who plays the man's part?
8. Do all lesbians dress like you?
9. What do you do in bed?
10. What did we do wrong?
Suggestion (in order of preferance)
1. Are you happy?
2. I'm glad you trust me enough to tell me this.
3. Oh, everyone already knows that.
4. That's cool.
5. Oh.
(Soft contact lenses in about one hour for most
prescriptions - Specialty lenses excluded)
30% — 50% OFF QUALITY
10th and Alrpa Location Only
Over 1000 U.B.C. Students Fitted
3665 WEST 10™ AVE.
PHONE 736-5669
February 14,1989 OAY AND LESBIAN t$$Ui
Playing Risk with
the Game of Life
Even AIDS experts still argue over
what's safe and what's not
By Mike Laanela
"AIDS: Heterosexual danger
exaggerated. Are you really at
risk?" is the title of Peter Light's
self-produced pamphlet on AIDS.
Light concluded he was not really
at risk. He was wrong.
Light's efforts illustrate the
failure of AIDS information campaigns. In the past, the philosophy
was to condemn everything until it
can be proven safe. Most people,
after coming to the conclusion that
they were not in one of the risk
groups, decided that they were not
at risk. But in Light's case it was
different. "I thought that if Fm
going to change my behavior, I
have to have the answers to important personal questions."
After researching his concerns, Light took his pamphlet to
three medical doctors, all of whom
approved it. None of them were
AIDS specialists. According to one
doctor, Nona Reigh, "He's right."
Reigh claims that Lighfs pamphlet and her own further reading
have changed her views about
AIDS, although she still recommends condoms.
Calling himself "the single
lone voice" speaking out against
the media fear campaign, Light
distributed his pamphlet to the
press and around UBC, including
Student Health Services. No one
responded. "It was like it fell into a
blackhole," he says.
But Dr. Richard Mathius,
chair of Public Health at UBC, and
past member ofthe National Advisory Committee on AIDS, disputes
many of Light's claims. "I fundamentally agree that there is more
misinformation out there than
information, but he hasn't really
got the probabilities issue right.
Anyway, nobody should look at
stats to decide on the risk."
According to Mathius, Light
errs on several important points,
notably in his assumption that
cuts or sores must be present to
transmit the disease, and that
normal  male  to female  sex is,
therefore, safe.
The problems with AIDS information are not strange to Mathius, who resigned from the National Advisory Committee on
AIDS over the issue of oral sex.
While Mathius asserted there was
no reason to believe that oral sex
was unsafe until there was evidence to support it, his colleagues
felt it was better to be safe than
"There is justification for erring on both sides, butit's very hard
to get people to change their behavior," said Mathius.
But overreacting may be a
tactic ofthe past. When the Canadian AIDS Society released their
"safer sex guidelines" in January,
they contained some very specific
guidelines based on the principal
of overcoming "barriers created by
Aids is spread amongst people
in very specific ways. The HIV
virus must make contact with certain cells which can accept the
AIDS virus. These receptor cells
are present in only certain organs,
of which the most accessible for
the virus are the male urethra, the
female cervix, and the rectum and
bloodstream by which other receptor cells are reached. The virus is
carried at certain levels in certain
body fluids, especially blood and
semen, and to a lesser degree in
vaginal secretions, tears and
feces. So, for there to be an infection, the fluid with the virus must
reach the receptor cell.
Obviously, plain old sex, vaginal or anal, without a condom is a
high risk activity. It is not necessary, as previously believed, for
there to be any cuts or open sores
on either partner for transmission
to occur. Using a latex condom will
lessen this risk considerably.
Sharing a needle when shooting up is very risky because ofthe
way drug users "pull back" a bit of
blood into the needle after injecting. Using sterile needles or cleaning them in bleach will reduce the
risk substantially. Blood transfu
sions, once a prevalent method of
HIV transmission, are no longer a
risk in most modern countries due
to testing.
Some activities of which their
is little or no evidence of transmission are being labelled low or
minimal risk. Oral sex, with or
without a condom, even when
fluids are swallowed, is reasonably safe. Although cuts in the
mouth could, in theory, allow
fluids to enter the bloodstream,
but they would have to be more
severe than a cold-sore or gum
disease. Deep kissing, anilingus,
and swallowing urine or feces are
all considered low risk.
AIDS tests test for the presence of the antibody which the
body normally produces two
weeks to six months after infection. Therefore, while the test is
100 percent accurate, it will say
only whether you were infected 6
months ago.
"Anyone giving blood through
the Red Cross is automatically
tested for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis. If their blood did test positive
they would be contacted by phone
in about two weeks," said Susan, a
Red Cross nurse. "In 1985 there
were a lot of concerns about giving
blood, but now people are more
aware." While it has always been
safe to donate blood, there have
been no known cases of people
gettingHIV through ablood transfusion in B.C. since 1985.
Eventually, those affected
with AIDS contract one of several
diseases which are normally
harmless to them. The longer an
AIDS-infected person can remain
healthy and unaffected by these
opportunistic diseases, the longer
they live. What happens in most
cases is the person might defeat
the first or several attacks of these
diseases, but eventually the cumulative effects weaken the body
to the point where it can no longer
fight back, eventually being killed
by the opportunistic diseases
which find a home in the AIDS
Wednesday February 15th seems lik a good day—to celebrate. So on the evening after
Valentine's Day, CiTR FM 102 is overjoyed to present Tape-A-Mania II. Tape-A-Mania is
a do-it-yourself cassette recording project where a local band, namely Sparky Magneto and
the Ionic Althernators, fronted by the over-stimulated Paul McKenzie, will play live over the
CiTR airwaves thereby giving you an opportunity to record the broadcast without infringing upon anyone's copyright. All you have to do in radio land is acquire a blank 60-minute
casette, cut out the cassette cover on the bottom of this page, tune in CiTR's 1800 watt signal
on February 15 at ten o'clock p.m., and prepare yourself for oncoming flabbergastation-
February 21 JL 22
11:00am - 2pm
SUB ~ Main Concourse
Displays by ICBC, RCMP and the Fire Dept. -
University Detachment, the Red Cross, Royal
Life Savings Society, B.C. Safety Council, the
Ambulance Service	
sponsored by the Student Health Service *_ the AMS
Visit the experts on Campus:
SUB 228-6890
Monte Cristo
H(fstaurant Patisserie
Tn 'Kerrisdale
2105'W. 40th
(just off of Wist 'BoueUvard)
friday (Mujfit is (Pastry 9{tijfit
'Vancouver's finest (Pastries are only $2.49
5\s an accompaniment try our foam fittedCappucino
($2.00) or our very special 'Monte Cafe   ($2.4$)
Rndforyou non-coffee drinkers
Corona 'Bzzr is just (2.99)
'Don't Miss Hi
9pm - 12 midnight every friday
Even the most dedicated student needs
financial support. So in 1987, Scotiabank
created a unique scholarship for outstanding
MBA students. The Scotiabank Scholarship
Program reflects our commitment to the
education and development of future
business and community leaders.
Scotiabank awards two scholarships
annually at both Dalhousie and McGill
Universities. Each Scotiabank Scholar
will receive $12,500 per year and be
offered a position of employment with
Scotiabank between academic years.
Applicants should be under 28 years
of age on September 1st, 1989, and must
be Canadian citizens, landed immigrants, or
citizens of Caribbean countries (Dalhousie
only) or Asian countries (McGill only). The
deadline for applying is April 15, 1989.
Students must also complete an application
to the MBA program at either university by
this date.
For more information, write to your
preferred university today.
Dalhousie University
Graduate Admissions
Halifax. Nova Scotia
B3H 4H6
Scotiabank 3
McGill University
MBA Admissions Office
1001 Sherbrooke St. W.
Montreal, Quebec
February 14,1989
Coming out in print
Vancouver's lesbian rag provides a forum for ideas
By Vett Uoyd (with thanks to Evie
Mandel, Maureen and the Diversity
Diversity, Canada's only English language lesbian magazine,
came out less than a year ago and
its ambitions remain boundless.
The Vancouver-based paper
originated in December 1987 with
a group of women who felt the need
for a separate lesbian magazine.
Six months of organization and
fund raising meetings later, a core
group of volunteers, the Diversity
collective, put out the first issue
which aroused both support and
Diversity's primary mandate
is to provide a voice for lesbians, in
particular those traditionally denied such expression. The result is
a magazine which features fiction,
poetry,  and  cartoons,  many  of
which would not appear elsewhere.
The essence of the magazine,
however, is the dialogue wh*.h
occurs between its covers. So far,
issues have ranged from racist
imagery in language, through alcoholism and addictions, acceptance of bisexuality to heated controversies over S&M and internal
versus external censorship.
No one individual among the
Diversity collective has the experience needed to put together the
magazine, but the combination of
personalities, skills and lifestyles
seems to work. Trial and error
plays a large part in it. The finer
points of "it" can be summed up as
the guerrilla method of publishing
a lesbian rag. In their own words:
To get a better idea of how we
work, please join us now as we
begin a typical editorial meeting.
Itis about 7:30, on whatever night
we can all manage. As we begin to
■rather at one of our houses, we are
met by exciting cats and roommates (their way of supporting
The Rag). Our hostess feels compelled to point out to each one of us
that she has just vacuumed and
tidied in honour of our meeting.
This is important, as the floor is
soon strewn with papers and bodies. The kettle goes on for tea and
coffee. Then the paper tornado
begins. Subscription forms and
business tidbits change hands as
briefcases, backpacks and shopping bags are emptied.
Eventually, we all have about
five or six semi-organized piles in
front of us on the floor. By this
time, the kettle is boiling, so we
drift towards the kitchen, chatting
about personal stuff. Then—omi-
god—it's  8:00  already,  and  we
l/j On Feb. 16, 17, & 18, some 75 students from across B. C. will converge on the SUB at UBC for a three-day Model Heads of Govern-
•X ment Meeting. The students will be representing25 Commonwealth countries at seminars, discussions, workshops, guest lectures,
_J and at the actual "Heads of Government" sessions. This year the theme is "Youth in the Commonwealth", focussing on education,
JB health, and employment opportunities, as well as keeping an eye on what the Commonwealth ought to look like in the year 2000 when
the leaders come from a generation that has grown up since most countries achieved independence. Members ofthe public are
U% welcome to drop by and see for themselves the Grade 11 and 12 students in action, directed by the UBC Commonwealth Club, who
ii run and plan the conference, which is funded partially by fees but largely through the Royal Commonwealth Society's Education
p.  Fund.	
Tuesday, February 14th, 12 NOON
Council Chambers
(SUB 206)
Student Society's
Henry Young
& his
Rhythm and
Blues Quartet
February 15th
9pm to lam
• $2 advance • $3 at the door
On sale at AMS Box Office and
Q.S.S. Office
Wednesday, February 15
The Day After
Ain't got no Valentine
Ain't got no Love
Told me he'd write to me
Send me his love
I don't care
Ain't gonna mope
Goin' to the
Broken Hearts Dance
Gonna meet a new dude
Who ain't so keen
On breaken my heart
hastily but carefully (remember
the paper on the floor?) deposit our
cups. An agenda is put together,
and we sift through our piles for
the first item of discussion. Submissions are considered individually for their suitability, appeal,
content in terms of racism, sexism,
etc., and how they fit with the
other pieces we think should go in
the issue. Someone takes on the
task of editing each piece, and tips
are traded on how problems can
best be handled.
Sometimes a free-for-all
brainstorm takes place about how
we can round the paper out
graphically or how we can address
some important issue (the open
forum in our last issue and our
regular contests are examples of
the results of this process). All of a
sudden it's late (10:00 or 11:00).
We finalize our assignments for
the next meeting and leave.
After everything has been
selected and edited, our intrepid
volunteers   (more   always   wel
come!) enter the copy onto computer disks, and then proofread it.
The advertising committee has
done its work, and we fit the ads
into the rough layout. Then the
grand production race begins. Our
small but skilled production team
(some of whom are also on the
editorial committee—in fact we're
all on several committees) sweat
and toil and ignore their lives as
they scramble to get the paper
entered and laid out on time. This
process is very tricky, since we
have limited access to the one
computer at our di sposal. After the
paper is printed, our distribution
committee takes over and gets the
paper out. After a week or so in
which we catch our collective
breath, we find it is a weeknight,
at about 7:30, and we are gathering at one of our houses....
The collective also faces an
ongoing battle for money to buy
their own computer, recruit intrepid reporters, sport a coloured
cover and include more material.
Gays and Lesbians of UBC
and Gala SFU
Valentine's Ball '89
Saturday, February 18 at 8 pm
in the SUB Ballroom.
Tickets $3.00, available at GLUBC
(SUB 237b), Little Sister's or GALA SFU.
Aids & STD
Information Display
February 14
IRC Mall
* Everyone Welcome *
Sponsored by Student Haelth Service & the AMS
Balloon Bouquet
Buy 3 Helium Balloons
at Regular price and get 3 more
(Offer Expires March 1/89)
Watch For
FEB. 27th
Lower Level
Student Union
Building, U.B.C.
Monday — Friday
8:00am — 6pm
Sat. 10am — 5pm
February 14,1989 NEWS
RecFac, take two?
By Michael Booth.
A second RecFac referendum
may be held as early as March or
next September, according to unconfirmed reports that Alma Mater Society lawyers found the petition asking for a re-vote legitimate.
A petition signed by more
than 1000 students following last
month's 10 percent tuition fee hike
calls for the AMS to call another
referendum as students voting on
RecFac were unaware of an impending increase in tuition fees.
The petition was organized by
Bruce Charlish and Robin Piercey,
who believe the referendum will
now be defeated as the 30 dollar
student increase for rec-fac will no
longer be accepted by the student
Once the required 1000 signatures were acquired, the petition
was submitted to AMS Vice-President Carolyn Egan.
Egan, in Une with AMS policy
and with the consent of the petitioners, took the petition to the
AMS lawyers to check whether it
contravened any ofthe AMS codes
and by-laws and whether two referendums could be held on the
same issue in the same academic
Egan refused comment on the
issue until she had been given the
lawyer's report and could examine
their findings more thoroughly,
but said she regretted the timing
of the petition as it came during
the transition period between the
outgoing AMS executive and the
newly elected members who take
office Tuesday.
Cruise test forces protesters to ACT
By Greg Davis
About 400 peace activists
gathered at Robson Square on
Saturday to further their cause
against cruise missile testing in
The demonstration was organized by ACT for Disarmament,
a peace activist group formed to
oppose the initial cruise tests in
the early 80's. The group claims
the new "stealth" cruise missile is
harder to detect than the former
model, and considers it to have
first strike capability.
Brian Salmi, the speaker
from ACT for Disarmament, describes the group as part of a non-
aligned independent global peace
"What ACT for disarmament
is all about is action!" Salmi said.
"We think ifs time to return to the
streets and protest."
Speakers from various groups
alternated with local musicians
who boosted morale with thought-
Refusing the cruise at Robson Square
provoking songs. A theatre group
called Pathological Optimists
brought colour to an already enthusiastic crowd.
"There's a lot of people watching at home tonight and (this protest) is going to give them
confidence...to get out there and
act," said Pam Frache, Pacific
region chair for the Canadian
Federation of Students.
Frache reprimanded the government's position on cruise testing and nuclear powered submarines, saying Ottawa
seems eager to invest in
militarism while institutions such as education are suffering financially.
"We don't even
have enough money to
invest in cleaning up oil
spills," she said.
Allete Mac-
Cloud, representing
Veterans Against Nuclear Arms, also gave an
rousing speech to the
mostly student crowd.
"I am so encouraged by the sea ofyoung
faces here. Keep it up!"
she said. At 72 years of
age, Allete has been active in the peace movement for a quarter century, earning the name
"Hanoi Hanna" when
she opposed the Vietnam war.
Students to send Victoria their "love"
By Michael Booth
Students from colleges and
universities across British Columbia plan to inundate the provincial
legislature with postcards and
balloons on Valentine's Day as
part of a campaign to urge the
politicians to allocate more money
for post-secondary education.
On February 14, over 5,000
postcards and hundreds of
brightly coloured balloons will be
delivered 'en masse' to Victoria in
a joint effort ofthe Canadian Federation of Students, the Canadian
Union of Faculty Associations-BC,
and the College and Institute
Educators Association.
"Students are being victimized by the shortsighted funding
policies of the provincial government," said Pam Frache, CFS-
Pacific Region Chair. "The sad fact
is that everybody's tax dollar goes
into post-secondary education, but
not everybody can afford to attend
university or college in this province."
The campaign urges the provincial government to allow for
annual increases in post-secondary operating budgets that are at
least equal to inflation. In addition, the organizers call for an
immediate 11 percent "catch up
fund" to be created to make up for
the cutbacks to post-secondary
funding in the past six years.
An underlying goal of the
campaign is to increase funding so
that British Columbia's post-secondary participation rate rises
from its current 12.5 percent to a
rate more in line with the national
average of 19 percent.
2 \for 1 Ski Rental
Downhill Skis, X-Country Skis, Skates, Winter Camping
Gear, Ski Suits, Goalie Equipment, Snowshoes, and a
whole lot more...SPORTS RENT also rents a full range of
summer gear.
2560 Arbutus St. (at Broadway)
Alexander Park & Associates Ltd.
Jericho Village Shopping Center
The Anglican, Lutheran and
United Church
communities on campus
invite you to
12:40 to 1:10 pm
every Wednesday
during Lent
in the chapel of
the Lutheran Campus Centre
FEB. 15. 22
MARCH 1, 8. 15, 22
Do It Yourself-
26 Self-Serves St per copy
or Leave It With Us
Student Union Building
Lower Level
Open Every Day
5784 University Blvd
Phone: 224-1922 _, 224-9116
-Applications are now being taken by your
undergraduate Society for $4.00 refund
per graduating student. All undergraduate
societies must hand in the applications
they receive by
FEB 24, 1989
For more information or to submit applications please contact your undergraduate
society or
Secretary, Grad Class Council
228-3971, SUB Rm 238
Where:            Jericho Village
4th Avenue & Alma
Hours:                8 am to 6 pm
thurs & fri till 9 pm
sat 9 am till 6 pm
On Line:        direct computer
link up with ICBC
Drop Off:              leave your
renewal with us on
your way in ... and
pick it up on
the way home.
lots of space at our
front door!
<- ask for ->
February 14,1989
THE UBYSSEY/7 tproofer's Choice
ifr Valentines
My sweet and patient Oogy Woog
is always at my side,
Keeps me from being swept away
he'll always ebb the tide.
He's strong and yet he's giving
of all he has inside,
My Oogy Woog forever
With him my love resides
LOVE Woog*'
If love were what the rose is.
And I were like the leaf,
Our lives would grow together
In sad or singing weather.
Love, lan.
Dd - Hey gorgeous, really love your
bones. - Hobbs.
young john,
bubble bath?  my place,  tonight
kisses   and   kisses,   your   older
Aby, Baby, Caby, Daby, Faby, Gaby,
Haby, all the way through Waby and
Zabyllllll Yes this is me, your Bunny!
Guess what? I love you tonsl Happy V-
Day! From your finger-biting bratlllll
You are a beauty to my eye
Your touch and smile,
you're so kind
1 love ycu and that is no lie
So won't you be my valentine
To A.M.:
DearOT2B, are you the therapy forme?
Dear Tarzan, you viner you! Howz this
for covert? I want your body! Happy
Valentines Day? Gggh? Love Teddy.
Happy Valentines Day Karen
That's  one  down.  Who  would  have
thought? Lots of love, lan.
Dear Debbie,
We met at Kits Pub on Sat. Jan. 21. I
hope you liked the rose. Please call me.
Have a happy Valentines Day.
Lots of Love to the one I Love on this first
real Valentine's day. Let's hope there's
many more to cum.
Love Ev
To the Lovely Leslie
The lady in my life that has it all, from
your always happy personality to your
very beautiful looks. I am truly looking
forward to our continuing relationship.
Be my Valentine, please!!
Animal love,
Patti B.
To the always high spirited lady from
Sparwood. Glad to hear your operation
was a success and I am looking forward
to meeting you on the dance floor.
From ?
L.H.W.B. I love you, hand in glove.
Your last name is like Irish Cream
Knowing you has been my dream
Be my Valentine in 1989
And in Stanley Park we shall dine
Love Lemon Locks XOX
I'd stop the world and melt with youl
Hand in Glove, Your LHWB
You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You keep me happy
When skies are gray
You'll never know
How much I love you
Please never go away
Love Forever Souper CM.
Nichole K.
Thanks for the "Big" date
Your my Valentine every day
All my love
To my Teddy Bear
You are my reason to smile.
Happy Valentine's Day.
To My Dearest Princess,
With the love we share between us,
With the distance that tore us apart.
With the sunsets we've spent together,
With the cold nights we've spent apart.
My heart aches for you by the minute,
My love for you is true blue,
Although we can't be together,
1 want to tell you Darling, I Love Youl
Love, Your (T.B.) Prince (Kiss)
Dear Cristina,
I'm so happy to have you Cristines,
My one and only, from the Philippines
You have a heartmelting smile,
You have class, you have style,
Quite simply, you're the girl of my
Lots of Love
"Jazz Cat" Lee
I'm keen for you
Because on ice you're so fun
Even though you play second
You're still my Valentine Number One
You'll always be my favorite doll
I love you
In life, offering valentines every year one
usually wishes it to have meaning.
You've unleashed newness, divine inspiration: Valentine's intense dazzle
every day. Hidden emotions abound —
read the secret words and know.
Love from JAM, your KITTEN
ROLI: Ich bin so froh dass wir fuer - 89
Valentins Tag zusammen sind. Ich liebe
Dich vom herzen. Deine Rona XXOO.
Dear J.W.P.S.
I love you alwaysl
Hugs & Kisses CLP XOXO
Cheryl & Shauna
At 2615, it ain't no jive
You guys are neat, and can't b beat
Happy Valentine's Day, lan
Looking forward to being together
soon.   Happy Valentine's!
All my love, always
"Susie B"
D.C.C. I'm still hot for youl Let's spend
some "time" together! Don't be such a
heart breaker. S.J.
Love to the little French girl with the
cute bunny from your 'buddy' wherever
he may be.
To Andy Lee
My favorite M S
Of the NWT
Better than Frank Lafferty
From your wingeing cookie
Oh. Valentine Be Happyl
Dearest Susan. Let me hold you, hug
you, and molest you and I'll let you beat
me silly. With Love Always, BON.
Dont talk to me bout dem wide
mouthed bimbos
Nor dem Langara types galore
Just talk to me bout a girl named
My one my only my true amore
Love Sunshine
STEPHANIE AITKEN ... I love you.
Your secret admirer.
Hey Bratl How can you mock me? How
can you laugh at me? I'm NOT a klutz
but I would fall for you anyday! Thanks
for being my best friend! Love,
Dearest Monkee
I fell in love knowing it would be forever,
yet uncertain in hoping for a life together; faithful am I.
Love always Doggie
SCRATCHY:   I'm   itching   for   youll
Enough least contact kissing, let's try
some full contact control bumping!
JYRTR (P.S. "W"'s are "Z"'s)
Epipsychidion, come join me in the
Garden of Allah where we will eat kiwis
and watch the sun glisten on the water.
To CS. our favourite sculptor; keep
smiling, it brightens everyone's dayl
Best of luck with the show. Some Dude.
To M in 2755:
I just want to know if such a handsome
face is spoken for RSVP
Curious George
I love you more than hot chocolate with
whipped cream on a snowy day. I love
you you're perfect.
If you should consider the words of
I haven't got a chance
When we're apart, the words in my
Reveal how I feel about you.
Your eyelash girl remembers
But says nothing.
Happy Valentines
South 4B Especially Lee
Luv your favourite Gorilla
To the women who frequent the Pit:
Happy V.D. Dayl
Who Luvs Ya Babe!
Pit Doormen
Carles, you fulfill my every need and
my every desire. You are my most
precious dream come true. My heart is
yours - foreverl T'estimo, Monica.
To my sweetest of papooses whom I
love the moostestes. You're my dirty
plate. I love you more than an elevator
ride and 10,000 miles. Be my huggee
Love from the Hugger
Fourth West
Every one of us loves every one of you.
The Lizard Men
To the other GLEEN one,
If I told you that you have a nice body ...
would you hold it against me?!
A Magnetic Goddess
P.C. you are so sweet, so kind, and
No wonder you are always on my
You see my dear, my love, my true
I always wish that I'm with you
And when I'm all alone at night
My heart aches to hear your voice to
hold you tight
When we're together holding hands
Little kisses making plans
A shining future I see with you
Let's try hard to make it come true.
Dearest Sunkappor,
Let's get casual!!
Wanna answer the phone??! I?
Happy Valentine's   Luv Kimpup
Hi One!
Here's to a picante evening (and many
more ...)l
Love Eiirdboy
My dearest Cookiewoman,
You're the sweetestl
Love, Laundryman
Let me take you on a silver steed to a
land of sunny dreams.
Your knight in shining foil
To Deanne,
Happy Valentines Day!
A Certain Pit Doorman
I love you, baby!  Happy Valentine's!!
Hugs and Kisses, your Honey-Bunch
Love you more than C      PP.
Pooh Bear
Life with you
Is like a fairytale come true...
Love Pumpkin Head
LETTUCE, Ma chere, mon amour pour
toi ne connait pas de limies quanta ton
amour, je cheris plus que tout. Test
baisers parfument me levres, comme
un Ambroisedelicat et fruite. Puisses tu,
mon amour, etre mienne pour toujours.
To Lido 66
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I found my love on a Sitmar Cruise
Love Monte Carlo 140
Happy Valentine's Day to Mike Rowley!
Let's make that sundae sometime soon.
You supply the cherries and we'll bring
the whipped cream (or vice versa).
Nudge-Nudge, wink-wink ...
Love from Dagg Hank £r 4936
Although we may spend the next year
apart, no physical distance can truly
separate us. These past four years
have shown me that my love for you is
the essence of my life; that without your
spirit, beauty, and brilliance I am nothing. 1 look forward to the life we will
share, as equals, and the love that will
never stop growing.
Love Always, Graham
Dear Sweetie,
What can 1 say that will express the
pleasure I get from being with you. I
have never had a better or more understanding friend. We can carry on any
conversation, although we know each
other so that words are not always
needed to express what we feel. Just
being with you is enough. I love you -
and always will.
Your Snugglebunny
My little Tiger Lily,
Long from now I will remember
A weekend at Whistler last
For there our affection did converge,
Now sublime emotions daily do
With our quirks and neuroses that
Bind us like glue,
And our fixation with diets that
Would starve a shrew,
I hereby proclaim as a couple divine
To you, my love, my dearest
Love Snugglebug
A message from 1 Corinthians 13:
"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not
envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is
not easily angered, it keeps no record of
wrongs. Love does not delight in evil
but rejoices with the truth, it hopes,
always perseveres. Love never fails."
Remember this and note: "And now
these three remain: faith, hope and
love. But the greatest of these is love."
Ifyou bring Faith, I will bring Hope, and
I know that this time our First Love will
be there.
To SL from SM
(Please see ans. mach. on 15th 10 pm)
To my girl, whose name is Sue
Here's my words, when you are blue
I'll hold you close, and in your ear
whisper softly, I love you dear.
forever yours ARM.
To Lovebunch, Happy Valentine's Day
- here's to choc, chip cookies and surfing. You wouldn't toss me out for
getting crumbs in the bed! Would you?
Love and kisses, the surfer.
Two years, six months, and 27 days
Still to come: the rest of our
lives. I love you always! Happy
Valentine's Day!
Love Rob
Happy Valentine's Day! This goes out
to the guy in my Econ class (BGCH
2:30 - 3:30) I sat behind you during the
ECT, remember?! But I'm too shy to
say Hil - H -
A year and a half ago this very day
A big cuddly poohbear took a
tiny mouse
To a place known as the warehouse
He asked the mouse for a
romantic dance
And by doing so, he put her
in a trance
The bear bent down and gave
her a kiss
And since that moment,
Her life has been nothing but blissl
Happy Valentine's Day Poohbear
The Little Mouse
February 14,1989 MeflfiageM^S
Janet: You're a woman without compare. Dear to my heart and a true
I love you. John.
Dear Oli,
Happy Anniversary!
Ich Liebe Dich. Please be
my Valentinel
Love Always, Elaine
NLDI Your June bride is waiting for you
Big Baby, concentrate in your studies
arid we will be together forever in Junel
Desperately Needed:  Female
To Spec:5'3" - 5*7"
120-145 lbs.
Attractive, intelligent
witty, unattached
Movie going, dinner dates
Nights out on town, etc. Con-
228-3116 or
drop by Henn 307.
Attention Michael R.: Be hereby notified that you are being admired by more
people than you think.
Dear Pre-Comm god.
Be mine in all the coming days
My heart this question poses
For, with all your charming ways
Life will be champagne and roses
Love, your secret admirer
Thanx for all the sunshine -
All Wet - Pooh Bear
shove push
oh no i'm twitterpated;
wee it's fun.!
Dear Sweety,
Not You can't have a samosall
Happy Valentine's Dayl!
Your Babe
After loving you, I can love no other.
Thanks for the last three years and I
look forward with opulent enthusiasm
to spending many more years together
Three years already and the fourth just
started. I wonder how 1 made it so far
with youll But one thing I know I will
never be happy without youll
Your bubbly but no slippery Soap
You are simply beautiful.
Happy Valentine's Day.
To the sisters of DPHIE
Have a good one
Even though you're far away
1 think about you every day
So on this day and at this time
Won't you be my Valentine
All my love Dude
To   the   Egyptian   Princess   of   my
My love is greater still than it seems
Moments with you are forever with me
To my favourite sister
You are my friend
When you are far
And when you are near
And even when you're married
And off in Delawhere?!?
Your Baby Sister
To Number 1 out of 2.5 billion
You know who u are you're the best
Love me (B.A.B.S.)
I think of you constantly
And love you madly despite
The fact that you can't seem
To get my name right
Hey Youll
Wakey, wakey, rise & shine
Come on now dear Valentine
Roll out and not in
It's time to get cozy,
To geez a boseyl
Happy Valentine's Day Ken
Love Pat
It has been 4 1/2 years together and I
love you more and more each day.
Happy Valentine's Day
Love Comegys
To a Valentine True
II: could only be you
The more so Today
All I can say
is - I love you
JEAN-BAP. I LOVE YOG -would say
more, but Yikes I've got to run. The
deadline is in 2 minutes (you'd think
that love would be exempt from deadlines eh?) C'est la vie (that's French you
love WENDY
To Vivacious:
Your eyes they sparkle
Cracking my thought,
Leaving me breathless,
I dream of you, a delicious dream
-Smile S.
To my little sparrow who's song fills me
full of love. Boo be dee boo.
Love P.M.
Phillip -
I love your tender loving. Let's do it
again all next year,
I realize you're a child
So I'll try not to be too mean
But you really are a dizzy
Anorexic closet-case queen.   Meow!,
To the most handsome man in the
world: It is difficult to put to words how
I feel for you. You make me feel special!
All my love, your guy "sex-animal"
Janie B
/You send me/
Love and Friendship
My first love,
good  times,
Gerald, Thanks for the
Made  any  sandwiches
Love Roger OOXX
Rob, what was once can never be, What
is now, is even better, I love you, Alex.
Maria -1 saw you on Davie - you looked
back. My life hasn't been the same
since. Please be my little luv-rriuffin
kiss kiss Suzie.
To all the alphagetti Wammadamma-
hamma bandana wearers: Forever tall,
forever bangless, forever friendsl
Love, Catherine.
Pour Mon Amour, Tu que je suis, tu es.
Tous que nous sommes, J'adore.
Toujours a toi, Pooky.
Chriss: Te quiero, te necesito, te amo,
ya know. So like, Freddy is waiting for
you in the attic, come prepared -
2EE - We have found it! Treasure
Chests with silver spoons, rainstorms,
and abandoned trees ... I love you -
Believe me, I've never loved anyone
but you ... never could, never willl
Snuggle-wuggle, Flip Floppy ... Fluffy.
Power Hitter:
You are the one I want so much
To squeeze, to hold, to kiss, to touch
So if your heart is like to mine
Wont" you be my VALENTINE?
Love M.T.
Valentine's Day has been dedicated to
"The Chief". To celebrate, "Wetone"
recommends that the day be spent
counting ceiling tilesl
To the women of AIESEC:
We're glad to have youl
Luv JB and Ken
To your smile
Your look and charm
To today and tomorrow ...
Cindy, after just six short years, no one
else will do for me.
Love is a five letter word C-l-N-D-Y
To Derek:
Four years together
I'm so glad
We stuck it out thru the good & bad
You are my love, you are my life,
And I'm so glad to be your wife!
Love, Boo
To the Master of the Gentle:
May you always be so understanding
May you always listen, remember,
May you never lose that smile
May you never forget
May you never be alone
love, me
To Ian Smith (no middle name)
Whose stick is in the Hall of Fame
My one and only MVP
(1 like your hairy knobby knees)
I'd walk more than a million miles
for your one million kilowatt smile
Love from the stickhandler
Did anyone ever tell you that you have
nice shoulders?!
You mean so very much to me and i
care about you probably more than you
know.   The special love that we have
grows with each beautiful day we share
together. When you came into my life,
you brought happiness to me. You are
my dear friend,  my companion, my
Happy  Valentine's  Dayl  Today  and
Love you,
dear Tony
You're the husband of my dreams
and the man of my life
you're everything to me
I love being your wife!
love Blair XO
Happy Valentine's Day
To a special Jefferson
Love your muddy biking buddy
To my big squeeze, Big 'E',
Love, Hooped Heart SO.
To my Sexy Snuggles:
1    love    you,    Elephant   Juice   x
From:   Ghostie,   Kitty,   Drix   and   the
Dear Tyson T
Loving you yesterday, today, and even
more tomorrow.  Always, Sian I.
To Boo
For being
my hubby  bear all these
To a bubaloo with blue eyes: Chip dip,
I love you.  XOXO
To Mum and dad - thank you for everything.
To Miss Potato Head -
Although I dread
being dead -
It's better than being you instead...
Ha - Ha. Excuse Me?
Forgive my walk.
Thanks for your humour and understanding.
Dick Zambezi
The first man in your life is always the
most loved.
Happy Valentine's Dayl
You -Kno w-Who
Happy Valentines Day from your most
distant and most favrite daughter who
loves & misses you.
Richard -
Happy V-Dayl
Love you devinely!
Oprah is ...
My source of enlightenment
thank you, love Ernie
Neighbour of the Beast
D. Z. may be the first, but the best
is yet to come.
Trust me
A. Wantsone
An entire building to choose from!
The mind boggles ... try to be gentle.
- a lowly minion
Klaus von Koncert...
You still haven't beaten my high
- Matthew 33 1/3
Occupants 241K,
love y'all
Occupants 245A
To the Gbyssey staff--1 kiss you all and
thank you for making me a happy
fascist.XOXOXOXO Katherine.
Gina & Rene
Beware! I foresee chocolate fonus
in bed ...
Sickly sweet
Yo babel yeah youl The one who's
saying.."but I typeset this?" Yeah Lex-
it's you. You are one hell of a designer
but your soul is priceless, Never sell
out.I'll miss you neighbour.
What can I say soul mate. I never want
to be so far away from you that I can't
hear your butchered German accent.
Come solder...
come to where the air is thicker
Club Techy
229 room from hell
Its once again that time of year.
When half-dead plants are hawked by
Now sucky words are all the rage,
In nauseous poems by talentless
Yes, Valentines makes a grinch of me,
But now things don't seem right you
A year with you makes it different this
Now I'm the one writing a stupid
...despite your Freudian fuck-ups
happy VD, love you --Buddy Boy.
In case you missed the first one
This I could not refuse
Happy V day.
The Hitcher
To the wenches at the Gbyssey -
you make my hormons flail...
Wonka Wonka Wonk
Matthew 33 1/3
Linda, Harry, Dave, and the rest of the
gang at CiTR...
I quit
- Matthew 33 1/3
To TimBer!!!!! D.
Fuck you, fuck off and die. In other
words, thanks for a foot stompin' hand
clappin' year of good fun and bland
qwotes  As Stompin' Tom Connors
said... all chronicling is good, it's history
and culture. As if you care. Thanks Tim,
that's all 1 should say. You're too nice to
be in politics, watch your back bro.
Don't let us get to you. Gs types, we
gotta stick together. SMOOCHII!!!!!! I
think you're neat. A vile rag editor.
Hey Chuck and Gerry-
Thanks for the toilet paper dispensers.
Cordua-von Specht
s   /
p.s.  I love you
To the woman in the light blue
dress...you little flower. I play my guitar
and you dance outside my window like
a little butterfly. Come out of the darkroom and let me kiss the back of your
neck. Or is my part--eeee affiliation
showing? Thanks for oodles of luv and
support, K.Teee.
Dear Ivy:
We sincerely hope that our
wishes for you come true in the new
year.   Remember that our wishes
were made during the dinner!
Happy V-day, our cute leader.
32nd E. Vane.
Dear Bobo
How's things on Bobovaria? I
guess you've given up on bratwurst -
now that you know how to spell libido,
do you know what it means?
Your ol' Roomie
P.S. How's married life? '
To the real love editor.
From page to editor—democratic
fanatic. No one knows there's no
business like show business like you
do.... you make things electric.
Thanks... from a  folk singer.
Leanne and Evan,
Why do I have nightmares of you two
playing rugby?
She was speechless. Your letter
shocked her, unfortuneately, the
shock was too great, all she could
utter was:
presently she is recovering in Sunny
Hills Sanitarium. The doctors say that
all will be well in a few months time.
Marie, Heather and Gerry, my
Ukranian lovehandles (better than
calling you B etttes) see y'all in
Ituna. I miss my kiigelporsche and
playing chairs with you all
Love Ted
February 14,1989
I      G      U      R
*    IT**
l   If
* if*
CANADIAN TWINS. Only two of these Canadians are identical twins.
Due to a mix-up at the hospital, they were separated at birth. See how quickly
you can reunite them.
February 14,1989 $mm
Terry O'Malley - No ordinary coach
By Don Wells
There is a pause between the
beatings of your heart, and it is no
more than just a hair's breadth.
And that is precisely the distance between a playoff spot and
the end ofthe UBC Thunderbird's
hockey season, a season which
began with a glorious humiliation
of the league-leading Calgary
Dinosaurs in the Empress Cup
Tournament, but would later test
the mettle of ahead coach's Olympian heart.
O'Malley is not an
ordinary hockey coach.
A mixture of
traditional Irish
Catholic, Canadian
Olympic hockey hero
and humanitarian
philosopher, O'Malley
is as much a fan of
Mother Theresa as of
Gordie Howe.	
UBC's Coach Terry O'Malley
is doing just fine, even though his
team has lost eight of the last 12
games and must win at both of its
last two games to have a chance at
a playoff spot.
"When things are going badly,
you want to keep the team battling," says O'Malley, who remains cautiously optimistic about
his team's chances at regaining
the fourth and final playoff spot in
the toughest conference in CIAU
hockey. "The players still have to
enjoy playing the game."
O'Malley is not an ordinary
Coach O'Malley in a pensive period of his life
hockey coach. A mixture of traditional Irish Catholic, Canadian
Olympic hockey hero and humanitarian philosopher, O'Malley is as
much afan of Mother Theresa as of
Gordie Howe. Soft spoken and
perpetually upbeat, the father of
five is equally at ease discussing
twentieth century urban sociological problems as he is coordinating
an effective power play.
Truth to tell, the only really
frustrating thing which O'Malley
has had to deal with this year has
been injuries. He did say at the
beginning ofthe year that if everyone stayed healthy, the team
would be competitive. The problem was that key players did get
hurt and when you don't have the
depth that the Alberta teams
have, injuries become particularly
The injuries to affect the team
most include those to Mike Ikeda
(knee), Keith Abbott (shoulder),
Rob Rice (groin) and Jay Barbarie
(knee), not to mention the loss of
Oscar Pozzollo who left the team in
early January to concentrate on
"It upsets the delicate balance I
of the team when you lose two or I
three key players. You just don't I
have the control of the game that |
you like to have," says O'Malley.
The problem that UBC andl
other Canada West teams have
had to contend with is that both
Alberta and Calgary can drawl
players with both  athletic andl
academic experience from an ex-J
tremely competitive Junior College league.
UBC's   strict   entrance   requirements have presented some I
problems for most Thunderbird
coaches, but possibly none more [
than O'Malley.
Because of the nature of Canadian hockey, the top players
often go the tier one route or to
American Colleges and from there
try to make it to the professional
ranks. If they don't make it,
chances are their marks will not be
good enough for entry into UBC.
The adult student provisions
in Alberta schools, on the other
hand, give anybody with a high
school diploma who is over 21 a
conditional entry. At UBC you
have to be out of school five years
or more and then pass a strict
entrance exam.
When you consider what
Terry O'Malley is up against in
establishing UBC as a dominant
hockey force in a league which has
traditions like Clare Drake and
the University of Alberta Golden
Bears, their current 13-12-1 record is very respectable. The slow
and steady improvement of the
Thunderbird hockey program over
the past three years has, in itself,
been encouraging. A playoff spot,
however, would be the icing in a
league that has been anything but
a piece of cake.
Tickets Available at Pogg U Campos • Kitsilano • Broadway • English Bay
Applications Available
from SUB Rm 238
Application deadline is on Wednesday, February 15, 1989
at 4p.m. in SUB Rm 238
The following is a list of AMS Subsidary Organizations who have not
submitted a budget for 1988/1989 fiscal year. Each organization must
see the Assistant Director of Finance, Collin Gailey (SUB Room 258),
immediately. Failure to submitt a 1989/89 budget by 4:00pm Friday,
February 24th will result in deconstitution.
African Students Association
Alpha Delta Social Club
AMS Friends of South Africans
AMS Young Socialists
Amnesty International of UBC
Anthro/Sociology Undergraduate Club
Aqua Society
Astronomy club
Ayn Rand Club
Bahai Club
Dance Horizons
BB club
Baptist Student Ministries
Biological Science Society
Can. Association Pharmacy
Christian Science Organization
Civil Engineering Club
Commonwealth Society of AMS
C.U.S. P.O.I.T.S.
latin American Solidarity
Defense of Human Rights/Peru
Electrical Engineering Club
Engineering Physics Club
Pulp and Paper Engineering Club
P.D.T. Social Club
Film Society
Elks of Pharmacy
German Club
Gay Society
Hong Kong Exchange Club
UBC Ice Hockey Club
Intercollegiate  Taiwanse  Cdn.
International Relations S.A.
Kappa Sigma Social Club
Latter Day Saints S.A.
Muslim Students
Micro biology Club
Mineral Engineering Club
Musical Theatre Society
Naval Architectss & Marine
Phi Alpha Club of AMS
Photographic Society
Pottery Club
Rugby Club
CS. Social Club
Seventeenth Century Society
Songfest - IFC
Theatre Students Assocaiation
Urban Land Economics Club
Transportation Club
Thunderbird Crew Club
Waterpolo Club
UBC Business Review (Commerce)
Dental U.S.
Education Student Association
Graduate Student Association
Law Student Association
medical U.S.
Planning Student Association
Nursing U.S.
Physical Education U.S.
Recreation U.S.
E.U.S. Red Sales
E.U.S. Red Sports
Mechanical Engineering Field Trip
Science Undergrad Society
Student for Democratic Universtiy
Students-Free Southern Africa
Financa Society of the AMS
UBC Field Hockey Social Club
Tennis Network
Zeta Psi Social Club
I ONLY $5.00/hr.
at ...
Rm. #55, SUB
Kenny (1 week delivery on stock items)
• T-SHIRTS $7.35 ea
• SWEATSHIRTS $13.50 ea
• GOLF SHIRTS $13.95 ea
(Based on Minimum 25 units)
PRICE INCLUDES: 1 colour print, garments,
set-up, screen & artwork...puff printing &
flashcureing (.33 extra)...solid coloured
fabrics may vary in price...additional colour
printing by quotation...Embroidery by
Call: (Ask for Kenneth) 688-6679
 Mon-Sat 10am to 6pm	
Universite de Montreal
Learn French
where French
is at Home
L'Ecole frangaise d'ete
welcomes you to its 1989
French Summer edition.
Sessions internationales
3 week sessions of total
French immersion for
people from all over the
July 3-July 21
July 24-August 11
3 week session for
teachers of French as a
second language.
July 3-July 21
July 24-August 11
Franpais ecrit
Grammaire et redaction
3 week sessions of
written French for
advanced learners.
July 3-July 21
6 week session
reserved for Canadian
citizens and landed
immigrants applying to
the Federal-Provincial
July 3-August 11
□ Please send me your
brochure UB.1
Postal code
Ecole frangaise d'ete
Universite de Montreal
CP. 6128, succursaleA
Montreal (Quebec)
H3C 3J7
Tel.: (514) 343-6990
February 14,1989
THE UBYSSEY/11 Great Cuts.
Great Quality.
Great Prices.
4th Avenue 734-4541 • Broadway 222-3331
Queen's University at Kingston
Master of
Queen's University at Kingston offers a modern,
discipline-based approach to the study of management in
the complex organizations of today and tomorrow. The
learning atmosphere in the School of Business is lively,
informal, intimate and flexible. Persons from almost all
academic programs will find MBA studies rewarding.
Financial assistance is available.
Representatives from the School of Business will be on
Campus and would be happy to meet with students of any
Faculty interested in the Queen's MBA Program.
DATE:    Tuesday  February   21,    X9S5
TIME:     2; 0 3      -   4:00   p.n.
PLACE:  Honry Angus,   Room  321
University  Of  British  Coluinbi;
Seoul train runs
over Volleybirds
By Franka Cordua-von Specht
Motionless, hands over their
hearts, heads tilted high while
they listened to their anthem in
War Memorial Gym last Saturday, the Koreans looked confident.
Lined up along the opposite
endline, the Thunderbirds shifted
weight from one leg to leg to the
other in anticipation ofthe upcoming match.
But the UBC men's volleyball
team wasn't intimidated by their
international guest—the Sung
Kyun Kwan University from Seoul, Korea—as they had been the
day before—when the Koreans
swept to straight game victory.
Friday, the Thunderbirds
were overwhelmed by the Korean's deceptive attack, said UBC
assistant coach Han Joo Eom, a
SKK alumni and ex-Korean National Team veteran. Eom explained that the Koreans' were
able to get more angles on the
spike, catching the Thunderbird's
defence off guard.
Eom     attributed     SKK's
strength to their superior ball
control and practice time, "They
spend about twice as much time
(as UBC) to make one play perfect.
And if they miss classes it?s not a
big deal."
But in Saturday's second part
ofthe doubleheader, the Thunderbirds were ready. They unleashed
a volleyball fury that shook up the
Koreans, who struggled to win 15-
13,15-7,13-15, 15-8.
Jumping ahead 11-4 in the
first set, the Thunderbirds were
troubled by a string of missed
serves which allowed the Koreans
to rally back and collect nine unanswered points.
"We couldn't serve them lollipops," said UBC head coach Dale
Ohman of his team's aggressive—
but hazardous—serving style,
"We had to try and drive it down
their throats."
It was UBC's turn to come
from behind in the third set when,
trailing 13-9 with the fans preparing to head for the exit, the Thunderbirds launched an exciting
counter-attack which was as sur
prising as UBC's Rob Hill's timely
ace (one of three that sneaked past
the Koreans all evening) that tied
the score at 13.
"Hill played with the smoothness of a Korean tonight," said
Ohman, "He was patient and
made good plays to win."
The Thunderbirds sent the
battle into a fourth set when setter
John Keleris, deemed UBC's
Player of the Game, combined
with power hitter Greg Williscroft,
who pounded away one of his 32
kills of the night.
In the fourth and final set,
the Koreans regained control as
the quick hand of superstar power
hitter Ma Nak Gill, a 21 year-old
second year physical education
student at SKK, drilled 16 kills (of
34 total) over, past, and between
UBC blockers.
Ma was an MVP in the World
Junior Volleyball Championships
in Paris in 1987 and is widely
considered the best player in the
Korean university system, said
SKK's student trainer Jeong Byun
Canada Mortgage pfja Societe canadienne
and Housing ^^   ^t d'hypotheques et
Corporation __r   ^B de logement
Bird Droppings
Llf^/^I^PV                      UBC's  playoff fate  will  be    forward Mike Clarke.
M \J V_r IX C T                determined this weekend against           The men, who have now won
UBC's varsity hockey team   the   Saskatchewan   Huskies   at    four of their last five matches, face
furthered their cause with a home   Thunderbird Arena. Game time    the Alberta Golden Bears in their
sweep of Lethbridge winning 6-0   starts at 7:30 p.m.                             last home  stand of the  season
and 9-3 over the weekend.                                                                                February 17. Alberta, Lethbridge,
The   wins   leave   UBC   two          BASKETBALL          and UBC all have 8-10 records but
points shy of fourth place Mani-         U/nwIXtlUrVbU         Lethbridge  has   the   unenviable
toba who took three points from           The  Thunderbirds  women's    task of facing the 16-2 Victoria
Regina. Manitoba has four games   basketball  team lost a pair of   Vikings in Victoria,
remaining while the 'Birds have   games this weekend in Lethbridge
two.                                          but still retained sole possession of         Buchanan Classic
Should the teams be tied at   the fourth and final playoff spot in           City bragging rights are on the
the end of the season the 'Birds   the Canada-West conference.           line tonight at War Memorial Gym
would get the nod as they took the          The 'Birds lost 93-73 Friday   when the Thunderbirds host the
season series with Manitoba three   and 71-57 Saturday in the windy   Simon Fraser University Clans-
games to one.                                     city.                                                     man in the annual Buchanan Clas-
Grant  Delcourt  racked   up          Tessa Valg led the women    sic.
seven assists to pull within three   Friday with 26 points with UBC's           Game time is 5:45 for women
points of the UBC regular season   other standout Raj Johal netting   and 7:30 for the men. The men will
scoring   record   set   by   Bob   12 points Saturday to lead the    be hoping to improve their 6-10
McAneeley in 1971-72. Delcourt   'Birds.                                                 series record against SFU.
has 20 goals and 29 assists.                     UBC only needs one more
UBC also established a club   victory against the Panda Bears to            #_»^i ■ _-%#>-_ a i i
record for power play goals with 39   assure themselves a playoff berth         \r *<^_)LLE T BV\LL
erasing the previous record of 34   as well as give the women's team
set by the 1986-87 'Birds. The   their best record in over a decade.           The Thunderwomen volley-
'Birds also set a new team record          The streaking Thunderbirds   ball team had no trouble defeating
for goals scored in a season with   men's basketball team moved into    the   University   of   Lethbridge
201 blotting out the old record of   a three-way tie for third place in    Pronghorns in straight sets on
198. Both marks should be ex-   Canada-West play after weekend    Friday: 15-0,15-5,15-2 and Satur-
tended in play this weekend.           action in Lethbridge.                         day: 15-6,15-4,15-2atWarMemo-
"It was good to get winning          The "Birds crushed the Prong-    rial Gym.
again and while the playoff picture   horns 102-87 Friday led by Diego             The Pronghorns, who cap-
is up in the air the team has to beat   Marchese and Al Lalonde who    tured the basement of the Canada
Saskatchewan to deserve a playoff   each counted 16 points.                     West division with no wins, hardly
berth," said Coach Terry O'Mal-            In Saturday's rematch, the   put up a fight on Friday and the
ley.                                                      host Pronghorns were not as polite    game was over after 38 minutes
UBC has not earned a post-   as they drubbed varsity 94-89,   (any tardy fan may have missed
season spot in 13 years.                   despite a 30-point performance by   the entire game.)
Scholarships for
graduate studies
in housing
Individual scholarships of $12,600 each for graduate
studies in housing are awarded by Canada Mortgage
and Housing Corporation (CMHC) to candidates of
demonstrated ability and high academic promise.
Scholarhip winners are chosen competitively by a
national committee representing business, universities
and government. These awards may be used for
studies in such disciplines as engineering, environment, business and public administration, social and
behavioural science, architecture, economics, law,
planning and history.
A Guideline and Application form may be obtained
from your university office responsible for graduate
studies or student awards. Or write to:
Administrator, Scholarship Program
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Ottawa, Ontario K1A0P7
Your request for a form must reach Ottawa by March
14,1989. In turn, your application for the 1989-1990
academic year must be sent to CHMC by your
university no later than April 10,1989.
February 14,1989 mm
Rauneh and roll behind bars
by Dennis Selder
Ifyou like reading bathroom
stall walls, you'll probably love
Women Behind Bars, a sordid,
campy spoof on B- movies from
the 50's. But be prepared for
Women Behind Bars
Heritage House Hotel on Abbot Street
February 17,18, 19
The play opens in a prison
room where seven colourful
women are ruled by "the Matron," a drag-queen cross between Joan Crawford and an
overweight Jack the Ripper—
someone you might meet at a
beginners' class at Ron Zalko's.
With her plastic bat, huge
physical dimensions, and vicious
tirades, she keeps even the most
unruly under tow: "People like
you are like the slime on the
bottom of a shower stall. After
awhile it gets so thick all the
Dutch Cleanser in the world
can't get it off."
Things start to go wrong for
the Matron when sweet Mary
Eleanor, through a misfortune
beyond her control, winds up in
prison with the seven others:
Granny (Gordon Lewis), Guadalupe, Cherie (alias Marilyn
Monroe around Davie and
Homer), Blanche—"I want
magic, doctor, not reality"—and
Ada, the ex-pyromaniac, and
still-practicing space-cadet.
Together they form a team
whose spiritual toughness
ultimately overcomes the Matron
in all her depravity.
Not only is the content of
this play unusual, so is the
venue. The stage is set up in a
bar and play-goers are encouraged to drink as they watch. The
stage itself is sparse and understated, but fits the play well, as
does the music.
The cast is large: fourteen
people. It includes experienced
actors as well as some beginners.
They work well together though
some act to excess. But considering the subject matter, this may
not be such a bad thing.
I'd especially recommend
this play for tight-assed prudish
intellectuals who want to loosen
up a bit.
AIDS book teaches with compassion
by Rick Hiebert
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome,
author Randy Shilts argues, is the first disease in
which the victims "put political dogma ahead of
the preservation of human life."
And The Band Played On: Politics, People
And The AIDS Epidemic
By Randy Shilts
Shilts, a reporter for the San Francisco
Chronicle, makes this assertion in And The Band
Played On, a study ofthe first decade of one of
the most dangerous diseases in human history.
Shilts' book looks at how AIDS has affected
"Compelling diui often
slim-kin*1... lm|>u*sioneil
and pathl>re-kin**...
The best hook \et
(5) -v;^"
P O   L   I   T   I    C   S   ,
the United States, and other parts of the world.
He examines why the disease spread so quickly
and why Americans have only recently turned
their attention, research efforts and compassion
towards dealing with this affliction.
And The Band Played On is lucidly written
and makes compelling reading. The author looks
at medical efforts to stop the disease, the effect of
the disease on the gay movement in jAmerica and
the lives of some people with AIDS.
Shilts blasts those in the gay movement who
were more concerned with partying in homosexual
bathhouses he calls "biological cesspools for infection," and indulging in unsafe sexual practices,
than protecting themselves from AIDS. He contends the gay community saw dangerous sexual
practices as a mark of sexual liberation, and that
such behaviour complicated attempts to deal with
the disease.
He tells how leaders in the homosexual community who called for sexual responsibility were
called "sexual Nazis," "gay homophobes" and
"alarmists" by others in the gay community who
didn't share their beliefs.
Shilts also blasts the media, which he argues
only began to pay attention to the AIDS epidemic
when it began to threaten the heterosexual population, and continues to neglect homosexual
He has sharp words for the publicity-seeking
doctors who raced to be the discoverer of the AIDS
virus, and the politicians .who were not interested
in funding AIDS research until the epidemic got
However, Shilts is not entirely full of venom.
His accounts ofthe experiences of people with
AIDS are compassionate, empathetic, and often
quite moving as he shows the statistics we so
often hear represent people that live, love and
dream as the rest of us do. I was particularly
struck by the passages about Gary Walsh, which
talk about the emotional upheaval afflicting AIDS
victims and his visions of friends who had died.
His homosexual lover's own attempts to come to
terms with the disease which will claim his friend
are revealing and poignant.
And The Band Played On is educational and
fascinating, and is fast becoming the definitive
work on the recent history of AIDS.
JletrosejQialfemale volunteers, 22 years and older, art needed
forastudy measuring emotionalandphysiologicalreactions to
brief visualstimuli, some of which may include erotic content.
$20 'DOLLARSziMbepaidforparticipationin tftisstudy, for
further information, please contact:
'Eileen Palace, 'Department of Psychology at 228-3800, between 4:00 and 6:00 T9d, Monday through Thursday.
(EXCE • L-L-E-N-fWy-:
(BmI or Tolu)
The good deal is, your least expensive meal is FREE when two or more of the
above items are ordered. Not valid with any other coupons. Dining in only,
please. Valid only when this ad is presented prior to placement of order.
3431 WEST BROADWAY 738-5298
When you need copies quickly and hassle-free, see us at
Kinko's. Our self-service topiers are very easy to use and
give you the great quality, inexpensive copies you expect.
the copy centre
Monday to Friday 8 a.m .-Midnight 5706 University Blvd.
Saturday 10 - 6 Telephone: (604) 222-1688
Sunday 11-6 FAX: (604) 222-0025
is now accepting Proposals for the
Proposals must:
1) Be as specific as possible
2) Include the following information:
name of group requesting funds
number of people working on project
name of a contact person (including telephone
who will benefit from the project
description of the project in detail
a summarizing paragraph including the most salient
the amount of money requested
sources of other funds if applicable
There is a limit of one proposal per particular group of graduating
There is an upper limit of $3,000 for each proposal.
Each group must be prepared to give a short presentation of their
idea to the members of the grad Class Council at the end of
The deadline for proposals is 4:00p.m. Friday February 24th, 1989
and is final. No proposal will be accepted after this date.
Proposal will be received at SUB Room 238.
Please contact Daniel Matz, c/o SUB 238, 228-3971
ifyou have any questions
February 14,1989
THE UBYSSEY/13 "I'll take gays and
lesbians for two
Every year The Ubyssey runs a Gay
and Lesbian Issue. Every year we
explain why we run it in the editorial.
So here are the answers to the three
most commonly asked questions:
1. With a population of over 25,000
students at UBC, there are as many as
2,500 who feel they cannot express
their sexuality for fear they will be
taunted, beaten up, or alienated.
2. We'll publish a heterosexual issue
the day "die fucking breeder" appears
on the walls of campus washrooms.
3. Because Gay pride week does not
fall on Hallowe'en or April Fools day.
In the last issue of The Ubyssey Todd Patola's letter
contained misleading information and statements
which were factually incorrect. It is not Ubyssey policy
to print factually incorrect letters—it was amistake on
our part. Carolyn Egan had not received the petition
and was acting in accordance with the rules and guidelines ofthe AMS vice-presidency. The Ubyssey regrets
any embarrassment this may have caused Ms. Egan,
and her displeasure has been noted.
the Ubyssey
February 14, 1989
The Ubyssey is published Tuesdays and Fridays
throughout the academicyear by the Alma Mater Society
of the University of British Columbia. Editorial opinions
are those of the staff and not necessarily those of the
university administration, or of the sponsor. The Ubyssey is published with the proud support of the Alumni
Association. The Ubyssey is a member of Canadian
University Press. The editorial office is Rm. 241k of the
Student Union Building. Editorial Department, phone
228-2301; advertising, 228-3977;   FAX# 228-6093
A light mist rolled lazily off the water as Greg Davis and
Robert Groberman cautiously guided their Viking raiding
ship towards the unsuspecting sleepy village by the shore.
Fortunately, most of the village's inhabitants were away
attending a revival held by the reknowned evangelist Katherine Monk and her ministry in a nearby hamlet. The sole
remaining citizens were the diligent staff members of The
Ubyssey toiling under the uncompromising gaze of Deanne
Fisher. Below decks on the Viking ship, Stacey Newcombe
cracked her whip over the straining backs of Michael Laan-
ela and Ted Aussem as they struggled with the heavy oars
while Jon Treichel urged out a cadence on his stratocaster.
As their ship pulled up onto the beach, David Meek lead the
charge towards the village followed closely by Olivia Zanger
and Joe Altwasser. Upon reaching the edge of town, their
presence was quickly noted by Ernie Stelzer who passed the
information on to Vincent Sheh who in turn passed out.
Laurie MacGuiness rang out the alarm bell, startling Catherine Lu so much that she spilled her tea all over Anthony
Berno's freshly edited story. Rick Hiebert burst from his
personal closet of anxieties at the noise, crashing into Mark
Iester and causing him to insert yet another naughty word
into the editorial. Vett Lloid started to phone the police only
to be informed by Dennis Selder that neither telephones nor
police had been invented yet. Ian Jack grabbed the infamous
blue dress and started to put it on in an attempt to disguise
himself from the invaders. Alex Johnson andMichael Vaney
sat placidly watching the events unfold as Franka Cordua-
von Specht torched the first hut in the newly adopted
scorched earth policy. As The Ubyssey staffers all quaked in
fear, the Viking delegates, speaking through their interpreter Steve Chan, politely asked for directions to a nearby
town as they were late for a truck and tractor pull/professional wrestling doubleheader featuring a Harlem tag-team-
match between Don Wells andMichael Booth. The savage invaders then offered their profuse thanks for the help and
then departed as stealthily as they had come.
Joe Altwasser
Deanne Fisher
Robert Groberman
city desk:
Katherine Monk
Speaking out
I would like to reply to
Rob Warren's letter of Feb.
10, ("Speakeasy needs attitude change"). I believe that
there is nothing wrong with
people putting on displays
in SUB and having a good
time, however, not at the
expense of disturbing others. At Speakeasy on Friday, February 3, the people
attending the "Great Northern Concrete Toboggan
Race" display created an
unbearable amount of noise.
The Engineers took half of
our space, as far as I know
without permission, and
used it for T-shirt sales and
as a social center. Some used
our desk as a foot rest. Their
behavior possibly intimidated any possible clients
we could have helped. We
were unable to hear anybody on the phone while at
our desk. We considerately
asked them several times to
lower the noise level. One
engineer requested that the
music be turned down,
which his own colleagues
promptly ignored. There
was a general lack of respect
for Speakeasy and others in
In Mr. Warren's letter,
he misquotes the volunteer.
She did not advise them to
"go up to their little Cairn
and play with themselves."
The original statement had
no sexual connotations. The
volunteer merely suggested
that they make their noise
in their own buildings and
not disturb others.
Mr. Warren suggested
that the volunteer in question dislikes him purely on
the grounds of his enrollment in the Faculty of Engineering. In fact, this is not
the case. She was already
under stress and this was
increased by Mr. Warren
interrupting a private conversation she was having
with another volunteer concerning the noise in SUB.
She did make some statements about the behavior of
some people in SUB but not'
Engineers in general.
Mr. Warren makes
sweeping generalizations
and judgements about the
character of this volunteer
while at the same time condemning her for making
judgements about him. I
will not comment on this
volunteer's behavior, however, Mr. Warren's behavior
The Ubyssey welcomes letters on any Issue. Letters must be typed and are not to exceed 300 words in length. Content
which is judged to be libelous, homophobic, sexist, racist or factually incorrect will not be published. Please be concise.
Letters may be edited for brevity, but it is standard Ubyssey policy not to edit letters for spelling or grammatical mistakes.
Please bring them, with identification, to SUB 241k. Letters must include name, faculty, and signature.
was definitely not appropriate.
Mr. Warren states that
this volunteer "judged a
whole faculty and labelled
them as a lower class." As an
observer of this conversation, I know that it was not
even implied that the individuals of the Faculty of
Applied Science are of a
lower class.
Mr. Warren generalizes
from his judgements about
this volunteer to all Speakeasy volunteers. He is correct to say "generalizations
are only a cornerstone of
prejudice" and prejudice is
something that Speakeasy
does not support. Perhaps
Mr. Warren should look into
himself before he condemns
others for beingjudgmental.
Susanne Stockdill Arts 3
Advertising Coordinator,
The green color
of Immigration
Micheal Booth's "Freestyle" column of Feb. 7 attempts to portray those concerned about immigration
as racists and or people ignorant of the facts. That
many people opposed to
immigration are racists tout
court, is rather uninterestingly displayed in the
first half of Booth's column.
More interestingly, Booth
goes on to try and convince
us that non-racists' concerns about immigration
into Vancouver cannot be
given an economic foundation. It is at this point, when
Booth proffers the "facts",
that he is either being naive
or disingenuous.
Booth wants to deny
that "Hong Kong investors
are pushing up the price of
housing...and raising property taxes." He asks us to
note the rise in house prices
across the nation and the
"tameness" of our housing
market in comparison to
that in Ontario. In response
to this I point out that it is
the rate of change in house
prices and not the given
upward tendency that is
disconcerting — where else
in Canada have property
assessments jumped 100%
and more in one year as they
for some residents of Van-
cover's West Side? With respect to the comparison between Vancouver's house
prices and "house prices in
Ontario" Vancouver's mar
ket i s a lot ti ghter than those
in Kenora, Sudbury and
most other places in Ontario. Of course Mr. Booth
wants us to compare it with
Toronto's housing market.
While it is true that
average house prices are
higher in metro Toronto
than in Vancouver, this can
be attributed to the solid
economic prosperity of the
region. Southwestern Ontario has a strong economy
resting on a developed
manufacturing base. Vancouver's tight housing market cannot be similarly explained, for Vancouver has
relatively high unemployment and a rather anemic
services-based economy -
Vancouver only attracts
tourists and wealthy retirees and not the productive
capital it needs. Hence , our
tight housing market is not
a result of a robust economy;
our housing costs are artificially or unnaturally high.
Mr. Booth is dead wrong
when he asserts that "Hong
Kong buyers have had very
little impact on house prices
here." These "investors" as
they are called, coupled with
mammonistic real estate
agents, are precisely those
responsible for inflating the
price of such that people
born and raised in Vancouver are priced out of the
market. Whenever the media do a story about our
housing market, they invariably give us some shill
from a real estate company
who tells us that skyrocketing house prices are resulting from "offshore investors" or "Pacific Rim investors" and that somehow
we're becoming a World-
Class in the process! This
diffuses our focus on the
problem, which it must be
emphasized, has nothing to
do with the colour of skin but
everything to do with the
colour of money.
Charles Gilbertson.
4th year philosophy.
The no voice
strikes back
Tom Andrews' statement "if the fetus' rights
take priority then the
womans' rights are violated" comes from one narrow perspective. Violation
of the fetus' rights means
its death. Violation of the
woman's rights means nine
months out of her life to
nourish and sustain the life
of another human being,
simply by taking care of her
own body. It means just
ni ne months out of her many
years to give another human a chance at a life of his
or    her     own. After
that...well, there are hundreds of couples longing for
a child to adopt.
For the government to
protect the rights of the fetus, Tom says, the woman's
"reproductive system becomes the property of the
state." Governments don't
confiscate a woman's body,
Tom. It isn't the government who starts the growth
of that child in the first
place. When the woman
uses her reproductive system for her own sexual
pleasure, she knows what
consequence can arise—
another life. Once that little
person begins to live, the
woman is given, by nature,
the responsibility and honor
of nurturing that child. She
is given, as a result of her
own actions, a responsibility, not a choice. If her plea
is rape, yes, it is a great
emotional trauma, a horror,
yet the child is innocent, and
hopelessly dependant upon
its mother's courage,
strength, and love of life.
And Tom, you say that
abortion occurs naturally
during menstruation. You
don't know much about the
female body, do you?! Menstruation occurs when there
is no fertilization. Fertilization begins the formation of
the fetus...got it? "Abortion"
is "an expulsion of a fetus."
(Check the dictionary).
You say that "law will
be interpreted...not from
unmitigated emotions reconstituted as moral imperatives." One reason so
much emotion is involved on
the part of the pro-lifers is
that anti-lifers keep shouting out for the rights of
women to kill the babies in
their wombs. Well, anti-
abortionists are shouting
out for the rights of the silent, innocent, growing babies.
One more point, Tom:
Even in the animal kingdom, a female will kill to
protect her young; in the
human world, females are
killing their offspring to convenience themselves.
Lorna Matte
English 3
February 14,1989 OP-IB
13 yrs of repression ends
Last September, after 13
years of self-denial, I finally admitted to myself that I was gay. A
few months later I took my first
step out ofthe proverbial closet. I
thank the people at the GLUBC
for their support.
I shock most of the people I
tell. Fm 24 and a Science graduate
student. I come from a very traditional family, Chinese and very
Roman Catholic. I don't mean to
shock my friends, but sometimes I
think they deserve it for being
ignorant of homosexuality.
Fm invisible because I can
lose my scholarship, job opportunities, etc. Professors and students could make my graduate
work difficult. I've had one professor, four grad students and one
student in a lab that I teach make
derogatory remarks about gays
without realizing they were talking to one.
I wish the so-called Christians would leave us alone and
examine themselves for just a
minute. Three years ago I took the
religious route. I became involved
in the Roman Catholic Church as
an eucharistic minister. I know
now that I need more faith in
myself than in God.
I'm happier now that I'm gay.
M.Sc. Grad Student
Being gay: an insider's story
I hate the word "understand". Since I've "come out"
that word has been like a hydra—sticking its ugly head up
where its neither wanted nor
appreciated. I've had friends
say "I think I understand you
better now," or simply "I understand"—people who've
never even known ahomosex-
ual before and hardly, really,
know me. The best any
person can
do, I'd say,
would be a
well-informed "good idea".
So, I suppose that's why
I'm writing this article, but, I
must admit, it's not easy. It's
hke trying to describe what
it's like being white or male or
eating a banana to someone
from an entirely different universe.     I figure, you,  the
son. He should, however, feel
complimented, as I do not consider myself a slouch about to
which men I feel attracted.
How do I know that I, for
one, am gay? It's hard to say in
any other way except, I am, I
know I am. My first real sexual memory dates back to
when I was, at the very most,
eight. On the television they
musthave had some special on
Greek art. I
these vases with Greek athletes on them and getting very-
excited.    That night, in my
room, I got nude and imitated
all their athletic stances and
I'll be darned if that "thing"
didn't  lengthen   and   stand
proudly upright. In bed, I kept
on trying to push it down, but
reader, are meeting me half it refused to be anything but
way at least the very fact that hard arid swollen. Today, 111
you're reading this article so be excited by someone walking
111 do my very best to expose
all the colours, flavours, textures and nuances of the banana.
It is an interesting (and
not entirely enjoyable) feeling, knowing that you can
make someone who has never
even met you despise you for
something that is as much a
part of you and unchangeable
as your race or gender. An
example of this is that guy in
high-school that I had a crush
on. He goes to university now
and would probably break my
skinny bones for this very rea-
by, then realize that it is female and thafs it It's like
someone just turned off my
hormonal faucet.
That, I think, makes us
special. Whether you approve
of it or not is not, in the matter
of speciality important. I'm
different and have always felt
it, from the majority of society
and differences make people
special, professional athletes
are special, as are invalids and
along those lines I am special
and like all people should, I
refuse to wear that as a badge
neither of pride nor shame.
Homosexuals can love too
Valentine's Day and UBC
Gay and Lesbian Week coinciding
makes an interesting statement.
Valentine's Day is usually associated with love and romance.
Homosexuality is wrongly associated with sex and lascivity by
much of our society. This is the
central ignorance impending the
progress of gay and lesbian equality.
"Homosexuality," a rather
cold and clinical term, contains
the word "sex" but not the word
"love." This word, however, is
certainly one ofthe lesser offensive terms used to label us, compared to the more abrasive epithets. But it's a very shallow term
usedby a society which can seldom
comprehend anything beyond the
dominant male-female kind of
love. The term "gay" is more innocuous, I suppose; at least it
implies that we're happy. Heterosexuals, who would certainly not
want their lifestyle to be viewed
simply in terms of sex, must see
that the same sentiment is shared
by gays and lesbians.
What gays and lesbians feel
for other gays and lesbians is love
ofthe same quality and dignity as
that shared by heterosexuals. For
those who consider homosexuality
as an abnormality or "chosen" bad
habit, this may seem a bold statement. Do any of us know for sure
exactly what love is and have a
sound definition that they can
apply to all of adult humanity? A
definition by which those who did
not meet the criteria could be la
belled "abnormal"? Anyone who
claims to know such a definition
has severe delusions of godliness.
Now that's abnormal.
The one great strength of the
gay and lesbian rights movement
is that we are struggling, quite
simply, to be free to love. The
whole fight against discrimination
is strongly motivated by a need to
be free to love. For gays and lesbians, freedom to love means things
like couples being able to walk
along the beach hoi ding hands just
like heterosexuals. It means being
able to love someone and have it
accepted and even taken for
granted by society the way heterosexuals do. It is simply a struggle
for equality: Equality with heterosexuals.
At the risk of sounding trite,
while love is an indefinite concept,
it is very powerful. This, of course,
is a difficult point to illustrate
logically, as love isn't a logical,
tangible thing. What is love? Who
knows. We just try to follow our
feelings. That's what we all do,
regardless of sexuality.
I recall a particular incident
which occurred when I was
quite visibly holding hands with a
boyfriend in a public place. A passerby, in a moment of supreme
witticism, exclaimed "Fags!" Smiling, I replied, "We're not just fags.
We're a couple." My simple message to any of the unenlightened
who may actually still be reading
this is, view us and try to understand us in terms of love and not
just sex. Open your heart, and you
can open your mind.
Mark Keister
Gays & Lesbians of UBC
Stepping out
Christ, even to think about
coming-out to one person at a time
can still scare the shit out of me.
My hands begin to feel heavy, my
heart wails away at speeds I can't
control and my mind races with all
the risks I'm taking. So, to think
about writing about it for everyone
to read fills me with dread.
Nevertheless, it's been
more than two years since I
first came out of the closet and
you can't change your mind and
say, "Mom,Dad, remember all
that stuff I told you about being
gay; well, I was only kidding."
Once you start inching your
way out of that trap you've got to
keep going. Unfortunately, Fm not
able to get Babara Frum to help
me tell everyone at the same time
as M.P.Svend Robinson did last
year on the Journal. IVe had to
come out over and over again with
each of my friends and the members of my family.
It was a strange experience
wishing that I didn't have so many
damn friends and such a typically
enormous, Catholic family! Anyhow, rather than make my announcement too dramatic, by calling together all the people I know
at one time, I chose to sit down
with people in ones and twos. To
those that lived too far away I
wrote long letters or waited for an
opportunity when we could be together. It took a while.
The coming-out process, however, didn't end there. There are
the people at my workplace whom
can all talk about their family lives
while I use careful words such as
"roommate" and "a friend of mine"
when I'm really talking about my
lover. I wouldn't mind being more
honest with them, but it might
become a little uncomfortable to
work there afterward. It's a risk.
What isn't a risk these days! If
I don't give my workmates and
everyone else the chance how can I
expect them to accept me for who I
am? I believe it's a matter of self-
oppression. The prospect of being
rejected under any circumstance
is a drag (no pun intended),
but,who knows,it may not be a big
deal to them that I'm gay and I can
get one more obstacle in my life out
ofthe way.
Rejection by your workmates
isn't the same as being cast out by
your family. When I sat down with
my parents, I was prepared for the
worst. However, rather than set
myself up for the axe by asking
them to approve of my sexual ori
entation I asked only that they try
to understand that being gay is
part of who I am (as opposed to a
lifestyle I have chosen) and to accept me as I was created.
The night when I told them,
around the kitchen table after
we'd cleared away the supper
dishes, was a long one.
It took a while to explain some of
the things I had had years to work
through and I tried to not to
overwhelm them. To their
credit, and my great relief,
they each assured me of there
One of my brothers thought
my announcement about being
gay was about to be followed with
another about having AIDS.
When I assured him of my health,
the other news seemed almost
bland. My other brother.a joker,
took no time in calling me a fag
whenever he felt like teasing me.
Fd never been so happy to be
called a faggot in my life.
What I've learned since then
is that Fm not alone. It turns out
that several of my friends are also
gay. So much for the widely
claimed ability to spot a queer a
mile away; even I can't say for
sure. There are also gay newspapers, gay sports clubs, gay politicians, gay parents, and, little by
little.there are gay .rights. Coming-out is easier all the time when
there's so much to be proud of.
"Power of sexuality is not confined to the opposite sex"
From a completely dispassionate perspective, the furore
and debate that homosexuality
creates must seem very strange
indeed. Why would anyone be so
embarassed, offended or enraged
by such an innocuous thing as an
erotic attraction towards a member of one's own sex? A typical
heterosexual would simply say
that it was disgusting and leave it
at that. Those that are more religiously inclined would quote the
Bible at length, insisting that it
violated the law of God. Whether
one agrees with these opinions or
not, on a superficial level, it hardly
seems that homosexuality is worthy ofthe fuss that it raises.
Of course, there are some very
good reasons for the powerful
emotions that the subject of homosexuality engenders. Consider
again the 'typical heterosexual'.
Why would he or she consider it so
disgusting? And why would anyone be moved to malign, attack or
even kill another human being on
this basis? Surely there must be
something about homosexuality
that moves this 'typical hetero- 	
sexual' very deeply. (Some of
my more sarcastic frierids have
passed this effect off as jealousy - I somehow doubt that
that is true!)
One can gain considerable
insight into the reasons for this by
considering the Christian perspective. Most Christians accept
the Bible as the unshakable word
of God and do not question its
truth. However, few look at the
rationale behind its principles.
The Bible's treatment of homosexuality is particularly mysterious. While the condemmnation of
homosexual acts is by no means a
primary tenet of Christian philosophy, it is nontheless a part of
it, and one might wonder why this
is so. Answering this question is
perhaps easier than the previous
one. Christians, throughout his
tory, have persecuted witches,
pagans, heretics, and in fact anyone that perceives a spiritual force
that could possibly distract from
Christian spirituality. This, in
part, is why Christianity is a successful religion - it never fails to
recognize a threat and move to
eliminate it. Homosexuality, like
witchcraft and paganism, embodies a fundamental spiritual power
that could have destroyed the
power of the church had it been
given free reign. For that reason,
the Christian church generally
goes out of it's way to justify the
persecution of homosexuals, even
though this goes directly against
the teachings of Christ.
It is this same power that
causes many people to fear homosexuality.   By   nature,   human
beings tend to fear that which they
do not understand, and an understanding of homosexuality is anything but easy in our confused
and antisexual society. There
are so many people that are
afraid of the power latent in
everyday heterosexuality - so
afraid of it that they would rather
see twenty people being brutally
murdered on television before
they would watch a scene of full
frontal nudity - that it is not surprising that the subject of homosexuality is clouded in ignorance.
The result of this is not only
that homosexuals are subjected to
hate and, all to often, violence, but
that our society is being cheated
out of a powerful creative and
spiritual force. It may not be a
coincidence that some ofthe greatest thinkers and artists throughout history were gay, or at least
possessing an understanding of
the beauty of their own gender.
People  like   Sappho,   Socrates,
Miachelangelo, Leonardo da
Vinci, W.H. Auden and Walt
Whitman all understood that the
power of sexuality is not confined
to the opposite sex, and used this
knowledge to create great works of
Given the still largely unexplored potential of homosexuality,
it is foolish to argue endlessly over
its 'morality'. That issue has died
for the lack of fresh ideas, and the
debate will go no further. Instead,
it is time to reject conventional
ideas about homosexuality and
examine it in a new light. Every
encounter one has with another
human being, regardless of their
sex, is in some way sexual.
Whether one is gay or straight, to
ignore this out of fear of homosexuality or even fear of heterosexuality is to ignore a fundamental part
of oneself.
Anthony Berno
February 14,1989
t was a decision that put the United Church on
the front page of the Globe and Mail. It has
drawn some people towards the Church and
repelled others. For Brad Newcombe, it is a decision that
jeopardizeshis livelihood. But given a chance to change the
decision, Newcombe wouldn't.
Newcombe is UBC's United Church roving campus
Chaplain and because he has no congregation, he relies on
the wealth ofthe United Church as a whole to retain his position. That wealth is diminishing now as more and more
members of the Church withhold their donations in a
backlash against an August, 1988 decision to allow the ordination of gay and lesbian people.
Forgiving Trespasses...
A Minister in Canada's first church to recognize the rights of gays
and lesbians to become ordained, UBC Chaplain Brad Newcombe
says the healthy and neverending debate exposed a history of
oppression within the United Church.
By Deanne Fisher
They want the decision reversed and are "holding vital ministries at ransom and causing further pain and hurt to
many people in need," according to Newcombe.
But he still doesn't have a problem being "tough" on the
Church. "The churches have preached a Christianity without Christ to gay and lesbian people...the Church has been
cruel in rejecting people and asking gay and lesbian people
to be so dishonest," says Newcombe.
This summer's statement from the Church's General
Council—an elected decision-making body of 400 people,
both lay and ordained—includes a confession of sin which
states the Church has "participated in a history of injustice
and persecution against gay and lesbian persons in violation ofthe Gospel of Jesus Christ."
But that confession isn't what made the headlines—it
was the ordination of gay and lesbian ministers, something
Newcombe says isn't really new. "There have always been
gay ministers. This is not something new—what is new is
to talk about it."
And the debate over sexual orientation, says Newcombe, "dominated General Council like no other issue in
history. (It) exposed homophobia in the same way the civil
rights movement in the early days scratched through the
veneer of indecency to reveal the vicousness of racism," he
But Newcombe is tiring slightly of the issue now,
although he is grateful for the attention it has brought to
the Church. "Everybody loves to talk about sex-combine
sex with religion and everybody wants to say something
and that's great. That's better than silence," he says.
With the face of a 23-year old, Newcombe, who is
actually 35, looks like an average UBC student—hidden
are his eight years of university at McGill and eight years
of ministry. Although he was not a part of General Council
at the time ofthe historic decision, Newcombe contributed to
the process by leading workshops on human sexuality at which
participants provided written feedback on the issue to the General
Council. "Some were wonderful, some were angry, some confused. But
they were all amazing in that they tried very hard to listen to one
another," says Newcombe of his participants, adding that a biological
theory, one of many he presents to explain homosexuality, was often the most
comforting for those struggling to understand.
Newcombe doesn't deny that some people have left the church over the issue but,
overall, membership in Vancouver has increased. "There has been a lot of publicity
about people who have left—less well known is the fact that many people have come
because of this."
The media, says Newcombe, is guilty of sensationalism, giving "undue publicity to congregations in conflict.
"Often these conflicts have involved very small numbers of people and need not be dealt with in
newspapers." Newcombe does not deny the United Church is split over the issue but "the impression the
media has given is that division is greater than it is," he says.
"If I had been a reporter, I would have minimized the issue itself and focussed on other issues and
concerns in the Church as the Church responds to world." The United Church has quite a history of responding
to issues—they reaffirmed the rights of Native people in 1984, were opposed to Free Trade (though the issue was put
on the backburner this year) and ordained women as early as 1936.
It was a woman seeking ordination who sparked the homosexual debate when she came out to General Council in
1978. The debate has been simmering ever since but only blew up in 1988. For Newcombe, the debate over homosexuality
means a much broader debate about sexuality in general—"what it is to be male and what it is to be female, changing roles in
our society, marriage."
But instead, members ofthe Church have fixated their hostility on homosexuality as the issue—that, and the United Church's decision-making process. "They feel they didn't have enough say in what happened," explains Newcombe. Yet only 20 percent ofthe Church's
members responded when asked for feedback on the issue. "General Council acted in good faith—not impulsively—and not without study,
reflection and prayer," Newcombe says in defence of the decision.
The debate over homosexuality comes down to a difference in interpretation of the Bible. And Newcombe claims "Jesus provides the
clearest explanation of mutuality of men and women in his attitudes and behaviour" and that "nowhere in the Gospels does Jesus mention homosexuality."
It is Paul in the new testament who creates the most controversy where he says a man shall not lie with a man nor a woman with a woman. "But when
Paul was writing he had no concept of what we know as sexual orientation," claims Newcombe, who firmly states "what General Council has said is consistent with the gospel of Jesus Christ."
Although the United Church is the first to deal with the ordination of homosexuals, Newcombe expects "all other denominations will have the same
The decision is now almost six months old but it is still "all anybody wants to talk about," says Newcombe, who doesn't mind discussing the issue with anyone at UBC.
The reaction of UBC students in discussions has been "marked by tolerance" he says, although sometimes he finds he must "simply agree to disagree".
Newcombe spends his days at UBC meeting with students for counselling or just to talk, either one on one or through clubs and speaker series. Not a stranger to the media
himself, he is on Vancouver airwaves on CKWX on Sunday nights. But the program content provides yet another surprise—his musical line-up includes Kris Kristoferson and
Dwight Yoakum. And a little gospel Elvis.
February 14,1989


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