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Array u Culture
Friday, 8 September, 2006   THE UBYSSEY
An Atmosphere of starry-eyed devotion
at the Commodore Ballroom
Septermber 5
by Momoko Price
"I guess I'm a hopeless romantic. I
don't really know what I'm looking
for, but I have an ideal..."
"Man, it sounds like you're a
hopeful romantic, not a hopeless
"Yeah, but who isn't, really?"
I listen to two guys discuss
heartbreak between sets outside the Commodore nightclub
Tuesday night. And I think to
myself, 'yep, I'm definitely at an
Atmosphere show.'
I kid. Though the underground
hip hop group Atmosphere is
known for its exhaustive lyrics
about broken relationships and
destructive love addictions, fans of
the group flocked to the show this
week with high expectations of
complex rhymes, danceable beats
and confident showmanship. And
all three acts, Mac Lethal, Psalm
One and Atmosphere, accompanied by live band and DJ, delivered
the goods.
I wonder sometimes if well-
respected hip hop groups are
even capable of leaving a crowd
dissatisfied. In my experience,
the intensity of starry-eyed devotion that radiates from the audience at these shows before they
even begin is almost scary. This
is probably because it's largely
expressed through aggressive
yelling by a tightly packed army
of guys who look bigger than they
actually are because of their oversized clothes and ballcaps.
But praise was definitely well-
earned for opening acts Mac
Lethal and Psalm One. Mac Lethal,
in spite of being the first one
onstage, pulled off the near-impossible feat of getting the majority of
audience members away from
their chairs and onto the dance
floor before they could even get
drunk enough to think they're
good dancers. Mac Lethal, along
with accompanying MC Joe Good,
riled the crowd with his well-
rehearsed theatrics and scathing,
mischievous song themes. The
song "Make-Out Bandit" was
laughably arrogant with its Don
Juan-isms, coming as it was from
Mac Lethal, a short, pudgy, bird-
faced white guy.
Psalm One's stage presence
was so playful in contrast to her
heavy studio sound that I was
taken aback by how PG-13 her
performance seemed live. That's
not to say that it wasn't serious,
talented MCing—she's incredible—it was just surreal how her
open smile and funny faces managed to make the signature thunderous bass in her music seem
like nothing but fun and games. I
couldn't help but think how her
antics onstage would have made
crying babies start to laugh.
And then there was the head-
liner, Atmosphere. The army of
fans was in full force when MC
Slug and accompanying MC/pro-
ducer Ant grabbed the mics.
Chants of the group's name were
pounded out along with the
stamping of giant sneakers.
Arms waved, girls screamed,
lighters were lit, and joints were
secretly sparked in the darkness.
They centered their set list
largely around their 2005 album,
"You Can't Imagine How Much
Fun We're Having," with a few
tracks from the Lucy Ford LPs
and other albums. I was slightly
disappointed when Slug started
up the broken-hearted ballad
"Don't Ever Fucking Question
That" and then slid straight into
"Little Man" after only a few verses. Perhaps the song, written
years ago in reaction to an agonizingly on-and-off long-term
relationship, was too reminiscent of a state of mind long past
for him to perform it.
Though I overheard people
say it was the best Atmosphere
show they'd seen in years, I do
have to say that Slug seemed a little tired. His lyrics are so slick
that it'd be hard for anyone not to
walk away impressed, and he
performed hard enough that he
reached the point of being
soaked in sweat. It was a great
show, but somehow I felt an
intangible sense of routine in his
performance, and a touch of contempt in his between-song banter. But then again, Slug's public
persona revolves around perpetual dissatisfaction, and so perhaps this was just another
nuance of Atmosphere's angst-
ridden attitude. @
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Friday, 8 September, 2006
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All of a sudden Kathryn Stewart, Rachel Topping and Levi Bartnett collectively leaped over a squirrel as they attempted to avoid the cartwheels and
flips of Jasmine Nielsen,Boris Korby and Champagne Choquer. Leigh-Anne
Mathieson,Alisha Delgado-Pelton and George Prior were knocked to the
ground but luckily Colleen Tang and Drew Gilm ore remained upright.
Unfortunately,the commotion had angered the dancing monkeys. Candace
Olcada, Darcy Thompson and Jesse Marchand ran wildly away from the
monkeys when Kellan Higgins and Vanessa Smithe pointed out that they
were all in a dangerous situation. Mary Leighton and Andrew MacRae tried
to flee with the others but didn't see the banana peels placed on the sidewalk as a joke by Carolynne Burkholder and Elliott Chalmers earlier that
day. Michelle Mayne and Momoko Price stopped to pick up the peels, even
after Eric Szeto and Cheata Nao said it would clearly make the monkeys
even angrier. Claudia Li and Josh Anderson agreed that obviously monkeys
and bananas cannot co-exist on campus.
editorial graphic Levi Bamett
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Friday, 8 September, 2006   THE UBYSSEY
Poetry in motion
by Meredith Hambrock
Slam Poetry is one of those rare art
forms that tons of people have heard
of, but few can actually define—one of
Vancouver's top slam poets had a bit
of trouble herself.
"Even the term 'spoken word
artist' I find a little irritating," said
Barbara Adler. "I'm not a slam poet
anymore because that term pretty
much means that you just compete
in slams all that time, and I don't."
It does sound a little goofy, but
there are few other words that one
could use to describe what her
brand of artistic expression is all
about. She got her start at a poetry
slam when she was 18 and "looking
for something Bohemian to do." She
tried to get into jazz clubs, but being
cursedly underage, she turned to the
Vancouver Poetry Slam where she
eventually became one of the top
slam poets in the area. A recent
graduate from Simon Fraser
University with a double major in
Art and Cultural Studies and Fine
and Performing Arts, it is evident
that Adler has found her niche.
"I always knew in the back of
mind that I wanted to be a writer,"
she said. "It took me a while to
admit it, but once I did I decided
that I would be a writer, and if I was
a bad writer, so be it."
"Music and humour help me connect with the audience," she added,
referring to many of her poems
where she incorporates one or both
elements. While she isn't a musician
herself, the symbiotic relationship
of the two often adds the humour
and ambience necessary to make an
often over-emotional art form accessible to anyone.
Brendan McLeod, meanwhile,
was Vancouver's Grand SLAM
Poetry champion in 2005 and the
runner-up at the World SLAM
Championships in 2005.  He  also
competed on the Vancouver Slam
team with Adler.
McLeod began slamming when
he moved back to Vancouver after
completing his MA in Philosophy at
the University of Waterloo and
"ended up living right around the
corner from Cafe Deux Soleils,"
where the Vancouver Slams usually
take place.
"I had been writing in my basement, this long novel that sucked, so
I thought I would try slamming," he
said. "My first performance was
nerve-racking. It was a bad poem,
but it was a good reception because
I was so excited."
He really had nowhere to go but
up. McLeod is the kind of performer
whose words pin you to your seat
and refuse to let you out of their vice
grip. He uses less music then Adler,
though his sense of humour is
charming enough to win over any
audience. The CBC has called him
"Canada's top SLAM spieler"—they
don't lie. You haven't seen slam
poetry until you've seen McLeod
throw it all down on the stage.
After their recent stint on the
Vancouver Slam Team, McLeod and
Adler hooked up with CR Avery and
Mark Berube, other acclaimed
poet/musicians in the area, and
then they were invited to England
for a four nations poetry slam. From
there The Fugitives were born. They
define themselves as "a mix of New
York Slam-poetry with Canadiana
and folk-cabaret beatboxing. Throw
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and you have the Fugitives."
While one may presume that this
sort of artistic fusion would lead
down a hokey road, the Fugitives
successfully circumvent this by relying on superior instrumentation,
their extremely talented beatboxer
and creative lyrics. They're a band
that demands your attention and
leaves you begging for more. @
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Formula for success
Wolves in Wolves Clothing
Fat Wreck Cords
by Scan Lee
There are some artists who have
somehow managed to beat the
odds and withstand the test of
time, remain popular and continue to produce quality music while
their colleagues have long faded
into obscurity. For punk music,
this role is undoubtedly played
by NOFX.
Formed in 1983 by three high
school kids from Los Angeles,
NOFX fell squarely into the second
wave of the U.S. punk movement,
a period motivated as much by the
music itself as the anti-authoritarian ideals upon which punk originally gained popularity in the
early '70s.
Inspired by such bands as the
Misfits, the Descendents, and the
Germs, NOFX began as little more
than yet another talentless three-
piece who could barely play their
instruments. Yet in the squalor
that was '80s music, this was
enough for the band to attract a
loyal legion of fans.
Beginning with two EP releases
on Mystic Records in the early
'80s, NOFX soon gained the support of fellow Californian punk
icons Bad Religion, and subsequently became one the of the first
bands to sign under Mr. Brett's
(Bad Religion guitarist) all-punk
indie label, Epitaph Records. With
a relatively stable line-up consisting of the band's founding members, bassist/vocalist Fat Mike,
guitarist Eric Melvin, and drummer Eric Sandin, NOFX managed
to refine their sound in the deluge
of releases that followed.
Ultimately, NOFX's identity
became cemented with the release
of 1992's The Longest Line, which
marked the debut of the band's
second guitarist Aaron Abeyta (aka
El Hefe).
It was in the mid '90s that
NOFX ultimately found "mainstream" popularity by tirelessly
touring the world, and consistently releasing good albums that,
while maintaining punk rock sensibilities, remained loyal to the
band's stable of quick-witted lyrics
and good old-fashioned toilet
humor. Only NOFX could release
the epic single The Decline, a
largely serious 18-minute social
commentary, and then follow it up
with the album Pump up the
Valuum, which gave us the classic
ballads "My Vagina" and "Clams
Have Feelings Too (Actually
They Don't)." The band's 15th
and most recent full-length
release, Wolves in Wolves
Clothing, unequivocally proved
that sticking to the same formula
for over two decades can serve as
a recipe for success.
To some critics, NOFX is made
up of over-the-hill burnouts, but as
illustrated in their most recent
album, this is also what makes
them popular, and ultimately iconic. The CD's first and last tracks,
comically titled "60%" and "60%
reprise"—a reference to the portion of CD profits taken by the
major label bureaucracy—serve as
the band's rebuttal of their critics.
They may not be on MTV or seek
promotion   from   big   business
America, but they've still managed
to enjoy success after all these
years because they truly love what
they do.
Beyond staying loyal to themselves, NOFX has also managed to
stay true to the D.I.Y. spirit of the
punk movement, as Wolves
in Wolves Clothing marks the
band's second full-length release
on Fat Mike's own label Fat Wreck
Cords. The record features 18
tightly-wound tracks (plus one
secret rehearsal track) which
prove that NOFX has aged like a
fine wine, rather than become
stale like their contemporaries.
Over the course of their 23 year
tenure, NOFX has not really
changed, but rather has become a
more refined and cohesive unit.
The drum, bass, and guitar all
seem to fall into a near perfect
synchronization and possess a
level of speed and musical complexity not often found in punk.
With tracks like "The Marxist
Brothers," "Leaving Jesusland,"
and "Seeing Double at the Triple
Rock," this CD is easily accessible
to new fans. But with the raw guitar and bass lines in "USA-Holes" it
also appeals to those fonder of the
band's earlier works.
I'm not going to lie—this album
took some time to grow on me, but
after listening to it in its entirety,
I was able to put my fears to
rest and come to accept that
Wolves in Wolves Clothing is a
very good effort from a band that
many have long held dear to
their hearts.
That said, few will likely call
this NOFX's best release, but it's
far from their worst. NOFX has
remained popular in an industry
where stars of today are rarely
tomorrow's big thing, so whether
you like them or not, one has
to respect what NOFX has
accomplished. @
Death of a Superman
Now Playing
by Tamara Harvey
Superman may have been hurt by
kryptonite, but it was a bullet to the
head that killed TV's first man of
steel, George Reeves.
In Hollywoodland, Ben Affleck
plays Reeves in flashbacks as
Louis Simo (Adrien Brody), a private investigator, tries to figure
out what exactly happened to put
that bullet in Reeves' head. The
police rule it a suicide. His mistress Toni, portrayed in a standout
performance by Diane Lane, was
the wife of the head of Metro
Goldwyn Mayer Studios. This adds
a heavy incentive for murder.
Another possible motive comes
from Reeves' fiancee, Leonore,
played by Robin Tunney. She
seems to be in the marriage for his
money alone. The fact that she
waited forty-five minutes to call
the police after he was shot is
very suspicious.
The film revolves around the
Simo character almost more than
the Reeves mystery, which is fortunate because Brody does a much better job of acting, as usual, than
Affleck—his character is so charming you nearly forget he's playing a
complete sleazebag. Affleck, on the
other hand, delivers a predictably
bland performance. One would
expect that playing an actor struggling to get his career back on track
wouldn't be much of a stretch for
him; instead he coasts his way
through the film and only shows
true emotion in a single scene.
Luckily, his lack of expressive acting
makes Diane Lane's excellent performance stand out that much
more. She makes her character very
realistic and sexy.
With a number of twists and
turns, however, the film tends to
become very heavy and depressing. The ending is somewhat hopeful for the future but all the sad situations for actors in the film
remain present today. We love the
icons but know little about who
they truly are as people. We still
believe in the illusion of Hollywood
and are disappointed in the business side. We have actors who get
stuck in a role and can't convincingly pull off another one.
Hollywoodland takes an intriguing look at a real mystery and
allows the audience to really understand the many aspects of the film
industry and Hollywood in general.
Even with Ben Affleck's unfortunate performance, Hollywoodland
is a great look at Hollywood history
and the actors who drove it. @
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Recruitment critical to success for T-Birds hockey
by Jessica Kim
In the midst of the excitement surrounding the arrival of some of the
WHL's top players to UBC, it can be
easy to miss the hidden perils that
the recruitment madness brings.
Varsity recruitment is all about
the business of making it big, and
UBC's expansion of the Thunderbirds
is no exception. Add to that UBC's
recent interest in applying to
the National Collegiate Athletics
Association (NCAA), and the quest to
make it big is more important
than ever.
There's no doubt that the NCAA
will bring UBC the highest level of
competition, giving the T-Birds a
chance to make a mark across
North America; however, the induction into the NCAA will also bring
UBC a handful of obstacles, particularly the University's hockey
recruitment policy.
Under the current CIS regulations, Canadian universities are
eligible to pursue former CHL players.   Without   competition   from
HANDS OFF! Former WHL playerTyler Dietrich mixes it up for
American universities, UBC has an
edge when it comes to recruitment.
UBC's academic reputation and
school spirit, along with the benefits of being a varsity athlete, gives
the recruits enough reason to settle
down in Vancouver.
"Mitch Bartley...was heavily
recruited by some of the top universities, like U of A, or U of MB," said
Milan Dragicevic, head coach of the
Thunderbirds men's hockey. "[There
were] various teams that he could
have picked and itwas important that
we got Mitch because he is local and
he played for the Vancouver Giants.
Everyone knows him here...and now
that they recognize his name, they
know he plays for UBC. Now that is a
huge benefit to UBC."
Under NCAA rules however
UBC would no longer be able to
recruit CHL players, and instead
would look to the Junior A level for
player recruitment.
"I think if UBC goes the NCAA
route, it's [going to have] a big
impact on everything that we do
here. I think a lot of things are [going
to] change. I think the NCAA is very
different than CIS—you are recruiting totally different players."
Dragicevic explains that even if
NCAA regulations make CHL players
off-limits, UBC will still have a significant edge in recruitment.
"This past year, over 50 players
got NCAA scholarships. I think what
you will find [if UBC joins the NCAA]
is that these players who are
Canadians [will] want to stay in
Canada, close to home, and still get a
very good education. [They will] pick
UBC over some American schools."
UBC's recent interest in joining
the NCAA brings many questions
with it. With some NCAA Division I
colleges maintaining a budget that
rivals a third world economy, (where
a professor's salary is a mere fraction
of a football coach's), UBC may find it
difficult to match the funding available to many American Universities.
"it was important that
we got Mitch [Bartley]
because he is local, and
he played for the
Vancouver Giants.
Everyone knows him
huge beneht to ubc."
-Milan Dragicevic
UBC men's hockey coach
But with the 2010 Olympics and
a $50 million arena on the way,
UBC's varsity development presently seems unstoppable. @
Men's Soccer
The defending national champion
UBC Thunderbirds men's soccer
team is ranked number one in the
first CIS poll of the season. UBC,
which beat Toronto to win the CIS
Championship last year, plays against
the third-ranked Trinity Western
Spartans in Langley on Saturday.
Women's Soccer
UBC is at number five in the first CIS
Top Ten poll. The Thunderbirds open
their season against the defending
national champion UVic Vikes this
Saturday in Victoria.
The UBC football team was rusty in
their 22-16 season-opening win over
Calgary, but impressed enough voters
to move into the CIS Top Ten ths week
at number nine. The T-Birds have a
bye this week before returning to
action against against Alberta in
Edmonton September 16. Defending
Vanier Cup champions Laval retained
the top spot in the poll despite not
playing last week, followed by
Saskatchewan and Montreal.
The men's golf team is starting their
tryouts for the upcoming season. The
candidates are playing 3 6 holes today
at Fraserview Golf Course and 36
holes at Point Roberts, Washington
on Monday. The women's roster has
already been confirmed.
Men's Volleyball
UBC is in Korea to prepare for the
upcoming season, which begins in late
October. The T-Birds are still seeking
their first victory of the tour, which has
seen them fall to the Korean national
junior team, LIG and KEPCO (Korean
club teams). @
The most painful
part of a dental
visit is the bill
And the best remedy is preventive care with a plan that offers $500
coverage for dental visits. Before visiting a dentist, please consult your
Health & Dental Plan Reference Guide or visit www.studentcare.net
for complete coverage details.
Change-of-Coverage Period
Additional enrolments and opt outs must be completed between
September 5 - 26,2006.
AMS/GSS Health & Dental Plan
Take Good Care
Alma Mater Society of UBC
Health & Dental Plan Office
Room 61, Student Union Building, Lower Level
6138 SUB Boulevard
Toll-free: 1 877 795-4421
10 years
%9s^ Jff< THE UBYSSEY   Friday, 8 September, 2006
MedicAlert sets up first office in BC
UBC community can join MedicAlert with reduced prices
by Colleen Tang
MedicAlert, the world's leading provider of
emergency medical information services, is
now offering UBC students reduced membership prices as part of their expansion
into BC.
Their new BC office is the first in the
West and the second in Canada. As part of
MedicAlert's expansion, UBC students have
been offered a membership cost reduction
of $20.
"Being the largest university with the
largest population, we can reach the most
people there," said George Gould, Western
Coordinator of MedicAlert, "I want to reach
the most people I can."
Another reason UBC students were chosen is because "UBC is home" to Gould, a
UBC alumnus.
The company felt there was a lack of emergency medical information services—education, outreach and awareness programs-
available on the west coast, said Gould. He
added that MedicAlert only had one office in
Canada, located in Toronto.
"Unfortunately there have been precious
little services here in BC because of [the
one office in Toronto] and a lot of the outreach services and school education programs ...haven't been able to run here sim
ply because we don't have an office here,"
said Gould.
MedicAlert's goal is "to establish the foundation firmly in [BC] with a solid membership base that will then help us carry the
foundation forward into doing great things in
BC," said Gould.
Due to financial constraints, MedicAlert
was unable to afford a space during this
week's first week event in the Student Union
Building as they originally intended.
"It was just prohibitive," said Gould.
Regardless, MedicAlert will have a presence on campus, said Gould. "We're determined to get the service out there and
David Yuen, AMS VP Administration, said
the AMS would be happy to provide other
avenues to help MedicAlert offer their services to students.
But as for the service itself, "I guess that
depends on if you think that would be a valuable service for you," he said.
Kristin Foster, Pacific and Western director
of StudentCare, supports MedicAlert's expansion into BC.
"I think it's a great idea. I think that the
bracelets [serve] a really worthy purpose,"
said Foster, adding that her sister relies on
this service.
However, there is little that can be done
TOLL FREE: Medical history is only a dial away with MedicAlert. ivan zhao photo
to provide insurance coverage, according
to Foster.
"From an insurance point of view I don't
know if there is anything we can do," said
Foster. But she said StudentCare would be
willing to help promote awareness
of MedicAlert.
Janice Robinson, Director of Residence
Life,  said  they  are  working to  promote
MedicAlert by setting up tables in the residences and displaying their brochures.
"I'm happy to help them have a presence
in residence," said Robinson.
MedicAlert has a total of nine foundations worldwide. The non-profit organisation started in 1961 in Canada. Currently,
MedicAlert has set up a temporary office
in Surrey. @
Walk-In Clinic
604-222-CARE (2273)
.. ©
University Village Medical/Dental Clinic
Walk-Ins and Appointments
Serving UBC and surrounding area
6 days a week
.                          during the Winter Session                         .
Conveniently located in the UBC Village
above Staples, #228-2155 Allison Road,
Vancouver, BC V6T 1T5
Peace in the Middle East:
A Humanist Approach
Bo Filter, Author of "The Cause of Wars and Aggression"
Hanna Kawas, Palestine Community Centre
Richard Rosenberg, Jews to a Just Peace
7:30 pm,Thursday, September 14th
Spec Building, 2150 Maple Street
(One block East of 6th & Arbutus)
By Donation
BC Humanists have General Meetings with dynamic speakers
on the second Thursday of every month.
Teach English
Intensive 60-Hour Program
Classroom Management Techniques
Detailed Lesson Planning
Comprehensive Teaching Materials
Internationally Recognized Certificate
Teacher PSacement Service
Money Back Guarantee Included
Thousands of Satisfied Students
J Oxford
1-800-779-1779 / 780-428-8700
Attention Women Students at UBC!
The FWE BC is looking for you...
british Columbia
] Capital
Founded in 1993 in San Francisco, the FWE is the premier
entrepreneurial organization for women aimed at
accelerating women's opportunities to launch, lead, invest
in, and build high-growth and market-leading businesses.
With more than 1000 members worldwide, the FWE has a
national office in the United States and a chapter in Europe.
A BC chapter (the "FWE BC") was founded in August 2002.
The FWE BC is currently looking for women
students at UBC to participate in its Student
Internship Program.
The Student Internship Program is a one year internship
program aimed at women students at UBC, which includes
training by industry professionals on venture capital,
private equity and entrepreneurial topics, a summer work
experience with a private equity or venture capital firm, and
direct mentoring with entrepreneurs.
If you are a female student at UBC who is interested
in learning about private markets, venture capital, and
entrepreneurship; willing to dedicate your time to the
program; and meet one of the following criteria, we want
to hear from you!
a. Enrolled in the Sauder School of Business MBA Program,
b. Enrolled in a Masters level Science or Engineering
Program, or
c. Starting your 3rd or 4th year of an undergraduate
program in the Faculty of Science/Engineering, or
d. Starting your 3rd year of an undergraduate program in
the Sauder School of Business.
Please come to an Information Session to learn more about this exciting opportunity:
Engineering/Science Students: Sept 12th 1:00pm, CEME Building, Room 1206
For Sauder Students: Sept 14th 1:00pm, David Lam Forum in the Henry Angus Building
Interested students should submit 4 copies of their
application package, which must include:
• A cover letter outlining why you would like to
participate in the program.
• Student "status".
• A one page resume.
• A copy (internet copy sufficient) of your transcripts from
your last 2 years of university/college.
Applications are due no later than Monday,
September 25th:
Students in Commerce: the Drop Box at the Business Career
Centre at UBC
Students in Engineering/Commerce: the Front desk of career
services at UBC.
For more information about the Student Internship
Program or about the FWE BC, please visit our website at
www.fwe.ca or contact Lisa Bingham at lisa@fwe.ca or
The FWE BC was founded with the help of Davis & Company. UBC
Talk for hours with hot exchange students.
Get unlimited local calling tor the entire school year.
Student Only
■ Unlimited incoming calls
■ Unlimited night and weekend calling
■ Lots of anytime and Canadian long distance minutes'
■ Lots of SPARK features including messaging" and Web"
PLUS, get UNLIMITED local calling for up to 8 months*'
the future is friendly"


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