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The Ubyssey Oct 19, 1993

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■          anniversarvl
/   ^J
WCWC stump tour '93: stumpy goes to Ottawa
UBC has been the proud
host of many important dignitaries in the past, but never
before has the campus been
honoured with a visit from a
400-year-old travelling stump.
On Thursday 7 October
the 22,000 kilogram Clayoquot
Sound stump came to UBC as
part of a Western Canada Wilderness Committee Canada-
wide tour.
"We're taking Clayoquot
Sound to the rest of Canada,
and especially to Ottawa," explained    WCWC    member
Catherine von Schulmann.
"Ifs very important to get
the politicians to wake up and
see what's being lost."
to be in Ottawa by 22 October,
andthey will present a petition
urging the preservation of
Clayoquot Sound to the new
government once it is sworn in.
The stump tour will make
16 overnight stops in cities and
towns along the way, and will
visit Eastern Canada later in
the Pall. WCWC also has plans
to take the stump to Europie
next Spring.
WCWC extracted the
stump from a clearcut near
Kennedy River, after obtaining a salvage permit from
MacMillan Bloedel. It took
eight people five days to pull
the stump out and install it
atop the boat trailer it travels
A banner on the trailer
reads "Jobs, not Stumps."
Werner Rolf, a member ofthe
caravan, explained that
WCWC is not against logging.
"We are interested  in
changingtheforestry practices
in order to induce a healthier
economy. There won't be any
old growth forest left on the
West Coast in 15 years at the
present rate of cutting."
Parked on East Mall
near the SUB building, the
Western red cedar stump drew
a curious crowd on Thursday
afternoon. Some people bought
t-shirts and signed the petition toaidthecampaign, while
others just stared, completely
22,000 kg. stump makes nation wide tour.*
Nobel winner relied on Scholarships for education
On 13 October 1993
Michael Smith ofthe Biochemistry department of UBC, woke
up to find himself the Nobel
Prize winner for chemistry.
The prize was for developing a
method to reprogram the genetic cells found in genes.
Ubyssey: So, was it, "Oh
my goodness me! I think Tve
developed a method for reprogram ming the genetic cells
found in genes everyone!" or
was it a gradual process?
Smith: It was gradual.
We came across it because in
1969 we started to study, here
in Vancouver, a method to use
short, synthetic pieces of DNA
to isolate natural nucleic acids... even when the middle of
[the DNA strand] was changed
from what would normally be
its compliment in a second
strand—a mismatch in other
words. Later, while working in
Cambridge,   England,   we
realised that it wouldbe nice to
have a method for developing
mutants, [artificially changed
DNA] and I noticed that we
should be able to do this from
our previous studies, because
you should be able to design a
short piece of DNA using enzymes.
Your discovery can be used
to wage war on cancer—from
your knowledge of the scien-
tific world, how close are we to
a full, reliable, cure for cancer?
Well, -is someone who
won the Nobel Pri ze some years
ago once said, it's clear that
genetic engineering has had
an enormousi impact on understanding cancer, but for the
moment the most effective way
is to stop people smoking. And
its so sad, as someone who is
involved with cancer research,
to see young people puffing
away on cigarettes which are
pretty well certain to give them
lung cancer and also to cause
various heart defects.
What genetic engineering has done is make it possible
to identify the genetic events
which cause cancer. Each hu
man has genes for 50 to 100,000
proteins. Within this number
there i s a smaller set that, when
mutated, become cancer causing genes. Genetic engineering
finds out how these proteins
work by systematically changing them and finding out what
effect that change has. The
hope is that once you have that
information it will allow you
then to design a drug which
could counteract the effect of
the cancer causing genes—that
hasn't been done yet.
Your research will have
an impact on the future capability to prevent hereditary diseases, but this also means the
power to change other characteristics of genetic make-up.
Are you not worried that your
discovery may be used in the
future to produce tailor-made
human beings?
I think there sire a number of things here that reflect
misconceptions. Firstly, a lot
of the characteristics of humans that you refer to are very
know if we will ever have the
information required to make
a person more intelligent or
physically bigger. Where gene
therapy is going to be used is in
what are called Single Gene
Inheritable defects, such as
Cystic Fibrosis.
The other issues you
raise are more hypothetical.
Now there is another concern
about the ethics of using genetic information, for example
to say that this person has an
inherited trait and therefore
can't have insurance or have a
particular kind of job. That is a
problem but I point out that
ethical problems of this nature
are not new problems; they've
not been created by genetic engineering and just add to the
existing list.
Surely you agree that
there are probably many gifted
students here in Canada who
cannot attend University be
cause their parents simply cat
not afford thousands of do
lars in tuition fees?
I would like to see education be as accessible as possible
and it does concern me that the
cost of going to University is
going up and up. My feeling is
that if the education is successful then you do better in your
wage earning years and therefore pay more taxes, so one way
you could pay for your schooling is not to pay up front but by
having a successful career and
having a high income and paying it back through taxes—I
wish there was a system.
East end bike shop:
has cyclists pedalling
A 19year old female UBC
student was sexually assaulted
jU-H.-^-^-1-Hi^-^-^-^-B-u-ft _
on her way home to Gage resi
dence from the Pit Pub in the
early morning of 7 October.
The worn an fought the at
tacker and was able to get away.
•(sHS^HSx*'1:-'.'' , X\ x°?!«^_^_^_MMBr
According to an RCMP
"SSS—^—^—^—^H^H&f*                                   ***c<_^_—_^_^_^H^_Hk_
report, the woman was grabbed
'?^-^-^-H_K-_-_-'.x~'       x^S^^^BMb--.
from behind and pushed, to the
-j-H-BsHSHIb.. - _i-U--_Mjli_II^^B^B_-.
ground by a white man described
-"raHHBtX. ' «%*P_j^B*" ^m^y^ZHr   vl_^_lSs
as 5'6", chunky, with dark brown
curly hair of shoulder length and
<lm                  lit     Tr-                  iBn_Br*
cut around the ears, and. slight
Ifir               M     x*fc               -aBF^
facial hair.
T&                  'SP^-***!^                'W*^
Fred Leibel from the
lit'         xJx/^Xn -:         j|y ••■''■
RCMP said they are not assign
wl-         -****8__&S_Bkr__      -- <''*§!r
ing additional security to the
areabutare letting people know
that this occurred and asking
them if they see anything suspi
*&&&Sf^inii&&*eBBSw           '
cious to call [the RCMP].*
There are a lot of reasons to be excited about the new
bike shop in the East end. Our
Community Bikes is a nonprofit shop dedicated to improving air quality by promoting
cycling andrecyclingandmak-
ing biking accessible to everyone.
Our Community Bikes is
the brain child of Jeff Hohner,
a cycling advocate, and Andy
Telfour, a recycling promoter.
The shop is based on
similar projects in Oregon,
Winnipeg and Toronto and is
the first community-based, nonprofit bike shop in Vancouver.
It is affiliated with Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST) and according to Hohner, provides "tangible encouragement for people
to get out of their cars and onto
their bikes".
OCB, located at 197 East
17th (at Main), has a relaxed
and friendly atmosphere in
which even the newest enthusiast can feel welcomed.
ellen pond, a staff mechanic, claims the non-intimidating feel ofthe shop makes it
more accessible. "Accessible
means an environment where
women can feel comfortable
talking and learning about
bikes," pond said.
The shop sells reconditioned bdkes that have been rescued from the scrap heap.
These bikes are sold on a sliding scale from $5 to $95 to ensure that poverty is not a barrier to biking. OCB conducts a
number of maintenance and
repair courses so cyclists can
keep their trusty steeds on the
road. Also, the shop has public
repair stands that can be
rented for a small fee, or one of
the staff mechanics, Lynn or
ellen, can do your repairs.
The project is funded
through government grants
and donations. Memberships
cost $50 for waged or $20 for
unwaged and includes five free
hours of shop time per month
and 1 hour of free lessons. Any
donations of parts, money, expertise and enthusiasm are encouraged.
The shop is open Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00
to5:00.879-BIKE. 2     THEUBYSSEY Classifieds
Rates: AMS card holders—3 lines,$3.15; additional lines 63 cents. Commercial—3 Unes, $5 25; additional lines 80 cents. 10%
discount on 25 issues or more. Classified ads are payable in advance. Deadline: 3:30 pm, two days before publication date.
Advertising office: 822-3977.         	
11 - FOR SALE - Private
PANASONIC LAPTOP word processor with printer. Like new. $500
obo. Phone 688-2180 or 277-4649.
RAM, 31 MB hard-drive, DOS 5.0,
WordPerfect 5.1. Ideal for word
processing. $490. Call Phillip at
& board available in clean house on
campus. Meals prepared by prof,
chef. Parking included. $470 per
month. Call 222-9891.
2 BDR BSMT for rent, $580 + util.
2870 W. 42 Ave. 15 min bus to UBC,
no W&D, priv. entr. Avail. Nov. 1.
Call Karli 261-1302.
30 - JOBS
Raise as much as you want in one
week! $100... $600... $1,500! Market
applications for popular national
credit cards. Call for more details to
quality for a FREE TRIP to MTV
SPRING BREAK "94. Call 1-800-
932-0528, ext. 68.
work out of home, need PC, set own
hrs doing computerized acct. for
retail stores. Make $. Howard 732-
BEST-BUY CAR & TRUCK rentals. We gladly accept cash deposits.
We make renting hassle-free. Ph.
261-2277 — 261-CARS.
QUALIFIED experienced English
tutor, conversation, pronunciation,
grammar. First hour free. Phone:
EXPERIENCED, certified English
tutor, pronunciation, conversation,
reading, writing, TOEFL. Masters,
and Dipl. ESL from UBC Language
Education. Free first lesson. Phone
Lester 255-1893.
PROFESSIONAL typist, 30 years
exp., wdprocess/typing, APA/MLA,
thesis. Stu dent rates. Dorothy, 228-
Room 60, Lower Level SUB
Mon-Thurs: 9-6 * Fri: 9-5
Full-serve & self-serve computers
Give us a call — 822-5640
PAPER PERFECT word processing for all your student needs. Laser printing / spell & grammar
check. 736-1517.
48 hr. service. Gold stamping, hard
cover. Phone 683-BIND.
Essays, theses, manuscripts
prompt, accurate. Low rates,
no GST
Shirley - 731-8096
Laser printing. 224-8071.
essays, letters, etc. on p/t basis.
Negotiable rates. Valerie 689-1233
or 681-4780.
Anybody that wants to get rid of
furniture please call Taivo or Chris
at 873-9022. Thanks!
In search of Gil Scott Heron and JR
Bob Dobbs. If you've got some, or
know where to get some, call Chris
at 873-9022.
MMs you oo in
by Anuss
Tuesday, October 19th
Dance Horizons. Jazz I Dance Class —
Noon-2 Beg. Jazz Class — 2-3pm.
SUB Party Room.
Wednesday, October 20th
Dance Horizons. Stretch & Strength
Dance Class. Noon-2pm, SUB Party
Varsity Outdoor Club. Mtg. and slide
show. Noon, CHEM 150.
Gays, Lesbians, and Bisexuals of UBC.
Gen. mtg., Noon-l:30, SUB 209.
UBC School of Music. Wednesday Noon
Hour Series. Jane Coop, piano. Admission $2. Noon, Music Bldg., Recital Hall.
UBC New Democrats. Speaker: Audrey
McLaughlin, leader of the New Demo-
Thursday, October 21st
Pacific Rim Club speakers series. Frank
& Gladys Muir, "China, then and now."
Asian Ctr Audit., Noon. All welcome.
Life Drawing Club. Drawing session.
Noon-2:30, Lassare Room 204.
Dance Horizons. Jazz I Dance Class —
Noon-2pm .... Modern — 2-3:30pm ....
Hip Hop — 3:30-5pm .... Jazz II — 5-
6:30pm. SUB Party Room.
Spartacus Youth Club. "Women's Liberation through Socialist Revolution!"
Third of a six-part class series, "Fundamentals ofManrism." 7:30pm, SUB 224.
Info: ph. 687-0353.
Pre-dental society. Noon hr. mtg., Noon-
1:30pm. Wood/IRC 3.
Gays, Lesbians, and Bisexuals of UBC.
Discussion Group. 5-7pm, SUB 224.
UBC School of Music. Collegium
Musicum. Steve Morgan, director.
Noon, Recital Hall.
UBC Women's Centre. Coffee and
herbal tea house: all women and their
children welcome. 4:30-7:30pm, UBC
Women's Centre, SUB 130.
Christmas Comes Early!
Travel CUTS has Canada wrapped up
with Student Class fares so low you'll
be able to afford presents, too!
Calgary from... $199
Saskatoon from $269
Toronto from $339
Ottawa       fom   $359
Exam Troubles? ... Change your departure for just $50!
Other cities available. Prices are subject to availability.
Visit The Student Travel Experts for full details:
• We are on the UBC Campus •
Student Union Building, Lower Level 822-6890
(Next to The Pendulum Restaurant)
Canadian Universities Travel Service Limited
*2*£*s>>* TUESDAY 19 OCTOBER 1993
THE UBYSSEY Election 1993
Quadra 1993 election candidates: a turkey in every pot
Candidate interviews from the Christian Heritage, Marxist-Leninist and Liberal Parties Were not available at press time. Their interviews will run in Friday's edition.
Janet Ludlam
interviewed by Shelley Gornall
Although Janet Ludlam ap--
pears on the ballot as an unaffiliated
political candidate, she is actually
partof the Canadian EconomicCom-
munity, a party which is not officially registered d ue to the new elections legislation that requires official
parties to have candidates in at least
fifty ridings.
"Thiscountry needs open-heart
surgery," Ianet Ludlum declared.
This attitude is reflected by the
sweeping changes her party proposes. The senate, the GST and
NAFTA should be abolished. Existing social programs, such as welfare
and U1C, should be replaced by a
Guaranteed Income Program which
promises each Canadian citizen
$15,000 per year.
Also on the chopping block is
the current education system. The
Canadian Economic Community
feels it should be replaced by an
accelerated system in which students
finish at the age of fourteen, at which
time they may proceed to upper level
Universities them selves should
be privatized, and fewer federal government subsidies shouia be allocated to them Ludlam had no ready
answer when asked how students
would pay for the inflated tuition
fees that would result from
Ludlam finds the current ieve
of military might insufficient ana
feels that the military should be increased to "adequately +refect the
size of this country '• Shr- aeologi-
cally supports NATC peacekeeping missions ana th£ iae<* ot compulsory military service
Income tax too »nouic be reformed, such that a flat tax ot 17%
Dr. Willy Spat
National Party
nterviewed by Pat McGuire
Running on a nationalistic platform that woulc make the government more responsive to the needs
ot Canadians the National partv
•vants to change some fundamental
problems thev see with theeconomic
educational ana electoral systems
Quadra candidate Dr Willy
Spat, a UBC graduate who also studied and taught in Europe is cnticaJ
or previous government?* tor their
pandering to special interest
groups" and their unwillingness to
deal with tundamenta. issues
Spat saia the most important
issue in the election is unemployment • The National;* 'see the Free
Trade Agreement as responsible tor
the loss ot 400.00C manufacturing
'Canada has Oecome strictly a
r-esource-basea economv with onlv
a small amours ot secondary industry. There is little value added to our
exported resources .a resource-
cased economy is susceptible to a
boom and bust system so there will
ai ways be times ot unemployment/'
he said. The National Party "would
pursue a policy ot full employment
by helping small and medium sized
businesstodevelop That is the place
where the most jobs have come from
historically anyway," he said.
The party will try to create a
climate where Canadians can invest
their savings, and plan to change the
banking laws and tax system to benefit small- and medium-sized business.
Spat attacks what he calls
"faulty pork-barrel decision making"—the creation of laws that benefit only largecorporations and other
heavy campaign contributors. He
would apply to the rich, the poor,
and all corporations alike. This system, Ludlam contended, would attract business to Canada and replace
laws "that prohibit prosperity."
National unity is also a major
part of her party's platform. She
believes that past governments "have
been systematically carving up this
country" by pitting Canadians
we are all Canadians, and as such,
should be treated equally. By
"equally," Ludlam seemed to mean
"the same" English, in her opinion,
should be the only official language.
Both the Yukon and the Northwest
Territories should be given provincial status.
All "sensitive" matters (such as
gay rights, abortion and AIDS-re-
lated issues) should be put to referendum. Ludlam insisted that politicians' opinions on such issues should
not matter. CBC television would
become an instrument in this new
democracy, showing educational
programs on such issues before referenda.
ardently mentions the drug patent
laws that raise the cost of generic
drugs with no benefit to anyone except large drug companies
The National Party's platform
regarding education is also innovative. Thev want tc make sure that
tederai money that is allocated tothe
province tor education- is actually
used tor education Thev want to
Tom federal to provincial governments, which thev sav is hurting the
educational system
The Nationals sav post-secondary education should be available tc
everyone and that tuition should be
ow or non-existent Students will
* hen pa v back thecost ot their education through the tax system once
thev are finished school and a regain*
Hilly employed
The partv also advocates closer
nes between business ana higher
'Right now the system is too
ndividuaiistic " Spat said 'Bv letting business have input into education, we'll have a workforce that is
better trained with relevant skills."
Spat is also concerned about the
high amount ot foreign ownership
"that pervades the Canadian
economy and hinders our sovereignty
"Canadians are fooling themselves if they think we can make our
own political decisions without owning our own country. Most foreign
multinationals extract our resources
and capital and create few jobs."
But when asked whether Canadian multinationals would do a better job than foreign ones, Spat admitted that "Canadian multinationals
are as heartless as foreign multinationals." He cited Alcan's damming
of the Kemano River without an environmental impact study as an example.
When asked about First N ations
rights and aboriginal self-government, Ludlam replied, "we don't
believe that there is a native rights
issue." Her party does not recognize
native land claims.
thing and more than the taxpayer
has and they don't pay for
it... | Natives | have not contributed
as real Canadians." Ludlam did not
define what a "real" Canadian is.
For more information on the
"They [natives] liveoff theavails     C..E.C, phone 291-9398.
of the taxpayer. They have every-
You know, you re never too old to go trick or treating for the Food Bank. And
you don t even nave lo dress up. (Of course, if you want to. it's OK with us.
The Alma Mater Society is pleased to sponsor the
Second Annual
rn€ fooo BArm
And. we'd also be pleased to accept vour help in canvassing the homes ot Point
Grey and Kitsilano for-non-perishable food items.
On Hallow s tX* (Sunday, October 31;. we'll meet at 4:30 p.m. in SUB 260.
From there vou If be transported along with your team to an assigned area in
Pomi Gre\ or Kitsilano (Those with trucks or cars with which to transport volunteers ana looa wiii be reimbursed lor their gas expenses   Afterwards  we '
return lo the SL B   or some well deserved refreshments
For more information please contacr Carole Forsythe Coordinatoi oi Externa:
Affairs, in SUB 250 ai 822-205(1.
Help the Food Bank meet the needs of those
who are hungry in the city of Vancouver.
Without education, we may lose the qualified people
that the job market of the future will demand.
Canadian Federation of Students 4     THE UBYSSEY Election 1993
Election 1993 Quadra candidates: vote early, vote often
Alan Brooke
Natural Law Party
What distinguishes your
party from the others t
There are two fundamentally different approaches be
tween our party's platform and
other parties. .
We feel that the best government is nature's government, which is natural law,
that governs perfectly without
a problem. It is the law which
governs all life, including the
stars and the galaxies. And as
we know our own individual
lives are also governed by natural law. This is the knowledge
that we have to bring forward
to create peace, happiness and
Of course, the second
part of any program is that we
must have a way of doing this,
The AMS Tutoring Services is looking for well-qualified individuals to work
part time, tutoring UBC students in a variety of subjects throughout the entire
academic year (1993/1994 ).
The AMS Tutoring Service is an education project which provides drop-in
tutoring service primarily for first year students. The Service is partially
funded by the University of British Columbia's Teaching and Learning
Enhancement Fund.
• Some experience teaching adults or university students.
• Knowledge of 1 st. year university subjects such as: Physics, Math,
Economics, Statistics and/or English (grammar and essay writing).
• Good communication and interpersonal skills.
• Responsibility and commitment.
The wage is $9.00 per hour. A maximum of 8 hours per week. The successful
applicants must be UBC students. Please send resumes to Room 248 of S.U.B.
(the Student Union Building).
^5 7«*»^
for UBC Students
Drop-in and get help with 1st year subjects in Math, Physics, Statistics,
Economics, and English.
WHEN:   Room 212 in the SUB (Student Union Building) 6138 SUB Boulevard
Saturdays 1:00-4:00 pm Sundays 6:00- 9:00 pm
Magda's (in the Common's Block of Totem Park Residence) 2525 West Mall
Tuesdays 7:00-9:00 pm Thursdays 7:00-9:00 pm
Starting: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1993
FOR INFORMATION CALL: 822-3092 between 12:00 and 2:00 pm, Monday to Friday.
Tutoring Request Form
and we call it a 'group for the
government.' It is a group
which will be comprised of
10,000 yogic flyers. These yogic
flyers will create a unified field
of peace and harmony to radiate positive energy and ensure
that all trends will be more
positive and evolutionary.
Your party is based on
"natural law," but there are
significant differences in what
scientists understand about
so-called "natural laws" like
evolution. Do you see this as a
The Natural Law Party
is not goingtobe entering that
sort of debate over evolution!
Natural law is the intelligence
of nature; it governs our
breath, our heartbeat, our every thought and action. It is
both inside and outsi de us and
is inescapably intimate.
If you take these scientific laws which you're familiar with like gravity, and put
them all together, then you
have natural law. It is out of
the reach of human intelligence to understand.
Now, while we can't understand it with the human
intellect we can experience it
directly. [This direct experience is] Yogic flying. It is like
hooking into the central
switchboard of natural law.
What is your party's
policy on post-secondary education f
The fundamental point
is to include the study of research into human consciousness. As it i s now, most school s
Student's Name:
UBC Faculty:
Telephone #: l_
Times available for Tutoring: I
Please list, in detail, subjects you would like help with:
Course: ■ ■    Level: ' ■ Course: U
Level: U
Course: l_
Level: l_
Course: L_
J    Level: l_
deal with knowledge, not the
knower. To finish one's education is to completely develop
both   the   knowledge   and
What comes out of that
development of consciousness,
the fruit of all consciousness, is
a stress-free, mistake-free life
with everything in harmony
and the ability to achieve anything.
We are inviting 100,000
young Canadians to learn
health care, business, political,
rehabilitation and educational
occupations.  These  people
would also become part of the
group for the government upon
the completion of their training.     Some other aspects of our
education policies are a national apprenticeship program, financial support for
every student who wishes to get
higher education, and we
would make it necessary to
spend more years in higher education.
What are the links between your party and the
Maharishi Makesh Yogi?
There is no legal link
between the different organizations. [The] Natural Law
party is [its] own separate entity.
All the programs have
been inspired by Mahesh Yogi
and his discovery ofthe constitution ofthe universe.
Brooke is a UBC student
who works in product engineering.  He is also a  volunteer
teacher  of Transcendental
Joe Jackman, Party for the Commonwealth
of Canada
Please drop off this form in Room 248 of the Student Union Building or call: 822-3092 (12-2 pm)
How large is your party?
Our party has 59 candidates across Canada, including 11 in BC. We have major
support in Montreal and Quebec—we have 40 candidates in
What distinguishes your
party from the others?
The number one thing is
that we look on people as human beings, not subject to the
whims of others, not things to
be used as profit by others. We
believe in sovereign individual
citizens as the basis for a sovereign nation.
We think that international and supranational organizations which oppress by
financial means are not credible. For example, the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
and the World Bank, which
were set up to help the Third
World enter into the twentieth
century, to bring it up to that
level, when in fact since they
began they have been set up to
loot the Third World nations.
Canada's debt is
unpayable, unless you kill a lot
of good people. The debt is more
than can be produced annually by the population. Our
party platform is a moratorium
on debt, including setting the
interest rate to zero percent for
10 years. Thi s woul d turn money
now aimed at servicingthe debt
to the development ofthe country.
What are your party's
links to the Lyndon LaRouche
organization in the US?
[LaRouche is currently in
jail in the US for mail fraud
and tax conspiracy. He is called
a political prisoner by his supporters and a fascist cult-like
leader by his critics.]
We see ourselves as co-
thinking organizations. We
agree completely with Mr.
LaRouche. Well, not completely,
but you find very often after you
disagree with him you understand why you disagree, and
it's because you're a fool. We
have put together a time line of
what Lyn has said, what other
people have said, and what has
actually happened, and he has
been right every time he has
said something.
What do you say to the
charges that his organization
is racist, specifically anti-
semitic, and homophobic?
First of all, to say that
homosexuality is immoral is not
homophobic. To be homophobic
means you have an unreasonable fear ofhomosexuality, and
we have a very reasoned di slike
ofhomosexuality so it's not homophobia. As Lyn has said,
many homosexuals are people
of good conscience.
As to the anti-semitism,
it happens to be that many of
the leaders ofthe international
banks are Jewish—though they
probably don't goto synagogue,
they woul d have a difficult time
justifying what they do to their
god. These are just evil, hateful, murderous people, whether
they're Jews, Muslims, Christians or whatever.
It is worth remembering
that a lot ofthe Jewish bankers
supported Hitler to begin with.
What is your party's education policy?
We think the BC 2000
program, the Canada 2000 program,isnothing butchildspiri-
tual molestation. The educational system is developing towards behaviourmodification.
It only allows 20 percent of
people to go to university, with
the other 80 percent going to
technical schools. It's creating
highly-skilled labourers, well-
behaved low-paid workers. The
technical schools do not give
people high levels of education. TUESDAY 19 OCTOBER 1993
THE UBYSSEY Election 1993
Candidates discuss education
It all comes down to
That was the consensus
of most ofthe MP hopefuls at a
Vancouver Centre all-candidates meeting on education issues held atthe City Centre campus of VCC last Wednesday.
The highest profile candidate in Centre, Kim Campbell,
was noticeably absent. But all
candidates present pledged to
support the same or higher
funding to post-secondary education and a better student
loans system—except Ian
Isbister ofthe Reform Party.
in post-secondary funding, a
new voucher system and the
introduction ofthe free market
to university financing. The
voucher plan would give each
student a standard amount to
"spend" atthe university oftheir
choice, forcing universities to
compete against one another to
attract "customers".
Giselle Carriere, a student taking part in the question period after the candidates'
speeches, expressed concern at
Reform's plans.
"This competitiveness
between institutions will mean
that they will have to spend
their limited funds on things
like glitzy advertising. If Fm a
student in a small or obscure
programme, so there are not
many students bringing their
dollars to that institution, is
that programme going to get
cut because ifs not cost-effective?" Carriere asked.
Isbister replied that the
free market would mean better
service and better education.
Thorsten Ewald of the
National Party criticized the
voucher proposal, pointing to
recent cuts in university programs which were not deemed
to be "cost effective".
The NDP's Betty Baxter
and the Liberal Party's Hedy
Fry also condemned Reform's
Fry also proposed
changes to Established Program Financing (EPF), the way
the federal government gives
funds to the provinces for post-
secondary education.
The Liberals propose
"block, five-year specific funding that is going to be fixed so
that everybody knows whafs
coming in the future," she said.
Fry was not specific
about whether the EPF legislation would be changed so that
funds could be earmarked for
education. At present, federal
funds go into a province's gen-
eraV revenue and can be spent
on any programme.
Betty Baxter said the
NDP would increase funding
for post-secondary education
and would also ensure that federal funds would be earmarked
for specific programmes.
Fry, whose son was unable to get into any post-secondary institutions, countered
that the NDPcouldn'tbe trusted
in its promises.
The NDP came into gov-
ernment provincially  and
promised not to increase student fees, and you saw what
happened. We now have 16,000
people last year who could not
get into post-secondary education [due to lack of funding],"
she said.
But when asked to clarify
how the 5-year funding blocks
proposed by the Liberals would
be established, and whether the
funds would be earmarked specifically to post-secondary education, Fry said she could not
give exact details until after
negotiations with provincial
All the candidates promised changes in the student loan
system, with most supporting
"income contingent repayment." The proposed system
would mean students would
begin to pay back their loans
when they get a job, at a level
linked to their income.
"We would take the surtax off loans, reintroduce the
grace period, and tie repayment
according to the ability to pay,
so you wouldn't be paying the
same if you have a $20,000 a
year job then if you were unemployed," Baxter said.
The NDP would also prorate loans for students who are
studying part-time and increase the loan limit, she said.
Only the Ewald and the
National party, however, promised free post-secondary education in the near future.
Baxter said that "the
NDFs position is to move to no
tuition,"butthatwouldn't happen for two or three terms. Daycare was also an important issue for students in the audience.
Lana Rose, an accounting student at VCC, asked what
the parties planned to do for
"the working mother, the
mother going to school."
Baxter and Fry presented
similar plans for a national
daycare system, although the
NDP would implement their
universal system immediately,
while the Liberals would only
set theirs up following three
successive years of three percent growth in GNP.
John Cowhig ofthe Natural Law Party took an altogether different approach to
education issues.
"The goal of universities
is to have all knowledge in one
brain. It is possible to have the
totality of all knowledge in one's
awareness," Cowhig said.
The Natural Law Party
would make international educational exchanges a requirement.
"Part of normal university training should be studying abroad, one year in England, one year in Japan, and
so on, so that one is enriched in
that culture," Cowhig said.
Every Friday
-2:00 p.m.
SUB North Plaza,
Room 61A
Drop in for
coffee or tea.
Meet other non-traditional students.
Share your experiences on campus.
Suggest solutions to those seeking
advice. Hang out Relax.
A non-traditional student is one who is:
older than the traditional student, i.e. over 24-
years-old; employed while studying on a part-
time basis; a parent, single or otherwise; returning to school after an absence; and/or
changing or enhancing a career through post-
secondary education?
For more information, please contact Carole
Forsythe, Coordinator of External Affairs, in
SUB 250 at 822-2050.
If you'd like a booklet about Jack Daniel's Whiskey, write us here in Lynchburg, Tennessee 37352, U.S.A.
KICK A BARREL of Jack Daniel's the wrong way
and no one will ever see the rewards.
If it rolls to a stop with the bung down,
it'll leak whiskey by the gallon. But our
barrelman knows how many turns and
partial turns each barrel will make as he
fills up a rick. So he'll turn the bung
to just the right position before he
kicks a barrel. And it'll stop with
the bung straight up. After.a sip of
our Tennessee Whiskey, you'll be
glad we didn't spill a drop.
an d    Grill
Wa I
1312 S.W. MARINE DR. 264-7625
: Who and what are you going to vote for?
Dr. Bill McArthur
Interview by Michelle Wong
What is the balance of men versus
women running for the Reform
I can't give you the exact number
but we have quite a number of ladies
running. There is, I think, four women
runningin the lower mainland alone.
Someofour best candidates areladies.
What is your policy on post secondary education funding?
We have to do a great deal more
in terms of apprenticeship training,
technical training—our programs in
this counti / are woefully lacking. We
want to put a great emphasis on post-
secondary education and training so
that people can find productive work
early in their careers.
So more funding will be put into
such areas?
Oh, absolutely. We're committed to that. [ed. note: Reform party
candidates Nick Loenen and Ian
Isbister have both publicly announced
that funding for post secondary education would be frozen.]
What are your policies in regards to immigration?
We recognize that immigrants
are very much a positive factor in the
Canadian economy in the long term.
Instead of just bringing in thousands
of people to fill the jobs because ofthe
failure in our educational system, we
need to put some effort into making
our educational system work so that
we fill a lot of our jobs with our own
Immigration should be based
on the skills and education that the
people bring to'us. And they should
be people who fit quickly into our
market, they should be people who
bring skills and attributes that we
don't have but need. Because of the
current recession we're going
through, because of the need to get
the deficit and
moving again, we
think   that   it
would be appropriate in the short
term to limit immigration to approximately the
levels used in
Australia and the
United States.
What is your
policy on AIDS
AIDS is a
terrible disease.
It's    becoming
spread into the heterosexual community and it presents an enormous
public health challenge. But I do
hasten to add that there are other
enormous public health problems too.
Clearly AIDS has the potential to be
a great threat to human civilization,
much like syphillis did several hundred years ago. We have to commit
resources to [AIDS research, education and prevention].
What are your policies on defence?
First of all there has to be a sovereignty of Canada issue. Canadians
cannot possibly defend Canada by
themselves. You need, for example, a
well-trained military force to deal with
the unpredicted emergency situations
that come up and two examples would
be the Winnipeg floods and the Oka
crisis... Well-trained, highly disciplined, very fit and effective troops
who could moye in
and deal with those
kinds of national
crises that occur.
What are your
thoughts in regards to First
Nation's issues?
My personal view.
. . [is] coloured by
the fact that I did
grow up in a racial
minority in a native
peoples background. ... In
Canada and the
United States, the
native peoples were
excluded from the
political process and not only did we
exclude them, we put them on reservations, Imeanwephysicallyexcluded
them as well as politically excluded
them. My belief is that the problems of
the native peoples will never be solved
until they are fully included in the
political process. I think all the other
issues—the health issues, the social
issues—are insurmountable until we
solve that political process.
Bill McArthur, a physician, was
the first Chief Coroner for BC.
Your last chance to register to vote is Wednesday, 20 October at 6:00 pm. There
is no registration allowed on voting day. If you have moved since last October,
or have not received a voter registration car in the mail, you may have to regis-
Roman York
Interview by Taivo Evard
What are your feelings on the increasing privatization of university funding?
The whole educational system
has been politicized. I would remove
politics out of universities [and they
would] revert back to being educational institutions [and] access to
universities should be equal to anyone.
ary education without funds from
the private sector?.
By creating a national educational bond [sold domestically or internationally] ... which would create
a financial base for the funding of
education, and be large enough to
cover the first six years of university
and college systems in Canada.
Then what would individual students' tuition levels be?
Free. As you graduate and start
to work, I would give you a break...
after the first year ofworkyour income
tax deduction wouldbe slightly higher
than anyone else. As you make those
deductions, as you work over the
years, you would pay offyour fee. The
cost. The generation that follows you
is going to do the same.
What is your policy on funding
medical research, specifically
ADDS reserach?
Of all the research that is currently being done, the AIDS research
currently is the best funded research
... I see AIDS as also [a] behavioural
What's that?
It's the type of lifestyle a person
has. . .the people who were victims
as hemophiliacs, I think ifs a disgrace how they treat them. People
who fail to take adequate precautions. . . . listen, I don't care what
peopledo witheach other. Thafs their
business. I believe in freedom and I
believe in your free choice.
What about the people affected by
it? Are you saying it makes a difference how they acquired it?
WeVe taken AIDS as such an
emotional issue, while leaving some
other issues. Do we fund one group
more because they're more vocal than
others? I feel that we ought to do a
total audit, we look at all these diseases that are plaguing our population, we list them and give them a
What is your position on mlitary
spending, specifically the planned
helicopter purchase?
The $6 billion spending is utterly ridiculous especially in the view
that the cold war is over . . . [but] I
admit we, need some helicopters because we've got some antiques. There
are airframes that are cheaper, better and can do the same job. We have
to have the ability to protect our
shores, our airspace. Also where we
need this is to enforce our fishing
rights. Because, I mean, even in
countries like Taiwan we're a laughing stock. I think there is a need to
have some kind of military force the
same as you have some kind of police
Roman York is an independant
candidate. He was an investment
banker and a licenced test pilot.
Notice to the Students, Faculty and Staff
of the University of British Columbia:
The Alma Mater Society of the University of British Columbia is holding candi-
d..« f.r.mf.r:     VANCOUVER CENTRE
Friday, October 22,12:30 to 2:00 p.m. - SUB Auditorium
Betty Baxter, New Democrat
Thorsten Ewald, National
Hedy Fry, Liberal
lan Isbister, Reformer
The participation of the Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell,
Progressive Conservative, is unconfirmed at this time.
Written questions from students to the participating candidates are being
accepted. Please include your name, faculty, year and student number. Terri
Folsom, Administrative Assistant, in SUB 238, will accept your written
question(s) until 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 21.
Brief opening remarks by each ofthe participating candidates will be followed by their
responses to a few ofthe prepared questions submitted by students. The floor will then open
to questions directed to one or more of the candidates. Finally, each candidate will make
closing remarks.
For more information, please contact Carole Forsythe, Coordinator of
External Affairs, in SUB 250 at 822-2050.
Tommy Tao
New Democrat
Interview by Roger Wiebe
What is your policy on post-secondary education?
Of course it is a very high priority. Education has to do with the future of our country. The
federal government's role is primarily funding.
This is not to say that the federal government
cannot participate. The NDFs commitment is to
maintain the necessary funding so that there
will not be any risk of cutbacks to education
Does the NDP support the idea
of the federal government expanding its responsibility to
post-secondary education beyond that of transfer payments
to the provinces?
The federal government, in
terms of its responsibility, should
maintain that, but it should have
some leverage so that it can sot
some national guidelines for social
services, including education. Tuition increases must be in keeping
with inflation and not take sudden
leaps. Therefore, students from
year to year would have some reasonable expectation of what to expect.
What uniquely qualifies you to
represent the students and their needs?
I myself have gone through that process of
having to work to put myself through university
at UBC. I know what the anxiety to bear student
loans fools like. Tke NDP program ia la Assure
the students that we want to deal with [the
anxiety] of students yet understand that we
have to control the national debt.
What U the NDP'b strategy to reduce the
deficit yet still continue to offer social programs like healthcare and daycare?
The NDP has been very open and cautious
when it talks about programs like daycare, because people just look at it as the NDP wanting
to spend, spend, spend. People will feel insecure
with too much cutting, and when people are
insecure they do not spend. This hurts small
business and that in turn hurts government
revenues. It is a vicious cycle. You have to do
something to lower the unemployment rate to
put back confidence in the working people. This
is not the time to make those slashing cuts to
policies. It is the time to control spending.
How do you see politics becoming more
One way is through referendum. It can
enable the voting public to
have input in the process.
But in the past the referendum process has been exploited, like Charlottetown.
[The question] is how do we
put our politicians to better
use I think somehow we
have to have more cooperative politics and there have
to be more legislative policies so that the parties are
more cooperative to work
for resolutions. I promise to
my voters that although I
am one individual, I will
make myself available to
them. One disappointment
for me is the sense that so
many people have given up
and I don't blame them. Democracy only works
through participation. We all have to provide our
input to look for solutions, instead of simply
expressing anger.
What it one message that you have for the
We need to have the voice of the NDP in
parliament to fight for social programming and
for the rights of the citizens.
Tommy Tao is a UBC graduate who has
practiced law in Vancouver since 1982.
Walter Boytinck
Interview by Graham Cook
What distinguishes yourparty's
platform from the others?
Libertarians believe we should
leave themoney with thecitizen,he
will spend it more wisely. libertarians feel that the taxpayers out
there are the mostimportant group,
the silent majority, the forgotten
masses. Politicians have forgotten
that tax dollars are trust monies
that should be spent frugally.
The big distinction is that we
have nothing against poolingmoney
voluntarily for medical care or unemployment insurance, as long as
it is not a forced thing. The general
rule is that if something is compulsory, it is not so good.
We would look to privatize the
medical system. There is no more
reason for the government to run a
hospital than for the government to
deliver the mail.
What about private insurance
systems such as that in the US,
where millions are have no
medical care at all?
That's a problem, but the Libertarians say that there are enough
charitable voluntary institutions
who take great pride in caring for
those that needit. Thafs howit was
done for hundreds of years.
Would you change the current
funding system for universities?
Libertarians would look towards an eventual privatization of
universities. The best universities
are the private universities, tike
the Ivy League colleges in the
United States. They are mostly private. They have the very best names.
There is no reason why Canadian
universitiescouldnotbe privatised.
But education funding is a
provincial responsibility under the
BritishNorth America Act. If sonly
the federal government under the
Liberals who started meddling. It
is not the federal governmenf s job
tointerfere or meddle in local affairs,
and that is where the federal government is wasting hundreds of
millions or even billions of dollars.
Would you say the Libertarians
support "unfettered market
Libertarians prefer to call
themselves free-market proponents. They say that it is capitalism
which really improves the condition of human beings. People say
that capitalists sent the 12 or 14
year-olds into the coal mines, but
before that they starved to death
because there was nothing to eat.
Would you change funding to
the Canadian military, including the helicopter program?
We wouldcancel the helicopter
purchase. We would also reduce
foreign aid and recall all Canadian
troops from foreign soil. People in
those part ofthe world, be it Bosnia
or Somalia, or whatever, should
solve their own problems. [Canadian -peacekeepers] in places like
Cyprus have had a holiday in the
sun for 25 years, and I know I
wouldn't want to send my children
to a place like Yugoslavia.
What is your party's policy on
funding medical research, specifically ADDS research?
It should be privately done.
There are lots of people who would
be happy to do that research without government funding. If you find
a cure for AIDS then you would be
a very rich man.
Walter Boytinck describes
himself 08 a "non-practking law-
-ye-r-.   iare  r*w*--  ■«-* ._3-_«~^~=***=— ^f .t=~-**■*■*.**._
merce and a Law degree from UBC.
Allannah New-Small
Green Party
Interview by Sara Martin
What distinguishes your party's
platform from the others?
I dont think there is any other
party that has environmental
sustainability as their bottom line
in all of their policies. I think most
ofthe other parties are focused on
the corporate agenda at the expense
of the environment. Jobs aren't going to be important in fifty years if
you cant breath the air.
Would you change the current
funding system for universities?
As a student, Pm quite appalled
with the current situation in funding cuts. Education is a very important priority ofthe Green party. Fd
like to see more post secondary students involved in making decisions
in funding.
Do you see the function of post
secondary education as job
training or personal growth ?
Personal growth. I find the
current job training trend very disturbing. Education should be more
holistic. Fd like to see shifting priorities in research and development
towards ecologically beneficial from
ecologically destructive.
What is your party's policy on
funding the Canadian military,
including the helicopter pro
People often ask us about our
are we
to get
t o
W e
cut the
funding in
d e -
As far
copters go, we dont need them.
What is your party's policy on
funding medical research, specifically ADDS research?
Ifs definitely something that
requires funding. I think that
medical research in general is important. In western medicine the
focus is on curative rather than
looking at how people become sick
and ways to prevent that. The Green
party's shift is towards preventative health care and the elimina-
tion of the toxic chemicals in the
environment that contribute to
health problems.
Do you have plans retraining
programs for people in
There will always be a
place in BC for the forest
industry, not as ifs practice
right now. Unless we make
some drastic changes there
are not going to be jobs later
on. There needs to be more
research on sustainable forestry and restoring areas of
clearcut. BC forestry employs fewer people per board
foot of timber than any other
countryin the world Itwould
be possible to employ more
people using fewer feet.
Do you support the legalization of hemp as a solution to the deforestation
Yes. We support alternative
fiber to be used to make paper.
There are between ten and fifteen
other fibers that could be used instead of wood pulp. We would put
moneyinto research otherfiberthat
are less ecologically damaging, particularly hemp. We support the legalization of hemp, from a civil liberties point of view if nothing else.
Allannah New-Small is a second year political science student at
Geoff Chutter
Progressive Conservative
Interview by Roger Wiebe
What is the party's policy on post
secondary education?
Education is a pet of mine. I find
it absolutely ridiculous and contradictory that we have people who can't
get into UBC and
in need an 85 percent
average and that is
unacceptable. We
have a lower number of post secondary spots per capita
than other provinces. Our economy
is changing from the
brawn industries to
thebrain industries.
A lot of the manual
type jobs have been
eliminated     and
those jobs will not
come back. Right
nowwehave 300,000
jobs empty in this
country because we don't have people
qualified to fill them. If we are trying
to fill those jobs its has got to start at
the post secondary level.
Are you planning to revisit the
federal government's responsibility to post secondary education?
Yes. Campbell is the only one
who has come out and said that she
wants to set up a national education
committee at both the secondary and
post secondary level. We have to look
at the transfer payments and tagging
those funds and saying, look, these
have to go to this area. I think we
available and that the education is at
a high level, which I believe it is.
What can you tell students who
are concerned about issues like
daycare and health care when
there is so much attention being
paid to the reduction the deficit?
My personal view on daycare is
not one of universality. Universality
is a liberal pipedream that we can't
afford, nor should we try to. But I am
for child care for those who need it.
What uniquely qualifies you to
address the needs of students as a
candidate who would be representing a great
many students?
It was
not long ago that
I went to university myself, but it
is more than that.
I have a fundamental understanding of how
business works,
how the international trading
works, and how
the financial
works. The key
issues of today
that I hear on the
doorstep are job
creation, deficit elimination, and for
myself education. If I look at
Vancouver Quadra, I challenge people
to look at the issues and vote for the
candidate that best accomplishes
them and addresses them. If one is
concerned with issues like medicare
and education, which are two sacred
trust areas, the only way they are
going to be maintained and expanded
is if we get our financial house in
Students often feel disaffected in
the political system. What is your
strategy to include student in the
~~~~~We HOTe*"Beeh represent**? so
poorly for the last nine years. I live in
this riding. I am extremely involved
in the activities of this riding, specifically youth sport. It seems to me that
if you are looking for a representative
for UBC, chances are that would be a
student or a teacher from UBC, and
likewise if you are looking for a representative for Vancouver Quadra, it is
logical to me that the person be from
[that riding].
How do you think you can get
people more involved in the day to
day aspects of politics between
I know that in this campaign
were have had alot of success primarily throu^i the PC Club at UBC
getting people involved, and a large
number of our volunteers come from
UBC. On the ongoing side of it, I am
very bullish on regularly schedule
meetings across the riding. We have
drifted too far away from the notion of
representing the people and too close
to representing the party.
What is the message that you
would want the student to hear
from you?
One thing for me is my motivation for getting involved, I am angry
as hell at the way things have been
going. Your generation will be left
with a lifestyle that is far worse than
mine. My background is in job creation
and I have a firm commitment to the
educational side because it fits in
with the whole economic future ofthe
How much responsibility does the
current PC party takeforthepast
administration of Brian
For one thing change will take a
whole generation. We have to change
itfrom aTrudeau/Mulroney top-down
style of government to a bottom-up
style of government. That excites me.
Geoff Chutter was born and
company. THE UBYSSEY Culture
Blues god Buddy Guy still has the goods
by Ron Eichler
The music was so funky, you
could smell it.
Legend has it that during a
concert. Muddy Waters walked over to
his young guitarist and slapped him
across the face for not playing with
enough soul. The guitar player, a
young Buddy Guy, obviously never
forgot that lesson. Since that day he
has gotten better and better.
After all, this was the man Jimi
Hendrix once canceled a concert to
Buddy Guy
The Orpheum
15 October
The first thing I noticed about the
concert was that it was an all ages
show, meaning, in this case, from 18 to
your grandmother. But I suppose when
a man has been playing since the
1950's, this kind of audience has to be
expected. And when Buddy starts
playing, it brings you back (even if
you're like me and don't have that far
back to go).
In his 60's, Buddy no longer has
to promote himself, but can just be
himself and play the music he loves.
There were no T-shirts, no pins, no
paraphernalia of any sort, Buddy
brought only the promise of The Blues.
The result is amazing music performed
by a man who showed many other
great guitarists how to play.
Buddy stayed away from much of
what he wrote, sticking to songs that
were meant to grab the audience and
either make them get up and rock, or *
sit back to the softer songs and just
appreciate. The audience clearly loved
it, giving one standing ovation after
Buddy let his band members
shine as well, getting out of the
spotlight so that his side man could
play a cover of Albert Collins' "The
Lights Are On But Nobody's Home."
Buddy did his best to encourage
audience participation for some of the
more rousing numbers, including
"While You Were Slippin' Out
(Somebody Else Was Slippin' In)," "It
Feels Like Rain," and "Sweet Home
Chicago." It took a while, but they
caught on.
Other highlights included
Buddy's audience walkabout while
playing the 70's guitar classic "Knock
on Wood," and his "Mustang Sally"
The only possible weak point of
the concert was that Buddy seems to be
forgetting some of the words to his
best songs, but the music was so good
that I don't think the audience even
The concert opened with John
Mayall playing his rousing new song
"Wake Up Call." Although at 48,
Mayal has been around and has his
own following, he took the opportunity
that night to promote his new album
(also called Wake Up Call). Especially
fine was his "Nature's Disappearing."
Mayal also took the opportunity to
show off his band, and do his own wild
(for a man of his age) solos. The Father
of British Blues was a brilliant person
to have open for a legend like Buddy
• ••
• •
• ••
^mmm^^^^^^^^^^^^^m Buddy stayed away from much or        # • • • •
Were Slippin' Out •••••*
ilse Was Slippin' In)," "It .••••****
'"Z et Merge*
by omar kassis
"People do not need four guys in
jeans and t-shirts playing rock? riroll
anymore. People need an assault on
their psyches."
—from the Me, Mom & Morgentaler
media machine.
So ROCKIN' was Me, Mom &
Morgentaler's show at the Commodore
that it was all I could do to write a
review. Eight musicians! Anarchic
lyrics! Non-stop moshing! Their
brassy, rootsy, funka-rocka-regga-boo-
maska rhythms kept pounding in my
head for so long that it was ten days
before I could settle down and think
about the experience.
More than a rock concert, it was
an epiphany of sound, shaking my
eardrums out of their sullen resignation, stimulating the innermost
electrotentacles of my nervous fibre.
and egging my feet into a clockwork
catatony of tramping collusion.
Me, Mom and Morgentaler
w/ Sweaty Nipples and
Cherrv Poppin' Daddies
The Commodore
08 October
I danced. I laughed. I cried.
I even found a watch between the
hicut Docs and army-surplus boots that
stormed around me.
Many of the crowd seemed to be
from Montreal, hometown of these
bilingual brahmas of the bionic beat
Many were the cheers that emanated
from parched and weary throats when
the singer sang one "pour tout le
monde qui parle francais!"
But it's not just their dance-
mandatory beats that makes these guys
rule. Nor do they rule because of their
cute transcultural elan that puts Kim!
and Lucien both to shame. (Remember, this is the band that Montrealers
voted better than concitoyens Leonard
Cohen and Celine Dion.) Morgentaler
are the heroes of the space-age beatnik
scene in Canada because of their savvy
media-hip dominion over its musical
- A Morgentaler show is not just a
concert, it is an event, borrowing data
from the circus tent as much as from
the primetime political, um, circus.
Vancouver's leg of their solar
system tour was less dynamic than
usual, by all reports, but they did
manage to inspire an incessant volley
of stage divers—and I mean incessant—as well as an impromptu sexual
politics debate when an AIDS activist
jumped on stage to take issue with
their cri de guerre, "Everybody's got
Aleajacta est... the die is cast,
the world's a stage, and the cast is
dyed the colours of Me, Mom &
"If they ask you where you've
been, just smile and say ... Shiva
Space Machine."
Mediapocaly pse presents
Timothy Findley
Writer's Festival in Friday's Ubyssey.
two fifty
representing the Reiyukai Cultural Centre of Canada
at the Reiyukai International Speech Festival.
Contest is open to all Canadian Citizens or landed
immigrants 16—25 years old. (Senior Category 19—25)
For more information and an official entry form, contact us at:
201 - 7545 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC V6P 3H6
Phone: 323-0661 • Fax 323--0520
in October
2291 W. Broadway at Vine
• Drink Specials   • Classic Dance Music
• Door Prizes        • No Cover
hee Rutgers — ?h9?.M.
Hold your next fundraiser
t*e 0. L _-        call 733-2821
for details
THE UBYSSEY Culture   9
Rockin' the gospel according to Horton Heat
byS. Juby
Nothing in the world is as fine
as a good set of sideburns and nothing
so sorry as a bad set The sidebum
selection at the Town Pump last
Thursday spanned the spectrum. A
great rockabilly show has that rare
appeal and attracts a lot of sideburns.
Tut Reverend Horton Heat hailing
from Dallas Texas is both rare
rockabilly and sidebumed.
What more could any
reasonable person ask for?
Reverend Horton Heat
w/Psvclone Rangers
The Town Pump
14 October
Well, actually there were a
few things that could have been
better. The opening band. The
Psyclone Rangers, from Allentovm,
Peraislvania were mediocre. They
actually sang a song with the chorus
"Can I crash in your gash?"
Gash. Very nice.
The $14 cover was a tad
excessive and the hour wait between
sets at the Town Pump is ridiculous.
Even with the endless sound-check,
Horton Heat had virtually no vocals
for the first three songs.
Minor inconveniences aside,
the band—the Reverend on guitar and
vocals, Jimbo on upright bass, and
Taz on drums— put on a very cool
Horton Heat, flanked by as
many roadies as Aerosmith—all with
good sideburns—handed his jacket to
a stagehand in a gesture that would
have made Elvis look like a
primadorma. Horton looked like a star
(the man is a star), exuding self-
concious rockabilly cool, arroganc-
and alcohol seeping from his pores.
The band graciously accepted
liquid offerings from the enthusiastic
fans. They even answered song
requests. Horton feigned copulation
with his guitar in a lewd and only
minimally crude moment He struck a
stagey pose atop limbo's toppled
upright On top of this, the band
members are all great musicians.
Hallellujah, Reverend
There is a sad lack of
rockabilly sensibility in these raver
days. Nothing compares to watching a
hip cowboy/gas-station attendent type
do a sharp two-step with their punk
rock partner. Shiny pink tasselled
cowboy shirts, bowling shirts with the
sleeves rolled up to reveal extensive
tatooing, bryll cream and sideburns
ought to be made law—the gospel
according to The Reverend Horton
We suffered together.
Suffering Gaels quite bearable
by Brent Galster
Sunday at the W.I.S.E. Club
on Vancouver's East Side featured
the Seattle Irish folk group the
Suffering Gaels, who gave a complete
performance with a guitarist, two
fiddlers and a uillean piper who
doubled on the tin whistle.
The Suffering Gaels
W.I.S.E. Club
17 October
Their standard musical fare
consisted largely of reels, jigs,
hornpipes, airs, Kerry slides, a march
or two ("The Battle of Aughrim"),
plus an Irish adultery song called
'Trooper", yet another tale of lust and
There was no explicit
political commentary on the state of
affairs in Ireland. However a flyer
advertising a bmefit with a West
Belfast priest as a speaker found its
way to my table. The majority of the
music originated from the Irish
homeland-—the North Ameerican
content consisted of one song wliich
precipitated somewhere out of North
Carolina. The fiddling was far sweeter
than any I have heard from any of the
east Coast Celtic bands.
Unfortunately, uillean piper
Tom Creegan was afforded only one
solo. The fact that Creegan has teen
playing the pi|>es since he was fifteen
was obvious as he glided effortlessly
over his very melodious instrument,
with the sweetest of bleats and
When questioned about their
knowledge of Canadian Celtic tiands,
I am sorry to say that their experiences
was sadly lacking. All in all it was a
jovial evening for all.
WAITING FOR A ROOM: Student group reps camped out Monday night for the
annual AMS room allocations.
Liberal • Vancouver Quadra
Graduate of Yale University Law School; doctoral degree from Yale University; Lecturer and Assistant
Professor a: Yale University; full Professorships at the University of Toronto, McGill University, the
University cf Indiana, and most recently Simon Fraser University.
Consultant and Advisor to the United Nations, to the Canadian, Quebec 1 Ontario, and British Columbia
governments, to the Cree Nations (Treaty Nations 6 7, and 8), and to a number of foreign governments.
Special Advisor to the Canadian Delegation to the United Nations General Assembly n 1981, 1982, and
Member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague,1985-91.
Author of 23 books, (two in French, one in German), and co-author of 13 others.
Practised law before entering full-time University teaching, as Crown Prosecutor as well as civil litigation.
Ted McWhinney gained his commission in the Air Force at the age of nineteen and he has continued
this interest in flying throughout his career, serving as Director of McGill University's internationally
recognized Air-Space Institute and chairing several international commissions on air communications,
space-science research, and international telecommunications technology.
Please support Ted McWhinney on October 25th
3031 Main St. (at 14th), Vancouver, B.C., V5T 3G6 Tel:(604)874-7222 10     THE UBYSSEY Op/Ed
It's finally happened, almost. The snake is finally swallowing its own tail.
Sounds like a cryptic line from Natural Law, but think about it. Now more than ever, our
political class is talking only to itself and its tiny constituency, and talking past everyone else.
Sure, Reformers go on about how we finally have a party led by an Ordinary Canadian,
who's not a politician like theothers... sure. Preston Manning, for all his Mr. Weatherby persona,
just might be the most savvy, sophisticated, post-modem politician around.
I mean, doesn't it take twisted genius for a second-generation politician, who apparently
runs his party like a despot, to convince outsiders he's Everyday People, and his movement the
most grass-roots since theCCF? Fora fundie Christian, a believer in the Anti-Christ, or to reinvent
himself as a calm, moderate "populist"? For a man who's created serious political space for
bedrock racists to keep this story confined to the back pages and left-wing weeklies? Sure it damn
well does.
Reform's ]ust a symptom, and not "a way for ordinary Canadians to reject politics-as-usual,"
in the usual cant phrase. No, it's a symptom of how the political class has managed (I'd say
conspired, but of course the powerful never make plans) to narrow the political spaceand confine
the really urgent issues to... well, to the fringes. (As for fringe parties, they'll become even more
mnge, asa result ofthe little-discussed Bill C-114, which changes the election finance rules so that
only parties with big money can run a campaign, so much for the ordinary Canadian.)
Hegemony is the term used to describe the space within which the dominant political
discourse is shaped. The shape and content (or discontent.. or lack of content) of this discourse
serves to maintain class power as it outwardly minimizes the need for the use of overt coercion
since the general population remains relatively unaware of the limitations being imposed upon
them. The idea is, it's more effective in the long run to maintain power by creating consent
a perverted version of the old democratic idea that leaders can lead only with ihe free consent
of those governed.
Since 1984 the Tories have moved mainstream political discourse, mainstream ideasof what
constitutes "realism," farther right than at any time since World War II. The Liberals have mostly
gone along, while recent NDP provincial governments have out-Toried the Tones in stomping
on labour, railing against "welfare cheats," and stalling, or worse, on native rights and ecological
With rare exceptions, they've invoked a dreary "realism " Year to year, government to
government, it changes little, and amounts to something like "with the debt and deficit so high,
wecan' t afford the same level of services and still become competitive in the newglobal economy
Somehow awkward facts and contradictory ideas can't shake these politics of panic.
(Household finances are a bad analogy for national finances. The IMF won't sail up the St.
Lawrence and put us in receivership—unless we invite them There's nothing inevitable about
globalization...) No, most politicians, and many citizens, have bought into this new, fraudulent
consensus, and all other issues are met with "we can't deal with that until we've put our financial
house in order "
Aboriginal people shouldn' t have to wait. If this country can't afford justice, it (the country,
that is) has no right to exist.
Women shouldn't have to wait (although when the Tones go down, Kim Campbell will take
the fall despite the fact that no one could have prevented it, and it'll be a blame long invoked
before another woman leads that benighted party).
And the biosphere can't wait, as the Clayoquot convicts remind us. (Don't believetheNDPs
Gangot Five. When Justice Bouck brought down his stiff sentences hedidn't have to be told what
our pro-logging government wanted/
And everyone who wants some real control over their own, everyday lives shouldn't have
to wait But just trv getting any ot this discussed senously dunng this election
Oh yeah, the election What to do about that, anyway7 Canadians are chronically moderate
and polite about such things. They turn out in high numbers, no matter how meaningless the
alternatives, and generally shrug and decide "so-and-so can't be as bad..." or "it's the lesser evil
Maybe it's true and we should vote strategically Maybe a Liberal-NDP coalition, for
example, would cancel NAFTA. And maybe not
But remember we do have creative alternatives. Tirea ot choosing among evils? Consider
wnting in the name ot someone you really like — Peter Gzowski. say, or Emie ,Mr. Dressup,
Coombs or 'or the Dark Side) Jello Biafra.
Or consider choosing none ot the above." mstger vour ballot walk toward the booth, then
return and announce '' refuse mv ballot " It'llstuntheclerksana "responsible' voters, but when
the dust settles you'll be in a select group and vour "vote" countei separately from thespoilec
Dallots, and even the Natural Law votes
A coherent progressive political strategy Don't be mIIv vou a have more luck at an
Anarchistsconvention A tinyretusaiofromphcitvana stifling consent Absolutely why botner
•oletyourscitbemanipulatedbvttiepoliticairhetonc i ike seriously giveusabreak Such kick-
in-the-crotch voting behaviour is vital in a uedc ana rvmcai political spnere— rrom such, creative
politics are bom.
19 October 1993
The Ubyssey Is a founding member of Canadian University Press. |
Leader of the Cucumber Party of Canada Liz van Assum today described the
Reformed Progressive Quebecois candidate tor Scum Flats, BC. Taivo Evard, as
looking like "a cross between Bob Beck and Mike Kitchen with his hat off " Kitchen
the O'Keete <• Extra Old Slock Partv candidate for Hollywood North, responded bv
calling Assum "a Rick Hiebert with hog jowis." Hiebert the Natural Law candidate
for The Great Nirvana ol the West, declined comment saying only:" O-o-m-a-a-r K
All this comes after Atheist Hentage leader Tessa Moon kill Pacifist People's
Party president Scotia Gilroy   'She told 'Moon to calm down and. .POW fMoon
loses it, she snaps    ' said RCMP Del. Niva Chow
Meanwhile. Christian Neo-Fascist Killing and Maiming Party candidate for the
Great White Wasteland Doug Fems is reported to be in Alberta drinking large
quantities of Canadian Club and shooting at Winnebagos on the Trans-Canada |
Highway. Said the mayor of the nearby town of Big Butte:"Weil hell. Ah ain't had this
much fiin since ol' Steve Cho w shot off his foot while shewtin gophers!" The Siobhan i
Roantree Memorial Society for the Ethical Treatment of Gophers has sent dreaded
"enviro-anarchy hell-raisin' dudes"
Brent Gallster. Tanya Storr and Dinos Kyrou to "do what they do best" |
And, in a related story, Shelly Gomall and Pal McGuire, the only two people who
aren't running on October 25, went to Nantucket, sat on a bucket, and said fuck it    i
Editors i
Photography Editor: Siobhan Roantree I
Sports Editor: vacant
Culture Editor: Ted Young-lng
Culture Coordinator: Steve Chow
Production Coordinator: vacant
News Editor: Sara martin
News Coordinator: Graham Cook
Coordinating Editor: Douglas "I have no lire" Ferrb
Once again women
defend right for safe
On behalf of fellow friends
and myself, > ajxilogize for youi
feeling dUscnrrunatedagainston the
basis ol your gendei We empathize and encourage you in your
fjwsuit of understanding the heinous crime of rajje. Women are
desirous of standing beside strong,
intelligent, understanding men,
working equally to solve societal
problems. Your letterto the Ubyssey
was mflammatorv and unnecessary Perhaps the WSOshouid have
stated their reasons tor their ac-
nons, out u you naaonlv visited the
Womens Student*-* Office Detore
taxing pen in nana, vou would
nave gained a more accurate perspective as tr the  reasons for
'vomen oniv showing.
Firstly the WSO*- mandate is
to provide womenstuaentsat UBC
■Kress to its services which include
personal counselling and aio in
dealing with sexual harrassment,
discrimination, assault and other
senous hostile actions peipetrafed
against women As such, the WSO
■vantedtoensure interested women
a seat atthe "small" spaceavailabie.
■.Resources are limited and women
students have pnonty., Secondly
this showing afforded students a
safe' opportunity ro speak
amongst themselves and with femai
iski counsellors* in regard, to the
personal experience of rajx possible preventitive skills, and the
satety on campus The discussion
period lasted only i /2 hr, not a lot
of tune to open up to strangers. The
presence of a man might have inhibited a woman from fully expressing herself not due to his personal character but as he would
have symbolized to the victim the
"everpresentaggressor" TheWSO
wanted to give women jsut a tiny
sliver of time dunng which they
did not ha ve to deal with the real or
perceived sexual threat
The WSO has in the past and
will in the future coordinate film
showings for men & women with
the aid of the Sexual Harassment
Policy Office when interest is
shownby men. Inthefuturewhen
you wish to involve yourself in
womens issues please contact
them directly. They would like to
hear from you.
Karen Fediuk
Dietetics 3
Happy hippie
Ms Smith's article, One big
boys dub Clayoquot blockade
(Sept28) was, in brief, piffle and
humbug. According to Smith, the
camp was "hell' She wasappalled
bythe'ranksmell,' the unwashed
appearance of the protestors, and
the presence ot dogs She felt
snubbed by an untnendly wel-
come, and ridicules the camp meet-
lng procedures. Sensitive Ms. Smith
■vas most offended bv the hairy
drum-oeating men 'put-em-
lown rrusogyrusts/ who supposedly dominatea the camp.
I sniffed Peace Lamp air, and
detected a clean West-coast scent,T
looked grubby ana dishevelled,but
after a week of camping what else
could be expected? """he dogs were
neautiful and well-behaved. At my
arrival peopk were helpful and
friendlv trhev ever offered me
tree, healthy lood Tie sensibk
camp rules helped the meeting* tc
run smoothly, harmonv prevailec
tortheourationotmystay Indeed
did not witness male domination
or harassment; and the drums were
■oily good fun. Her vBions ot "acid•
bumout-case hippies" were probably -ong-haired, educated, concerned environmentalists, who
were refreshingly eccentric
Why was Ms. 'surr/ Smith's
experience at the camp so different
from mine? Perhaps the fact that
we camped at different dates is
significant Nevertheless, it is clear
that Smith's report reeks of bad
attitude. I wonder if she had ever
camped before. I wonder whether
she notices any goodness in the
worid...is she ever happy? Anyway, the Peace Camp was a pleasant place, not deserving to be reviewed by a depressing malcontent I send thanks and praise to all
who helped create the good-natured atmosphere there.
Alice Waldock
Atrs 3
Golf is a non-elitist
sport, no really
Congratulations to the
Ubyssey staff on once again pnnt-
<ng another completely unin-
tormeo whining letter The references to the Univetsity Golf Club
in Taivo Evara s letter "Take hack
the right" lOrt. 5th) are both false
and misinformed.
For starters i* is not called
the UBC Goll Club It is called tht
University Golf Club' <UGC
Tie suggestion thai the name De
some sort of tax shelter arises the
question "Does UBC Camj-*us
T*1zza or any other Dlace ot busi-
less that uses anv pan of L B or
' in its' name oo so toi the pur*
ixse of a ta> stielter'*" don i
'funk so TYofessoi" Evard The
. lub is pnvateiv ownea and has
■ery uttle, if anv ^onnecnon to
n response to the unin*
*ormec dileganor. that the aresf
■.ode is unconsntunonal" trui
man v goi t cou i*ses ha vestnet a res**
codes buttheuGC does not leans
are permitted ana the lone restriction lv rha* people ao not wear
tank roj-» -ai from unconstitu
Finallv in response to th*
suggestion that the atmosphere is
catenng to wealthy provmciaioio
people"* Wrong again TiecluhL*-
home to a spore* bar trequentec
mainly bv people between the ages
of 15and 50, and providesoomple-
mentary use ot the golf facilities to
the UBC golf team Bui most lm-
]XHtandy,it provides employment
to as many as :>0 UBC students
inducting n-ivseit,dunngp>eaksea-
Mike Mariatt
Arts 2
The Ubysse\ welcomes letters or.
any issue. Letters must be typed
and are not 10 exceed 300 words
in length. Comem which ts
judged to be libelous,
homophobic, sexist racist or
factually incorrect will not be
published. Please be concise
Letters may be edited for brevity,
but it is standard Ubyssey policy
not to edit letters for spelling or
grammatical mistakes.Please
being them with identification, to
SUB 24IK. Letters must include
name, faculty and signature. TUESDAY 19 OCTOBER 1993
Meet: some of Canada's 400,000 unemployed young people.
They are victims ofthe Mulroney/Campbell Conservatives'
failed economic policies.
The Liberal Party has different plans. Plans to get them back to work
with apprenticeship programmes, job retraining programmes,
and plans to stimulate small business.
The Liberal Party of Canada believes this country gets stronger
when these people get back to work. We're not about to let them wait.
This is a paid political message by the Liberal Party of Canada. THE UBYSSEY Culture
Shakespeare as he likes it
by Don Purdue
George Bernard Shaw, who had
a love/hate relationship with
Shakespeare's plays, confessed that a
good Rosalind generally translated
into a good As You Like It. Fortunately, Studio 58's current production of As You Like It features a
wonderful Rosalind (Jane Perry) and
a fine ensemble cast
Shakespeare is like brussel
sprouts—people keep telling you
"eat up, it's good for you." But this
production has lots of high wit—if
you enjoy Seinfeld or Frosier on the
tube, you'll enjoy As You Like It. The
play has lots of yuks for those at the
Three Stooges end of the scale, too.
As You Like It
playwright William Shakespeare
dir. Jane Heyman
Studio 58
until 30 October
Director Jane Heyman has cut
the play to just over two hours
without losing any of the story. Her
actors seem to be actually having
fun, exemplifying British theatre
great Peter Brook's credo, "theatre of
As You Like It is a great "date
play, with enough instant romance to
put even Shannon Doherty and
Ashley Hamilton to shame. Unusually, for Shakespeare, women
subvert, control and overpower the
male authority figures: women lose
fathers, are banished, fall in love with
slightly goofy but manageable men,
arrange marriages, and regain fathers
... on their own terms!
Nancy Tait's costumes suggest a
mix of contemporary urban and rural
dress-how-you-will. Rosalind wears
a smart business suit at court,
switches to Annie Hall in the forest
(she's disguised as a man to avoid
rape) and finishes with a simple but
ravishing white dress for her
wedding day.
Pam Johnson's set would make
the Green party proud A carpet of
artificial leaves, trees and branches
cleverly lays on top of moveable
seats which double for both forest
perches and courtly chaise lounges.
The overwhelming greenery
promises a rebirth and return to
innocence in the Forest of Arderme,
where much of the action takes place.
The changing of the seasons is
shown by falling leaves and several
"blankets" of detachable white leaves
to simulate winter's coming and
A wonderful wrestling match is
staged by fight director David
Bloom, alluded to in Shakespeare's
text ("[They] wresde," 1.1200). The
choreography puts WWF and Hulk
Hogan to shame. Everyone in the
audience was positive that Orlando
(Bob Frazer) had bounced Charles'
(Brad Wattum) head off a post
(doubling as a tree) to win the final
It's refreshing to hear
Shakespeare spoken by actors who
have worked to bring out the poetry
and rhythm inherent in the lines. Jane
Perry, in particular, has a wonderful
speaking voice—like Fred Astaire,
she made it look wonderfully
effortless. David MacNiven (the
curmudgeonly Jacques) and Marvin
Kaye (playing the good/bad brothers,
Duke Senior and Duke Frederick)
also are very effective vocally.
Musical director Lloyd
Nicholson showcases the versatility
of the Studio 58 players, letting them
sing harmony and melody, accompany themselves on a variety of
wind, percussion and string instruments. Also, the lovely (uncredited)
dance at play's end brings to mind
the dance in the recent film version
of Much Ado About Nothing.
The lighting, by Ross Nichol, is
highlighted by lightning storm
effects and the changing of the
What could be improved? The
famous "All the world's a stage"
speech, recited by Jacques, is done
sitting down, and much of the speech
is swallowed or lost. David
MacNiven speaks very well (and
very audibly) on the move, so why
not put him on his feet and highlight
this speech more? Secondly, Kirsten
Williamson (Celia) has a very quiet
speaking voice. When she turns her
hack to the audience, her lines are
sometimes lost.
Otherwise, Studio 58's production of As You Like It entertains with
a versatile cast of student actors who
make you forget you are witnessing a
student production.
"The follow                 <
3re eligible to vote in
the Wednesday, 20 October 1993 Ubyssey
editorial elections:
Siobhan Roantree
Roger Wiebe
Martin Chester
Michelle Wong
Yuki Kurahashi
Doug Ferris
Greg McNally
Graham Cook
Pat McGuire
Sara Martin
Tanya Storr
Omar Kassis
Mark Perrault
Steve Chow
Tessa Moon
Ted Young-lng
Bob Beck
Liz van Assum
Brent Galster
Taivo Evard
Mike Kitchen
Paula Foran
Niva Chow
Rick Hiebert
Stephen Samuel
Omar Washington
Ruta Fluxgold
Janet Winters
Scotia Gilroy
Brock Hall
Room 203
9:00 am
4:30 pm.
Come join us for support, discussion and information.
Mature Women Students to Nov. 24 (drop-in support)
Self-Esteem Oct. 26, Nov. 2 & 9
Dating Relationships Oct. 20
For further information and registration for groups, call
__   Chilly Climate  Friday, Oct. 22 (12:30 - 2:00 pm)   g
g   SHU Killing Us Softly  Friday. Nov. 26 (12:30 - 2:00 pm)   %
3 TN BROCK 203:
1   Burning Times Wednesday, Oct. 20 (12:30 ■
|§  No Time to Stop  Friday, Oct. 22 (2:00 ■
1:30 pm)   ,£;;
3:00 pm)  H
Come Meet
The Federal New Democrat Leader
Audrey McLaughlin
Wednesday October 20th 1993 • 12:30pm
SUB Ballroom
Student Union Building
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