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THE END OF MENSTRUATION? 15 mmmA Mae /^.smmi,sooe the ubyssey
I H"
womarmooD, ubvssev stvie
Plastic menstrual flow collectors.
Brangelinafer. Romance novels.
Theorising rape. What do these topics have in common? And more
importantly, how did they end up in
the pages of this year's women's
It's simple, really. We made a list
of topics that we thought were important, as women, and we asked a
group of writers to choose which
ones were relevant to them. The
result is a collection as diverse as the
individuals who contributed. While
the writing before you may seem to
lack cohesion or a common thread,
together these articles reflect the
new challenges and issues that
women think about and deal with on
a daily basis. Women are no longer
only battling patriarchal oppression;
we are also battling our own dated
Whether it's being embarrassed
about our bodies' natural reaction to
sex, or trying to eliminate our
monthly cycles because of their negative stigma, issues we face today
are more a reflection of discomfort
with ourselves and our own place in
society than the more traditional
feminist issues. It is through discourse that women come to terms
with themselves. We hope that this
issue of the Ubyssey will be another
positive step in that direction. Hope
you enjoy it.
Carolynne and Claudia jr
"I am a woman above
everything else"
—Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
"Sometimes I wonder if men
and women really suit each
other. Perhaps they should
live next door and just visit
now and then."
—Katharine Hepburn
"A man who correctly
guesses a woman's age
may be smart, but he's
not very bright."
—Lucille Ball
"I am a marvelous
housekeeper. Every time
I leave a man I keep his
"No one can make you
feel inferior without your
—Eleanor Roosevelt
"I really don't think I need
buns of steel. I'd be happy
with buns of cinnamon."
—Ellen DeGeneres
Creating Sacred Space. Friday March
3- Saturday March 4 Chalmers Institute,
Vancouver School of Theology, UBC
Campus. Friday evening reception, art
show, and multifaith celebration. Saturday
nmltifaith experiential workshops from
various spiritual traditions. Registration
$60 - $115. Contact Chalmers Institute
604-822-9815 or www.vst.edu.
is hosting a campus-wide food drive for
the Union Gospel Mission soup kitchen
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non-perishable items from Feb 20 ro
Mar 3 at any location: SUB 266,Brock
Hall (south emrance),Science Advising
office.Arts Advising, International
House,Engineering (Kaiser Rm
1100),Forestry (by Atrium),Lmd and
Food Systems (GRS office, Macrnilian
Rm 346),School of Music.SUS lounge
(LSK 202),Nursing Student Lounge.PSA
(Kenny 2007)
2006. Women Stand in Solidarity Against
War at Home and Abroad! Saturday,
March 4rh. 11 AM - Carrier ar Broadway
and Commercial. 11:30AM - March
to Grandvicw Park. 12:00PM - Rally
at Grandview Park. Questions - Dance
and Celebration Saturday, March 4th
8PM. Radha Yoga- 728 Main St. Free
- donations appreciated. Food and
drink for sale. Organized by Vancouver
Women's Health Collective
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'Che 'iHby^cy
Friday, 3 March, 2006
The Women's Issue
Carolynne Burkholder &£ Claudia Li
Editorial Board
coordinating editor Jesse Marchand
news editors Paul Evans &£ Eric Szeto
culture editor Simon Underwood
culture@ubyssey.be ca
sports editor Megan Smyth
sports@ubyssey.be ca
features/national EDITOR
Bryan Zandberg
photo editor Yinan Max Wang
production manager Michelle Mayne
volunteers Colleen Tang
volunteers@ubyssey.be. ca
research/letters Claudia Li
feedback@ubyssey.be ca
The Ubyssey is the official student newspaper of the University
of British Columbia. It is published every Tuesday and Friday
by The Ubyssey Publications Society. We are an autonomous,
democratically run student organisation, and all students are
encouraged to participate.
Editorials are chosen and written by the Ubyssey staff. They
are the expressed opinion of the staff, and do not necessarily
reflect the views of The Ubyssey Publications Society or the
University of British Columbia. All editorial content appearing in
The Ubyssey is the property of The Ubyssey Publications Society.
Stories, opinions, photographs and artwork contained herein
cannot be reproduced without the expressed, written permission
of The Ubyssey Publications Sodety.
The Ubyssey is a founding member of Canadian University Press
(CUP) and adheres to CUP's guiding principles.
Letters to the editor must be under 300 words. Please include.
your phone number, student number and signature (not for
publication) as well as your year and faculty with all submissions.
10 will be checked when submissions are dropped off at the
editorial office of The Ubyssey, otherwise verification will be done
by phone. "Perspectives" are opinion pieces over 300 words but
under 750 words and are run according to space. "Freestyles" are
opinion pieces written by Ubyssey staff members. Priority will be
given to letters and perspectives over freestyles unless the latter is
time sensitive. Opinion pieces will not be run until the identity of
the writer has been verified. The Ubyssey reserves the right to edit
submissions for length and clarity.
It is agreed by all persons placing display or classified advertising
that if the Ubyssey Publications Society fails to publish an
advertisement or if an error in the ad occurs the liability of the
UPS will not be greater than the price paid for the ad. The UPS
shall not be responsible for slight changes or typographical errors
that do not lessen the value or the impact of the ad.
Room 24, Student Union Building
6138 Student Union Boulevard
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1
tel: 604-822-2301
fax: 604-822-9279
web: www.ubyssey.bc.ca
e-mail: feedback@ubyssey.be.ca
Room 23, Student Union Building
advertising: 604-822-1654
business office: 604-822-6681
fax: 604-822-1658
e-mail: advertising@ubyssey.bc.ca
business manager Fernie Pereira
advertising sales Bernadette Delaquis
ad design Shalene Takara
Women superheroes were the uproar tonight.There was Mai
"Superwoman" Bui with her sidekick Champagne "Flower Girl"
Choquer who were rescuing civilians Boris Korby, Kellan Higgins
and Andrew MacRae.They used their Trevor Gilks moves to defeat
evil witch Colleen Tang even with her 2.5 mega Joanna Yaworksy
laser. Wicked gypsies Jesse Marchand, Michelle Mayne and Liz
Green came to avenge the evilness that was defeated.They came
with their Eric Szeto knives and Alvina Lo guns to attack the
superheroes. Claudia "Wonderwoman" Li and Carolynne"Batgirl"
Burkholder flew to the scene as the girl fight on main street accumulated. Megan "Poison Ivy" Smyth and they raised their
Heather Pauls shields and Catherine Hart daggers and targeted at
the enemies. Policemen Paul Evans, Simon Underwood,Yinan Max
Wang and Bryan Zandberg tried to break up the fight but unfortunately died amongst the battle. Ada Chen, Jesse Ferreras and
Amanda Stutt came in just in time to cheer on the good super-
heroes as they locked up the remaining living bad villians to jail.
cover design Michelle Mayne
cover illustration courtesy of "The
Game of Junior Executive"
Printed on
recycled paper
Canada Post Sales Agreement
Number 0040878022
K •
6£ Jfci
V _
™Lil533^LAfe.£is*.f^f.... ^ *m3%^ i <&fca?
STRaiGHT Fads aBOUT DaTe Rape
THe PVscHOLoeicat aFFecTs of Rape aRe still eviDeriT
as lohg as is veaRS aFTeR THe ORiGinaL assauLT
by Wistaria Burdge
SACKVTLLE, N.B. (CUP)-According to
a 1996 study in Psychology of
Women Quarterly, over half of female
university students surveyed had
experienced some form of unwanted
sex. Twelve per cent of these acts
were perpetrated by casual dates,
and 43 per cent by steady dating partners. Date rape is not an occurrence
limited to friends and acquaintances,
but also can be unwanted sex with a
person you are dating.
Statistics suggest that, of the university women who have reported
having unwanted sexual intercourse,
84 per cent knew their assailant, 57
per cent of the episodes occurred on
dates, and 41 per cent were virgins
at the time of the assault. This is
probably an underestimation of the
true incidence of date rape, as many
incidences are unreported. Date
rape is one of least-reported crimes
in North America.
Of course, these statistics don't
provide us with any help or answers
as to how we should approach the
topic of date rape or how it can be
avoided. Nor do they address how
those who have unfortunately experienced date rape can gain access to
help and support
Men commit the majority of
rapes, but that doesn't mean women
are never perpetrators. Women are
capable of conumtting rape as well; it
just isn't as statistically common.
Rape is generally denned as any kind
of sexual intercourse (vaginal, oral or
anal) that is coerced or committed
against a person's will. If the victim is
intoxicated or unconscious, this is
also considered rape, as the victim is
unable to give informed consent
Sexual assault is the legal term for
rape, but this also includes more
than just forced sexual intercourse.
Sexual assault is considered any
unwanted sexual contact, which can
include unwanted touching, kissing,
fondling or groping of sexual body
parts. Informed consent is also an
issue, and intoxication once again
plays a role in the ability of an individual to give their informed consent.
Alcohol is an important factor to
consider when looking at the issue of
date rape. An estimated 50 per cent
of sexual assaults involve the consumption of alcohol by the perpetrator, victim or both parties involved.
That is not to say, however, that alcohol directly causes sexual assault. It
would be more accurate to see alcohol as contributing to existing risk
factors and clouding an individual's
judgement of a situation where sex
may become involved.
Not   as   common   as   alcohol,
though still prevalent, is the risk of
date rape drugs or drug-facilitated
sexual assault. The use of specific
drugs, either voluntarily or unknowingly, can cause sedation and mild
amnesia to the extent that a potential victim is unable to resist or may
not be aware of the assault. In fact,
about 25 per cent of the women who
contacted   the   Canadian   Sexual
Assault Centre reported that drugs
were a factor in a rape. In addition
to   alcohol,   the  most  commonly
reported drugs connected to sexual
assault   are    flunitrazepam   and
gamma-hydroxybutyrate,  or  GHB,
which is used as a recreational drug.
In terms of the long-term effects of
date rape, victims are 11 times more
likely to be clinically depressed and
six times more likely to experience
social   phobia   than   non-victims.*
Psychological problems are still evident in cases as long as 15 years after
the assault
It is impossible to cover in one column the complete extent of knowledge on and prevention of date rape.
Anyone interested in more information should contact the personal counsellors or sexual harassment advisors
at their university. Pamphlets are
often available from student services with tips on how to avoid date
rape as well as how to avoid committing date rape. Check that out as
another resource.
If you experience date rape, you
should immediately contact one of
your university resources, or go to
the emergency room at the hospital.
Reporting the incident to the police at
911 is also a good idea so no one else
may be put at risk. *r
ubc PROFessoR ReDeFines THe concePT of coeRcion
by Carolynne Burkholder
The numbers are shocking. Over
50 per cent of Canadian women
have been sexually or physically
assaulted, according to a survey by
Statistics Canada. And only six per
cent of the cases were reported to
the police according to the same
But UBC philosophy professor
Scott Anderson hopes that,
through his research on coercion,
rape will be easier to understand
and better defined in law, allowing
authorities to respond more accurately to the crime.
As Canadian laws changed 21
years ago to include a broader definition of sexual assault, Anderson's
theory is more applicable in the
U.S., where laws are less encompassing. But both countries are facing the same challenges when prosecuting sexual crimes.
Although the majority of sexual
assaults are not by strangers—some
estimate that acquaintance rape
constitutes 85 per cent of all cases-
most legal attention is given to
stranger rape.
According to Anderson, "getting the proper understanding of
how to define rape would help
make acquaintance rape more easily prosecutable."
Through his definition of sexual assault, Anderson aims to provide a better model to include all
forms of rape by putting it in a
gendered context—most perpetrators being male and most victims
being female or children. In contrast to the common "consent theories" of rape, which focuses on
the acts or desires of the victim,
Anderson focuses primarily on the
rapist, the coercing agent, and his
actions and intentions.
Anderson also distinguishes
between unwanted sex and rape.
"There   is   a   difference   between
unwanted sex and sex that is forced
upon somebody through...use of
power or use of threats/ he said.
Unwanted sex, according to
Anderson, is akin to cancer surgery
"What's the different thing
about rape is the way certain uses
of power are involved," said
Anderson. And this power is based
in societal factors.
"GeTTiriG THe PROPeR unoeRSTanoinG
of hon to oeFine Rape would HeLP
mane acQuainTance Rape moRe easiLV
-scott flriDeRson
that you don't want to have, but consent to.
"You can't say that a woman
who is raped is just a woman who
doesn't want to have sex," he continued. "In lots of cases a woman
might not want to have sex with
someone, yet has sex with him anyway, without there being any crime
committed, or even a harm done."
According to Anderson, "This is
what connects rape to the general
conditions of gender oppression
in society: rape manifests and
capitalises on the general ability
of men to impose their sexual wills
on women by means of violence, a
form of domination to which society is itself often blind." By viewing rape according to Anderson's
theory of coercion,
he argues that the practical and
legal problems of identifying and
prosecuting accused rapists are
more solvable. .
A problem with the current
legal status of rape is that it is difficult to prove lack of consent, but
by applying Anderson's theory, "it
changes our presumption about a
woman's consent to sex from yes
to no, since we may assume that a
man's aggressive pursuit of sex
with a woman is backed by a willingness to use force, unless that
assumption is otherwise defeated." Rather than the victim having
to prove she didn't consent, the
perpetrator would have to prove
that she did.
So far Anderson has received
mixed responses to his theory. "It
hasn't won wide acclaim and converts yet, but my goal is to convince a lot of people to rethink the
subject," he said. ^ Lowest Prices For Waxing
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ubc aDDResses cHauenGes of
Femaie aTHieTes aT conFeRence
by Boris Korby
Harassment and the lack of role models for women will be the first order
of business at UBCs first Women in
Sport Conference to be held on
March 8 at the University's Robson
Square campus—coinciding with
International Women's Day.
Hayley Wickenheiser, MVP of the
2006 women's winter Olympic hockey tournament, is just one of many
female athletes, coaches, and administrators scheduled to speak at the
conference who will explore the
opportunities and challenges experienced by women in sport.
The conference is being supported by a $.4,000 Innovative Project
Fund grant from the Alma Mater
Society (AMS) that is intended to promote sport and physical activity to
everyone, but especially to female
and minority populations, said Katy
Player, Senior Manager of Campus
Sport and Recreation.
"The conference is aimed at athletes, administrators, and coaches,
and [is meant] to gain more awareness for the lack of understanding
around women's issues in sport,
whether it's participation or in the
career field,* Player said.
Sessions at the conference will
specifically target the obstacles facing
women in or attempting to get into
the sport administration field, the
challenges surrounding the growing
GIRLS RULE: Especially women athletes, photo courtesy of ubc rec
2 006/07
You Are Invited To Participate
Open Forum on Tuition
with University Representatives
March 79 12:00 PM
SUB Conversation Pit
ExpRtss youR viKws M-. http://students.ubc.ca/tuitionconsu!tation
ethnic and socioeconomic diversity
in women's sport—including harassment—and the lack of female role
models for female athletes in, and
coming out of, high school.
The conference will also include
panels where coaches and sport
administrators of different levels can
share their experiences and insights
from their respective fields.
Doug Reimer, head coach of the
UBC women's volleyball team, said
that events such as the Women in
Sport Conference aid in addressing
fundamental issues in women's
sports—for example, the lack of
female role models for aspiring
female athletes—that often simply do
not garner much attention.
"The tradition in sports in North
America is professional sports, which
is clearly male dominated. So if you
coached or are a female athlete, you
have to search very hard on the TV
dial, with maybe the exception of
Olympic time, to see role modeling,"
he said. "This is outstanding and
tremendous tuning for the people
that organised [the Women in Sport
Conference] to have somebody like
Hayley Wickenheiser corning in.*
Reimer also stressed a need to
address issues such as harassment
towards female athletes.
"There are a whole number of
issues in sport, and harassment is
one that has affected both genders,
but it has clearly affected women to a
greater degree,* he said.
Participation in the Women in
Sport Conference is .free. The deadline to register is March 5. jr
cr co-mmuurnms
& Women blink twice as often as men
& On average a woman speaks 7,000 words a day, while a man only speaks 2;0G0 words
& The average woman will swallow four pounds of lipstick in her lifetime
& 80 per cent of women wash their hands before leaving the restroom (while only 55 per cent of men do)
M Chocolate is the number one food craved by women
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.™IM?y?.?.IY..../*#:-..£'.^JP06 tfo emnm & Mae
ubc CHeeRieaDiriG
by Champagne Choquer
Pom-pon waving, blonde-haired, gum-snapping
ditzes: the stereotypical vision of cheerleaders
has been perpetuated by the media for decades.
But the UBC cheerleading team has set out to dispel this myth and prove that it's not all jazz hands
and spirit fingers.
"There is always the stereotype of girl cheerleaders being ditzy, but we're not, we're at UBC,
we study first and school comes first," said team
co-captain Tina Lee.
The UBC cheerleading squad is currently in
its fifth year as a varsity team under the UBC athletics umbrella and has flourished in competition over the last few years with four top-ten finishes at the Canadian Cheerleading Nationals.
Despite this success, the team still struggles
with people approaching the sport with preconceived notions. "It's definitely not simple and we
have cut a lot of people who thought that it was all
about fun and doing nothing, when really it's a
highly athletic and difficult sport," said Coach
Susan Davison.
"The level of activity is much more intense
than most people expect. It's an explosive sport
and it requires a lot of strength or else you can
get hurt really easily," added Lee.
Like female athletes, the men involved in the
sport also face stereotyping. Many male cheerleaders are not highly regarded as athletes and
this hinders the team's enrollment. Although the
ideal competitive squad would consist of 15 men
and 15 women, the team finds it difficult to
attract enough males.
"The myth surrounding guy cheerleaders is
that they're not huge athletes; but they're strong,
YES, IT ACTUALLY IS SPELLED POM-PON: We're not ditzes either, yinan max wang photo
they have to be at a certain level before they can
cheerlead, otherwise you can't hold a girl who is a
hundred plus pounds over your head," said Lee.
Technical coach Pete Parotta agrees. "It's
something that, until people come out and actually see what the guys are doing, is always going
to be there," he said.
To adjust this imbalance, UBC cheerleading
has introduced a new system this year, dividing
the team into a junior and senior program that
will allow more people to join and may increase
the number of men interested in the sport.
By having a junior performance team
reserved for cheering at varsity basketball and
football games, the senior team will have more
time to devote to the competitive aspect of the
sport "With the idea of having a performance
team as well as a competition team, we're hoping
we'll be able to have athletes developing on the
performance team and come into the competition team," said Parotta.
"Having the teams split, we can now focus a
lot more with the senior team which means that
those people will be able to focus on competitions," Davison explained.
The coaches hope, with this separation, the
sport of cheerleading at UBC will come to the
foreground and be recognised for the athletes'
gymnastic abilities and level of achievement.
In the team's future, Davison said "our game
plan is to come in the top five at nationals, and
when we get to the point when we're in the top
group of teams we would like to do a little bit
more traveling." jt
7* o£^<   * v^"
W .A^* **"K^?^^fe,->t>*'^>-- s^
Theme: Travel & Mobility
We arc currently accepting submissions for the following categories:
* Long Fiction (1000-2500 words)
* Long Non-Fiction (1000-2500 words)
♦ Snap Fiction ( 500-1000 words)
• Poetry
Guidelines for Submission
Please have your work typed in a standard font (Times, Ariel, etc.) and double-spaced. The number of submissions are limited as follows:
one entry per category in snap fiction, long fiction and long non-fiction and a maximum of five poems permitted per entry. Students may
of course submit their work to all four categories. Please also include page numbers. Poetry does not have to be double-spaced.
Please include a coversheet with your work. The coversheet should include your NAME, STUDENT NUMBER, PHONE NUMBER,
TITLE OF WORK, and CATEGORY APPLIED TO (i.e. Snap Fiction). Your name cannot appear anywhere in the body of your work.
You must be a student currently enrolled at UBC. Previously published works are ineligible for this contest. You MUST be a member
of the Ubyssey Publications Society in order to participate in this contest. (In other words, if you waived your $5 UPS fee, you are not
eligible (jerk).)
We do accept email submissions.
Submit your work to SUB Room 23 (The LJbyssey Business Office) or rant2006@gmail.com. The deadline is Sunday, March 5th at
noon. Winners work will appear in the March 31 st issue of The Ubyssey.
If you have any questions, please email us at rant2006@gmail.com
. m**v i^vtsw.NCJci;) ir^j* wisawarrrcscKwa tAe wtmm & &&ite fl** 3™«d. zooe the ubyssey
wi4fi£tem d FREE Fitf Slotiir
advmm Sereeniruj <rf$
Wednesdaij, March 8,7:3© PM
Cinemark Tinseltown
EU Eg PRI%E RRCK including
tickets to the sereenincj, write to:
and teti x\$ which legendary horror
film director made the original
version of "The Hills Have Et|esM.
Rated 18A- Explicit Gory Violence; Horror. Employees of promotional partners are not eligible to participate.
,  < 1       -  ■ ^   f
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«Information Technology Management*
*retevant business degree required
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by Liz Green
When I was in first year, girls still
wrote on the insides of bathroom
stalls. The SUB women's washroom
would have ongoing debates about
religion, politics, love and sex.
Invaluable information passed
through generations via the bathroom* stall, including information
about a product called the Keeper.
Almost as though it was an underground drug product, I read about
the Keeper in the fourth stall from the
sinks in the SUB. Described (not quite
accurately) as a "reusable rubber tampon-like thingy," I did a little
research, and when I started to travel, I bought my very first Keeper.
The Keeper, also called a DivaCup,
is made of either gum rubber or latex-
free silicone and is shaped a bit like
the nipple on a baby bottle (without a
hole). It's reusable for up to ten years
and replaces all other environmentally unfriendly products you use during
your period like tampons and pads.
The Keeper also completely eliminates the risk of toxic shock syndrome associated with tampons, and
(bonus!) you can leave it in for up to
12 hours without having to empty it.
Because the Keeper is soft rubber
and round, you squeeze it in half, and
then in half again and insert it completely into your vagina. The Keeper
is released slowly so that it unfolds
and creates a gentle suction against
the walls of your vagina. When you let
go, you shouldn't be able to feel it (the
way you don't feel tampons). The tip
will hang down to the opening of your
vagina, but it isn't that noticeable.
To remove the Keeper, you pull
the tip down until you can reach up
and squeeze the walls of the Keeper
again to release the suction. Remove
and empty it into the toilet and rinse
it out. You can use a water bottle to
rinse it if you're in a public bathroom
or wipe it out with toilet paper and
reinsert. Wash it properly with soap
once a day and disinfect every three
months. A lot of women empty it in
the shower to reduce messiness (provided the shower has proper
drainage). Bet you feel in touch with
your body now!
There are no risks associated with
using the Keeper, and while it may
seem gross at first, it is more convenient in many ways. You should allow
yourself at least three months to get
used to using the Keeper—it can take
a while to learn how to insert and
remove it comfortably and to understand your body.
Food for thought: in your lifetime,
you are likely to use 15,000 sanitary
pads or tampons, and you will throw
away 250 to 300 pounds of tampons,
pads, and applicators. The environmental benefits of the Keeper are
huge, as is the cost. The Keeper will
run you up about 40 to 50 "dollars
right now, but you won't have to buy
tampons for ten years, saving you
hundreds of dollars.
For more info, just visit
www.Keeper.com or wyw.d^cup.corrg;
or look for information on bathrooni
walls, 'cause I'm hoping there'll be a
comeback in opinionated women
sharing information like this in a
public forum. j*~
women DominaTe aT ubc
by Paul Evans
If you're a UBC student reading this
article, chances are more likely that
you are a woman. That's because of
the 43,669 students enrolled at the
University, 24,158 are women.
"We see more boys failing in the
elementary schools; we see more
boys dropping out in the secondary
schools, more girls graduating from
high school, and what we see at
UBC as the trend is really just a
continuation of a North America-
wide, perhaps a worldwide trend,
where girls are succeeding academically more than boys," said Walter
Sudmant, director of Planning and
Institutional Research at UBC.
While Sudmant explained that
the numbers of women enrolling at
university surpassed men back in
the 1980s, these trends are extending into the professional programs
at UBC.
"There was a time when if a
woman applied to law school,
maybe they'd say, 'well did her husband allow her to?' That doesn't
happen anymore," he explained.
"There's a lot of educational equity
now and law school and medical
school...[are] just a reflection of
society becoming more equitable."
For example, in the 2004/05 academic year, there were 90 women
and 90 men enrolled in the Doctor of
Dental Medicine program; the numbers this year are now 98 to 81 in
favour of women.
Neil Guppy, a professor of sociology at UBC, explained that one
reason the number of women at
UBC is increasing is that men are
being attracted to well paying blue-
collar jobs that are more physically
"Since that opportunity has been
there for men, there hasn't been as
much pressure to obtain the post-secondary credentials that women frequently need to compete for labour
force jobs," he said.
But while Guppy acknowledged
women's increased presence in the
professional fields of study, he
noted that the trend is not true in
every faculty.
"There are a couple of places
where men still tend to dominate
more than you would anticipate given
what's happening in medicine and
law," he said. "I think there are a couple of professions and semi-professions in the labour force that continue
to be thought of as men's work and
women's work."
This is true at the university level
as well, he explained, citing a larger
proportion of men in faculties like
forestry and engineering, and schools
like nursing and social work being
dominated by women.
In terms of combating these
stereotypes, Guppy highlighted the
importance of role models.
"It's taken some role models and
risk-takers to move into those professions and provide the kind of visibility of a successful man or successful woman operating in a particular field that has not traditionally been seen as men's work or
women's work," he said. *r
1 !'
women pittgd aGainsT one anoTHer?
by Megan Smyth
Women have come a long way.
Women now have the right to vote
and own property. But apparently
women do not have the ability to
receive fair and unbiased coverage
in the media, especially when
marital and family relations are
One of the most recent examples of this discrimination can be
found in the tabloid and pop culture frenzy surrounding the breakup of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt
and the subsequent relationship
between Pitt and Angelina Johe.
The Pitt-Aniston wedding
occurred in Malibu, California in
July of 2000. On Jan. 7, 2005-after
the Pitt-Aniston marriage was
already rumoured to be on the
rocks and the Pittjolie friendship
was pretty much out in the open
after some friendship building on
the set of Mr and Mrs Smith, Pitt
and Aniston jointly released a separation announcement.
"For those who follow these sorts
of things, we would like to explain
that our separation is not the result
of any speculation reported by the
tabloid media. This decision is the
result of much thoughtful consideration,* stated the carefully crafted
press release.
Pitt's behaviour shortly after the
separation announcement included
extended holiday trips with Jolie
and her two adopted children,
Maddox and Zahara. These actions
were in direct contradiction to the
separation statement promoting
mutual respect between Aniston
and Pitt.
And then the fury began...
Jen is devastated! Angelina stole
Brad! Aniston plans revenge! Jen versus Angelina—who's hotter? The battle between the former and future
Mrs Pitts rages on! Headlines similar
to these were plastered all over newspapers, magazines, tabloids, and
internet websites.
But what about Pitt? Where did
he go during the media meltdown?
As Aniston became labeled an
overly ambitious career woman
who was denying her husband
children and Jolie morphed
from Hollywood's bad girl into a
U.N. Goodwill Ambassador, mother of adopted orphans and baby-
producer on demand, Pitt faded
into the background.
The two women were pitted
against each other—not by choice,
but due to the incessant public
demand for scandal among the
famous and wealthy—in a full out
war on morals and lifestyle. This
war culminated with the—impossible to cover-up—announcement of
Jolie's pregnancy.
When Jolie's belly bump became
rather large, rather quickly it was
obvious that relations between Pitt
and Johe weren't in the early stages.
Insiders and now hundreds of
celebrity news publications have
surmised that Johe is about six
months pregnant.  If you do the
math that means she conceived in
the late summer.
The February 13 headline for In
Touch, a weekly entertainment style
magazine was "Jen's anger over the
pregnancy cover-up." Once again
the media and the public were promoting a divided stand-off between
the Aniston and Johe.
Kitson, a high-end, trend-setting boutique in Hollywood, even
went as far as selling "Team
Aniston" and "Teamjolie" T-shirts.
Although the store's website
declares "O.K. we are not one for
picking sides—but we thought
these baseball t-shirts from White
Trash were very timely," the idea
of- Aniston and Jolie facing off
against one another is still fiercely
promoted. The "Team Jolie" T-
shirts were black and red—um,
implyingdevilish?—and the "Team
Aniston" T-shirts were white and
kelly green —much more innocent.
Why exactly did the consuming
public feel the need to publicly
back either one female or the
other? And where were the "Brad
Sucks" T-Shirts?
There was no end to the opposition of Aniston and Jolie. Neither
could escape from the labels
stamped upon them. Either Aniston
was portrayed as evil and self-
absorbed because she did not want
children, or she was said to be a
helpless victim who had her man
stolen away by a younger woman.
JoUe, on the other hand, was labeled
both a conniving adulteress,
blamed for the breakup of the Pitt-
Aniston marriage or was hailed as a
family oriented woman who was
determined to provide a poor male
with children all while maintaining
UN duties and a career.
Nowhere in the pop culture
media did anyone openly discuss
the idea that maybe Pitt had a larger role to play in the whole scenario.
Perhaps Pitt—like countless other
unfaithful, wandering husbands out
there—just became tired of his relationship with Aniston and searched
for something else.
But in the portrayal of this love
triangle, placing the blame isn't
really the issue. This latest controversy accentuates how dated
Hollywood ideas about women still
are. When one high profile marriage falls apart and another potential celebrity marriage begins and
the male involved in both is not in
the forefront of the public eye and
the women end up taking the entirety of the blame, then really what
impact has the female equality
movement had on society?
As Aniston commented in the
Sept 2005 issue of Vanity Pair, "A
man divorcing would never he
accused of choosing career over children...that really pissed me off." *r
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MaRRiaGe Has a historv of GivinG Homen THe short em
of THe stick, but NeiGHinG an THe odds, women aRe STILL
GeTTinG maRRieo, so HHaT Does maRRiaGe mean now?
by Heather Pauls
"I'm getting married." When I tell people that
Gabriel and I are engaged I have no idea what
reaction to expect. Sometimes it's the romantic-
comedy-style squeal of girlish excitement. There
has been joy, laughter, and congratulations.
Other times it's a raised eyebrow and a raucous,
"Why?!* A few people have advised, "Just five
together. It's cheaper and you can get out when
the magic is gone." But I don't want getting out to
be easy, even when the butterflies calm down
and that dopamine love-rush is replaced by a
deep sense of commitment. I want lifelong companionship with my best friend and lover. We're
getting married, even when I'm told that marriage is not only a ball and chain, but is also a
way of participating in a patriarchal system
where a man owns a woman.
whv is rnaRRiaee so awfUL?
I assume I'm writing to a particular audience: university students, particularly female. We're
empowered, and we have a damn-the-man attitude about most things that have anything to do
with mstitutionalisation or patriarchy. Religion is
dogmatic, so screw it Marriage is legalised rape
(I've read that somewhere), so to hell with it.
Marriage has fallen out of popularity, at least
among my university contemporaries.
This could be due to the 1950s model of the
perfect housewife—the goal of feminine perfection that ultimately collapsed. When we think of
a married woman, often we think of the wife in
post-WWII North America—1940s to somewhere in the 1960s—who is self-sacrificing,
dependent, and subordinated to her husband
who is head of the household simply because
he's male and hence makes more money. If
you're a woman marrying a man, getting married means losing your identity, and getting
caught in a relationship that is burdensome to
your pursuit of happiness. Marriage somehow
equals children, a mortgage, lacklustre sex and
forgotten dreams.
People say that they want to travel before
marriage as though they'll be forever chained to
one location when they find a permanent partner. Or people say they want to really five before
tying the knot.
Marriage has been a hurtful and inconsiderate practice where women are concerned:
women were pawns in financial gain, family
alliances and land-owning schemes. No doubt
they still are today. But in the 20th century,
marriage has been put through the wringer and
thank God it has. I couldn't imagine myself
finding fulfillment as a 1950s-style housewife,
or entering into an arranged marriage. But that
brings us to our next question.
HHaT ooes maRRiase mean
The question, "what is marriage?" has had some
press coverage and a fair deal of controversy in
the last few years because of the legalisation of
same-sex marriage. Conservative hard-liners have
been running around, trying to figure out why the
definition of marriage can never include unions
between any genders. People are suddenly asked
to define what marriage is, and it's hard to come
up with anything other than a legal and symbolic
union based on love and compatibility where two
parties promise to stay together for life. Hallelujah
ladies, you can marry each other for love too. That
is, if you can get over the idea that marriage can
represent a male-created institution of controlling
women, and celebrate marriage as an act of love
and commitment Despite everything listed above,
people, including myself, are still getting married.
In the Western world, it's widely understood that
you marry for love.
I'm not well versed in feminist theory and
my history of marriage is limited. But I come
from a long line of strong and proud women,
and my parents have been happily married for
37 years. Maybe I have rose-tinted lenses. But
here is why I'm getting married; Gabriel is my
best friend and I've never imagined I could find
someone as compatible as him. He's amazing,
but I'm not just getting married because of our
love. So much of a relationship is trust, friendship, and companionship, and we have all
three. We encourage each other's interests, and
have the same goals and desire the same
lifestyle. It helps that our families approve.
Yes, it's aLL veRv musHV,
but nhv oonT He just uve
We want a wedding because it brings our family and friends—everyone that genuinely matters
to us—in one place to witness us becoming an
officially united couple. By attending, they give
us their blessing and share in the joy of our relationship. Hopefully they will hold us accountable to our promises and help us in difficult
times. It's our happy and solemn celebration
that commemorates Gabriel and I becoming a
family. We're getting married because we want
to be a family, share our lives together and be
silly adorable old people together.
There is something so joyful and powerful
about promising to do everything you possibly
can to be together and nurture a great relationship. And if the going gets tough, you won't pack
your bags and move out. You'll do everything
you can to deal with it, making the relationship
all the more stronger. There's-comfort and stability in marriage, and I love that, even if it does
have a bad rep.
Comfort does not imply boredom, and stability
does not mean stagnation. It's warm, strong and
inviting. So we're getting married, and we're in
the thick of hectic, fun wedding plans.
THe peRFecT HeoomG
How archaic to take on a man's last name. It's
like folding your identity into the role of wife.
You've moved from your father's last name to
your husband's last name.
I could be Heather Pauls-Murray. Hyphening
is great, but we want kids and you can't keep it
going forever. My best friend Melissa is getting
married a week before me, and I quizzed her on
the subject. Are you changing your name?
Laughingly she answered, "Yeah, and I don't
feel oppressedl" Marriage to me is a beautiful,
joyful and serious thing. Soon I'll be Heather
Murray. But if I'm ever referred to as Mrs.
Gabriel Murray I'm going to scream, jr
Romance novels
aRe in for THe
LonG Haui
by Colleen Tang
Steamy love scenes stolen from
mommy's hidden bookcase are still a
popular read for women of all ages and
likely will be for centuries to come.
And there is no shortage of
Harlequin romance novels to fulfill this
need. The variety of novels includes
Harlequin American Romance, Harlequin Blaze, Harlequin Historical,
Harlequin Intrigue, Harlequin Medical
Romance and many others.
"I think [the Harlequin pubUshing
company] has been very aware of the
types of readership. Thirty years ago
there was only one type of Harlequin
romance but now...they itemized
them so that they have market shares
according to particular styles of
desire," said Mary Chapman, a UBC
professor of English.
According to Chapman, women
have conflicting views about Harlequin
romance novels.
"Today, I think...those texts tend to
divide along political lines. Some scholars say yes, these novels allow women
to fantasize about change, about fulfillment, about agencies. These are great;
they are politically very valuable for
women," said Chapman. "Other people
think maybe fixating on a marriage _
plot and not acknowledging other *
forms of fulfillment is kind of reductive
for women."
Through the centuries, the genre
of romance novels has not changed
much in terms of plotline, but it
has developed into many different
kinds of stories targeted to specific
"It's really just a fashion. What are
we going to depict? Are we going to
depict a chess game where a man and
a woman are playing chess? It's a figure of courtship," said Chapman.
"[The 18th century fiction novel] is
the first kind of genre written for
women by women. While many men
did read it, many men also denied that
they read it—again not unlike romance
fiction now," said Tiffany Potter, also a
UBC professor of English.
While some covers for these books
may depict a dominant male figure, it
by no means suggests any type of social
movement, added Potter.
"I think a lot of people are reluctant to suggest something relatively
as benign as book covers [as having]
enough social influence to really
affect the broad social movements of
feminism," said Potter. "If you are
standing in an airport choosing
between five similar narratives,
there has to be something that makes
one the one that you reach for as
opposed to another one."
"Sex has always sold," Potter continued. "Sex is a marketing device
and the female body is a marketing
device. It's certainly problematic but.
it is not particularly isolated to
romance fiction...I think that all it is,
is audience expectations."
Harlequin novels and all romance
novels will always carry an interest
among the female audience, said both
Potter and Chapman.
"That's part of conventions of
genre. One of the founding assumptions of romance fiction...no matter
how successful she is, she is not
complete until she is romantically
linked, successfully, romantically
linked," said Potter. "We have to
recognise that it may be saying less
about the culture than about the
genre, but that's what readers
expect from this type of writing
when they pull it off the shelf."
"Women may not have much
agency over other aspects in their
lives but in their ability to court, to
flirt, to dismiss someone who is irritating, [and] to encourage someone
who isn't irritating, you know there's
a degree of agency there. That's a
compelling story for women readers
regardless of the time period," added
Chapman, jr
women ariD men join THe sisTaHOOD
FesTivai aims to aDJUST au Tvpes of GenDeR DiscRiminanon
by Claudia Li
What began as a small party to celebrate
International Women's Day has grown to
become SistaTiood, a month-long arts festival
featuring women and women's issues in various disciplines, including song, dance, spoken
word and film. SistaTiood is the brainchild of
Rachel Flood, the festival director and local
spoken word artist, who saw a lack of activities
celebrating International Women's Day and
stepped in to fill the gap. Now in its sixth year,
SistaTiood has more than doubled its original
audience and has begun partnering with various venues, such as Lick and Celebrities, to
reach new audiences.
The purpose of SistaTiood is to create a culturally diverse and environmentally sustainable festival that is challenging for both artists
and audiences* and is also accessible to youth.
One of the mottoes of this year's festival is "all
genders." "Since the inception [of the festival]
there's been the idea that it's a women-only
event and that only women can attend," said
Flood. "But it's the work that's important not
the person making it" Because of this motto,
the festival also features male artists whose
work explores gender issues.
While they have been included in past
years, this year is the first that the festival officially acknowledges intersexed and transgen-
dered people in its mandate. "We realised that
if we're doing a festival to adjust gender dis-
crimination then we need to talk about all gender discrimination," said Flood. This year's
theme of "gender, sex and the body* addresses the new mandate. For most people, the
ideas of gender, sex and the body are related,
but for those who are intersexed or transgen-
dered, these ideas become disparate, said
Flood, adding that the theme will allow artists
to explore these issues.
SistaTiood will take place from March 4-28
in venues across the city with the Reel Sista's
Film Festival on March 2 7 as one
of the main events. The festival
will screen multi-genre short
films that were created by or
feature women, such as God
Sleeps    in    Rwanda,    an
Academy Award nominated
documentary that explores
the     aftermath     of     the
Rwandan genocide where 70
per cent of those left behind
were women. Other events
include the St Paddy's Day
Cabaret on March 17 featuring the Sweet Soul Burlesque
Troupe as well as Feminine
Protection, an evening of jazz,
spoken word and improv. For
more information on events
and artists, please see the festival website at http://www.sis-
tahoodcelebration.com. >■
c;hl:bbratf reseai^(:h whhk
!<v \\\v w.'i'V.st..-..v.r.i/:i '.:u h
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Ih&oftlereflte cetebratss \
k- £§§S^^' ~
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"" j£ "st^^SGti10ir krand neA faciittos. Meet tte care team
y*'s$$&®it to*4 state-of-the-art facility. Refreshments will be
-v'^f^veiJ. Daily event mfo at www.tamirymed.ubc.C3 or call
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"'; ^daate Scftoot
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y-JO&pr opportunities after graduate school Get answers to
' 1s like: How did I get here? What was I missing7
i wish i had known? Refreshments wil be served
/ '^fO^v.pharmacy ubcca to register
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#J$fP& 8:00PM
'£lfti&S*a&f the 'avin^trt-j science Ivhind FnithS ever-
cksr#*£state Th-s sencs of short talks featuring 0BC-b3sed
reseaK&^B pfubletm and solutions associates with out
rapid dimate changes ar,d wa/s you can realistically jeduce. ;
QHSai^^&EveiyOTe»isf8k»!i»r**^d^fe^alis,' -
jSftjfJra^t*^*.' .   -    -       '-'V""V- *" ' V---'   <." '"
Discover what UBC Itajto offer-.
iirst of Its *M. Partid£ar*&wl
technokitgy torn tNsir- eel phones or
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-we*JI fceep you posted at wwyitresea]
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entertaining iook-at Physics Principles
•A presentation in the new Ife Sciences Buili
Ubiguttous Computing Group
» A garded tour of the UBC Space telescope
• A draw for Apple iPods. This isjan excellent oppi
students to discover UBC in a fun and exciting way!
of the tourstops are brand new facilities that the pubj
normally wou.c not be able to access ^
Best of all, it's FREt! Pre-registerwtn Kaily Basra at 60
8Z2-6010 or kally.basra@ubc ca.
Celebrate Research Week Gala
5:00PM to 9:00PM
This speuaculdr tvpni celebrates '•pleued rebate h award
winners and recognizes thoir outstanding achievements
- highlighted with video v^gnettes.The program also includes^
special performances Dy UBC Schoci of Music and UBC
■Opera. This is a free event and pre-registwrjott i$ paired.^,'
Contact Kally Basra at efW-SiZ^l^orfelty.ba'sra^dbcxa'
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Who should be the planners for the cities and towns of > - *
tomorrow? What should be their knowledge, skills and '" ' ■
attitudes? loin the us to hear initial results and-coatrlbute-'
to advancing the dialogue Engage anyttrrje^wm!?. -, ' „
ajiartnersfort.6fnQrfovv.ta. ; ,*_ " - ^\/       ]_,
ItigCttbbsQfl S^sr^^ooiirf^tsa^i^c^iSlOJotfedn St" "
Workshop on Future Wireless Systems
3 30AM to S:00?W
Di. Saiim Hanna from Industry Canada and Dr. AndyMo:isch
from Mitsuoishi £iectnc,.Rfi.search Labs w.ll give keynote
presentations on ultrjplcieband wireless technologies.
More cetails visit http://bul.ece.ubc ca/wo:kshop.html or call
Kaiser Bldg<~2332 Main Mall
Engineering Open House
10:0DAM to A-.QPW =nday & Saturday
Say the word "doctor" or "lawyer" and an mmediate
picture springs to mind of what these careers entail. Now
'ry "engineer." It's a little harder, isn't if Join us and lerfrn
about tr-e exc.t-.nc and diverse world of engjnecrinojy»}*4 '
"ree FiujireermgOpen House Visit ww%j^^i^PKff!^r»
complete details ,"       ,/>'"*-* S^'?W^S
k.'c-. ' ?^y M wgCTwaa ?J?gga.CK!u3ag'3 r* -
wmm& Mae /k^. 3 fm*6. j?ooe the ubyssey
by Carolynne Burkholder and Claudia Li
ofFiciai ResiGns oveR
pill Detav
In response to a further delay in the ruling on
the 'morning after pill/ the US Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) top official in charge of
women's health issues resigned. Susan Wood
cited unwarranted interference in agency decision-making as the reason for resigning from
the position she held for five years. The FDA
has been accused of allowing pressure from
the conservative government to interfere with
its decisions.
*I can no longer serve as staff when scientific and clinical evidence, fully evaluated and
recommended for approval by the professional staff here, has been overruled/ Wood wrote
in an e-mail announcing her decision.
women earn right to
DRive in saiioi BRaBia
Although women in Saudi Arabia are still under
many restrictions—they cannot travel, get an
education or a job without written approval
from a male guardian—they are now allowed to
drive. In the few months since King Abdullah
ascended the throne, the country has been
going through a gradual process of reform.
Contrary to former practice, Information
Minister Iyad Madani said there is 'nothing in
the Saudi legislation that forbids Saudi women
to apply for a driving license/ virtually urging
them to do so.
women BReaK out of
sociaL casTe svsTem
Dalit women, at the bottom of the Indian
caste system, are now able to participate in a
program that trains them to make clothing
and food to sell. Formerly referred to as
"untouchables/ the women are now able to
make money selling their wares to those in
higher castes.
Bindeshwar Pathak, founder of Sulabh
International, said he is surprised at the willingness of Indians to buy food from Dalit
women. "This is a totally unacceptable thing
in society/ Pathak said. "I myself am not able
to believe it/
New zeaiano vooKa
company Gives awav
FinD-a-BRiDe tour
The New Zealand vodka company 42 Below has
received flack for it's promotional giveaway of a
"find-a-bride* tour in Russia. The advertisement
for the promotion includes a blonde woman
scrubbing the floor and the caption: They don't
care if you watch cricket on Valentine's Day.
Hell, they don't even care if you're short and fat.
It's almost too good to be true/
Russian women living in New Zealand have
been outraged at the ads—which the company's
spokesman said 'were a bit of fun/ 'It's treating
women like some kind of toy, or trophy/ complained local businesswoman, Maria Gorokhova.
3»UU !-H Dcsnu 1 ?.
Lawmakers in South Dakota recently approved
a bill making it a felony for doctors to perform
any abortion, except to save a life of a pregnant
woman. Supporters hope this ban will lead to r;^-   pfpUTQ y-'r-iT 0£-Q               The   record-breaking   number   of   medals
the overturning of the controversial Supreme                fl               ° Canada won at the Winter Olympics is thanks
Court decision Roe v. Wade, which permits vol- Katherine Zappone and Ann Louise Gilligan At just under 50 per cent, Rwanda has the high- to Canada's female athletes, who won 16 of
untary abortions. have been together for more than 20 years and est level of women ministers of any country in the 24 medals.
'This is a devastating day for the women have been married for three, but are still not the world. The world average is a mere 16 per       Cross-country    skier    Sara    Renner    of
of South Dakota/ said Kate Looby, the state recognised as a couple in their home country cent, with nine countries with no female mem- Canmore, Alberta told the Edmonton Journal
director of Planned Parenthood, the  only of Ireland. They recently brought a lawsuit bers of parliament.                                                 that her success is due to Canada's support of
abortion clinic in the state. 'We fully expect- against Ireland's tax service because it refuses Although it is 'an incredible improvement"  female athletes. "I think Canada is one of the
ed this, yet it's still distressing to know that to acknowledge their marital status. from a few years  ago,  Inter-Parliamentary most progressive countries in supporting its
this legislative body cares  so little  about        Supporters hope the case will promote the Union chief Anders Johnsson, said women are female athletes and that comes through in the
women, about families, about women who rights of Ireland's same-sex couples, who cur- still 'dramatically under-represented/                medal count/ said the silver medal winner,
are victims of rape or incest/ rently have no legal recognition.
l,^4.*^:^^^;V'"*.>'i-4i'.-J*>wsssnvM- ■■■Vot-v-- •'■■ -:0 \;>r-; .'.■:■•.-„:s
Almost half of all pregnancies are unwanted; and half of those end in abortion.
Every year, more than 500,000 women die from pregnancy-related causes.
In Africa, one in 16 women will die because of pregnancy; in Europe it's one in 1,400.
Two-thirds of the 876 million illiterate adults in the developing world are women. ^
ii^igeiOttly16 per cent of elected officials are women. Nine countries have no elected women officials, including Kyrgyzstan and Saudi Arabia
.filllil^ women has-been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused during her lifetime. ^J^^^-^M^M
women, savs women s sTUDies prof
by Mai Bui
If there is anybody at UBC who knows
Women's Studies, it's Valerie Raoul.
The professor of French and
Women's Studies came to UBC in
1979, and when the Women's
Studies program started in 1990,
Raoul chaired the committee that
made the proposal for an undergraduate program in Women's Studies.
Raoul went on to become the second
director of the Centre for Research in
Women's Studies and Gender
Relations (CRWSGR) at UBC.
"Back in the 19 70s...our
[Women's Studies] courses were very
well attended, but we only had two
courses,* said Raoul. The program
grew to include a BA, MA, and PhD
program, which recently graduated
its first male PhD student.
Raoul completed a BA in French
and German at Cambridge, and went
on to pursue an MA at McMaster and
a PhD at the University of Toronto
with a focus on first-person narration
in French texts. Her interest lies in
analysing texts written by women,
which are often autobiographies.
"It's about how women see themselves as opposed to how they're seen
by others, in a historical context,"
said Raoul, director of the Centre for
Studies in Autobiography, Gender,
and Age (SAGA).
These important documentations of the female experience fre
quently go unnoticed, said Raoul.
"Women's writings were often letters [or] diaries that were not meant
for publication and were further
marginalised and not studied in
universities," she said, adding that
there has recently been a "renewal
-dr vaieme Raout
Homerrs STUDies PROFessoR
of interest in the kinds of writing
not part of the literature canon."
Recentiy, however, Raoul has also
become aware of a damaging shift in
the support for Women's Studies.
"Particularly in universities, there's a
big change in atmosphere and level
of support for anything that's related
to social justice and diversity issues,"
she said.
While a lot of lip service is paid to
diversity and gender equality goals,
said Raoul, there is not enough sup
port backing the rhetoric to make significant progress. "Women have
never attained pay equity. I doubt
that there are more women in professorial ranks now than when I first
came [to UBC].*
What's more, Raoul pointed out,
fewer Canada Research Chairs are
awarded to women. Currently, out of
the 129 Chairs awarded to UBC, a
starkly disproportionate 21 are held
by women, versus 108 by men. "This
has been an opportunity to change
the dynamic, the hierarchy, to hire
some senior women and minorities,"
said Raoul, "and they haven't done it
Raoul attributes a large part of this
shift in support for the women's
movement to what she calls the "cor-
poratisation of the university."
"When you arrive now at the end
of University Boulevard, you see a
UBC logo and underneath it says
'Shoppers on Campus" said Raoul,
referring to the recently-opened
Shopper's Drug Mart. "They're making an obvious play on words [and it]
shocks me. It's like the campus is
becoming one big shopping centre."
"Students [become] consumers
and [professors are] providing a
service. Things that should be studied are things that would enable
people to make money, rather than
what would enrich people personally or make their lives more interesting," said Raoul.
TAKING A STAND: Valerie Raoul works to promote awareness of
women's issues at UBC. kellan higgins photo
This corporatisation of the university undervalues women's work,
explained Raoul. "The kinds of areas
women are concentrated in, arts and
education...seem to be devalued. It's
not easy to get big businesses to fund
the Women's Studies program [for
example]," she said.
According to Raoul, the women's
movement is as pertinent now as it
ever was. "Lots of young women
think everything has been attained
until they encounter their first barriers, and then they realise that a
lot of things haven't been attained,"
she said.
This December, Raoul will be
retiring from a prolific career
in academia, and, unsurprisingly,
she plans to continue working
on social, gender, and diversity
"We have a lot of projects. I'm
involved in the environmental
movement, and with creating the
SAGA centre. We want to do more
oral histories with First Nations
people and so that those people's
stories won't be lost."
"I have a background in social
work, and that's kept me connected to the grassroots side." f
I act to end all forms of inequality
based on the ideas of gender, sexual
orientation, age, ability, race, ethnicity,
religion and socioeconomic status.
. .~ _>; ^
piuiiitJMr xne critical examination
of ideas and social structures.
I am committed to individual
choice and self-determination.
I believe in the potential of
every person.
I Create an environment
where it is safe to question the
status quo.
CEmBRA^i- INTERN^lO;l^^^0M&i^Si?W
Access ■ &:D iyersiiy;.' - :■;.    :.r.;p: ;yi;
wwwstu dents, ubc-ca/ace ess
■ Centre:for: Wortien and ,Geridec Stucties^
■www. ws. a I'tS: ubc. ca;
n ■ adapted; with..permission fforrr;B6ise.;Sfafe-.Women's;Qpnter
-<x. mmmA Mae Jfz!££^
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THe uevssev PResenTS...
THe BesT
sexuat posinons for Nomen
by Carolynne Burkholder and Claudia Li
Photos by Yinan Max Wang
Rioe 'em cowgirl
Being on top puts you in the driver's seat—literally.
You control the pace and the pressure and how long
it will take. Try rubbing against your partner's pelvic
bone for clitoral contact or leaning back on your
hands. Or—if your partner's face is boring you—jump
off, turn around and get into the "reverse cowgirl
position. Yee-haw!
Doirr it Line THe
Not only can you both watch the Discovery Channel by
doing it doggy-style, it also allows for deep penetration. And because of the way the penis or strap-on is
angled inside the vagina in this position, a g-spot
orgasm is much more likely than in any other position. As your partner controls the action, make sure to
communicate what you're in the mood for.
BacK to Basics
There's a reason that the missionary position is a staple in so many couples' sexual diets. The missionary
will allow you to stare deep into your partner's eyes
or scratch your fingernails into their back—depending on the kind of sex you are having. Change it up
with the help of a strategically placed pillow or by
wrapping your legs around their back.
MOoninG oveR
Break out the lavender candles and the Sade because
spooning is what they were made for. You can lie in
your partner's arms and be cradled from behind, or
turn around with one of your legs over theirs. Perfect
for slow and rhythmic penetration, this position is
more about "making love* than "doing the nasty.*
oRai acTion
Sometimes you just want to lie back and be pampered
and that's why God invented oral sex. At the beginning, a
variety of licking, sucking, and teasing can put you over
the edge. But towards the end slow and steady wins the
race. For something slightly different, flip onto your
stomach. Not only can your partner get their tongue in
deeper, they can stimulate different nerves from this
angle, including the G-spot
Here's another way to achieve a g-spot orgasm: start out
by lying on your back with your partner kneeling in front
of you. Put your legs over theirs so that the backs of your
knees are lying in the crooks of their elbows.
Then, have them lift your legs and ass up so that the
backs of your thighs are resting on their stomach. Throw
a few pillows under you for support This position, like
doggy-style, allows for deep penetration. Even though
there's no direct clitoral stimulation, there's nothing
stopping you from helping yourself out! jt
—with files from Tim Pep pin.
r ft
™LyBY.^  ..   dfa emwm A Mae  13
by Liz Green
She wrapped her legs around his back, passionately pulling him down to kiss her at the
same time. He thrust deeper and deeper into
her wet and welcoming embrace. She arched
her back in ecstasy and together they came,
waves of pleasure radiated through them both.
Suddenly there was a loud, wet farting noise
and she turned bright red, looking awkwardly
away, hoping he hadn't noticed.
Ah, the true romance of sex. The pinnacle of
the romantic situation is embodied in the ultimate indication that the greater powers do
indeed have a sense of humour: the queef, a.k.a.
pussy farts, beaver burps, vaginal trumpet
music, or cunt coughs. The names we've given
this totally normal, all-too-frequent sound are
almost as bad as the effect it can have on a
romantic situation. However, the most ridiculous thing about queefing is how embarrassed
people get about them.
Queefing is a sudden expulsion of air
from the vagina that makes a fart-like noise
as it is forced out of the vulva, usually during
or immediately after sex, although there are
websites that instruct a woman how to queef
on demand. Now there's a party trick!
During sex, air can get pushed or sucked
into the vagina, and what goes in must come
out! Contrary to some weird beliefs, it is not
gas and shouldn't smell any different than
the rest of the vagina. So stop being embarrassed and laugh, because as a girl said to
me the other day: "what's funnier than a farting noise?"
Not convinced? Here's another way to look
at it, as quoted at www.collegesexadvice.com:
"Queefs are really nothing to be ashamed of.
Really, they just mean that you're having good,
vigorous sex. In some cultures, it's considered
good manners and a compliment to your host if
you slurp your soup loudly or belch. It shows
you're enjoying the meal. Try to think of queefing in the same way!"
And then there are body farts. The second
funniest thing to happen during sex, body
farts are when you are somehow inexplicably
pressed against your partner in just the right
way to create a suction between your chests
and again a farting noise erupts from
between your soft, slick bodies. If you and
your partner are not laughing at this pleasantly surprising farting noise, you should
stop having sex right now and find someone
who isn't so serious in bed! Then of course
there are real farts and their humour is more
perilous, being tightly dependent on whether
there are any unpleasant fingering smells
unwelcome in the bedroom.
Getting hair in your mouth every five minutes
is a bearable, if oddly frequent, distraction
during sex, but choking on a hair can be more
awkward. Pausing while someone yaks like
they're going to cough up a hair ball can really
kill the mood. The only solution I can find for
this is to keep your mouth closed, which doesn't sound like much fun, or date a baldy who
likes Brazilians (the wax, not the South
Recently, a friend asked her boyfriend if a girl
could ever be "too wet" Sometimes it feels like
there's more lubrication there than could possibly be pleasant, but his reply seemed to dispel
notions that this is anything to worry about
"More gushin' for the pushin'!" he joyfully
chirped. So, if you're lucky enough to be this
turned on, don't stress, just enjoy, and keep
pushin' on.
If you're having the opposite problem, which
is less fun, invest in some water-based lubrication. It's a problem quickly and painlessly solved
to everyone's enjoyment Vaginal dryness during sex can be caused by several things. It may
just be that you are not turned on enough yet
and you need a little more foreplay. Everyone
knows how important it is to preheat the oven,
and women work in a very similar wa}'. There
are other causes to watch out for though, including side effects of medication, yeast or vaginal
infections, sexually transmitted infections,
decreased estrogen levels or other conditions
you can talk to a doctor about. Douching can also
upset the normal chemical balance in your vagina. Which brings me to my next point..
The smell. Everyone complains about the smell.
It's been described as fish, cheese, mould,
damp and other such pleasant analogies.
Frankly, if you are healthy down there and
someone is complaining, withhold their bedroom privileges. Unless you have an infection,
the smell is normal and healthy.
The best counter argument to this concern
I've ever heard comes from Eve Ensler's The
Vagina Monologues: "My vagina doesn't need
to be cleaned up. It smells good already. Don't
try to decorate. Don't believe him when he tells
you it smells like rose petals, when it's sup
posed to smell like pussyi" Besides, when he's
all sweaty, he doesn't exactly smell like Ralph
Lauren either, but you still love it because it
smells like it's supposed to—like sex!
NeiTinG me Beo...m a good
Urban legend suggests that every six hundred
years, a woman is lucky enough to find either by
herself, or with the aid of her sexual soul mate,
the Holy Grail of sex: the G-Spot Orgasm. The g-
spot is a soft, spongy section about a quarter-
inch in diameter on the front inner wall of the
vagina. The orgasm associated with the g-spot is
often relegated to the realm of mythology. "Oh,
a friend of a friend of my boyfriend's sister's
friend once had a g-spot orgasm. There was all
this liquid and he thought she had peed the
The truth is they exist, and yes, accompanying the g-spot orgasm is the release of a strange
amount of clear fluid (ranging from a cup to two
litres!) from or around the urethra. It's not
urine and its origin seems slightly fuzzy. Some
sources say it comes from the lining of the urethra and bladder and is a product of the kidney.
It is more closely related in composition to
male ejaculate and is not urine.
My theory is that the reason women retain
water during certain times of the month is
because we're retaining it in hopes that this
orgasm will happen! There may or may not be
any scientific basis to my theory.
In any case, if this happens and your partner
is looking confused (or a little soaked), just
explain that you've just had the best orgasm of
your life, thank them and tell all your friends
how you did it There are lots of suggestions for
pursuing this orgasm that can be found online.
Study, study! Practice makes perfect! And why
be embarrassed about something that's just so
■ '■'*' >j&%sW^&&& -v "-
Get a coupon for a free medium Domino's Pizza
with student tax preparation.
Come in today or call 1-800-HRBLOCK
'To qualify, student must present either (i) a T2202a documenting 4 or more months of full time attendance at a college or university during 2005 or fit) a vjifid high school identification card. Offer and coupon expire June 30,2005. Coupon valid for a medium one-topping pizza only at participating H&R Block locations in Canada. *a^*-
Open Letter Regarding The Coca-Cola Company's
Commitment to Labor Rights
As someone who has devoted my career to labor issues, I share the concerns of student activists
regarding labor conditions around the world. Through my work with the United Nations
International Labor Organization, I have seen firsthand the manifold difference it makes in the
lives of individuals, families, communities and entire countries when employers live up to their
responsibilities to workers.
Committed to Fair Labor Practices.
My employer, The Coca-Cola Company, is committed to fair labor practices everywhere we
do business. Around the world, Coca-Cola workers are free to exercise their rights to union
membership and collective bargaining without pressure or interference. In fact, we are one
of the most highly unionized multinational companies in the world, and we keep working to
improve our labor relations practices.
Given the state of the world today, many of the countries where we operate are burdened with
ongoing conflicts. Concerns have centered on Colombia, where violence against trade unionists
and many others has been going on for decades and has deterred most people from joining
unions. Even so, more than 30 percent of Coca-Cola workers in Colombia belong to unions,
compared to a national average of 4 percent.
Working to Keep Employees Safe.
We share the concerns that many have expressed about the violence in Colombia and we are
working to keep our employees safe. Coca-Cola bottlers work with unions and the^government
to provide emergency cell phones, transportation to and from work, secure housing, and a host
of other measures to protect employees. Additional security measures are routinely provided to
union leaders and special measures are undertaken when a threat against unionized employees
is brought to the attention of the bottler's management.
Committed to Colombia.
We are proud of our 70-year history in Colombia and our contributions to local communities,
and we are committed to supporting the country's progress. We invite universities, nongovernment organizations, as well as our critics, to join in a constructive engagement process
to improve the conditions for labor in Colombia.
For The Coca-Cola Company
Edward E. Potter
Director, Global Labor Relations
to learn rnore about The Cbca^CoIa Company -s Work in Colombia
and throughout the wori^
LZ~~. ™.^.!y!.?Y?.?iY....^^..£.f^.£^ tiie j^emm& Mm?.
nnva could brihg THe enD of THe peRioD
by Claudia Li
Menstruation may soon become a
choice rather than a necessity if the
Anya birth control pill is approved
by Health Canada—expected to happen sometime this year. Unlike
most oral contraceptives that are
taken for 21 consecutive days, with a
seven-day window to allow for menstruation, Anya is to be taken every
day. But the approval of this pill will
not come without criticism. Many
doctors have already questioned
whether or not this pill is necessary,
and more importantly, safe.
"It's suggested that this is a safe
and reversible method, but I've
done a review of the literature and
there just aren't the data there,"
said Christine Hitchcock, research
associate at the UBC Centre for
Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation
"There are no data on normal
woman longer than a year, there
are no data on return to fertility
after you come off it and there are
no data on the effects on breast tissue. We don't know in 20 years
what the consequences are going to
be," she added.
While Anya has been touted as a
radical new choice in birth control
for women, Hitchcock is unsure
whether women will be able to make
an informed choice with the limited
amount of information available.
■; ^MSiw^^&0^^y^§W^00^^r0irTM
■  ^■■■r.-^'M-   ■'-■■
;vv,f**¥."v.»y.' ■
•;■   Vs.'..••VV.-
..'■■, v*. .'-.'-.■. W. -,i..   '>tfV-1.,'.-f...fe    ■-..".'■. W..*UV.V c'», ,'.v.....;,,r,^-.i>....ft..-'■•_ ■'■-,.-;■  ..•*.^>,.i>-,J6i,o>...t«   J. ■•»■   XV .-^i..V-,,=i>, AS >■,/...>.•■.','..-jA.JS.ii, .f,V ■■V,S* A. li,A-'i .*   'SA-»l--*.J>i *U" ni.J'l Jr...iV...;-S>v,->'.. Ai-jf   AA.S.-.B.A A>*   J*. -K  A
V".-. -a ..>'-. tfv-ii. .■-■'. ;,*■ ■V.V.4-.,.'t...:>'JA-.-o .."■. ■■■H.-^.V..,1-.'.^-- v.'...•■!".. .*<^ ..,. -.ih  -v -'^ :\ \?-M V; ,,'A,„vv.^... .^ ..-...^.Y^i .jl ^.v^-.-A j* ^\Va* A .X .Ai A\ -i.>..;.-.' .-i* Al\ X A>. AJAAJW •«'' -^v« -r^- j^ A- Ar>.--, A ,A a^ -<h ^, .*■-. -<*\ a >■ ■
"There's a long history of
women being told that things are
perfectly safe and good for them
and having that turn out to not be
true because there weren't adequate safety data," Hitchcock said.
Initial doses of hormones in oral
contraceptives, for example, were
dangerously high in the 1960s.
Thalidomide, a drug developed to
combat morning sickness in pregnant women, turned out to cause
severe birth defects. Recently, problems have been discovered with
hormone replacement therapy in
menopausal women.
Aside from the physiology, the
social implications  of Anya have
made many experts uncomfortable.
"It strikes me as. manipulating
women's discomfort with our bodies and making money from that—
which seems like something to
resist," Hitchcock said. "It creates
an expectation that we should be
able to control...our own bodies,"
she added.
Janice Boddy, a UBC professor of
sociology and anthropology, agreed.
"We try to exert more and more
control over our bodies and we see
that through the need to exercise, to
diet, [and] to have laser surgery on
our eyes," Boddy said. "It imparts a
sense of powerfulness, that you can
actually choose what kind of body you
have. This illusion of control is something that is part of our culture."
Boddy suggests that women may
want to take this pill to distance
themselves from menstruation
because society sees it as linked to
female incompetence, and that
women use it as an excuse for why
they're not feeling well while on the
job. Other reasons include the fact
that menstruation is viewed as
dirty or inconvenient. She does,
however, see a possible positive of
the pill.
"(Tampons and sanitary napkins
are] bleached with chlorine bleach.
If you don't have to menstruate
then you don't have to expose your
body to these sorts of chemicals,"
she said.
Women who choose to take on
the unknown risks of Anya may not
be much different from women
who decided to take the original
birth control pill in the 60s, since
the long-term effects were not
known then either, suggested
Boddy. In fact, common oral contraceptives still have side effects
that are sometimes serious.
"We do know that oral contraceptives have risks, but they are
rare. If you're going to take something for lifestyle or cosmetic reasons, then any risk seems too
high," said Hitchcock.  *r
Teaching Assistant  '.
"We ensure that UBC faculty
and students aiways receive
the academicassi4hce they
May Lew
Assistant Cook
"We are dedicated to
providing good food, friendly
service, and value to the UBC
Emma Atifto
Building Service Wprker
"We work hard to ensure
that there are clean buildings
and a healthy environment
for students, faculty, staff and
ISiri&n Jtflc &<&& ,
Trades Electrician
"We provide cost effective,
high quality maintenance and
renovation work in a safe and
professional manner/
Cotnrnuniiy Relations Officer
"We work with you to create a
safer campus community/
Qatdming Landscape Tech] .
"Weireresponsibtefdr the
design, instailatiorii and
maintenance of UBCs
beautifully landscaped grdurids.
Accounting clerks,
administrative secretaries,
building inspectors, buyers,
clerks, dental assistants,
design assistants,
engineering technicians,
estimators, it services,
machinists, mail clerks,
media technologists,
piano tuners, radiological
technicians, research
technicians, resource
planners, store keepers,
student workers and many
others serving the UBC
ci-jfii^^ w
womvns HaRe empoHeRS local Homen
by Carolynne Burkholder
Womyns' Ware isn't your traditional sex shop with blacked-out windows and rows of pornography. For
the past 10 years, the Vancouver-
based store has marketed itself as a
"celebration and empowerment of
women's sexuality."
Anna Stauffer has worked at
Womyns'Ware—which she calls
"the most safe and comfortable
environment I have ever been
in"—for three years. She said the
best part of her job is "encouraging people to experiment in getting to know their own bodies.*
Although the store's products
are primarily marketed to women,
the Womyns'Ware clientele is
extremely diverse. "From 16-year-
olds who are a little bit scared, but
want to buy condoms for the first
time, to moms bringing in their
daughters to talk about safer sex, to
folks in their 30s and 40s that want
to try something new...we also have
couples in their 70s and 80s com
ing in," said Stauffer.
Hannah McSorley, who also
works at Womyns'Ware, believes the
store attracts a range of customers
because of the positive atmosphere.
"The whole store is about the celebration and empowerment of
women's sexuality and that's really
what it is," said McSorley. "I know it
sounds cheesy, but I feel way more
empowered since working here."
"A lot of women don't know a lot
of things about their sexuality. A lot
of them are very curious," she continued. "People are looking to have
fun and it's nice that there is a safe
and comfortable environment they
can come to."
Maggie Gilbert, a Womyns'Ware
customer, said the environment is
what first attracted her to the store.
"I found the store to be incredibly
professional and not at all dirty or
weird, which is kind of how I end up
feeling in other sex shops," she said.
Womyns' Ware, located on
Commercial drive, is large, brightly
lit, and has the work of local arti
sans is on display. Along with many
books about sex, there are rows of
condoms and lubrication, and a
variety of vibrators, dildos, harnesses, and other sexual props.
The products are as diverse as
their patrons. The vibrators—as an
example—range from $20 for the
most basic model to the $200
rechargeable luxury sex toys. But
all the toys are of superior quality,
Stauffer assured. "We wouldn't
sell anything that isn't safe or
Education is also a major part of
Womyns'Ware's mandate, another
benefit for customers like Gilbert.
"There was...a lot of information
on each of their products. The staff
was very knowledgeable and
helped [me] feel comfortable with
the process,* she said. "I don't
think I would buy sex toys from
anywhere else."
Stauffer said that several parents
have visited the store with their children for a brief sex education. "It's
always interesting for me that the
SAFE FUN: Providing more sex options for women—err, womyn—
in Vancouver, yinan max wang photo
people in this community respect us
enough to trust [us with] the education of their kids,* she said.
And Stauffer definitely believes
in what she teaches.
"Sex is a wonderful, fantastic
and precious thing and we've got
these great bits that are there for
one purpose and one purpose
only," said Stauffor. "I think the
most wonderful thing in the world
would be if everyone could figure
out that our bodies are there for
a reason and we should never
be ashamed about what they
can do,"^r
.2 «= £
^ <° 2 ~
2 ^.K E
=5 »-   >. v>
x» I—   »
j= -2 £ «»
•fc   t>   o "°
g.s e e
J.  sa E
<o _   to «S
g2 «> 5
55 § 2 §•
w S3   C   w
£?   *-» US    3
S'S » &
0>   t>
—  »
c c 55
"S-S. c .i.
S. a> o>*.
a> _   »
^   c .is   tr
«   <D   £5   *~
«?£  g- o
**-   fc-   m ^S
v&   c   =   (a
^ « t» "
*   S'TS S
•U  as E  >>
£ « | ex
SS £ °
not . S    <D
S • 5
•e x S c
Jn siitfftfoml;
swings with
■ :e&s&i.:G$ffibjtii^ &Merxti&:tia^ with areat
£SS?   access <J0 TOYOTA
= .£   co
o..g - <^
tZ E
OJ   o
■■/."" c- '.' ii;
1290 Burrard Street
8265 Fraser Street
Anrcer waViobi-v
>^^^v oT^^^jf ^^>iSr^: ■ ^fe^/«/:^-C-i i^ife^iit5^i^i^r;
848 Auto Mali Drive
16139 Fraser Highway
20622 Langley Bypass
3166 St. John's Street
Richmond Auto Mall
3174 King George Highway
4278 Lougheed Highway
401 Kingsway
Fraser Valley Automall
45960 Airport Road
19950 Lougheed Highway
210 -12th Street
Your campws fnevfe ffborm.
In the Village next to the Bank of Montreal
Large expanded selection of
DVd$ffd>reisn films,
"artd TV Scries!
ReservAtiaNS 60A-221-9355
.; Submissibns to
acGeptfed until Marph^%1--
Volunteers Coordinator
Letters and Research
Coordinating Editor
News Editor (x2)
Culture Editor
Features/National Editor
Sports Editor
Production Manager
Photo Editor
The expected time commitment for full-time positions is
40-55 hours per week. The
time commitment for part-time
positions is 15 hours per week
or more. The pay is by
honorarium. Editors will be
expected coordinate their own
section and work with others
on the .overall workings of the
paper. Job descriptions are
available at the Ubyssey office
upon request. The application
deadline is March 10. Email
Jesse Marchand at
coordinating.ubyssey.bc.ca for
more information or come to
the Ubyssey staff meeting.


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