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The Ubyssey Oct 4, 1973

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Housing rules illegal?
By JAKE van der KAMP
UBC's housing department can possibly
be taken to court for contravening the
Landlord and Tenant Act.
Lyn Stevens, assistant law professor at
UBC and a specialist on landlord and tenant
relations said Wednesday he believes UBC
residences are covered by the landlord and
tenant act although the law is vague on this
And he said if they are, the housing
department is in breach of the provisions of
the act on several points.
"The landlord and tenant act applies to
residential premises," said Stevens, "and
residential premises are defined as
premises used for residential purposes
where the rent payable does not exceed $500
a month."
No student on campus is charged that
much for living in residence.
The act, however, does provide in section
51 that public housing developed and
financed by the government of Canada, or
province or any agen.cy thereof, or of a
municipality, is exempt from the provisions
of the act dealing with increase of rent, said
"Section 44 (2) which rules against
assigning and subletting also does not apply
to government schemes," he said.
UBC's residences are financed by the
Central Mortgaging and Housing Commission which is federally run.
Said Stevens: "The Act does not expressly
state whether the term "residential
tenancies" is applicable to apartments
rented urTder government scheme.
"The definition is wide enough to include
apartments of this variety and the fact that
section 51 (6) specially excludes apartments
financed under government schemes from
the operation of increase of rent provisions,
suggests by implication that the other
provisions of the act do apply.
"Whatever the strict legal position may
be. the Housing Commission uses rental
agreements designed to conform as closely
as possible with the requirements of the
Act." he said.
To me the Act certainly seems to cover
UBC's residences."
Housing head Les Rohringer disagreed.
"It's my understanding that because the
residences are financed by the CMHC they
do not come under the Landlord and Tenant
Act." Rohringer said.
"The lawyers I consulted also said that
the numerous services we provide, such as
counselling made it exempt from the Act."
"They do not," said Stevens, "services
have nothing to do with it."
Rohringer further stated he feels the
housing department is acting in loco
"I think the students would be the losers if
we came under the Act," he said. "At least
this has been my experience from talking to
people from residences which are controlled
by the Landlord and Tenant Act."
Said Stevens — "At present the B.C. Law
Reform Commission is reviewing the sections of the act which deal with residential
premises and may state more precisely
whether the residences do come under the
provisions of the Act. "If it does the housing
department is in breach of the provisions of
the act by demanding four months payment
at one time," he said. "Essentially they are
requring an excessive security deposit for
rent." he said.
"A security deposit means money or any
property or right paid or given by a tenant of
residential premises to a landlord as
security for the performance of an
obligation or a payment of a liability of the
tenant," he said.
Said Stevens: "A security deposit for rent
is very much restricted by section 37 (1) of
the Act which states it tolerates as a
maximum, rent payment for a month, which
payment shall be applied to payment of the
rent for the last rent period under the
tenancy agreement."
In other words a landlord can demand the
first month's payment and the last month's
payment from a tenant. Nothing more than
two months' payment can be demanded.
"Furthermore the Act in section 37 (2)
states the landlord shall pay annually or 15
days after the tenancy is terminated,
whatever is earlier.to the tenant interest on
the security deposit for rent ... at the rate of
Ii per cent per annum." he said.
"Housing department also contravenes
the act by demanding reasons for leaving
residence when a resident gives notice."
said Stevens.
The UBC housing pamphlet states that a
refund of residence fees will only be
authorized if the student leaves residence
for medical reasons, for withdrawal from
the university or for bad behavior.
Under these provisions someone who
wanted to leave residence and live off
campus would not get a refund of fees.
"Finally." said Stevens, "section 62 states
any person who contravenes any provision
of this act is guilty of an offense and is liable
on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding $1,000."
—marise savaria photo
DEANNE SCARFE and her husband Mai (the former Malcum MacGregor) relax
comfortably in their new home Wednesday parked in a car "in front of the Gage low-
rise apartments. They have lived there since September but now Mai says he has had
enough. "Just imagine what it's like to entertain friends in this heap. We've had to cancel our bridge foursome because it smells too much."
Technicality cancels grad fee vote
Grad students wouldn't have to
pay the $15 Alma Mater Society
building fee if 52 per cent of the
students voting in Wednesday's
referendum had their way.
But the students won't.
The  referendum   has   no   legal
basis because only 1,700 votes were
A change in an AMS bylaw
requires a 20-per-cent turnout of
students — about 4,100 students,
for the referendum to be valid.
Both Students' Coalition candidates    for    AMS    executive
positions in the byelection were
George Mapson, physical
education fi, will replace Stan
Persky as AMS secretary and
Doug Brock, arts 4. will replace
Diane Latta as internal affairs.
Persky and Latta, both members
of the Democratic Students
Caucus, resigned in September.
Ubyssey columnist Art
Smolensky was elected to senate
with 934 votes. Students also
elected Sandra Smaill and Arthur
Hilliker to the senator-at-large
November new Pit opening date
The union dispute which
threatened to keep the new Pit in
the SUB basement closed for a
year was by-passed by an Alma
Mater Society council action
As   a   result   of   the   council's
decision to assume extra costs of
$2500-3500. the Pit will be open in
early November, AMS treasurer
John Wilson told a council meeting.
Originally the opening of the
$250,000 Pit was held up by a union
hot    declaration    on    the    air-
conditioning controls by 34 striking
Without the air-conditioning
system, the pub would become a
steambath, council was told last
And the only non-struck company refused to provide a
guarantee against damage to the
$60,000 air-conditioning system
which might be incurred through
faulty controls.
Wilson had urged the society not
to accept the risk during a Sept. 26
meeting and instead wait on settlement of the dispute, slated for as
late as next April.
Wilson learned late Wednesday
the maximum damage that could
be caused by faulty controls would
be about $1*000.
"And that is highly unlikely,"
Wilson added.
Further charges, of switching
from the already purchased 'hot'
Johnson controls to the non-struck
Barber Coleman controls would be
about $2500 Wilson estimated.
"Therefore the maximum cost
assuming the damage occurred
would be about $3500," he said.
Council   voted   unanimously   to
See page 2: STRAIGHT
Another bylaw change was also
stopped by apathy.
Less than 1.700 votes were
counted on the political clubs
referendum, well below the
The referendum, if passed,
would have allowed political clubs
such as the Student Liberals or the
Young Socialists to run candidates
in AMS elections.
In the third referendum
question. 655 students said The
Ubyssey should publish three
times a" week, 514 said it should
publish twice a week and 231 said .
live times a week.
AMS treasurer John Wilson said
the Ubyssey poll will have no effect
on the paper's budget because it is
just a opinion poll.
However, AMS vice-president
Gordon Blanstein said it reaffirms
the findings of a 1968 professional
survey of student opinion which
showed students rated The
Ubvssev highly.
Wilson has budgeted $32,000 to
The   Ubyssey   to   publish   twice
See page 2: COALITION Page 2
Thursday,  October 4,   1973
Coalition elected
From page 1
weekly, down one from its current
three times a week.
The Ubyssey, as will other
budget allocations, will be further
discussed in Wilson's budget
committee next week before going
to council for final approval.
Returning officer Pemme Muir
said students polled in SUB
overwhelmingly favored five
issues a week.
Ubyssey co-editor Vaughn
Palmer said he welcomes the
results of the referendum.
"Although it was a small turnout, it's nice to see some people
Ihink the paper is doing something
right," said Palmer, arts 4.
In a two-day referendum in
September, graduate students
heavily rejected further membership in the AMS.
The vote, however, is not legally
binding on either the graduate
student association or the AMS.
Grad students currently pay the
AMS fee and $26 fee to support the
graduate student centre.
This is the first year grad
students have paid the full fee.
At a general meeting in the SUB
cafeteria last summer, students
voted overwhelmingly to force the
graduate students to pay the full
and pimply, the leader of this great
country, Mahk Mainwaring stood
on the threshold and paused.
It has been three long years since
lie had assended to power from his
role in the Right Guard Deodorant
Co. putting the aerosol directional
lops on spray cans.
He now saw the meaning of life
and his existence.
He smelt it too.
Bob Angus, GSA rep on council,
moved Sept. 21 a compromise
motion which formed the question
on the referendum.
The motion which passed council
and went into the referendum was
to ask students if grad students
should be exempted from the $15
SUB building fee.
If the referendum would have
passed, graduates would pay the $5
pool fee, the $5 athletic fee, the $9
AMS activity fee and their $26
graduate fee.
Mapson took every poll except
for Ponderosa. His 826 votes
defeated Stuart Russell, a Young
Socialist, by 26 per cent.
Brock, with 786 votes, easily
defeated Coreen Douglas, a Young
Socialist, who had 312 votes, and
Gerald de Montigny of the DSC,
who had 268 votes.
Douglas said the political club
issue should have been decided by
AMS council.
She said the AMS council, by
having the referendum, showed it
did not support political clubs.
Smolensky, who topped every
campus poll, said after the election
he will be especially watching
bookstore prices and the condition
UBC's board of governors late
Wednesday night approved $5
million for extensions to the library
and the gyms.
The board was also told UBC's
enrolment had topped the 20,000
mark for the first time in five
years. Enrolment has been
declining steadily since the late 60s
however it now appears to be
taking an upswing.
The meeting was closed as usual
to the press .ami public so further
details were unavailable on either
of student housing.
"I will also attempt to find and
oppose any political firings on
campus," said Smolensky, law 1.
Five members of the current
AMS executive now have been
elected on the Students' Coalition
Only AMS president Brian
Loomes and AMS co-ordinator
Joanne Lindsay, both elected at
last spring's general election,
represent the DSC on the
Only 12 per cent of the students
on campus voted.
no longer
Medical doctors have become coordinators rather than the
traditional "generals" of health
science teams. Dr. George Szasz,
director of UBC's interprofessional
education in health sciences, said
Speaking to about 120 pre-
medical students, Szasz said the
military lines of health science
must be softened with patients
being treated as people instead of a
collection of organs.
He said past efforts to change the
basic role of doctors has failed
because medical students learn
much of their knowledge from
doctors educated in the old school.
This keeps the current limited
approach of doctors dominant in
the profession, he said.
The lecture was the first in a
series ^for the UBC pre-med
society. The next meeting is
Tuesday in Instructional
Resources Centre.
Straight distribution halted
From page 1
back Wilson's motion to go ahead
with plans to purchase the Barber
Coleman controls.
In o'her business council
unanimously decided to prohibit
free distribution of the Georgia
Straight at UBC.
Straight editor Dan McLeod
wants to distribute the paper free
of charge to UBC students while
continuing to charge 25 cents a
copy elsewhere.
AMS treasurer John Wilson told
the meeting the free distribution
could greatly increase its advertising revenue at The Ubyssey's
Wilson's motion said the Straight
should only be distributed at
regular prices and any free issues
should be confiscated by the
authority of the AMS constitution.
The constitution prohibits any
unauthorized publications being
distributed free on campus. The
Straight does not have official
permission to be distributed at
UBC. Wilson said.
Said Wilson: "McLeod could go
to his advertisers and say 'Look
we're now distributing 30,000
copies and students are reading
our paper more than before so
we're going to increase our rates
and you can reach students
through us."
Student publications manager
John Dufort said: "Free
distribution of the Straight on
campus could take away 30-50 per
cent of The Ubyssey's local advertising amounting to $10,000 to
$18,000 lost revenue per year.
"Their distribution here is meant
solely to make more money for
their publication by increasing
circulation and thereby getting
more advertising revenue and for
this they would use the campus
free of charge," he said.
"The Georgia Straight is a
privately-owned commercial
enterprise. Policy in the past has
been to discourage private interests from using the campus to
monetarily enrich their operations,
unless it be also to the monetary
enrichment of students in
general." Dufort said.
He said this ranged from
preventing Simpatico Pizza from
distributing handbills around
campus to taking down posters put
up by private concert promoters on
SUB bulletin boards.
The Straight also wants to
distribute free of charge to other
post-secondary institutions in B.C.
There is currently a motion
before the executive of the
National Union of Students
recommending this be prohibited.
Wilson requested that anyone
seeing a stack of Georgia Straights
on campus today pick them up and
bring them to the co-ordinator's
office in the AMS offices on the top
floor of SUB.
Studies 'trivial'
— zoology prof
A former assistant zoology
professor at UBC said Wednesday
ecological studies on campus are
"UBC is pretending to be
engaged in the general field of
concern instead of actually taking
a responsible part in researching
ecological systems," said Robin
Harger, also a former president of
the Scientific Pollution and Environmental Control Society.
"The UBC grant from the
National Research Council should
be used for disturbed eco-systems
in B.C. such as the recent oil spill
or mineral refuse poured into B.C.
waters by Anaconda mines,"
Harger said in an interview.
Anaconda works a copper mine
at Brittania Beach north of Vancouver in Howe Sound.
Zoology professor J.D. McPhail
intends to use his NRC grant to
study the disturbance of ecological
systems by introducing sticleback
fish into Marion Lake, located on
UBC's research forest five miles
north of Haney in the Fraser
"Their plan of introducing
stickleback to Marion Lake is
absolute nonsense because it isn't a
major ecological disturbance.
Whether a lake takes fish or not is a
miniscule detail and the knowledge
to be gained by this experiement is
very little," he said.
Harger, research director for
Environmental Systems Community Association, said the
money should be used to study a
major disturbance in B.C. such as
Blue River pulp mill or Woodfibre
which pour refuse into the Howe
Sound or the recent oil spill.
Come for lunch or supper
We're new & we're nearby
We specialize in
Charcoal broiled
steaks, BBQ
chicken, spa
ribs &
dishes. |       2136 Western Pkwy (in Village)
224-4218 or
Mt. Baker Ski School
Accepting Applications For
Ski Instructors
No previous teaching experience necessary.
Must be good skier.
Call (206) 592-2350 or
write:     George Savage
5695 Mt. Baker Hwy.
Deming, Wa. 98244
Open to all UBC Grads	
A Career in
The Foreign
As a respected member of the world community,
Canada considers it in her national interest to
engage in a broad range of international activites.
These include diplomatic relations, trade activities,
immigration services and the dissemination of
information about Canada. If you want to find out
more about the Foreign Service and other Public
Service careers come to the Public Service
Commission's Briefing Session to be held at:
Hall 2 Instructional Resources Centre
at UBC
October 10,1973, at 7:00 PM
This year the annual University Recruiting written
examinations for the Public Service will be held on
October 17th and 18th. Candidates interested in the
Foreign Service must appear both nights. If you are
unable to attend the Briefing Session, telephone the
Regional Educational Liaison Officer of the Public
Service Commission of Canada at 666-1307 for more
This Competition is open to both men
and women.
■ jfc*    Public Service
■ ^r     Canada
Fonction publique
Jn Morse and Muggy "Days
Western Optical
Company Ltd.
1774 W. 2nd 736-8055 JB How to
The information below was compiled
by our sales and technical staff to help
you in your choice of a stereo system.
The receiver is the electronic "heart"
of a stereo system, combining on one
chassis the necessary circuitry to drive
the loudspeakers (the power Amplifier)
to receive radio broadcasts (the Tuner)
and to select and control what you hear
(the preamplifier).
A quick glance at a specification
sheet will reveal just how sophisticated
and complicated a good receiver is.
Receivers that qualify for consideration in a high fidelity music system
range in cost from $300 to over $1,000 —
the many manufacturers of quality
electronic gear are intensely competitive, a real boon to the consumer. Over
the past few years, we have seen a
healthy trend to offer more performance per dollar, especially in amplifier
power, and a very strong tightening of
quality control. These benefits are a direct result of market place competition.
Now the question arises, how do you
begin to make a choice?
Well, to start with, set yourself an approximate limit of how much you wish
to spend on a complete system. Once
your budget is set, the amount of money
that should be spent on the receiver will
follow suit, if the system is to be well
balanced. We have found in putting together thousands of balanced stereo
systems over the years that the proportion of Receiver cost to system cost is
usually as follows:
$450 or less Under $300
$500-$600 $300-$350
$600-$750 $350-$450
$750-$900 $450-$575
$900 and up $575 and up
These are, of course, general guidelines
and there will always be exceptions.
For example, you might wish to pay
more because of a special need for
extra high amplifier power or in anticipation of changing speakers later.
The more you spend the more you
should get in three areas: Amplifier
performance, tuner performance, and
quantity of features (in that order of importance).
1. Amplifier performance. Here generally is how much power you will get
for your money.
Under $300 10 (RMS) watts per chan.
$300-$350 15-20 watts (RMS) per chan.
$350-$450 20-25 watts (RMS) per chan.
$450-$575 25-35 watts (RMS) per chan.
$575 and up 40 and up watts per channel
We list amplifier performance first because it is the most useful commodity
that you get for your money. Further
more, it is the cost of amplifier power
more than any other factor that determines the ratios of receiver cost to system cost.
A watt is simply a measurement of
electrical power. In asking how many
watts, you are asking: "How powerful
is this thing?" Manufacturers have
been playing games with numbers for
many years. It is possible to rate the
same amplifier in a number of ways.
These methods differ in the test conditions. Some ratings take into account
addition details, such as how much
power would be delivered for how long
with how much distortion at specified
musical frequencies. Other ratings simply specify an instantaneous peak
power with no other qualifications.
We, at House of Stein recommend
that in comparing manufacturers' specifications you go by the rating called
R.M.S., in otherwords the conservative
RMS method which tells you the most
about how an amplifier or receiver really performs. R.M.S. power is that rating
which accurately describes the maximum continuous power that the amplifier can deliver to the loudspeakers, as
opposed to the music power which describes the power delivered for short
periods of time (seconds). RMS power is
therefore easier to measure accurately,
and is a more reliable guideline towards
amplifier selection.
It is also important to realize that
even when you wade through the conflicting power ratings and come up with
a realistic RMS figure, you can't stop
there. Even the most honest specification for power still will not tell you
whether or not the complete system you
are considering will perform adequately because of the other factors involved,
so, when shopping be sure to let the
salesmen know what speakers you are
considering, what your room is like, and
how loud you like to listen. He then will
be able to make a reasonable power recommendation for your needs and he, afterwards, may let you try out another
unit if his first recommendation doesn't
quite do the trick at home.
2. Tuner performance also increases
with price, but to a lesser degree. You
will find upon looking over the various
specifications that the more expensive
the receiver, the more sensitive it will
be to weak stations; the more able it
will be to separate out closely spaced
strong and weak stations on the dial,
and less chance of a nearby station appearing at more than one frequency
(point on the dial). The latter two characteristics, however, are of particular
importance to the city dweller.
3. Extra features, luxuries, etc., also
increase proportionally  with cost.
Whether or not special features and
controls are of interest will depend entirely upon you; just don't forget that
you pay for every one of them. Here are
some of the various features you'll find
on receivers in addition to those that are
basic and expected:
(a) Multiple speaker switching can be
useful if you plan to add extra speakers
for other rooms. Having a speaker selector switch on the front panel and additional speaker connections in the rear
simplifies multiple speaker use and installation.
(b) FM Muting is a nice touch. It is a
special circuit designed to squelch the
loud noises between FM stations. Muting reduces a minor tuning annoyance
particularly when the volume is turned
(c) A meter of some sort will help you
to tune in a station with greater accuracy. The most useful kind, and fortunately the one found most often in receivers, is the centre of channel meter.
Once you get close to the desired station
you turn the tuning dial slowly until the
meter indicates the centre of channel.
This is similar to fine tuning on a TV
More expensive receivers often incorporate two meters, one for centre of
channel tuning and the other to indicate
signal strength, a single meter with a
dual function switch is sometimes also
used. You first tune in the station to its
centre and then orient the antenna if
possible, to get the maximum reading
on the signal strength meter.
(d) Other features you may come
across are facilities for handling several tape recorders at the same time, various high and low frequency filters, and
loudness controls, which compensate
for the ear's insensitivity to extreme
frequencies at low volume. We recommend that you let the multiplicity of
such features influence your choice only
after you have established your price
and performance range.
FM reception and particularly stereo
FM reception is similar to TV reception
and is subject to the same kinds of problems. If you have a TV set now you have
a good idea in advance of how good or
bad your FM reception will be. If you
see ghosts on your TV, on some FM stations you may hear corresponding distortion. If you see snow on some channels, you may hear background noise
and hiss on FM Stereo. And if you live
on or near the ground floor, and cars
and trucks cause a flurry of interference as they pass by, you may hear a
corresponding burst of static on FM stations.
Contrary to what you may have
heard, choosing speakers is not strictly
a matter of taste, nor is it, on the other
hand, a matter of comparing manufacturers' specifications. It is a process of
comparison that requires three logical
steps: Insuring that the demonstration
facilities allow for as fair a comparison
as possible, listening for the objective
non-debatable differences between
speakers, and finally making a choice
based upon the final subtle differences
in tonal nuances which are often a matter of taste.
1. The conditions that will ensure the
fairest possible comparison of speakers
are often overlooked. As a result,
speakers are often chosen for the wrong
reasons based upon differences heard
in the showroom that really aren't differences at all. You can avoid confusion
and make the fairest possible comparisons by observing two simple rules.
First of all, have the speakers you are
comparing placed as close together as
possible. Otherwise, some of the differences you hear between two speakers
may be actually caused by differences
in placement. Although it is impossible
to eliminate the effects of room acoustics, placing the speakers close together
will mean that both speakers will be influenced by the acoustics in the same
way. Do be aware that markedly different placements, such as one pair of
speakers on a shelf and the other pair on
the floor, will result in a misleading
Secondly, have our salesman place
the speakers you are comparing at the
same volume. Speakers differ in their
efficiency, that is in how loud they will
play for a given setting on the amplifier
or receiver. When you compare two
speakers that differ even slightly in volume level, chances are that you will like
the louder of the two, regardless of what
musical differences there really may be
between them.
Because you will ultimately listen to
your speakers at home at your own preferred volume level, listen to the speakers in the store at the same level that
you prefer to listen. As well as eliminating the natural favoritism the ear has
for the louder of two sounds, equal volume comparisons are absolutely neces-
sary to easily identify the distinguishing characteristics described.
Compensating for efficiency differences can be accomplished either by adjusting the volume control each time
you switch between the speakers or by a
sophisticated switching network which
we will be using that automatically
compensates for efficiency differences.
The latter method is preferable.
House of Stein
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Finished in striking aluminum with 100%
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10 watts RMS, enough power for any apartment or smaller house. A real great beginners
amplifier, because it allows you to plug in a
tuner or other accessories at a later date.
The BSR 5500 automatic changer will hold
up to 10 records and change them effortlessly
and quietly.  Rugged needle will take abuse
from scratching and will give many hours of
light tracking sound without damaging your
expensive records. And we include a custom
base and tinted cover to keep the dust off
the player.
Electra's V—30 speakers have an extended
range eight-inch woofer in a compact walnut
finished enclosure that's ideal for mounting
on a wall, or for bookshelves, or wherever
they're convenient.
This system is designed with top-quality components and no compromise is madefor
reliability.  That way, your're getting a first
line system that will outperform many other
cheap systems. And it's great because you
can add matching accessories later and they'll
plug right in for instant operation. And our
price is a big saving too. A genuine saving of
$105.80 of the previously marked price of
If you'd like to add AM and FM to this or
any system, consider this Electra EST-1000
am/fm tuner. It plugs right into the Super
10 above and matches it perfectly for styling
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a large tuning meter, an AFC lock switch
for FM, and offers a very high degree of
performance at a very reasonable price. It
was previously marded at $159.95, and you
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Electra's most economical headphones
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hours of listening enjoyment. Ideal for
this or any Music System. And now you
can save $3.50, because these Electra
SH650's were previously marked at
Keep your records clean. Records
naturally accumulate dust through static
attraction, and they must be kept clean
in order to produce maximum fidelity.
This handy record cleaning kit includes a
special anti-static fluid and cleaning cloths
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This system is an offer you can't refuse! So many
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The 4249
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House of Stein
VANCOUVER: 901 Granville, 1005 Granville, 138 West Hastings. NEW WESTMINSTER: 739 Columbia St.
CALGARY: 609 - 8th Avenue S.W., TORONTO:356 Yonge St., WINNIPEG:269 Portage,
NANAIMO: 135 Commercial, EDMONTON: 10750 - 82nd Ave., VICTORIA: 721 Yates St. Thursday,   October 4,   1973
Page 3
Feedback fed to Wilson
AMS treasurer John Wilson said
Monday he expects a certain
amount of controversy over his
newly-released 1973-74 budget.
And he got it.
Education committee president
Gerald de Montigny labelled the
proposed budget "fucking garbage" while Kim Pollock, arts
undergraduate society treasurer,
said the AUS is "not particularly
pleased" with the cutback in the
overall undergraduate society
"I don't expect I represent all
students," Wilson said. "To not
expect controversy would be naive
of me."
Though Wilson insists it was not
drawn up specifically to spark
reaction the new budget did drop
several bombshells.
Particularly controversial was
the budget note explaining the
$1000 allocation to the radically-
oriented education committee.
In the budget notes Wilson
states: "I have made this
allocation to cover costs in having
a committee, of council and interested students, hold hearings
with members of all undergraduate societies about
special topics in education today
such as: 1. The John Bremer
Commission; 2. student financing;
3. task force on university
Wilson clarified his intentions
"What in fact I'm suggesting to
council is if they allocate money
they direct the committee to spend
the money in this way."
He made it clear his object in
advocating strings be attached to
the education committee's grant is
to prevent the committee from
using the money to promote
political activities.
"I don't feel it is council's place
to push specific political opinions,"
Wilson said.
De Montigny disagreed.
"The prime direction of the
committee is to promote discussion
of students on campus about the
role of the university in relation to
society," he said.
"We will not restrict ourselves to
working within bureaucratic
committees such as the Bremer
The committee plans to continue
to concentrate on issues such as the
organization of student unions and
the struggle for student
representation on faculty meetings
despite the Wilson directive, he
Another organization not happy
with the new budget is the
This year's budget allocates
$31,161 to the student newspaper,
enough, according to the budget
notes "to allow the Ubyssey to
publish two times per week".
Wilson said Monday despite what
it says in the notes he really has no
desire to limit the Ubyssey's
"I just think it's invalid for the
paper to take $36,000 to $40,000 to
publish three times a week. If they
want to publish three times a week
for $32,000 that's fine with me."
But Ubyssey co-editor Vaughn
Palmer said he doubts the Ubyssey
could publish three issues "on the
same basis as other years" for that
There is no question the
coverage provided by the Ubyssey
would suffer if the paper were
forced to cut back service to twice
a week, said Palmer.
In last year's budget the undergraduate societies were
granted $11,161.60; this year their
allocation is $10,000.
"The Students' Coalition said
last spring that there wouldn't be
any cutbacks so they've definitely
gone back on their word," Pollock
Also of concern to the undergraduate   societies    is   the
method of allocation as laid down
in the budget notes.
In regards to undergraduate
societies the notes declare:
"Since     all     undergraduate
societies submitted their budgets
after the April 30 deadline for
Palmer Proposal considerations I
have set aside $10,000 for council to
allocate   to   any    of    the    un
dergraduate societies in any way
the council thinks is appropriate."
The Palmer Proposal is a formula for allocating money to
undergraduate societies.
—peter cummings photo
STATUE OF WOMAN AND CHILD by George A. Norris outside the main library provides a comfortable
atmosphere for reading on a sunny October day. This young woman is one of the many students on campus
who are enjoying the last warm days before the cold permanently sets in. In any case the outdoors is much
better than some deep corner of the library.
Vf? seeks FM band
The Alma Mater Society is
considering a plan to build an FM
broadcasting station into CYVR
which would be capable of transmitting throughout the Fraser
AMS treasdrer John Wilson said
Wednesday an FM transmitter
would be erected on the Gage
towers roof, a plan currently under
consideration   by  physical  plant.
"I've heard that it would only
cost the AMS $30,000 which is less
than one year's budget for The
Ubyssey," Wilson said.
"The idea results from recent
changes in Canadian Radio and
Television Commission policies,"
said CYVR president Dave
"Previously, regulations for FM
stations were really strict. We're
not certain yet about what the
CRTC's firm expectations and
requirements are, but certainly it's
worth considering," he said.
UBC deputy president William
White said Thursday the idea is
being considered by physical plant.
"We've got to check effects on
the universities equipment and
teaching, like lab machinery and
computer equipment," White said.
White said he had no objection,
other than technical concerns, to
students running a full-scale
broadcasting station on university
A physical plant spokesman said
the department would release
information Friday. He declined to
do so Wednesday because "the
matter is still under review."
CYVR sales manager Chuck
Barton said Thursday full-scale
broadcasting would "give the
student a chance to express
himself in the community."
It would also offer the community "a chance to know and
understand the university
student's affairs," he said.
Barton said the financial benefits
of full-scale broadcasting would be
He said CYVR currently is
having problems in raising money
to maintain studio equipment
which he estimated had a value of
between $20,000 and $40,000.
"We can't sell much advertising
because there is no way to
determine what our present
audience is," Barton said.
CYVR staffer Bill Nicholson
emphasized the value of the
stations equipment. "For example," he said, "the cost of coaxial
cable — and we need tons of it — is
more than twenty cents a foot."
Nicholson gave a rough estimate
of the station's audience. "I think
it's between one and five thousand
people," he said.
CYVR currently transmits from
SUB through coaxial cable to
lounges in Hillel House, Angus,
MacMillan and Scarfe buildings
and throughout SUB.
It also serves Place Vanier and
Totem Park residences.
Wires under residence buildings
radiate the signal upwards to
students' portable and plug-in
Clemens explained the station,
even if it didn't receive a full-scale
licence, was planning to run additional cables to Gage residences
and to the new SUB listening
The idea, Wilson admitted, is to
give council more flexibility in
determining how much money
goes to each society.
Pollock said he and other undergraduate society treasurers
were under the impression April 30
was merely a suggested deadline.
"When we went up in April to
submit our budgets the AMS
secretary told us John said it really
didn't matter to him when we
submitted our budgets as long as1
they were in by the beginning of
The AUS budget was submitted
in August, according to Pollock.
There's been talk of calling a
meeting of all undergraduate
society treasurers to discuss the
issue but no definite action has
been planned yet, he said.
"It may just be unconstitutional
what he's done. We're not sure,"
said Pollock.
The Alma Mater Society
education representative has
asked the AMS elections committee to reschedule February
AMS elections because many
education students are off campus
doing practicums during election
campaigning and are unable to
Roger Gosselin said education
students are off-campus on
practicums during February
elections and are disenfranchised — which is unconstitutional.
During last February's election
820 students were off campus. Only
27 students voted at the education
faculty booth. However, in the last
October election, when the
students were on campus, 435
students voted at the booth.
"Education students are in a
difficult position to vote and obtain
information about candidates,"
Gosselin said. "They want to vote
but they also want to be aware of
who they are voting for. It is up to
the AMS to find a solution."
The AMS constitution says
elections for the AMS executive
must be divided into two slates —
the first to be held on either the
first or second Wednesday in
February with the second slate
following two weeks later.
First slate election campaigns
begin on the Thursday prior to Feb.
4 practicum for students. This
means although they would be off
campus during the actual voting
they could take time to come back
and cast a knowledgeable vote.
However, if the election is on
the second Wednesday the students
cannot learn about candidate's
Either way education students
will have no information about
candidates running in the second
And if, as last year, the
education faculty suspends most
other classes for students not on a
practicum, very few education
students will be on campus.
Gosselin ruled out mail balloting
because it still does not solve the
lack of information which, he said,
is more pertinent than casting a
"We are also concerned about
the difficulty encountered if
practicum students want to run for
AMS positions for the following
year," he said. "If there is a
recurrence of the situation last
year, the issue may be taken
further after the elections." Page 4
Thursday,  October 4,   1973
\] fty H$f THAT
tfu.TflTIMl Of O&fCtf
16 fbKietr... 6ff"-
*H im^cvxii ftuu mil
iu -neq ir...
Coarse changes
Friday was the last day to change old boring courses for new
taring courses.
If you didn't make it you missed something.
I entered the office and gave my hi-there-I'm-looking-for-
assistance smile to the nearest secretary. For five minutes they
typed and filed.
Smile fading I screeched and ripped my shirt from my body. I
leapt on the counter smashing things with my fists, typewriters, note
pads, calendars, my foot. I soared across the room, grabbed a light
fixture, swung to the ceiling and scampered about the acoustic tiles
snorting and salivating.
"Oh, you're a student!" said one.
"We appreciate your efforts. We thought you were a prof. It's so
hard to tell these days. Can we help you?"
"Wanna make a course change," I grunted.
She removed a Bible from her desk.
"Do you solemnly swear to change the course, the whole course
and nothing but the course? Good. Take this form, get the prof's
signature, the departmental advisor's, the faculty advisor's, the
Prime Minister's, the support of the CBC and an invitation to be on
the Queen's birthday list."
The latter three were easy compared to the former requests.
The prof was unavailable, doing field research on variations in
rectal temperature among water buffalos during thunderstorms and
the effect of said variations on their mental health.
"Someone else will have to sign," said the secretary.
I ransacked the department in desperation. Finally I settled for a
passing electrician.
"He'll do," she said.
Outside a desperate mob saw my completed form. I was offered
three bachelor of science degrees, a Corvette, a starting position
with the football Thunderbirds, Point Grey and a partridge in a pear
Torn and bleeding I escaped, dragged myself to my new class
and discovered Psychology 400 — insanity in clams wasn't what I
Does the guy with the Corvette still want to make a deal?
The magic number
comes up as 2.7
Well, the people have spoken.
Not very loud mind you, but we liked
what they had to say.
In case you didn't hear, the vote in Wednesday's opinion poll on how many times a
week a campus newspaper should publish
was 655 for three times a week, 514 for
twice a week, 231 for five times a week, 230
for once a week, 53 for four times a week.
Or as our personal accountant says,
that's 2.7 issues a week on the weighted
Since we currently publish 3 times a
week, as we said earlier, we like the result.
At least some of you like us.
But we realize that since it was only an
opinion poll we'll still have to fight for the
money to publish those three issues a week.
And we also realize that since the ballot
said 'campus newspaper' instead of The
Ubyssey that some students were voting on
how often a paper could serve them best,
rather than expressing an opinion on the
work of this specific paper.
So we hope whether you voted or not
you won't let us relax on our complacent
asses, but press us ever upward like some of
you have been doing all along.
In short come into our office, work for
us, tip us off about your favorite SGandal, get
interviewed, submit letters to the editor and
scream at us all you like (but no hitting
Even if we had those five issues a week
(thanks go to the optimistic souls who opted
for that choice) we wouldn't have the space
needed to cover all those things we should.
But we'll keep trying.
And if you think this editorial is uncharacteristically humble; you're right.
You see, our mommies told us not to let
success go to our heads.
Aw c'mon
Memo to eds:
Aw come on you guys. Enough of that
humility horseshit.
Where's the arrogance of yesteryear? The
jibes, the gloating, the smirking, the cackling
over your great triumph over the proletariat?
Where are the quips, the l-told-you-so's
you so generously hand out when you come
out on top?
What's all this hat-in-hand business
anyway? If we wanted to see breast-beating
we'd read Gorki.
Have you totally lost your gift for
sarcasm and the snarky retort, your skill at
ingratitude, the quick parry, thrust, nudge,
thrust, parry?
—those at the printers
When authors of the Plank
questioned themselves why
enrolment in the faculty of forestry
is so low, they should perhaps
examine the image of the forester
lhat the Plank itself expresses.
The image seems to be one of a
narrow-minded sexually deficient
Any woman in forestry (or out of
forestry) seem to be presented as
objects of mockery and disdain.
The time has come for females
unfortunate enough to be faced
with this kind of bigotry to express
the harm we feel is done by such
publications. The Plank reinforces
derogatory and untruthful images;
the Plank has hurt us all, be we
male or female, in or out of
forestry, by its inhuman treatment
of a number of topics.
We can only appeal to the dean of
the faculty of forestry, to the
editors of The Ubyssey, to the
authors of the Plank themselves to
begin to face their biases and not
allow such publications to continue, at least as part of the
university paper.
Cecily Void
Melanie Miller
Charlene Glasser
forestry graduate students
crucial issue namely the continued
existence of the AMS.
Far from being superior to undergrads, we are equally exploited
by the AMS — certainly food
services has not improved within
living memory, although every
year we are forced to pay more:
faculty and staff have won higher
salaries, while teaching assistants,
the donkeys of every department,
have had no piece of the action or
even a way to negotiate.
Understandably, graduate
students were not enthusiastic
about adding to the already
crowded facilities at the grad
center, but no one should take this
as an "elitist" attitude. And,
grads, contrary to our arrogant
executive's reading of the status
quo, do have special difficulties.
Handing over the grad center to
the AMS, which cannot even keep
its own house in order, will create
two separate points of chaos instead of one.
Nothing short of a real student
union will give us the "one, strong,
unfragmented student voice"
needed against the administration.
The point that Smolensky seems to
miss is that his kind of rhetoric
promotes a division which drives
us further away from the genuine
representation and power base we
need. What an irony that our own
consumer advocate has fallen for
the GSA executive's party line.
Jack Davison
Peter Taitt
grad studies
Plank 2
It seems that the Plank (in
Ubyssey, Sept. 25) has created a
great deal of furor throughout the
It has been accused by such an
auspicious body as the women's
action group of being 'anti-woman'
and 'fraught with sexism".
I don't understand why this
seemingly intelligent group has
been so outraged. The Plank, as
anyone who is not a functional
illiterate can see, is about the most
inconsequential piece of juvenile
garbage that one could ever have
had the dubious privilege of
WAG's fury, therefore, I cannot
understand — eagles don't hunt
Perhaps Jonson was right all
along when he said: "Who's angry
at a slander makes it true."
Peter Holding
arts 2
In Tuesday's (Oct. 2) Exposure,
Art Smolensky's easy democratic
sentiments about the fate of the
grad center should have been
matched by some tougher
republican instincts. He takes the
results of the grad referendum as
an elitist and "reactive" attack,
aimed ungratefully at old mother
Alma Mater Society.
However, the sad reality about
the suddenly revered AMS is that it
is an unresisting voice through
which the administration speaks; a
SUB bureaucracy which even
fumbles at keeping the floors
clean; a platform for fledgling
politicos. His abusive arguments
about alleged graduate student
superiority   only   obscure   the
OCTOBER 4,1973
Published    Tuesdays,   Thursdays   and   Fridays   throughout   the
university year by the Alma Mater Society of the University of
B.C. Editorial opinions are those of the writer and not of the AMS
or the  university  administration.  Member,  Canadian University
Press. The Ubyssey publishes Page Friday, a weekly commentary
and review. The  Ubyssey's editorial offices are located in room
241K of the Student Union Building.
Editorial  departments, 228-2301; Sports, 228-2305; advertising,
Co-editors: Vaughn Palmer, Michael Sasges
"Once more into the breech, dear friends," cried Vaughn Palmer as he
thrust his hand into Sasges' pants. Lesley Krueger, Gary Coull, Dru Spencer,
Jake van der Kamp and Barry Grannary could not help but observe the gross
spectacle they were to endure three times a week for the rest of the year.
"As long as they aren't fighting," Marise Savaria told Peter Cumming and
Ben Gelfant, while Les Mackoff, Linda Hossie, and Ryon Guedes proceeded
to drink Robin Burgess' bathwater. Allan Dorree asked if it needed nutmeg,
and Rick Lymer, Nick Stone and Peter Arbuckle asked for a twist of
lemming. Don Hubbert, Peter Leibeck, and Ron Konkin asked for Shirley
^emples. ^    J Thursday,  October 4,   1973
Page 5
Shameon you (and, it seems, the
Gage residence association) for
constructing headlines out of non-
Dean Neville Scarfe's presence
in a Gage apartment is an example
of a humanistic approach to
university procedures of which
housing director Leslie Rohringer
can be proud. Thank heavens that
some rules can be bent; students
benefit from such enlightened
administration far more often than
*"do retired deans.
Earn your keep. If you want to do
investigative reporting on
university housing, find out why
there still isn't enough of it for the
hundreds who want it. That's a real
story. Don't waste space with news
of one apartment.
John Dobrovolsky
grad studies
Bud T. Spud
For the last three weeks I have
been adjusting to the subtleties of
UBC life with all its variety and
activity. It is all new and different
and yet I feel that the university is
culturally lacking.
I do not mean to offend those
clubs and institutions which attempt to fill this void but rather to
* press for wider cultural appreciation.
To ease the situation I am
proposing a plan which I hope will
be accepted here as it has been at
Carleton University in Ottawa.
The idea calls for recognition of
the work of a great Canadian
composer and lyricist, a sincere
desire to promote his talent locally
and joint participation in
universities leading to his concert
appearances at educational in-
'stitutes across Canada.
It is for these ideals that the CU-
UBCSTCFC has been initiated.
This represents the Carleton
University - University of B.C.
Stompin' Tom Connors Fan Club.
Stompin' Tom represents a fresh
approach to the music scene and he
has the inate ability to reflect the
Canadian way of life in his music.
I would appreciate response to
the  plan   for  the  CU-UBCSTCFC
10th & ALMA
Not just a car it's a
series A — Three
models to see and test
drive today. How about
right now! The 4-dr.
sedan is completely
equipped. A radio and
an automatic
transmission are the
only extras.
Dealer Lie.
No. D 1943
3695W 10TH
and ask that students rally to press
the Alma Mater Society to organize
a Stompin' Tom concert appearance as soon as possible.
Anyone interested in the national
organization should contact: Steve
Lieff, 1240 Portland Ave., Ottawa!
B. Joe Mufferaw
[John Miller]
geography/geology 2
On Oct. 2 you ran an article
entitled Scarfe — Case of
While I am not in a position to
comment on the content of the
article, I do take exception to your
caption under the photograph. If,
as you say, there really are people
living in their cars outside the
Gage low-rise waiting for accommodation, I hope they will
contact me to insure that they are
on the waiting list.
If there is nobody living in their
cars, shame on your attempt at
Any students with housing list
questions are urged to contact me,
Monday to Friday, 1:30 p.m. to 2:20
p.m., outside the housing administration.
Brent Morrison
student housing action committee
You as well as several others are
a victim of a Ubyssey plot.
The fact that people would
believe the housing situation is that
bad savs something doesn't it—
Pen pals
A few weeks ago, I wrote a letter
to you requesting it be published in
The Ubyssey.
I explained that I was in prison
without friends or family and
wrote the letter in hope of attracting correspondents.
I am in possession of 17 personal
letters written by the girls on
second floor Alder Hamber house
(Place Vanier residences) in
response to my letter.
The letters are very warm and
happy and the girls who wrote
them have reached deep into my
person and touched me.
After five years of incarceration,
it moves me to know that there are
so many unselfish persons with
understanding and compassion to
give and share with a stranger and
his adversity.
I have answered each letter and I
am sure we all have something to
share of ourselves. I am not in a
position by which to tell the rest of
the campus of the understanding
and thoughtfulness of these girls.
I would appreciate it if you would
pass on my appreciation to the
'Hamber Homes'.
Donald Roy Hunter
Box 411
Chino, Calif.
The Ubyssey welcomes letters
from all readers.
Letters should be signed and, if
possible, typed.
Pen names will be used when
the writer's real name is also
included for our information in
the letter, or when valid reasons
for anonymity are given.
Although an effort is made to
publish all letters received, The
Ubyssey reserves the right to edit
letters for reasons of brevity,
legality, grammar or taste.
SPECIALS . mM/%    &
Est 1930
3771 W. 10th Ave.    224-3536
A little Trouble in the morning-
After Shave and Cologne with a
distinctive, disturbing fragrance that can give
a whole campus Trouble up to 8,10, or even 12 hours!
and you've got Trouble all day.
CP Air and the Vancouver symphony orchestra launch
-    &
Saturday, October 6 at 8:30
Queen Elizabeth Theatre
"the Protean Man of Music" conducts
Ives Sets Nos. l'& 3
Schuller Tre Invenzione
Schonberg Erwartung
with dramatic soprano Linda Phillips
Tickets NOW at the Vancouver Ticket Centre
Adults ONLY S10 S12 S15
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singles S3.50 S4.50 S5.50
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* 5S6 Seymour
* 599 Seymour
* Pacific Centre
* 107 E. Pender
* Park Royal
* Brentwood
* Victoria
* Kelowna
* Kamloops
Since I88A
Varsity Store: 4517 West 10th
Tel. 224-4432 Page 6
Thursday,  October 4,   1973
Hot flashes
Blind library
needs readers
At least 20 volunteer students,
staff and faculty are needed by
Crane Library to read onto
tape for blind and handicapped
students, Paul Thiele, Crane's
head librarian said Tuesday.
There are currently seven
full-time paid staff members and
30 part-time volunteers who read
literature, history and many other
subjects onto tape. New
volunteers are needed for one
hour each week.
Thiele said they desperately
need  Spanish-speaking students.
Crane also caters to persons
with reading difficulties and
physical handicaps, he said.
The library is the only one of
its kind in North America, loaning
it's 10,000 recorded tapes to
universities and colleges in the
U.S., Europe and the rest of
Library hours are 9 a.m. to 9
p.m. weekdays and 1-5 p.m.
Some hams are still reasonably
The Amateur Radio Society, a
group of private ham radio enthusiasts, is recruiting members for
instruction in the fundamentals of
hamming. HAMSOC memberships
are $5 a year and include free long
distance telephone contacts with
your friends in Bolivia. HAMSOC
is not affiliated with RADSOC,
the campus radio station CYVR.
HAMSOC information can be
obtained by calling 228-2835 at
noon any weekday.
India slides
Do you want to learn the real
truth about India?
Come to International House
at noon today for a talk and slide
show given by UBC students who
travelled India last summer.
By all accounts, the slides are
The 80 member Chinese Opera
theatre will perform 8:30 p.m.
Friday in the Queen Elizabeth
Tickets are $5.50 and $6. UBC
students showing Alma Mater
Society student cards will be
admitted for half price.
Tween classes
General meeting of volunteers noon
SUB 117.      '
Ukrainian Cultural Week concert
noon SUB 119. New members
Practice, N apoleonics, micro-
armour, noon SUB 119. New members welcome.
Organisational meeting for majors,
honors and graduate students noon
Buch. 330.
Discussion on "out of the body
consciousness"   noon   SUB 224.
Practice, 5 p.m. Place Vanier
ballroom.   New   members   welcome.
General meeting and lunch noon
SUB 115.
General meeting 7:30 p.m. SUB
207, 209.
General meeting noon SUB 213.
General meeting noon SUB 212.
Old and new members welcome.
Lunch meeting noon grad centre.
General meeting noon SUB 115.
General meeting noon  International
House lounge.
Meeting   for   all   interested   in
cheerleading noon SUB 111.
"Where Mao goes wrong — a Marxist
view" 8 p.m. 1208 Granville.
General   meeting   noon   SUB   105B.
All gay persons welcome.
Living Waters retreat leaves campus
Lutheran centre 6 p.m.
Eliminations for U. of Wash, regatta
9 a.m. Kitsilano Yacht Club, foot of
Weekly prayer and share time noon
green room, Lutheran campus
centre. All welcome.
Free Film Series on Eastern Civilization noon SUB auditorium.
Open-Liner of CJOR's Encounter & Sunday Line
5:30 p.m., Thurs., Oct. 11
Those  planning  to  attend,  or  for   information,   phone   Day:   325-2515,
263-8219; Eve.: 879-4085.
Skill Development
Four FREE SELF HELP workshops to
Increase Your Effectiveness!
Four one hour sessions on Developing More
Efficient Methods of Study.
Eight one hour sessions to Improve Your Essay
Writing Skills.
A workshop designed to assist you in Finding
and Getting the Job You Want.
Six one hour sessions to discuss attitudes
towards Ourselves and Others in Relationship
to University Achievement.
These free programs are designed to help students develop skills.
All workshops commence the week of October 15th. Sign up now
since limited enrollment.
Sponsored by the Office of Student Services in co-operation with the Dean
of Women's Office and the Faculty of Commerce.
RATES: Campus - 3 lines, 1 day $1.00; additional lines, 25c;
Commercial - 3 lines, 1 day $1.50; additional lines 35c;
additional days $1.25 & 30c.
Classified ads are not accepted by telephone and are payable in
advance. Deadline is 11:30 a.m.. the day before publication.
Publications Office. Room 241 S.U.B., UBC, Van. 8, B.C.
Lost & Found
books     in    truck    Sunday
Mann   Bridge.   Owner   Phon
e   530-
Special Notices
Agfa, llford, Kodak,
Gaf, Colortone, Unicolor, Luminof, and
Where else in town will you
find such a full selection of
B &  W paper ?
tljc UcnS ana ^>l)utttr
3010   W.   Broadway 736-7833
my homo. Essays, Thesis, etc.
Neat accurate work. Reasonable
rates.   Phono   263-5317.	
sional Typing. IBM Selectric —
Days, Evenings, Weekends. Ph.
Shari at 73S-S745 — Reasonable
Help Wanted
iers, hostesses; up to $3.50 per
hour. Contact Mike Hamilton,
684-3426 or 524-S581. (Call No.
1125) answering service.
Work Wanted
Music Instruction
of Juilliard School of Music. All
grade   levels   welcome.    731-0001.
Special Classes
AM-FM Stereo receiver. 2 speakers, turntable, base, cover and
cartridge, list $200. Your cost
$125. 2-year parts guarantee.
Call   325-0366   for   savings.	
30 from out of town and Vancouver for non-structured, non-
organizational functions. For information Ph. Days 731-4161,
Eves.   73S-4062.	
and see Dr. Bundolo's Pandemonium Medicine Show Tuesday.
Oct. 9. SUP. Theatre. 12:30. It's
Special Events
fest" Oct. 5. Tickets available
from A.M.Sv.   office.	
Civilization. Every Wed. noon,
12:45-1:1,1. SUB Auditorium.
Starts   Wed..   10th   Oct.
Autos For Sale
'65 AUSTIN 1S00 F.W.D.. NEW
trans, and motor parts. $650. ph.
263-5392  eves.
Babysitting & Day Care
Speakeasy SUB Anytime!
228-4557 - 12:30-2:30
For Students and Tutors
Register Now! 12:30-2:30
sie 22-square metre class. Dac-
ron sails, S.S. rigging, extras.
$2,500.   Call   733-4751.
Room  &  Board
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Sansui 3-year warranty. Sansui's warranty
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Sansui builds quality components and stands
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The record changer is a DUAL 1216 automatic,
whick has been tested and highly rated by just
about every test magazine and guide. They
found the 1216 to be reliable, quiet, jamproof
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Adjustable speed, single post record changing,
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We include a matching walnut base, a tinted
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Electra's V-5 headphones utilize the unique
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Pro—Linear's Great Stage 4's have a massive
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LC crossover and other exotic treatments
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House of Stein
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The Automatic changer is the Dual 1218, their
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With its adjustable speed, you can change the
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Mign tideiity neadphone set.
Medium-priced headphones with new
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Electra's BD2000 record player is belt driven for
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The long arm is good for light tracking cartridges
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The Pro Linear 900XK has a specially shaped
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The speakers are SANSUI AS200's, a ten-inch
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Empire Cartridge
rSfep up to the Empire's 66PEX magnetic
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The Electra BD2000 player is belt driven
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\ Sl*+1~
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VANCOUVER: 901 Granville, 1005 Granville, 138 West Hastings. NEW WESTMINSTER: 739 Columbia St.
CALGARY: 609 - 8th Avenue S.W., TORONTO:356 Yonge St., WINNIPEG:269 Portage,
NANAIMO: 135 Commercial, EDMONTON: 10750 - 82nd Ave., VICTORIA: 721 Yates St. Thursday,  October 4,   1973
Page 7
Rugby 'Birds return victorious
UBC THUNDERBIRD rugby team in action. Group has recently returned from a tour of Wales and England
where they played exceptionally well. The tour was capped by a win over the well-known Blackheath team.
Swim team aimost dies
The UBC swim team, who placed
first and second in the women's
and men's events at the Canadian
swim meet last year, almost died
this week.
The problem began in July. In
order to get swim time, as Empire
cannot be used all year, UBC put in
a bid of $4,000 for the rental of St.
George's pool. This is over double
their budgeted allotment for the
rental of facilities yet it failed to
gain them the contract. The
Dolphin swim club got the time for
a bid of about $8,000. Since then,
things have been in a state of flux
over the state of the team.
Swim coach, Jack Pomfert, tried
without success to get swim time
as far away as New Westminster.
Every pool was booked solid. He
then sent letters to the organizers
of the swim meets UBC was to be in
this year stating they were sorry
but lack of swim time was forcing
UBC to drop out. This was done to
allow the other universities to
reorganize their schedules and
contact possible substitutes.
In September, some pool time at
unattractive hours was found. The
UBC squash team
needs players now
The UBC squash team is looking for players.
All those who would like to try out for the team, in any classification
should come out to the team practises. These are held on Fridays from
3:30-5 p.m. at the courts in the Winter sports centre.
A number of players will soon be selected to represent the team.
However, those who do not immediately make the team will have the
opportunity of challenging those players representing their class.
Should they defeat any of these players they take their place until they
are similarly defeated. This allows UBC to field the best possible team
throughout the year and offers any aspiring player easy access to the
y Leading the club are two A players, John Hungerford and John
Dowling. There are only about 10 active A players in Vancouver. Those
interested in lessons should phone 228-9708 for details.
In the recent Racquet Club of Victoria tournament, John Dowling
reached the A class finals while UBC's Martin Watts won the D class
consulation. The next tournament in the Vancouver area will be held at
the end of October.
The beginning squash player starts as a D class player. On reaching
the semi-finals of a D class competition he must thereafter play in C
m class. On winning a C class competition he must play in B class. Then,
■ after winning at B class tournament he is rated as an A player.
There are approximately a dozen tournaments in the Vancouver
area each year, plus a few doubles tournaments. One such competition
is the UBC, C and D class tournament, held in mid-February. In this
tournament last year, the team's player/coach Bob Shutz was defeated
in the finals of the C class play. Doug Olstead won the D class.
As well as preparing for and playing in the tournaments, the team
competes on Monday evenings in the nine team city C and D league.
UBC won this in 1969 but since then has only managed third and fourth
mp place finishes. Last year they tied for third. Generally, the best two
players in each of the C and D classes are picked to represent the team
in this league play
question facing the team was their
willingness to continue to practise
in spite of early hours and insufficient pool time. The team
voted Monday to continue the team
even with the handicaps.
The fate of the team is still not
settled. No contracts have been
signed for pool time yet. While
there is still some time at Percy
Norman, the total time available
for use is still dangerously low. The
end of the week should decide the
future of the team, at least for this
year, possibly for good.
This state of affairs has already
resulted in the loss of Allan
Crawford who won the diving
competition last year. It has also
meant a lot of extra work for the
staff. Coach Pomfert says it's
tough finding meets. He hopes to
arrange to go aginst Alberta and
Seattle and the rest of their
regularly  scheduled  competition.
Some of the difficulties facing
the UBC team as they attempt to
arrange a schedule comes from the
collegante rules. These allow three
swimmers to compete in each
event while counting only times for
two. This allows the third
swimmer to pick up invaluable
While the UBC team could attend
as a third university at a dual
match, this would necessitate
handicapping the other contestants. Their third swimmers
could not swim as most of the pools
are only six lanes across and UBC
would be active on the two normally excess lanes.
Newcomers comprise most of
this year's team. Some returnees
for the men are Bruce Hutchinson,
Ted Wilford, Rick Gustaveson, and
George Smith. For the women
there are Pat Gilmore, Karen
James, Geney Warren, Margy
Biggs, Diane Rogers, and Heather
Coach Pomfert said this year's
team should be as competetive as
last year's although it lacks depth.
However, he said, "I haven't seen
enough of them to rate them well
The UBC rugby team returned from England and Wales last week
with their heads held high and rightly so.
They were returning from one of the most successful, if not the most
successful, rugby tours ever by a Canadian side. In seven games they
won 4, tied 1, and lost 2 against some of the top teams in the British Isles.
Starting in Wales, against Tredegar, the 'Birds fought inclement
weather and nerves. However, they scored the only try of the game as
they tied the Welshman 6-6. UBC. unfortunately, had three tries called
back, but showed good defence as only penalty goals were scored
against them.
In the second game the 'Birds ran into tougher competition at Neath.
Neath has been one of the top five teams in the Welsh first division for
almost 20 years. They are reputed to have the best pack in the country.
The weather suited the home side, as rain hampered UBC's backfield.
The Thunderbirds lost 16-0.
Yet, the Welsh public was impressed with UBC's play in the
game. J.B.G. Thomas, the well
known Welsh rugby critic said,
"The University of British
Columbia is one of the best, if not
the best, drilled and coached,sides
in Canada. The players knew what
to do and did it well, while their
courage and speed about the field
in defence was as good as that of
the best of British clubs."
About the final half of the game
Thomas said that Neath proved too
experienced in the end for the
undergraduates but the fact they
could not add to their score in the
final 25 minutes indicated the
enthusiasm of the Canadians.
Thomas said, "I saw some
splendid football that was often
exciting and the tenacity and
persistence of the young Canadians
will be remembered by the men of
The touring team won their next
game against Bridgend. Bridgend
have been league champions for
two years running. Under perfect
conditions UBC played a closely
contested match, with the lead
changing several times. The
winning points were scored in the
last three minutes.
Once again they were impressive. John Billot, of the
Western Mail said, "A straight
penalty goal from almost 35 yards,
two minutes from the end, by
acting skipper Ray Banks stole
victory for UBC in a thrilling
contest at Bridgend.
"Preston Wiley, the scrum half,
came in as a last minute change
and played heroically to set his
backs sweeping away at every
opportunity and the speed of Will
McKenzie had the gasping
Bridgend defense floundering. A
scintillating Canadian thrust
featuring the springing McKenzie
brought centre Rick Bourne a try
which Banks converted with the
best kick of the match."
The fourth and final game in
Wales was against Tenby. The
game was close, with UBC ahead 7-
3 at the interval, but 7-6 soon after
the break with Tenby pressing. But
the 'Birds came on strong as the
backs, aided by ideal weather,
showed their strength. Winger
Spence McTavish scored two tries
in a convincing 29-6 victory.
Then it was on to England, where
the press coverage, along with the
standard of officiating, dropped
The first game, against Rossland
Park, was marred by poor officiating. After only five minutes of
play a UBC player was erroneously
sent off the field which left the
team with only 14 men for the
remainder of the game. The game
ended seven minutes early on an
illegal penalty kick. The Englishmen scored all their points on
penalties while the 'Birds scored
two tries and a penalty, but lost 12-
The Canadians found themselves
down 19-9 late in game six against
Old Whitgiftians. But they showed
what a devastating attack they
have as they scored five tries in the
last seven minutes to overwhelm
the home team 35-19.
UBC finished off the tour in style
by beating Blackheath 22-19. Under
adverse conditions they showed
excellent control both physically
and mentally and deserved their
The engineers won the men's
swim meet. Delta kappa epsilon
was second and forestry did not
The turkey trot race was close.
Don Nilson of commerce (16 min.
22 sec.) held on to defeat the
favored Dave Stenning of
engineering (16 min. 24 sec).
Although other participants
collapsed at the finish line, Dave
ended in true engineering style
with a beer. Sean Duffy (17 min. 23
sec.) and Wren Green, zoology
grads (17 min. 25 sec.) were third
and fourth respectively. The unit
finish was zoology first, commerce
second and engineers third.
Football schedules are posted by
rm. 308, mem. gym.
All softball games today and
Sunday are being rescheduled.
Come up to rm. 308 and find out the
Badminton playing times are
changed due to the mix-up on
Monday. All games are played in
gyms A and B by the winter sports
center. New times are posted
outside rm. 308, mem. gym.
Sunday is the last day for getting
your golf scores in. Watch for the
match-play schedule which will be
posted outside rm. 308.
Hockey teams are reminded that
it costs $25 per team each term to
play in the league. Division I will
be divided into two leagues and the
top three teams from each league
will be in the super league second
There is a deadline Friday for
floor hockey and the tug-o-war.
Unit managers must get their
teams entered by 3 p.m. at rm. 308,
mem. gym.
Floor hockey is being introduced
to the program for the first time.
The rules are the same as ice
hockey so you will have to keep
your head up. All equipment is
Each tug-o-war team is allowed 8
tuggers, 16 shoes and 4 hats. A
manager is allowed with one whip.
If the weather is good, the war will
lakeplace outside SUB. If it rains,
it will be in mem. gym.
Defaults have been quite
numerous. Unit managers are
reminded to pay their money for
defaulted games at rm. 308, mem.
Many people have been wondering if you need a recreation
UBC card to play intramurals. You
do not need any type of card. All
equipment is supplied and all
playing areas are booked ahead of
time by intramurals. '
Here   are   the   up-to-date   intramural standings:
Engineers 340
Grad. study centre 189
Beta theta pi 170
Commerce 166
Delta kappa epsilon 164
Van. school of theology 114
Arts 111
What has happened to dentistry
and forestry? Page  8
Thursday,   October  4,   1973
UBC 'not apathetic'
on cliff erosion
UBC is not apathetic about the
erosion of the Point Grey Cliffs.
UBC deputy president William
Armstrong said Wednesday.
Answering charges of unconcern
made when UBC failed to send a
representative to a citizens'
meeting about the cliffs, Armstrong said he had been given the
wrong date for the meeting.
When the September 26 meeting
plan   will   succeed    in   stopping
Ron Blunden, a consulting
geologist at the citizens' meeting,
said he thought the plan would be
ineffective in stopping erosion and
would "destroy once and forever
any notion that the beach is a
natural area".
Armstrong said he is not concerned that an access road will be
built along the beach to simplify
The Vancouver Parks Board has
passed a motion saying there will
be no road built and has passed the
motion along to Resources
Minister Bob Williams, he said.
"People have said to me that the
university, in some subversive
way, is trying to discourage people
who sunbathe in the nude on the
beach." he said.
"I personally don't care (about
nudists). It doesn't bother me in
the least."
Responding to citizens who said
they didn't think anything should
be done to stop the erosion and that
Ihe university buildings should be
moved instead, Armstrong said,
"It'salright to say that, but it's not
really practical.
"At the moment (the buildings)
really concerned
look place Armstrong was in
Washington. D.C, he said.
No substitute representative was
The only concerned parties not
represented at the meeting were
t'BC and the provincial government.
Armstrong said he did attend an
earlier meeting at Cecil Green
"1 said then the university office
doesn't have direct responsibility
Ioi' Ihe beach," he said.
The university is engaged in a
"several thousand dollar" study
with the Greater Vancouver
Regional Drainage and Sewer
Board dealing with ways to improve drainage in the "whole north
end ol campus", Armstrong said.
Armstrong said he is satisfied
with the Swan-Wooster
Engineering plans to cover 3100
feet ol Wreck Beach with gravel
and sand.
"But there isn't much point in
our doing anything until the beach
is covered."
"Sand will always wash away."
he said. "It will inevitably require
"I've seen beaches all the way to
California and (this type of cover)
seems to work pretty well."
Swan Wooster has never
guaranteed their sand and gravel
Some teenagers
need your help!
Every day we see kids whose
major need is a comfortable place
to live. Every day we hear social
workers moan that they can 't help
the kids if the kids don't even have
a human place to be.
We're asking you to consider taking
a teenager into your home.
We   don't   expect   you   to   be
psychiatrists,   saints   or   social
We don't care about your religion,
bank account or eating habits.
We may not have all the answers for
every kid — even the kid in your
home, but we will help you all we
can to reach a comfortable living
arrangement with a teenager.
If   you   want   to    become
invcived, please call or drop by
Live-In Programme
Children's Aid Society
1654 West Broadway
Telephone 732-7211
Ask for "Live-In"
are worth too much money to us
I'm afraid."
Armstrong said he didn't think
the new Museum of Man, planned
by the university to be built on the
cliffs, would have any effect on the
The university is studying the
feasibility of pumping water out of
the base of the cliffs to decrease
erosion from run-off by boring a
series of small wells, he said.
"I think basically our position at
the moment is waiting to see what
the provincial government will
do," Clive Cocking, communications director for the
Alumni Association said.
"The cliffs are provincial crown
land on lease to the university. The
problem is essentially the
Cocking said he thinks the Swan-
Wooster project looks like "a fairly
successful program."
"It really is up to the provincial
government. We're waiting for a
decision from them," he said.
Cocking said the Weigel report, a
recent engineering study
authorized- by the provincial
government, suggests alternatives
such as a sea-wall or big boulders
along the beach to prevent erosion.
Tape a concern
Cutting through the red tape is the major concern of the student
ombudsperson, according to Amarjeet Rattan, who holds that position.
Rattan describes the university as "one big bureaucratic
Obviously in agreement with him is the foreign student who was
denied a position on the student housing list for two years before he
sought help from the ombudsperson.
Then he not only received the listing, but also an accommodation
the next day. Rattan explained the delay diplomatically as one of
"slowness of the bureaucratic machinery".
A group of student nurses also found a satisfactory solution to a
problem with a professor.
But Rattan cautioned he cannot work miracles.
He hesitated in referring to his office as "a last resort" but said: "It
usually helps me in my job if something has already been done by the
He has also received a number of complaints about the $5 membership fee for Recreation UBC. Rattan admits that he is powerless to
do anything about it.
"Most students are not aware of the existence of this office nor of its
function." said Rattan.
But of the ten or so actions which he has investigated. Rattan said
"most were successful".
Although the ombudsperson has no constitutional authority in the
Alma Mater Society, Rattan relies on "diplomacy and the power of
persuasion". While conceding that some of the complaints that he
receives "aren't all really valid". Rattan does welcome "legitimate
The ombudsperson office is located in SUB 100A beside Speakeasy,
and is Open during the noon hour every weekday.
The ombudsperson may be able to disentangle you from the tentacles of official channels and if he's not, go and bitch anyway. According to Rattan, "Everyone's welcome."
PRESENTS,    the next taping of
"Live    Radio    Comedy"
SUB Movie Theatre — Tues., Oct. 9
for all Transcendental Meditators
on campus
Special Guest Speaker
from the U.S.
SUB Rm. 213 12:30 p.m.
High Performance Parts
Stock Parts - Dune Buggies
Ph. 588-6011
IS      FOR
Bow-Wow Parts of B. C. Ltd.
9553 - 120 Street (Scott Rd.) Delta
Distributors For
Scat - Treuhoft -
Deano - S & S etc.
Prescription Optical
We have an office near you!
Anglican-United Campus Ministry
Sundays — 10:30 — Festival of Worship
Vancouver School of Theology Chapel, Library Bldg.
Tues. 12:30 — Eurcharist & Lunch
Lutheran Campus Centre
A   comparison   of  events  and  questions of   liberation  with  specific  Old
Testament themes.
Wed. or Fri. - 12:30
How not to be "seduced by the Canadian Dream". Theological resources to
restruct. .  „
Thurs. — Noon or 3:30
A study of Chilian Christians' statement.
Wed. - 3:30 or Mon. - Noon.
Sign up at Lutheran Campus Centre,
or phone 224-1614
Student Christian Movement
Ken Russell's
Twiggy & Glenda Jackson
Thurs. 7:00
Fri. 7:00
Sat.  7:00
& 9:30
& 9:30 Sun. 7:00


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