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The Ubyssey Nov 3, 1992

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Orbiting since 1918
^foncouver, B.C., Tuesday, November 3,1992
Looking for Caddy
A UBC Oceanography professor researches a mysterious sea-creature
,v&d&> <*"}>■<<
By Mck Web-tit
Paul LeBlond doesn't look like
a man who has lost his mind.
The professor, a former head
of UBC's Oceanography Department, sounds and appears like a
intelligent fellow.Hisofficeisfilled
with books, he has published many
academic papers and his colleagues
respect his work.
So why is he looking into
accounts of sightings of a creature that may not even exist?
Tm interested, as a scientist, in both things that exist
and what is unknown. That is
why'Caddy1 is such a challenge.
Td like to investigate these accounts and see what is behind
the mystery," LeBlond said.
'Caddy* is a "sea monster",
or rather a "Cadbc-rosaurus",
named after Cadboro Bay on
Vancouver Island, where many
sightings of the alleged creature have taken place, especially
in the 1920s and 1930s.
Caddy, if it is real, is a
cousin ofthe Loch Ness Monster
Okanagan. The creature is a
crypt-id", which is a zoological
term for a animal that could
exist, but is still "hidden" as
evidence for its existence is inconclusive.
LeBlond and Ed Bousfield,
a researcher for the Royal BC
Museum in Victoria, are looking into accountsof Caddy's "existence" and have co-written an
academic paperon Caddy, which
they will present at a joint conference «the Canadian and
Amerij»j|'SoiJaetiae of Zoology in
Vanca&wMtt* month. No research psgl#i* jaanaed,^%y
hope to enwmra-fflt-Bsctwt^ifeaat
the possible creature.
"We are basically reviewing
the evidence and we summarize
what weThink of the sightings,"
LeBlond said. "I can't say the creature definitely exists, but the evidence that we have here for the
Cadborosaurus is much more complete than that for the existence of
the Loch Ness Monster and
"All photos and sightings of
the Loch Ness Monster are rather
fuzzy in details, while for Caddy,
we have enough of a description
that we can surmise what it looks
like and its lifestyle, if it is real.
There are more sightings and better ones at close range with details
of anatomical features," he said.
LeBlond has been researching the Cadborosaurus as a hobby
since the early \91Q£XX..
"I don't think Ij^Bjigmy
time... This reseaWh ilfnot only
fun, it also has a serious purpose. I
hope that by asking enough pertinent questions, we can find more
evidence to perhaps tiling this
creature into the realm «f|(Nrtllly,*i
he said.
"Who knows what might be
there? One doesnt have to say
whether a creature definitely exists before speculating on the merits of what sort of evidence is there
and what you still need."
Ed Bousfield, who co-wrote
the paper with LeBlond,isaformer
researcher with the National Museum of Ottawa. Now retired and
working part-time at the Royal
BCMuseum,hisinterestin Caddy
began several years ago when researching fossils in Yoho National
pictures have so many details ofthe
surrounding area that it is improbable they were faked.
The whale had swallowed what
Bousfield believes to be a young
Cadborosaurus. Ithad a small horse
or camel shaped head, with ridges
behind its head. The creature had
four flippers and a forked tail.
Then in 1968, whaling captain
or dead.
In their paper, Bousfield and
LeBlond describe adult
Cadborosauruses, assuming they
exist, as follows: Caddy is 40-50
feet long and weighs two to three
tons. It has a small head, with a
seven to 14 foot neck covered with
hair like coconut fibres. Its head
may have two small horns above
He found an unusual fossil
there of a tiny animal that was a
cross between a worm and a
shrimp, with an elephantine trunk
that ended in a claw like a pair of
Bousfield thought he had
come up with a possible relative to
the famous Loch Ness Monster,
and decided to follow up on it. He
eventually found no ties between
the two cryptids, but in the process came across a large file of old
newspaper clippings on Caddy that
a former curator of the Royal BC
Museum had compiled.
"I was hooked," Bousfield said.
"The material was like manna from
heaven for a researcher. It posed a
very interesting problem, namely
what is this creature, if it exists,
and how can we find out more
about it?"
There have been dozens of
sightings of Caddy in the past
couple of centuries and a creature *
like C&dffc appears in west coast
Native folMWe. Two significant
sightings of 'faddy were by whal-
e«iniK^|j»li§J968, according to
great the Naden
rbour l&aling station in the
Queen Charlotte Islands opened
up the stomach of a sperm whale.
Inside they found an odd creature
that none of them had ever seen
before. Two photos of the 10 foot
sea animal were taken, and the
William Hagelund was fishing in
the Gulf Islands when he captured
a small unknown animal in his net.
The animal, possibly a baby
Cadborosaurus, was 16 inches long,
about 1 to 11/2 inches in diameter.
It had a three inch long head, with
a hooked upper jaw and tiny teeth.
It had plate scales, and skin that
was black and brown on the top of
the body and yellow with fuzz on
the bottom.
Hagelund felt sorry for the
creature, which was thrashing
around in a bucket full of water on
the deck. So he released it back into
the water. Hegelund was the last
person to capture a "Caddy", alive
and behind the eyes, which are
large and luminous. Its trunk is
bigger than its neck and tail, and
ithasfour flippers. Its tail is forked
like a whale's.
Caddy swims at about
miles per hour, according to
couple who were driving ale
Oregon coastline in early
and were surprised to find a
"Caddy" swimming parallel to,
their car in the ocean. X something that will
Caddy eats small, fast-swim- whtl-^ I feel," he
ming fishes, shrimp and squid*
judging by the type of neck ftfMl
head that it has. It lives deep in
the ocean, usually below 1,000
feet, which is probably why, if it
exists, it is hard to spot. It would be
able to breathe underwater.
Bousfield points to the patterns
of sightings as significant. Of the
sightings he has compiled, 73 per cent
of summer sightings (from April to
September) were in the Strait of
Georgia and Gulf Islands, while 69
per cent of winter sightings (from
October to March) were near the outer
coasts of Vancouver Island, Oregon and Washington.
"This implies that we have creatures that are moving from place
to place from season to season. If
these are sightings oflogs, as some
have suggested, then we have logs
that are migrating," Bousfield
Tm flabbergasted that this creature has defied scientific investigation for all this time. Nobody
has pursued it. Unfortunately, fear
of ridicule has resulted in a lack of
serious scientific attention to why
these sightings have taken place,"
he said.
Of course, any story about a creature like a Cadborosaurus requires
comments from scientists other
than LeBlond. Just try to find one
that will talk, however.
Zoology, Biology and Oceanography faculties from SPUin Burnaby
to the University of California at
Los Angeles, were sayingthatthey
"dont have anybody" in their faculty that could discuss whether
Caddy exists or not last week.
The reaction of a receptionist at
the University of Washington in
Seattle was typical. "There's nobody here who cares about those
little creatures, dear."
LeBlond admits that he is occasionally teased about his hobby, but
says most scientists understand his
scientific interest in the
Cadborosaurus phenomenon.
"Scientists are willing to explore
ues like this. Science is often an
Joration of the mysterious and
own. Certa|*rily, tiie evidence is
sufficient yet^^clare that the
Cadborosaurus exisllgi but this is
ttbated for a
%>aMl!dtrf<tf-*$M)-gtime before
•OWfWayor the othe%but I am enjoy
in£ exploring the question in the
meantime. It's intriguing."
HyiiijiiiUJiiiHI wwwwwaw^       ■ ,      .Bgi   ■    if      f   ■   **^^^^^—^^^^^^^^^^^^—^"^^^^^^^——^^^^^^^******
Cadborosaurus spotting tips
If you want to go looking
for "Caddy*, here are some
things to remember, according to Cadborosaurus re*
searcher Ed Bousfield.
* Cadborosaunases take
their tMutte front Cadboro
Bay,- on Vancouver Island,'
where many sightings have
tafcen place. Sightings in thi*
*pm&<>& BO haw-a taken place
?&*.& Te*sd* Island to
fiarrison Lake, tm recent
j^bpo&m&vmivu&y* """
K K^-^^Mtgy*** -to****
long snake-like serpentine
body* 40 to 60 feet long and
weighing two to three tows,
- withe long neck and a small
head. The head resembles a
{-tuner's or horse's head. The
neck has 8 to 5 ridges of fat
or tnuaafe behind it. Caddy
\ split attheend-.£bur flippers
'and needle sharp teeth.
• Ooddy usually hangsont
ta deep waters, a? it {* cold.
blooded* but it probably
between May and Septem*
her. and that one of its
breeding grounds could be
located in a 30 mile area
centred on Sidney.
• Look for Caddy at dusk,
in calm waters. Another
good time to look is in the
early morning.
' * -Good tuck looking, how*
, ever* Caddy probably is able
to breathe and eat under*
jwato-'and^may no* <**»«*
;5 much time at the murine*
where it can be spotted.
sgawns iive young  ' -^l^kfiiejbeirt
Win November 6, 7 and 8 is the Western Regional Canada
University Press Conference, hosted by the Ubyssey.
All Ubyssey and Pow staff members are encouraged
to attend. There will be seminars on media
objectivity, the alternative press, racism in the
media, photojournalism ethics, women's issues, lay
out, media literacy, news writing. The keynote
speaker is Maureen Bradley from Road Movies. As
well, there will be caucuses, plenary, resource
rooms, and lots of fun!!
If you are interested in attending, please attend
Wednesday's staff meeting at 12:30 in SUB 241K or
let a Ubyssey editor know if you can not make it to
the staff meeting.
RATES: AMS cardholders + 3
ltnes$3.15, additional ltnes63
cents. Commercial - 3 Ibws
$5,25, additional lines 80
cents. (io% discount on 25
tssuesormorej Classtfiedads
payable in advance. Deadline
3:30 pm. 2 da&s before publication. Room 266. SUB. UBC.
Vancouver, B.C. V6T2A7.822-
W  NOVEMBER 2-6, 1992
Office of the Ombudsperson for Students.
The Alma Mater Society is currently in negotiations with the University to establish
an independent Office of the Ombudsperson for Students. The Office will investigate
complaints made by students regarding any administrative act of any authority of the
Alma Mater Society or the University. The University shall provide funding equal to the
amount collected by the Alma Mater Society.
I support a new fee levy in the amount of $4.00 to establish an Office of the
Ombudsperson for Students.
Note:     The fee levy will be collected only upon the Alma Mater Society reaching an agreement
with the University.
Note:    If an agreement between the Alma Mater Society and the University is not reached by
January 1995, these negotiations will discontinue and this fee will not be levied.
Note:     Upon an agreement between the Alma Mater Society and the University being reached,
the current volunteer operated AMS Ombudsoffice will be replaced.
WUSC Refugee Fund.
World University Services of Canada is a non-profit organization which annually
sponsors two refugees to study at the University for one academic year. Currently, the
Alma Mater Society levies a fee in amount of $0.50.
I support an increase of $1.00 to the $0.50 fee currentlyleviedfortheWorldUniversity
Services of Canada for a total fee of $1.50.
□       NO
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I support a new fee levy in the amount of $3.00 to fund AMS Programs.
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The Alma Mater Society currently funds an orientation program for students
registered in first year. A new fee is required to accomodate its continuance and its
I support a new fee in the amount of $7.00 to fund the First Year Student
Orientation Program.
Note:      The fee shall be levied only once upon students registered in first year.
□ YES □       NO
Polling booths open daily 11 am - 3 pm in:
Angus Chemistry Law
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11am - 630 pm Monday, Nov. 2nd and Thursday, Nov. 5th in Sedgewick and SUB
note: All hours subject to poll clerk availability
Questions? Please contact Caroline Jones      (SUB 246,822-2361)
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abroad? All Sci-
ence, Engineering
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November 3,1992 11
Thom tough but ...
Upset Thunderbirds
Seeking CWUAA Crown
by Stan Paid
Bellingham- The UBC
Thunderbirds Football team
were surprised in their second
non-conference game by the
Western Washington University
Vikings on Saturday. They lost
24-14. The T'Birds startled the
Vikings in the first half, completing 9 of 11 passes and twice
stoppingthe Vikings on fourth down.
After a 14-14 tie at the end of the
first half UBCs was shut down by
penalties, a tenacious Viking defence
and a outstanding offensive performance by Viking running back Jon
Brunaugh. The freshman back had a
record-breaking performance of 279
yards rushing.
With the non-conference game
Champion Soccer Teams
Hosting CWUAA Finals
Women's Soccer
UBC lost its final game ofthe regular season 2-1 to the University
of Calgary on Sunday, after defeating Lethbridge on Saturday 4-1.
The T-Birds finish in first place (8-1-1) and will host the Alberta
Pandas in the Canada West Championships next Saturday, November
7 at 11:00 AM at UBCs Todd Field.
Men's Soccer
UBC shutout Calgary on Sunday (4-0) to finish first in Canada
West play (8-1-1). Doug Schultz with two goals and Kevin Hearae and
Bob Ojla each with one helped keep the Dino offense at bay for Jeff
Hutton's shutout. UBC also won on Saturday defeating Lethbridge 2-
1. The T-Birda will host the Victoria Vikings for the Canada West
Championship on Friday, November 6 at 1:30 PM at UBCs Todd
behind them, UBC is now concentrating on preparations for the
Canada West Final Hardy Cup
game against the Calgary Dinosaurs (Sat, Nov 7,1:00 PM). The
winner will advance to the Atlantic
Bowl against the AUAA Champion. The Dinos finished off their
season 5-3 to the TBirds' 6-3.
UBC running back Brad
Yamaoka will return to the lineup after missing the Western
Washington game witha sprained
shoulder. Slotback Jeff Sharpe,
who saw limited action with a
severely sprained ankle against
the Vikings, should start against
the Dinos. However, the TBirds
will be losing starters Leigh King
at safety with torn shoulder
muscles, slotback Sean Graham
with a broken ankle, and quarterback Adrian Rainbow with a
broken collarbone.
Elsewhere in CIAU football,
Western will host Guelph for the
OUAA crown, Bishop's will host
Queens for the OQIFC final and
St Mary's will host Mt Aillison in
the AUAA final.
by Slobhan Roar-tree
The Thunderbirds played
a weekend hockey series with the
Alberta Golden Bears. The games
were fast paced and the outcome in
each was not decided until the final period.
On Saturday night, first
year goalie Mark Thom showed
why he was selected an all star in
junior andinvited to the Vancouver
Canucks training camp this September.
After being named
Canada West Player of the'Week
last week, shutting out the
Lethbridge Pronghorns 6-0, he
continued to play consistently. He
made eleven saves in the first period, including a great save with
just over a minute left to keep the
score tied.
A quick unassisted goal
by Jim Inkster gave the T-Birds an
early lead, but Alberta eventually
came back to tie it. UBC had the
lead twice early on, but couldn't
hang on. They lost 4-3.
Special teams played a
major role, with Alberta going3for
6 and the Thundeibir ds going 0 for
4 on the power play.
Alberta went ahead to
stay on power play goals by Cory
Clouston and Todd Goodwin, after
Gregg Delcourt had scored to give
UBC the lead. Alberta's penalty
killing was consistent, as UBC was
unable tocapitalize on a five minute
major given to Clouston for checking Dean Richards from behind
into the boards.
UBC could not manage to
contain the speedy Alberta offence
and its quick-transition game,
which resulted in quality scoring
chances. Meanwhile, the UBC offense was frustrated by
backchecking forwards and the
quick glove hand of Alberta
netminder Brian Harley. Harley
made 33 saves as the T-Birds
outshot the Golden Bears 36-27.
The Thunderbirds play
the Dinosaurs next weekend in
Calgary, and their next home game
is Friday, November 13 against
the Saskatchewan Huskies,
7:30pm at the Thunderbird Winter Sports Center.
the winter doldrums to BE
Nmember Book Sale.
Browse among a fabulous selection ot sale books trom our annual
Paperback and hardcover books tor all interests at terrific prices.
Come into UBC Bookstore and get a head start on vour holiday shopping!
Sorc>i/Ur~-21. 1992.
6200 University Boulevard
Call 822-2665 UBC-BOOK
#4- Cheryl Kinton scores a basket at the annual Barbara Rao Cup
game held at the War Memorial Gym October 28 between SFU Clam
and UBC Thunder-bird*. Final score UBC-58 SFU-80.
—The Toronto Spectator
NOV. 12,13,14 - 8 PM Queen Elizabeth Theatre
John Alleyne's BET ANN'S DANCE "c/w-Sstee*" William Forsyte's L0VES0NGS 'explosive'
Paul Taylor's AIRS 'exquisite' Tickets at Ticket-Master
Canadian    {Mhnun&e!       CALL 280-3311
A BALLET BRITISH COLUMBIA DanceAlive! Presentation
Crystal Pite & Miroslaw Zydowicz in William Soleau's 'Isle*. Photo: Man-Kit Kwan
November 3,1992
NOVEMBER 2-6,1992
Tuum Est!
In order to vote, bring your library/AMS card.
Check The Ubyssey for a list of polling booth locations.
question #i   	
Office of the Ombudsperson for Students.
The Alma Mater Society is currently in negotiations with the University to establish
an independent Office of the Ombudsperson for Students. The Office will investigate
complaints made by students regarding any administrative act of any authority of the
Alma Mater Society or the University. The University shall provide funding equal to the
amount collected by the Alma Mater Society.
I support a new fee levy in the amount of $4.00 to establish an Office of the
Ombudsperson for Students.
Note:     The fee levy will be collected only upon the Alma Mater Society reaching an agreement
with the University.
Note:     If an agreement between the Alma Mater Society and the University is not reached by
January 1995, these negotiations will discontinue and this fee will not be levied.
Note:     Upon an agreement between the Alma Mater Society and the University being reached,
the current volunteer operated AMS Ombudsoffice will be replaced.
QUESTION #2   .^Hi
WUSC Refugee Fund.
World University Services of Canada is a non-profit organization which annually
sponsors two refugees to study at the University for one academic year. Currently, the
Alma Mater Society levies a fee in amount of $0.50.
I support an increase of $1.00 to the $0.50 fee currently levied for the World University
Services of Canada for a total fee of $1.50.
AMS Programs.
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accomodate its continuance and its expansion. It currently organizes events such as
concerts, guest speakers and noon hour entertainment. In addition, it assists undergraduate societies, service organizations and clubs with their special events.
I support a new fee levy in the amount of $3.00 to fund AMS Programs.
First Year Student Orientation.
The Alma Mater Society currently funds an orientation program for students registered in first year. A new fee is required to accomodate its continuance and its expansion.
I support a new fee in the amount of $7.00 to fund the First Year Student Orientation
Note:     The fee shall be levied only once upon students registered in first year.
□       NO
November 3,1992 by Jennifer Johnston
If you have unwavering
expectations of realism this
movie is not for you.
Take the structure. Opening
Scene: Jane visits her psychiatrist. She has a series of problems which are culminating as
she anticipates her annual
dinner with her oldest, though
not dearest, friend Antonia.
Scene Two: Re-read opening
scene substituting Antonia for
Jane and vice-versa.
Antonia and Jane
Directed by Beeban Kidron
Royal Centre
Admittedly, some people
may find this movie a tad
contrived. From the outset, we
see two characters who are
Opposites attract
tfait     •»■■     aaHa     rXtaaaooA wiHi i-Via-air num fnilliroa       the audience.
obsessed with their own failures
and the perceived success ofthe
other. They wish they are what
they aren't and what, incidentally, they believe the other is.
The movie drips with irony.
They both dread their annual
dinner, while at the same time
believing that the other is
eagerly anticipating the meeting.
They receive the same advice
from the same psychiatrist about
Lensibly, Jane and Antonia are
opposite*. Arriving at the
psychiatrists, we see Antonia—
tall, blonde, immaculate and
sleek, she exudes success.
Leaving the psychiatrist's, we
see Jane. With her heavy glasses
and fuzzy hair, she is a nonconformist who is tiie antithesis
of sleek. But, beneath these
superficial differences, their
similarities become apparent to
the audience.
They see each other through
the distortion of their own egos,
simplifying tiie other to epitomize what they lack. By contrast,
we see the two of them as
complex. The simple structure
and the obvious parallels
underscore their complexity and
contribute to the humour ofthe
"Antonia and Jane" is a light
but substantial movie filled with
smart and engaging humour.
Neil Diamond
Douglas Ferris
Diamond, a 24 carat rocker!
So I was sitting in my local
after the Neil Diamond concert
and John said that the first time
he'd heard "Cracklin' Rosie", he'd
been taking a crap. The people
around the table were suddenly
quiet, tiie exact opposite to the
reaction ofthe crowd at tiie
Pacific Coliseum seeing "him" in
the round that Friday night.
Neil Diamond
Sept 23
Pacific Coliseum in the Round
I was just a little defensive
because we'd all grown up
hearing his songs on the radio. I
knew we were all part ofthe
same socializing process - we all
know the words to his songs even
if we dont know the titles. But,
he rocked, man, no really!!
Seriously. Why are you
laughing at me? I mean, I didn't
expect punkers to stage dive but
I wouldn't have been surprised to
have seen stacks of fainted baby-
boomers around the stage.
Maia and I had stood outside
selling-I guess they call it
scalping- "if you go into labour
during the performance you'll
need an extra ticket". "Really?",
he asked. "No", I said (you're not
even pregnant).
He sang the first song he
ever wrote and Maia said "Check
out those hips!", the woman next
to her giggled giving her a look
as if to say "thafs why we're
here honey". I had expected
underwear and hotel-room keys
to letter the stage.
The sound system made the
most of his still-great voice and
his equally good band. Our
nosebleed seats gave us the
perfect view of a psychedelic
light-show designed as if to
remind his fans which decade
they had been reared in. He sang
Play Me, and we noticed a
woman three rows away from
the stage goggling him with her
binoculars. The audience sang
along, screamed or smiled
indulgently at the stage. The
woman with the binoculars just
kept staring at him. He asked,
"Are you ready?", the crowd
screamed, "Yes" but I secretly
knew that he was singing to me
alone. When the crowd began to
undulate, security rushed to tiie
stage to prevent the madness
that never materialized. The
crowd sang along to Red Red
by Andrew Epstein
Feeling nothing but contempt for the well-meaning star-
struck autograph hounds, and
nothing whatsoever for their prey
CI dont have any sympathy for
anyone who's making $20-30
million a year") the hunters tear
down hotel corridors, bribe
doormen and stake-out family
picnics. Fixing their quarry in
their sights they dispassionately
squeeze the trigger and Blast'Em
Directed by Joseph Blasioli
The subjects of Joseph
Blasioli's documentary are not
sociopathic star-stalkers bent on
destroying what they love, but
you could make a strong argument for it. Blasioli tracks the
efforts of a number of New York
based paparazzi, the folks who
jump out from behind potted
palms and snap pictures of a
preening Madonna.
No one can argue that
celebrities and the media dont
need each other (few would even
suggest that they dont deserve
each other); however, you've got
to wonder what possesses people
to act this way. To his credit,
Blasioli doesn't judge either his
subjects or his subject's subjects.
His camera gazes evenly at
Michael J. Fox, his wife and
baby running for their lives from
the pack of cameras and at the
increasingly pathetic Sally
Kirkland who provides a
dissertation on how to position
her creaking zaftig frame for
maximum effect (vava voom)
"There's not a lot of actresses
around who have my overt
The paparazzi themselves
come in many varieties, from the
cooly professional US magazine
photographer to the aggressive
hustler and freelancer Victor
Malafronte, by far the most
compelling figure in the film
(this guy complains when he
accidentally gets a shot of Spike
Lee, "You cant even give his
picture away.") We follow
Wine and Love On The Rocks. I
was on my feet for I'm a Believer,
the song The Monkeys made
famous for him, and I almost
cried when he covered Morning
Has Broken by Yusuf Islam.
During his propaganda hit,
Canadian and American flags
fluttered above the stage.
He told us there were "68
more shopping days until
Christmas and sang some
Christmas carols including
Santa Clause Is Coming To Town
to the rhythm and tempo of My
Boyfriend's Back. The crowd
swayed drunkenly back and
forth to Song Sung Blue and
Money Talks, screaming their
adoration to the very end. On the
way home we paid a fan(atic) a
quarter to look at his programme
while he bitched about the duet
of You Dont Bring Me Flowers
because his back up singer
wasn't the woman the song was
written about.
I looked around the table
and everyone was looking away,
no longer listening to me (damn
them), except for Ken who asked
where he appeared in this
review. Meanwhile, I sat there,
about a hundred miles beyond
Blasting stars from the sky
Malafronte in his search to get a
snapshot ofthe Fox family. We
see first hand the pressure that
constantly dogs the paparazzi
from their agents to get the best,
most difficult, and most recent
pictures of stars. If they don't get
the shots, we are often told,
someone else will.
Why do the photographers
and the stars put themselves
through all this? Well, it is really
society's fault we learn. All the
tabloids and photographers and
lower tier celebs want to do is to
slake our unquenchable thirst for
STAR POWER. More than once
we are told that if people stopped
caring what he did, then the
tabloids would leave poor JFK
Jr. alone—"Look inside yourself—youVe pathetic" he tells an
unbowed Malafronte staking out
the assistant QA and full time
sex symbol's home.
Fun, interesting, sad and
pathetic Blast *Em entertains us
for the same reason the tabloids
do, they offer us stars, stars,
stars, and plenty of them.
Voyeuristic? you betcha, after all,
thaf s the point.
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To pre-register, call BCIT's Nursing office, 432-8826.
Novembers. 1992
THE UBYSSEY/5 We are family!
Many politicians in Canada and in the US are talking about
traditional family values.
Howtheyharkenbacktothe days when aman'shome was his
andcrisco, and pie-nittt was flaky yetmoist In the yard, enclosed
by that ever present white picket fence, were 1.7 cars, 3 bikes, a
swings set, and the family dog.
These images are continually being impressed upon our
collective consciousness by television, radio, and other media.
But the traditional family is, in reality, a media/politically
simulated experience. Its values, its success, its strength, has
been « script, a room full of actors, and a bit of Disney magic.
It comes as no surprise that ihe lastrpowerful leader ofthe
traditional family values camp was western movie star Ronald
So while you might love Lucy, Laverne and Shirley, rest
assured that beyond the well-timed lines, the cansofiaughter, and
the elating conclusion et the 30 minute mark hee a reality of
human existence that ranges far from tv*s attempt to murder
thought, stifle imagination, create conformity, and encourage
social submission to advertising'.
While some people aspire tobecome thefictional tvfamily,the
majority of people we living in the so-called deviating minority.
Meanwhile, the reality is that two of eveiy three marriages
end in divorce, two of every five Canadians live at or below the
poverty line, one in six Canadian women is abusedby her partner
every year, and one of four girls and one of 10 boys is sexually
abu»d before the age of 18.
People are resisting "traditional family values* with good
reason. Not only haa the traditional nuclear famHy*been«Uencing
and oppressive to women and children, it denies the existence of
all people who are not the "feminine* white homemaker-mother,
the "masculine" white provider-father, or the 2.5"innocent" white
Today, people are working to validate and support North
America's real families. Extended families, communal families,
lestian and gay families, single-parent families and blended
families are all real family structures that are attempting to
survive,live, love and thrive in an intolerant and deluded political
Tha "tra*£tianar family structure exists primarily for economic
and political reasons, and has little to do with morals or values.
Rather, morals and values have been shaped to justify an economic
unit which is designed to uphold (white) male power in society at
Measure Nine, the anti-gay legislation being proposed by
Oregon conservatives, makes some real families illegal.
Members ofthe so-called "family-values caucus" ofthe conservative party, who have fought to keep lesbian, gay and bisexual
rights out of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, would like to
make real families illegal in Canada as well.
November 3,1992
The Ubyssey is published Tuesdays and Fridays by the Alma Mater Society ofthe University
of British Columbia. Editorial opinions are those of the staff and not necessarily those of the
university administration, or of the sponsor. The editorial off ice is room 241K of the Student
Union Building. Editorial Department, phone 822-2301; advertising, 822-3977; FAX 822-
The Ubyssey is a founding member of
Canadian University Frees
Lost souls of All Hallow's Eve convened at The Ubyssey on Monday possessing the
print of Rick Hiebert and Stan Paul .In the door way Sam Green growled at the
dancing ghosts that were vibrating to Miranda Alldritt and Frances Foran's
rendition of Chelsea Hotel tempo by the beat of Lucho van Isschot's space bar.
Meanwhile back at the screen, Yukie Kurahashi and Doug Ferris tapped into virtual
reality through the internet. At which point Denise Woodley and Carol Farrell built
a roundish rocket ship out of turbo fire works shortly to be set off by Dave Chaney and
later mistaken for a shooting star by Andrew Epstien and Jen Johnston who were
momentarily meteor gazing from a cloud above Gage Tower. Morgan Maenling and
Steve Chan dressed as smurfs and having lost their reflection in the blackened
window attempted to retrieve their identity within the crystal image of Siobhan
Roantree's photo lense. Paula Wellings and Mark awakened their mortality under
the shadow of a dead line. Editor*
Franca* Foraa • Sam Araan  • Yukla Kurahaahl
Lucho va* laaelwt • Paula Wallln**a
Frats responsible
for current state of
American society
This letter is to correct a few
misconceptions represented as fact
in a recent letter to the Ubyssey by
Paula Foran.
There is no basis in fact that
'students are manipulated by
"brotherhood" rhetoric into participating in a system which ritually
degradesandcommits crimes against
The Fraternity system, which
dates to the 1750 founding of the
Flat Hat Club, and has had more
than 7 million student members,
strives primarily to encourage its
members to personal excellence.
Fraternities do not at any time during
Rush, Pledgeship, or Membership
encourage their members to commit
crimes against women. Fraternity
National Offices have all issued
policy statements to their members
stating that violence against women
will not be tolerated. This refusal to
tolerate violence against others dates
back to the 1950's, when James Dean
was thrown out of Sigma Nu at UCLA
for provoking a fight with a female
party guest.
A Fraternity is more than a
house of men throwing parties. It is
composed of students working for
scholarship and philanthropy. It is
an atmosphere that challenges each
individual to personal success, and
the proof of this can be seen in alumni
membership. Since the Civil War, 17
ofthe 23 UJ3. Presidents have been
affiliated with Greek Letter Societies. MacKenzie King was a Kappa
Alpha, and Lester Pearson was a
member of Delta Upsilon. Sam
Donaldson is a Kappa Sigma, as is
Bob Dole. Neil Armstrong is a Phi
Delta Theta. Archibald Leach,
three time Pulitzer prize winner,
is a Psi Upsilon member. Leomard
Bernstein is a Zeta Beta Tau.
Nathanial Hawthorne and Howard
Johnson are DEKES. James Brady
and David Letterman are both
Sigma Chi.
In her letter, Ms. Foran refers
to having been repeatedly sexually
harassed, at "various Fraternity
Social Events."
If you have had a problem, at
any event on campus, contact the
police, because this behaviour is
illegal, and blame the individual.
Generalization is a dangerous
thing, because it breeds prejudice.
Not all Fraternities are the same,
because they are made up of individuals, and it is an individual you
had a problem with, and not his
National Fraternal affiliation. I
question your motivation; you say
that you were repeatedly the victim of "unwanted sexual
contact...agressive and frightening." Why then did you keep going
back? I question the validity of
your accusations based on this,
and the fact that you don't specify
when these attacks occurred.
I too have attended many Fraternity functions over the years,
where I have drunk much cheap
beer, met some great friends (male
and female), and met my husband
and I haven't witnessed the
behaviour you describe.
Kristin Danfbrth Yates
Classical Studies 3
. y^z
yw>^*. y&
from Toronto
Jho Nek Bhone
from Victoria
Two Left Feet
November 3,1992 *%*&%
Oregon citizens face vote on homophobic legislation
by DavU Chaney with Yukie
PORTLAND—Oregon citizens
vote today on Measure Nine, an
amendment to the Oregon state
constitution which would declare
homosexual behaviour and any
positive references to homosexuality "abnormal, wrong, unnatural
and perverse.''
Proposed by the ultraright-
wing Oregon Citizens Alliance,
Measure Nine, if passed, will ban
civil liberties on the basis of sexual
orientation, public libraries will be
forced to remove materials deemed
"perverse," and all new book acquisitions would have to follow the
same guidelines.
In addition, all government
agencies and public schools will be
required to take active measures
to discourage homosexual
behaviour and education about
homosexuality, union contracts
with nondiscrimination clauses on
sexual orientation will be invali-
dated, AIDS clinics couldbe closed,
and homosexual individuals could
be denied use of'pnblic facilities
based solely on their sexual orientation.
According to David Smith, a
psychiatrist at Oregon Health and
Sciences University medical school,
"Measure Nine would cause censorship of factual medical information [taught] at the medical
Lawrence Hartman, president
ofthe American Psychiatric Association, wrote, Theballotmeasure
is extraordinarily biased and
clearly designed not to educate but
to mislead and scare readers. Ifs
not just non-science, but flagrant
The wording of Measure Nine
The major components ofthe
constitutional amendment proposed in Measure Nine are as follows:
(1) This state shall not recognize any
categorical provision such as 'sexual
orientaiion/'sexual preference,' and
similar phrases that includes homosexuality, pedophilia, sadism or
(2) State, regional and local governments and their properties and
monies shall not be used to promote, encourage or facilitate homosexuality, pedophilia, sadism or
(3) State, regional and local governments and their departments,
agencies and other entities, including specifically the State Department of Higher Education and the
public schools, shall assist in setting
a standard for Oregon's youth that
recognizes homosexuality,
pedophilia, sadism and masochism
as abnormal, wrong, unnatural and
perverse and that these behaviours
are to be discouraged and avoided.
The language ofthe measure
is at once broad and unclear. The
OCA's deliberate association of
homosexual behaviour with
pedophilia, which is a felony in
Oregon, has voters confused despite evidence that there is proportionately less pedophilia among
homosexual men than among heterosexual men.
The breadth of statement of
the proposed amendment has Oregon lawyers scrambling to determine just how liberally it might be
interpreted. Recently, the board of
governors ofthe Oregon State Bar
Commission issued a resolution
opposing Measure Nine.
Even as the OCA harps on the
horrors of homosexuality, they
claim not to be prejudiced against
people who are homosexual; they
claim, rather, that they support
equality by means of denying "special" rights.
In a very real sense, the "special" rights that would be denied
gays, lesbians and bisexuals by
Measure Nine would include
housing, employment, and eating
in public restaurants.
Programs to be banned
under Measure Nine
Among the projects that would
be banned under Measure Nine
are the counseling programs in
some Oregon schools which help
students cope with emerging confusion about gender roles. These
projects have had notable success
in precluding major depression and
suicide in high school age homosexuals, both of which are significantly more common among young
gays and lesbians than among
young heterosexuals.
Under the terms of Measure
Nine, school counselors would be
required to inform students
struggling with sexual identity that
homosexual tendencies are "unnatural and perverse," and would
have to denounce any positive exploration of homosexuality.
In a very real sense, the
"special" rights that
would be denied gays,
lesbians and bisexuals
by Measure Nine would
include housing,
employment, and eating
in public restaurants.
Books such as The Color
Purple, TheRedBadgeofCourage,
Hans Christian Anderson's Fairy
Tales, The Pink Triangle: the Nazi
War Against Homosexuals, and
such publications such as
Portland's Just Out and Twist
would be banned from schools and
public libraries on the basis of thei r
positive depiction of, or references
to homosexuality.
Activities intended to "discourage" homosexuality would be
encouraged and promoted.
Opposition to Measure Nine
No on Nine Committee organizer Scott Nakagawa suggested
that the necessarily reactive nature of his group's efforts appear to
"mirror whatthey say—thatis, that
we do want gay rights, not democratic civil rights."
Peggy Norman, head of the
No on Nine effort, said "Oregon is
so tolerant that we allow people on
the fringe to have a big effect on
the debate. No one tells anyone
that their ideas are uncomfortable."
Portland, with its urban
sprawl, has become thoroughly
embroiled in the controversy surrounding Measure Nine. The proliferation of pink triangles, buttons, bumperstickers and signs
saying "No on 9," "Hate is not a
family value," and "Straight, but
not narrow" shows a surprising
political involvement on the parts
Up to 10,000 people have been
gathering in downtown Portland
every weekend for more than a
month for rallies and speeches
protesting Measure Nine.
The Portland State University administration, in an unexpected show of political conviction,
has vowed civil disobedience in the
event that Measure Nine passes.
Also among the prominent
opponents of Measure Nine are
the public libraries. For the past
month, the Portland Central Library has featured a large display
on the censorship that will probably occur if the measure is passed.
The members of the Oregon
Library Association have been
among the staunchest and most
steadfast opponents of Measure
Nine since its announcement. Friday, October 23rd, thousands of
librarians from across the state
gathered with supporters in Portland to march through downtown
Portland to the central library.
Presidential hopeful Bill
Clinton, however, disappointed
voters opposed to Nine by refusing
to wear a "No on 9" button and by
failing to mention the measure in
his public speech. Reverend Jesse
Jackson, on the other hand, vehemently denounced the measure
during his campaign to support
the Democratic party.
Violence and vandalism
Portland police report a 20 per
cent increase in unprovoked at
tacks on bi- and homosexuals since
the inception ofthe Measure Nine
controversy, but independent
groups estimate an increase of up
to 300 per cent.
Vandalism to the headquarters of the Campaign for a Hate-
free Oregon on June 9th was mentioned only briefly in the news and
was buried in a small article on
continued on page 8
H   t  I
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the sections are full, the Writing Centre will maintain a waiting list.
November 3,1992
Senate co-opts teaching committee
by Frances Foran
An attempt to comprehensively evaluate the teaching environment at UBC has been blocked
by the Senate out of "complete
hypocricy*, said student senator
Orvin Lau.
The motion to establish a joint
Senate and Board of Governors
committee on teaching was
amended by senators, who insisted
that the committee be contained
within the Senate alone.
Ironically, the ammendment
came after a debate in which
senators championed the right of
free association between UBC administrators and outside bodies.
Dean of Medicine Martin
Hollenberg argued that a joint
committee on the teaching envi
ronment would violate the system
of separate Board and Senate powers "which has been set up for very
good reason: to give Senate privacy
in academic matters, and the Board
privacy in financial matters. A joint
Board and Senate Committee on
such an important matter such as
teaching would go against the
primary intent of the bicameral
The ad-hoc committee on the
teaching environment would investigate teaching factors beyond
the quality of instruction.
Lau claims that the participation of the Board of Governors is
necessary to review matters
pertinant to its jurisdiction, such
as budgetary allocation.
"The Board has to be involved,"
Lau said. "But the Senate is afraid
of giving mate authority to the
Board. A lot of the committee's
clout has been taken away.*
Lau also wanted the Board's
participation to evaluate the "publish or perish" system which is
partoftli current-administration's
plan to make UBC a research-intensive university at the expense
of teaching, Lau said.
"The Faculty Association has
complained thatteachinghas been
put on the back burner [at UBC]"
because president Strangway has
a vision of a research-intensive
university, Lau said. He called
teaching the "left hand" of UBC
which the administration is trying
to amputate.
Anti-queer legislation up for vote in Oregon
continued from page 7
the back pages of The Oregonian.
The office was trashed and
computers and records were stolen from the coalition headquarters. Despite the attack, the Campaign persisted and was later renamed the Noon Nine Committee
as more groups joined to support
October 6 saw St. Matthew's
Roman Catholic church, the pastor of which has been an outspoken critic of Measure Nine, vandalized, painted with graffiti saying "Kill faggots" and "Catholics
love gays," and a fire set in the
The most extreme act of violence which may be related to the
measure was the firebombing
murder of Hattde Mae Cohens, 29,
a Black lesbian, and Brian H.
Mock, 45, a white gay man, on
September 26, in Salem, the state
Seventeen-year-old Eddie
Keel, who barely escaped from the
blaze and tried to save his aunt
from her gruesome death, told an
Oregonian reporter, "There was
no reason for my aunt to die."
Violence against ethnic minorities and bi- and homosexual
people has recently increased in
Oregon. The trial of Tom Metzger,
leader of the White Aryan Resistance, for the beating death of
Mulegeta Seraw by skinheads is
only one of many indicators of this
Sherry Oeser, a spokesperson
for the No on Nine Committee in
Portland, said, "I think Measure
Nine creates an atmosphere where
people think they can go out and
act out some of this behaviour."
Even if Measure Nine is defeated today, many productive endeavors will have been set back.
The money, time and effort poured
into defeating the measure might
have been devoted to furthering
AIDS research and supporting
proactive civil rights efforts.
If Measure Nine fails to pass,
the struggle will have been an
ambiguous victory for civil rights
advocates and for Oregon's estimated gay and lesbian population
of 265,000; they will have succeeded only in preserving already-
extant civil rights.
Ballot Measure Nine, which
requires discrimination, is a legal
testing ground for many other
right-wing groups across the
country. If the Oregon initiative
passes, organizations in other
states are expected to follow suit.
We repair all Makes and Models.
U.B.C. Network Services
Computer Science Bldg., Rm. 106
A career with Price Waterhouse — Why?
We asked recent Grads why they joined
Price Waterhouse instead of the other
Our outstanding UFE preparatory
program? It's good, but that wasn't the
only reason.
■    Mvji
^^^^^^^^^HLjI^^HV ^B^BBBBBBBBMt^^mAmM^BBBBBW^^^BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBW^ *r^BBBBBBBBBBBBBmWi          ..Ji^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l
Our diversified, extensive client base?
It's impressive, but that wasn't it either.
• ; /-aP*H*w^   •<*?"*"■                 "^^rWBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBmF^MsmBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBm
f   fi ^^ -ar  • / ^wmBB\\\\\\m\m\m^m\m\m\m\mm\\
k • .^a^WIPSutv,^ *-*4to^iHBrs»J • /        .^•^BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBmt^^BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBm
■Fr    \    / TCWffe    -*^V-                 -*«* lHBBBBBBBBBmmBBBBBBBBBm\m\m\m\m\mm
^BM '      I   t j ^"j™*-        v*j             , -igftF -4 w^m^B^B^B^BWKB^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^Bmm^B^B^BI
The opportunity to gain more knowledge and apply new skills? Important,
certainly, but not the deciding factor.
B^B^UKjHSb^M    ** .. *      aT   L£nltMr**^*aHaT^B^^AkVw^2l*lK'     ^0%.       a^B#af at*Hl^^^NII^3^^^^^^^^^^H9BVHB^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^BaB^B^B^B^B^B^R
W   ' [-   m       y: ^ |Kr f x^H^HH|
■                            *   '^bbbW* ^'^bbm^^^WM^bbbmW'W^'^WbbbbU
1      <i       -ft ^mw~' ljISm■^jl^' IhF^^H
BHrm    al^tflPi'Va^.^I* ftmmm
I^mm^bbbW la   VvH^H ^feJ«M*^M^^^H: '* IB
i^Sw'sbbbbbT     * sWt    49HbW Wtm. llaflV        1HH   la^lHLw^^Hs*^ ~-> Jb^I
X>»*'j^BBBm  "   mm    mBBlmY WmmmmBBM        MBBBm .>i^BBm$MBmwd-i       wmBBm
The respect and dignity with which
Price Waterhouse treats each and every
client — and staff member? "You're
getting closer," they told us.
How about the people and environment at Price Waterhouse - the commitment we have to a well-balanced
lifestyle, lots of extracurricular activities, office events and fun?
'Xr^V™^^Kt_- *~"^B     jSBBsS^r   "''^^^kh^^I      -jj'JrM^MBfa-^^^M""weHAwwt'Mi^ddSnMll^kmm
"Now you've got it!" they said.
They've got it. We've got
If you want to get it too, call Human Resources
at Price Waterhouse today!                         nice Waterhouse H)
November 3.1992


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